10-23-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. comes in on Natasha Flade who is in the middle of a painting project. She's in a dew rag, denim shorts and shirt. Isaac has a gun to her head and a hand over her mouth. When she promises to cooperate he removes the handgag and begins to tie her up, hands in front. He tells her that a deal went bad with her boyfriend Sergei and he never made up for it, so he's here to fuck her as revenge. He cleavegags her with her dew rag, literally rips her shirt off to grope her exposed tits. She's thrown on the bed and her skirt and panties are pulled off. He legs are tied spread: one high to the headboard and the other low to the footboard. Isaa climbs on top for his splendid revenge fuck. Sergei will not be happy when he comes home to find his girl like this.
10-16-16CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. carries in Natasha Flade, bound hand and foot, blindfolded and wearing skirt and pantyhose. He places her on the bed, flips her over and hogties her as she pleads with him. Her tits are pulled out and groped as he handgags her. Isaac hauls out his hard cock and orders Natasha to suck it. Natasha does as directed, pleasing her captor with her lips and tongue. After Isaac finishes, he cleave gags her and gropes her tits some more.

10-8-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac is a long-haul truck driver and comes home after days on the road to his wife Natasha Flade. He is road-weary and in the mood for some lovin. Natasha, on the other hand, is in no mood for lovin' at all. She tells him he stinks and needs to take a shower. Isaac shall not be rebuffed this time, so he pulls some rope from a pocket and ties her hands in front of her as she resists and screams for him to stop. He gets a huge wad of white cloth and crams it into his ice-cold wife's mouth and wraps an ace bandage around her face numerous times for a very effective gag. Natasha is thrown onto her back on the bed and her bound hands are connected to the head board. Isaac strips his helpless, struggling wife naked and gropes her parts. We cut to her legs tied high to the headboard, her high heels in the air, and Isaac plunges his throbbing cock inside of her until he cums. Just what he needed after that long haul!
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