5-22-18 Natasha Flade in Stockings, Tied Up Spread, Packing Gagged for Bondage Sex!   Natasha Flade is tied up and being carried into the bedroom. She’s dressed all skimpy and sexy as hell in her black stockings, garters and bra! Her hands are tied in front and her feet (no shoes) together. She’s gagged with a 2-piece packing plus cleave ensemble. She’s in some serious trouble. She’s dumped on the bed. Her hands are fastened to the headboard. She’s groped and fondled and striped topless. Her titties are sucked and kissed. Natasha’s panties are pulled off and wandering hands are all over her ass and pussy. Her feet are untied and then roped spread to the footboard posts. She’s totally helpless now and still mewling even though she’s packing gagged and cleave gagged. Isaac has Natasha right where he wants her. Now, he’s going to violate her more with his cock. He strips down and fucks her crazy. Great angles of all the bondage sex are here for your enjoyment of Natasha Flade. At the end he squirts his goo on her belly—wonderful cumshot! Does he untie her, then? Of course not. He leaves, but he may just come back for more.
5-16-18 Chloe Night Tied Up, Bent Over, Cleave Gagged & Barefoot for Bondage Sex!  Chloe Night was relaxing in her bedroom along in her jeans, tight top and she’s barefoot. In comes an intruder with a stocking on his head and a gun in his hand! He orders Chloe to put her hands up. He’s here to rob her. He takes a trinket off of her nightstand and removes her necklace. He says he has to tie her up and pulls some rope from his pocket. Chloe crosses her hands behind her and allows the robber to rope her hands behind her back. With her more manageable, he gropes her a bit, purely for a little fun, much to Chloe’s consternation. She’s forced to kneel on the bed where he ties her bare feet together. Fabulous sole shots here! Chloe is gagged with a thick, knotted cleave gag. Her captor unceremoniously bends her over and pulls down her jeans and panties! This is way more than a robbery! And way more than just a little fun! Her ass gets seriously groped, her pussy probed with his fingers. Next thing, he pulls his own pants down and gets rock hard as he fondles her perfect ass some more. And then, in he goes! Sergio the intruder seriously intrudes the inside of Chloe’s pussy for some classic hard-bangin’ bondage sex. Being tightly cleave gagged like she is, she can’t protest much. Sergio reaches his climax and cums on Chloe’s back and ass for a very cool cumshot. He leaves her there on the bed, panting through her gag, as he adjusts his pants to take the rest of her stuff.

5-8-18 Husband Forces Wife Natasha Flade Forced to Make Blowjob Videos to Pay Her Credit Card Bills!  Wife Natasha Flade is really racking up the bills! Her husband, Isaac W., has her all tied up barefoot on the bed barefoot in her tight sweater, panties and nothing else! Her legs and ankles are bound and connected to the headboard. Her hands are tied in front and connected to the post at the footboard. She’s on her belly, stretched out, her soles pointing up. Natasha complains, not knowing what her husband is doing getting her all tied up like this. Finally, he explains and points to the camera he has set up on a tripod in the room. He tells her they have to do something about all the credit card debt she’s been racking up, so he’s decided he’s going to sell bondage blowjob videos on the internet to pay off her debts! Natasha is horrified, of course, but what can she do? Here’s his hard cock headed right toward her mouth, and it’s not like Natasha can escape this situation! So, in goes the dick, and Natasha reluctantly does as she’s told and sucks her husband’s cock. She hopes if her blowjob is good, he’ll let her go! Isaac doesn’t mind this method of generating a little cash since he’s having fun a lot of fun with his rod getting sucked off by Natasha’s pretty mouth and lips. He thrusts it repeatedly back and forth until he cums right in her mouth! But now he’s sort of evil because he doesn’t let his wife go after all! Instead, he takes a long scarf and wraps it around her head while she’s struggling. He ties it tightly at the nape of her neck and puts on his pants while poor, helpless Natasha is struggling all tied up and cleave gagged on the bed. Isaac just laughs as he leaves, informing her to keep on struggling because he just loves to watch!
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