26 December 2010
Natalie Minx Carried in for Bondage and Fucking!
VIDEO: Natalie has been kidnapped and stashed in a trunk. The masked assailant picks her up and carries her into the house, down the hall and plops her on the bedroom floor. Natalie is tied with her arms spread and her legs attached wide and high. Her hose is cut with scissors for "easy access." The masked man fingers her and fondles her tits, then fucks her hard before he shoots his HUGE load on her stomach! 13:30 min.
19 December 2010
Home Invader Hogties Natasha and Cums on Her Tits!
VIDEO: Natasha is hogtied on the floor in her slip and thigh-highs. She wears no shoes so we get good views of her stocking-clad feet The assailant fondles her boobs, then titty fucks and finally cums on her titties! 15:00 min.
12 December 2010
Table-top Tied and Forced to Give Head!
VIDEO: Natasha has been tied to the table ass-up. Her captor comes back and tells her she better give him a good blowjob if she ever wants to be let go! Natasha is terrified, but she has no choice, so she gives the assailant head. But after he cums in her mouth, he stuffs her mouth again and leaves her bound and gagged! 12:15 min.
4 December 2010
Tricked into Bondage Sex!
VIDEO: Sergio and Chloe are sitting on the bed. Chloe is wearing black stocking thigh highs and a jean miniskirt. Sergio tells Chloe he has a new girlfriend that he wants to try bondage on, but he's nervous he'll mess up. Chloe agrees he can practice on her, so Sergio binds her wrists together behind her back, then gags her with a knotted cleave. He gets her onto the bed on her knees. Chloe is a little reluctant, but Sergio convinces her it will be just fine! He attaches her ankles to the bedposts. Now that he has her all bound and gagged, Sergio reveals that he doesn't have a girlfriend at all. The truth is that it's Chloe he has wanted to fuck all along and he knew she'd never agree, so he came up with this plan of trickery. He knows it will ruin their friends, but oh well, fucking Chloe will be more than worth it! Sergio strips naked and fucks Chloe hard from behind (earning his nick-name of "Thundercock") until he cums all over Chloe's sweet ass. Then he licks his fingers and says he better leave her tied up because she's going to want to kill him for sure! 14:25 min.
27 November 2010
Hardcore Photosets with Natasha & Natalie
PHOTOS: Natasha is chair-bound and forced to give head; Natalie tied to a sofa leg and fucked!
21 November 2010
Tricked into Bondage Sex!
VIDEO: A masked man with a gun is hiding in Natalie's living room. She comes in in her nightie to rest of the sofa when he sneaks up behind and puts a gun to her head! He orders her to put her hands behind her back, then he binds her wrists together. He doesn't want any screaming, either, so he stuffs a rag between her lips and keeps it in place with a scarf tied round her head as a gag. The the intruder forces Natalie to get onto her knees on the floor. With her nice ass high in the air, he pulls down her panties to reveal her shorn pussy. Now he takes full advantage of the poor, barefoot girl! She is taken from behind until he finally cums all over her sweet ass! 9:05 min.
20 November 2010
Hardcore Photoset with Natalie Minx
PHOTOS: Natasha fucked by a home intruder!
14 November 2010
Natasha Caught Doing Porn -- Now Forced to Give Blowjob!
VIDEO: Isaac storms in, mad as hell. He just found out his wife is doing porn on the internet! Here he can't even get any at home and his wife is a porn star! Furious, he starts roping her to the chair. When Natasha demands to know what he's doing, he claims she's going to give him a bondage blowjob, which is one of his fantasies. If she can do porn, she can certainly fill one of his small fantasies! Natasha insists he's mistaken, that it wasn't her on the net. Isaac doesn't believe her and Natasha has to give him a blowjob while chair-tied. 12:05 min
6 November 2010
Natasha Caught Doing Porn -- Now Forced to Give Blowjob!
