December 27, 2019
Natasha Flade Bondage Sex Revenge Fucked with Strap-On by Jewelry Thief Chloe Night ! (HD - 10:42 Min)

Natasha Flade is on her phone, bragging about how she got back at Chloe Night last week for stealing her jewelry — by tying her up and fucking her with a strap-on! (You can watch THAT video here!) Her phone call is interrupted when Chloe shows up, rope in hand and bent on vengeance for being violated! Natasha tells her she deserves everything she got, but Chloe says she’s a crazy bitch and she never stole her stupid jewelry. “You probably lost it yourself!” she yells. “Being tied to a table and fucked with a strap-on tends to put someone in a bad mood,” she retorts angrily. “We’ll see how YOU’RE walking in a few days!” She grabs Natasha’s hands and tries to rope them together. Natasha tries to fight her off, but she loses and Chloe binds her hands in front, then pushes her onto her back and secures her bound wrists above her head, attaching them to a leg of the chaise. Chloe grabs Natasha’s kicking bare feet. Natasha’s jean miniskirt has ridden up in the struggle and Chloe notices she isn’t wearing any underwear. “My, my! Looks like you had plans for the evening, didn’t you?!” She grabs Natasha by the ankles and ropes them wide apart. We cut to Natasha tied spread on the chaise in her tank top and denim skirt and cleave gagged with a thick, woolly scarf. Chloe reappears — wearing a huge dong strap-on! She waves the dildo in Natasha’s face, laughing, then hops on top of her bound captive. Chloe goes to it and in goes that rubber cock! She’s fucking the now-helpless damsel silly! And boy, does Chloe have a lot of fun thrusting that huge rubber cock in and out of her lying friend’s pussy. Especially since Natasha was spreading those lies about her being a thief to everyone! She so deserves this! Chloe strips topless herself, pulling out her own tits to taunt Natasha as she keeps on pounding that pussy, her tits jiggling! Chloe then pulls up Natasha’s tank top and squeezes her lovely boobs to humiliate her even more while she keeps on a fucking her hard. After a while, Chloe grabs Natasha’s phone and, sitting next to her bound damsel, calls up her friend, Isaac W., to invite him over for a bondage sex gang bang! Natasha’s eyes grow wide with shock and disbelief as she listens to the conversation. She begs Chloe through her thick cleave gag to please let her go, but Chloe ignores and soon Isaac comes strolling on in! He strips naked and gets up by Natasha’s head and rubs his balls all over her face. Natasha squirms, wiggles and mmmpphs helplessly while Isaac teabags her. Chloe meanwhile is watching with delight as she continues to fuck her with the strap-on. She’s reveling in how well she’s pulled off her revenge bondage fuck — times two! Isaac and Chloe give each other a high-five, satisfied with their brilliant plan, as our poor Natasha lays sobbing beneath them, still bound and gagged on the chaise. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Chloe Night or you’ll regret it for sure! Except for the lucky viewers of this video, that is..!

December 18, 2019
Natasha Flade Has to Give Chloe Night Oral Sex While Tied Up to Get the Dom Job! (HD - 10:00 Min)

Natasha Flade applied for a dominatrix job with hot Mistress Chloe Night. She shows up for the interview in her jeans, tight v-neck sweater and ankle-high boots.  Chloe is waiting for her in a slinky dress and heels. She invites Natasha into her bedroom for the interview, which Natasha finds a bit odd, but she goes along, anyway. As the interview ensues, it comes out that Natasha has absolutely no experience in bondage, yet alone how to be a dominatrix. Chloe decides she has to literally teach her the ropes (no pun intended!) and demonstrates her tying skills by getting Natasha all tied up on the bed.  She’s tied at the wrists, thighs and ankles. Chloe even gives Natasha some tight elbow ties, too. She plucks Natasha from the bed and forces her down onto the floor. Now Natasha is thoroughly bound on the floor, kneeling before Mistress Chloe. Once she has her interviewee at her disposal, Chloe springs a big surprise: She informs Natasha that she has to lick and suck her pussy if she wants this job! Natasha is taken back a bit, but she really needs the money, so she takes a deep breath and waits as Chloe spreads her legs wide and and forces her to start licking that pussy really good. The innocent Natasha has no choice but to go along as she’s forced to give the Mistress oral sex and suck Chloe’s snatch. Yum! Chloe whips her top down so she’s topless while getting her pussy eaten out. Mistress Chloe is reveling in sheer ecstasy as her face clearly shows. Caught up in this incredible oral pleasure, Chloe grabs Natasha by the hair and makes her kiss and licks her tits, too! Then she gets behind Natasha and pulls her sweater up for some boobie feelies. When Natasha resists, she’s handgagged and forced to endure Chloe feeling up her tits. Chloe tells Natasha that she’s much better than the other girls who has interviewed for the job. But there’s one more test….She leaves Natasha tied up topless on the floor — while she goes to get a strap-on! Natasha cries for her to come back and please not do this! Her pleas fall on deaf ears. Wow, the things some girls have to go through to earn a living…thank God! Some great outtakes and bloopers are included at the very end!

