December 16, 2014:

Danielle Trixie stars as an old high school friend of Natasha Flades. When Danielle returns to town, they get together for drinks. Back at Natasha's place, she attacks poor Danielle and ties her hands behind her, claiming that all thise years ago Danielle took the man Natasha was meant to marry. She things Danielle ruined her whole life and now she's out for revenge. Natasha tapes Danielle's mouth shut, then ties her legs spred standing at the end of the sofa. Natasha puts on a strapon with a huge dong and threatens Danielle with it. And these threats are not empty! She starts fukingh helpless Danielle from behind and Danielle squirms, writhes and bucks to noe consequence as Natasha is free to keep going until she feels that long-ago debt has been paid.

December 8, 2014:

Classic from 2007! Loren Chance and Natasha Flade just got back from a fetish ball, in fishnets, heels and other black fetish finery. Natasha invited Loren back to her place and was showing her the weight room, where Natasha works out to keep in such great shape. But Loren gets the wrong idea and tries to kiss Natasha. When Natasha resists and asks Loren to leave, Loren is furious. She grabs Natasha and forces her down to the weightbench, then handcuffs her wrists together beneath the bench. Natasha won't stop yelling, so Loren stuff her pretty mouth full with a ballgag before grabbing her legs and tying them spread up in the air to the barbell. Loren takes a pair of scissors to Natasha's fishnet stockings and cuts the crotch right out of them. Then Loren leaves--and returns wearing a strap-on with a super huge dong! Natasha cries out, begging Loren to stop! Loren doea not stop, but enters the writhing and resisting Natasha through the hole she made. With Natasha's legs up in the air like that, that dong goes in good and deep. Natasha squirms and pleads for Loren to stop, but Loren only laughs as she continues to have her way with Natasha's sweet, shaved pussy!
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