VIDEO: Natasha comes home from the office. A man is hiding behind the front door and grabs her when she comes in! He covers her nose and mouth until she passes out, then drags her down the hall into a bedroom. Natasha's wrists are bound behind her back. She regains consciousness and starts to scream, but is quickly handgagged, then a stuffer and cleave is shoved into her mouth to quiet her. The assailant binds her ankles spread to the bedposts, then hikes up her skirt and cuts her panties off. Natasha is assaulted with a HUGE red dildo while she cries and moans! 15:15 minutes
31 October 2010
Wife Punished for too much Shopping!
VIDEO: Natalie has just gotten home from another long day of shopping. She's still dressed up in her tight blouse, pencil skirt and high heels when a masked man suddenly barges in! He ties her hands in front of her and shoves her back onto the sofa, where he stuffs a gag in her mouth. As he forces her to the floor, Natalie is horrified when the masked intruder tells her he's been sent by her husband to teach her a lesson for being so lazy, spending all their money, and not putting out! Natalie's panties are ripped off, her ankle is attached to a sofa leg, and the masked men gives her a ride with his big, hard cock! As he gets ready to leave, he whispers to her that if she doesn't shape up, he'll gladly be back for seconds, and this time he won't even make her husband pay him! 12:45 minutes
23 October 2010
Want Your Money? Suck My Cock!
VIDEO: Acidalia needs some money from her trust to buy a new car, but the fund manager says she won't be getting a dime unless she gives him a bondage blowjob! Acidalia is aghast, but what can she do unless she wants to ride the bus? 11:45 minutes
17 October 2010
The Landlord Cums a-Callin Again
VIDEO: Natasha is still so lazy and she's still unemployed. Last month, she gave her landlord a bondage blowjob to pay the rent. When he came back, she assumed he wanted another barefoot bondage blowjob, so she agreed, but he said he would be more turned on by her spread and BALLGAGGED! Natasha is annoyed, but goes along. But once she's gagged and bound, he takes her for a ride against her will! 13:00 minutes
9 October 2010
The Landlord Wants His Cock Sucked
VIDEO: Natasha is so lazy. She just lays around all day with no job. When the landlord wants the rent, she just shrugs. Annoyed, he agrees he'll let it slide this one time -- in exchange for a barefoot bondage blowjob in jean shorts, that is! Reluctuantly, Natasha agrees... 11:40 minutes
2 October 2010
FOUR Hardcore Photosets
PHOTOS: Acidalia, Justine amd Natasha in photosets!
25 September 2010
Forced to Strip, Taken Ass-up!
VIDEO: Justine is forced to strip at gunpoint by a home intruder! He binds her wrists and makes Justine gag herself. Then the clip cuts to Justine totally naked and tied ass up on the bed for easy access! The assailant takes her from behind!
19 September 2010
One Holds Her Down, One Fucks Her
VIDEO: The ultimate in forced fantasies! Hitchhiker Acidalia got picked up by the wrong men! Now she's in for a gang banging!
12 September 2010
Punished with Cock-in-Mouth for Not Putting Out!
VIDEO: Natasha is watching TV in her nightshirt. Her cute bare feet are on the coffee table. Natasha blows off her husband when he wants some sex. Angered, he ties her to the coffee table, rips open her nightshirt, then makes her give him a blowjob before he'll let her go! 11:45 min.
4 September 2010
The Ex-boyfriend Returns for Some Pussy!
VIDEO: Natasha's exboyfriend, Isaac, is pissed because she's dating his best friend and sleeping with him, even though she never slept with Isaac! He attaches her to the bedposts, then takes what he never got in the past from behind and cums all over her hot ass! 12:30 min.
28 August 2010
The Gossip Gets a Big Cock in Her Mouth!
VIDEO: Natasha told Isaac's wife that he's having an affair. He demands that she tell his wife it's all a life, but Natasha refuses. Isaac grabs her and ropes her up, then shoves his cock in her mouth as a lesson to keep her mouth shut and mind her own business or he'll be back with more of the same! Afterward, he gags her and leaves her bound and gagged. 12:45 min.
22 August 2010
Justine Adams Crosses Drug Dealers and Gets Fucked!