December 4, 2019
Deadbeat House Guest Natasha Flade Pays by Sucking Cock While Tied Up Kneeling! (HD - 10:30 minutes)
November 27, 2019
Natasha Ropes Thief Chloe Night Into Sweater Bondage & Fucks Her With a Strap-On! (HD - 12:45 MIN)

Jewelry thief Chloe Night was spending an evening quietly reading at the dining room table. Little does she know that she’ll soon be the victim of Natasha Flade’s strap-on revenge bondage sex fucking! Chloe is sitting there, all innocent, and looking sexy in her long cowl-neck sweater, skirt and black leather boots. Natasha Flade, her roommate, comes in and accuses Chloe of stealing the jewelry she loaned out to her to impress some guy. Chloe gets offensive. She’s adamant that she gave it back to Natasha. But Natasha’s isn’t convinced. She was prepared for this response and she thinks it’s all lies. She plans to get her expensive jewelry back – one way or the other! Natasha grabs Chloe and a girl cat fight breaks out briefly before Natasha pins Chloe’s wrists and ropes them together in front of her. Chloe tells Natasha that she’s nuts and this is just plain crazy! But Natasha pays no mind; she bends Chloe over the dining room table and secures her bound hands to the far side table legs. Chloe is looking great in sweater bondage, all tied bent over the table. Chloe is really getting upset now. She wants her nutcase rommie to stop this right now and keeps ranting and going on. Natasha just keeps on tying her up. She spreads Chloe’s boots and ties them to the table legs. Then she shuts up Chloe by gagging her with really thick bandanna cleave gag. She taunts Chloe by getting right in her face and telling her how things are going to go down. She wants to know where that jewelry is! And it better not be at some pawn shop, either! Chloe still insists she gave it back. Natasha decides to torment the thief a little, so she pulls her pantyhose down and feels her ass up. Nothing about the jewelry is forthcoming, though, so Natasha leaves Chloe to get something a bit more likely to result in the truth. When Natasha returns, she’s wearing a really huge strap-on. She gets up on the table next to her now-captive roomie and shows off that big dong. Laughing, Natasha tells her how she picked it out especially for her! Chloe looks scared now. This crazy bitch is taking things way too far! Natasha gives Chloe one last chance to fess up as to where the jewelry is, but Chloe just gagtalks her proclaimed innocence. Oh well, she had her chance! Now there’s no mercy! Chloe begins to really fight her ropes, but it’s no use. Natasha tells her “You screwed me, so now I’m screwing you!” Chloe screams as she’s literally fucked! Natasha plunges that huge rubber cock into her helpless pussy. Chloe writhes around and screams into her thick gag as Natasha continues to pound her hard. She even strips her own top off and keeps on fucking Chloe while she’s topless! After some really hard pussy pounding, Natasha gets up next to Chloe’s cleave gagged face. She takes her by the chin and announces that she’s going to the pawn shop and if the jewelry isn’t there, she’ll be returning — to fuck her up the ass this time! Chloe just screams and cries as Natasha strolls off, leaving her thieving roomie tied bent over the table, now half-naked.

November 21, 2019
Dick Tease Natasha Flade Handgagged, Hogtied & Barefoot for Bondage Blowjob! (HD - 10:40 MIN)
IIsaac W. has been dating Natasha Flade for three weeks now, and she still hasn’t put out! No handjobs, no blowjobs, NOTHING at all! He comes over to her place to discuss the situation. Natasha is on the chaise in a tank top and a pair of little, blue short and barefoot. Isaac sits down beside her and tries to delicately bring up his concerns. He asks if it’s him, if he’s doing anything wrong. Natasha explains that it’s not it; she’s just sort of old fashioned and thinks it’s too early to be messing around yet. Isaac doesn’t exactly her response. While she’s going on (and on and on) with all her excuses, he slips back and grabs some rope from his pockets. Before she knows what’s happening, he grabs her arms and pins them behind her, then ties her wrists together. Natasha is shocked and surprised. She begs him to please stop, but Isaac isn’t having any of her lip! He’s waited long enough he thinks and he tells Natasha he’s getting something even if she has to be tied-up first! He puts his arm around her neck and pulls her close, then pulls her tank top and starts feeling up her tits. Natasha tries to protest, but is handgagged while he keeps on groping her tits. Then he throws her belly-down onto the chaise and ropes her up into a barefoot hogtie! Isaac goes round to Natasha’s head and lets her know she’s going to suck his cock right now! He makes her promise that she’s not going to be dick teasing anyone anymore. Natasha reluctantly nods her head in resigned agreement. She has no choice, so best get down to this bondage blowjob business! Natasha is sobbing, but Isaac grabs her head and forces her to take his throbbing dick into her mouth! He makes her suck that cock really good, with lots of great angles and close-ups of all the blowjob action. Natasha sucks that cock good and hard until Isaac finally cums right in her mouth. Now finally satisfied, Isaac zips his jeans, then handgags the crying Natasha once more before he leaves her, still barefoot hogtied and topless on her own chaise. Natasha lays there, sobbing and not knowing what to do — except to give up her dick tease ways. A lesson learned in dating etiquette!


November 14, 2019
Wife Natasha Flade Tied Up Barefoot by Burglar, then Found & Fucked by Lusty Neighbor! (HD - 9:50 Min)

This bondage sex video begins with Natasha Flade cleave-gagged and bound barefoot to the bed in her shorts and top. A burglar had invaded her house and left her all tied up like that! She struggles in her bondage and we get all the angles, even her wriggling soles and cute bare feet! A lusty neighbor (Isaac W.) comes by to give Natasha’s husband back the drill he had borrowed. He finds the door open and hears some noise coming from the bedroom. Then to his surprise, he discovers his neighbor’s beautiful wife, Natasha, all tied up and gagged on the bed! Now Isaac has been dreaming of fucking his neighbor’s wife ever since he moved in. He asks Natasha what happened, and she tells him in gag talk that someone robbed her and left her tied up like this! She thinks she’ll be let go now, but this is just too good of a chance for Isaac to miss! Instead of letting Natasha go, he re-ties her legs and attaches them to the headboard so her bare feet are now high up in the air. He pulls her shorts off, then pats and kisses her bare ass. When Natasha cries out for him to stop, she’s handgagged while Isaac pulls her top up and feels her tits! Then he strips down himself and hops on top of the helpless housewife! He fucks her silly, while Natasha sobs and struggles beneath him. But Isaac is having one helluva a great time. His bondage sex dream come true at last and with this hot housewife he’s been fantasizing over. But poor Natasha; this really isn’t her day. First a robber, then a lusty neighbor!

November 6, 2019
Natasha Flade, in Dress and High Heels, Owes Money So Bondage Blowjob It Is! (HD - 11:44 min)