VIDEO: Bondage Sex debut with Justine! Two men enter her bedroom and accuse her of stealing a shipment of goods she was trusted with. She denies everything, but the guys aren't buying it. One holds her down as the other applies ropes. They do paper-scissors-rock to see who gets to screw her first! 16:25 min
15 August 2010
Imposter Takes Natasha from Behind with a Strap-On and Forces Her to Orgasm!
VIDEO: Natasha's date with her internet friend turns out to be a woman! Natasha tries to leave, but Daphne is in love with her and won't let her go. She wrestles her down, tightly handgagging her, then stuffs a huge ballgag in her mouth. Natasha is naked on the chaise except for her heels while Daphne takes her with a strapon. Eventually, Natasha starts to like it in spite of herself and has a forced orgasm! 9:55 min.
1 August 2010
Angry Husband Ropes Natasha into a Barefoot Hogtie and Cums on Her Tits!
VIDEO: Natasha's husband confronts her in the bedroom. He wants to know where his baseball card collection is. Natasha says she had to sell it on ebay to buy steaks since he's unemployed. Her husband is pissed, claiming the collection was worth thousands! He ropes her into a barefoot hogtie in her jeans and t-shirt, then strips her naked, rubs his hard cock on her boobs and cums on her titties! 11:23 min.
25 July 2010
FOUR Hardcore Photosets
PHOTOS: Acidalia Sabine & Natasha Flade in hardcore photosets!
17 July 2010
Natasha Bound & Banged in Hot Lingerie
VIDEO: "Spread and Screwed" Includes CUM SHOT! Natasha is banged against her will in her sexy lingerie and thigh-highs! The villain uses her until he cums all over her belly! 7:50 min.
11 July 2010
Thrown on the Bed and Fucked!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is carried in, bound and gagged, by her captor , while wearing a cute pajama top and shorts. She's barefoot, too! The assailant throws Natasha onto the bed, then unties her bound ankles so he can pull her shorts off. He then shoves pillows under her stomach so her ass sticks up nice and high in the air for easy access. Natasha's ankles are spread wide and tied to the bedposts so we can get some great shots of her bare feet. The villain then strips and starts to fuck Natasha from behind until he shoots his load inside of her. 12:20 min. .
6 July 2010
Natasha a Chair Tied Damsel, Gets Hard Cock in Mouth for Not Keeping Quiet!
VIDEO: Natasha has been kidnapped in her office attire -- red silky blouse, skirt and heels without hose. She's been told to stay quiet, but she refuses, struggling and moaning then finally managing to spit out the huge wadding that was stuffed into her mouth. The kidnapper returns, regags her and cuts off her panties, but since she still continues to make too much noise for his liking, he shoves his hard cock in her mouth to shut her up, making her suck his cock until he cums in her mouth! 18:45 min!
27 June 2010
Banged on the 4th of July!
VIDEO: New damsel Acidalia is working out on her weightbench when two thugs come in and hold her up! She's handgagged and tied to the weighbench, then the thugs flip a coin to see who gets to do her! Turns out Sergio gets the honors and boy oh boy, does he give it to her hard before shooting his load all over her pretty white blouse and belly. 13:30 min.
20 June 2010
Forced into Bondage Sex at Gunpoint in Heels and Dress!
Natasha is wearing a sexy dress with heels when she is assaulted by a man with a gun in her bedroom. Her wrists are tied together and she is forced bent over the bed. One leg is attached to a bedpost, the other is hoisted up for "easy access." Natasha's pretty lips are covered with duct tape and then the assailant takes her against her will from behind! 12:15 min
12 June 2010
Robbery turns into Rapery
Natasha is wearing a robe and getting ready for bed when someone sneaks up behind her and handgags her! He said he was just there to tie her up and rob her house, but he had a little something extra in mind. Natasha's wrists are tied tightly together while she stands, then she's gagged with a cleave. She's made to get onto the floor, where she's spread wide with her hands tied above her head and attached to the nightstand. Her panties are ripped from her body, and she's seriously fucked! 13:45 min.
4 June 2010
Stripped at Gunpoint, Bent Over, SCREWED!
Introducing brand-new damsel Acidalia in her first ever bondage shoot! Acidalia ditched her date, Sergio, at the restaurant. She just got home when Sergio comes barging in -- with a gun! He's furious at her for dumping him like that. Acidalia is forced to strip at gunpoint, then gagged and her wrists tied together behind her back. She's forced bent onto the bed and her ankles are tied to the footboard. Sergio then takes her from behind -- nice and hard! Poor, helpless Acidalia must endure it all! 9:45 min.
29 May 2010
Natasha Forced to Give Head!
A home invader forces Natasha to give him a blowjob while tied to a chair with her arms strappado! He claims he'll let her go after he cums, but he lied. Afterwards, he shoves a knotted leave between her teeth, then leaves poor Natasha to struggle! 10:13 min
22 May 2010
Kidnapped for Bondage Sex Spread Eagle!
Natasha was tricked into a bondage blowjob during a drugbust by an undercover cop -- only he wasn't a cop at all! It was all a trick to get Natasha bound and gagged. Now, in Part 2, Natasha is carred, all tied up and gagged, into the bedroom, where she is stripped and tied spread eagle on the bed. The villain has his way with her, taking her by force, and then shoots his load all over her stomach! 13:45 min.
16 May 2010
Kidnapped for Bondage Sex Spread Eagle!
Natasha is wearing a tight t-shirt and shorts with open toe sandals. She thinks she is making a simple drug sale, but it turns out the whole thing is a sting and the dealer is an undercover cop! He puts Natasha under arrest and handcuffs her wrists. Natasha pleads with him to let her go! The cop decides he'll forego the arrest if Natasha agrees to give him a blowjob while handcuffed. Natasha does as he says, but after the cop cums in her mouth, he informs he's not really a cop at all! He just made the whole thing up, and now he's going to keep her as his captive to use as his sex slave. He gags Natasha and ties her up, then carries her off! 11:25 min.
2 May 2010
Natasha Refuses Sex when Her Husband Hasn't Showered, so He Takes Her by Force!
Natasha is so cute and sexy in her yellow sundress and heels, her legs bare. But in comes her redneck husband -- who hasn't showered for days! He wants a quickie, but Natasha refuses until he cleans up. Angered, he grabs Natasha and wrestles her on the bed, then binds her wrists together and attaches them to the headboard. He then rips her yellow panties off and binds her ankles, attaching both of them above Natasha's head. The redneck husband then forces himself on Natasha, pumping her wildly until he cums! That will teach you, he says, for not putting out! 14:30 min.
27 April 2010
Natasha Taken by the Neighborhood Robber!
Natasha is reading a book in bed in her silk nightgown when a robber holds her up with a gun! Natasha's wrists are tied tightly together behind her back, then the robber gags her with a knotted cleave and fondles her tits. He then forces Natasha bent over and pulls her panties down. Worrying she might identify him, he uses his mask to blindfold Natasha. He then fucks her from behind and shoots his load all over her sweet ass! 9:34 min.
15 April 2010
Natasha Nailing That Interview!
Natasha is wearing a sexy office outfit for the job interview -- red silk blous, miniskirt, cuban stockings and heels. She tells the boss she'll do anything to get the job, so when he pulls out some rope and tells her the job is her if she agrees to some bondage play, Natasha eagerly agrees. But when the boss forces her to the ground and starts to pull his cock, Natasha gets scared and tries to refuse. But she's helpless to stop him now that's she's bound and gagged and he takes her by force on the floor! 19 min!
2 April 2010
POV Forced Blowjob in HD!
Isaac's son got spanked at school by Natasha, his teacher, and Isaac is furious! He storms into Natasha's bedroom where he finds her reading on a chair in little shorts and a sexy tank top. She's also barefoot. Isaac handgags Natasha, then ties her hands behind the chair. Her ankles are next, then her thighs. Isaac handgags Natasha while he strips her topless and gropes her tits. Then he tells her he's going to humiliate her the way she humiliated his kid by forcing her to give him a blowjob! He forces his hard cock into Natasha's mouth, then cums right on her face! Natasha is gagged afterwards and you can see the cum dripping from her chin. Then Isaac leaves her alone and helplessly tied to the chair with cum dripping from her face! 9:42 min.
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