Natasha Flade bought a car from her friend, Isaac W., and he allowed Natasha to make the payments directly to him. But now, Natasha is two months behind! Desperate, she dresses up all sexy in a tight dress and high heels and pays Isaac a visit. She thinks because she’s hot, he’ll let her late car payments slide. So now she’s at his place, sitting next to him on the chaise and pleading for Isaac to please not take the car back. Isaac isn’t too impressed with her attempts to seduce him into forgiving her late installments. He rolls his eyes as she’s going on and on about how broke she is. Finally, Isaac interrupts her with a proposal: he’ll forgive the last two payments, but on the condition she lets him tie her up. Isaac confesses that he has a fetish; he’s really into tied up women and he thinks this is a good deal for all involved! He explains to Natasha that it’s just some ropes binding her up a bit, so…how about it? Natasha is quite hesitant, but since she’s broke and doesn’t want to give up the car, she decides to trust Isaac on this one. She sits there while he grabs his ropes and binds her wrists behind her back. Her thighs are roped together next and then her ankles, just above her open-toe high heels. There’s closeups of all this binding; we get a very splendid view of those sexy heels as he’s tying up her ankles. But once Isaac has Natasha all tied up, he has her stand up and then makes her kneel down on the floor. “Why?” Natasha asks. Isaac explains it’s more submissive to him that way. At least he thoughtfully provides a pillow for her to kneel on. But it turns out that our poor Natasha has been tricked! Now that she’s at his mercy, and kneeling before her, Isaac starts touching her, pulling her close and trying to feel her up! This wasn’t part of the deal, she protests. But Isaac just laughs as he pulls the top of her dress down and starts playing with her tits! “Oh come on,” he says. “You really didn’t figure this out?” No, Natasha didn’t! She protests, but gets handgagged while he continues to grope her beautiful tits. And to make matters worse, Natasha’s informed that she has to suck his cock, too! Now Natasha realizes that she really fucked up and can’t believe she fell for this! But since she allowed herself to be tightly roped up, she really doesn’t have any other options in this situation – she has to put this guy’s dick in her mouth and give him a blowjob! The only bright side is that he might just keep his word and forgive those two months of car payments she’s behind on. So Natasha goes to work on Isaac’s dick, sucking that hard cock and letting him fuck her mouth. This deal has certainly worked out great for Isaac! Not only did he get too tie up his super hot friend, he’s getting a nice kneeling bondage blowjob out of the deal. “I shouldn’t have to pay for the car at all now!” Natasha says after he cums in her mouth. Well, Isaac doesn’t agree to THAT, but he does let Natasha keep the car and forget about those two missed payments. He tells her he’d rather keep her tied-up like she is, but he gets up and starts untying her hands. After all, her friend Isaac isn’t THAT evil!

October 31, 2019
Secretary Natasha Flade Gets Strap-On Revenge Bondage Sex Over Loren's Promotion! (HD - 10 Min)
Secretary Natasha Flade is at her desk in the office. She’s in a red hot outfit, pantyhose & high heels when Loren Chance storms on it. She really lets Natasha have it, going on about what she told their bosses at work. “What the hell you have been saying about me?” Loren sceams out. “What’s your deal with all these lies?!” she confronts. Natasha stammers, but Loren is quick! She grabs Natasha by the shoulders and stands her up. She pulls her arms behind her back and ropes her hands behind her back. Then Loren takes a thick, black scarf and holds it out in front of Natasha’s face. “This is shut you the fuck up!” she says as she gags Natasha. She wraps the scarf between her lips twice and knots it. Natasha tries to cry out, but she’s much quieter now that Loren has her cleave gagged. Laughing, Loren bends Natasha over the desk, pulls up her skirt, and starts grabbing her ass through her stockings. She really grabs that ass hard, too! “I think some spanking is what you need,” Loren says as she yanks down Natasha’s pantyhose and starts grabbing and spanking that awesome, naked ass of Natasha’s. But Loren’s far from finished! “I don’t think spanking is enough. I’m going to teach you a big lesson!” She comes back — with a big strap-on attached to her! She slaps that dong against Natasha’s ass as she gets ready to plunge it right into her pussy for her revenge bondage sex strap-on fucking! Now Loren is all gung-ho about getting down to business and she really lets Natasha have it! She pounds that pussy hard, laughing and going on about how she’s making her pay. Loren then strips her top and bra off. She’s now in just her heels and thigh-high stockings. Loren grabs her own tits and starts playing with them erotically while she’s fucking Natasha from behind. She’s obviously taking great delight in making Natasha pay with her pussy! There’s great angles in this video, with lots of closeups of the strap-on action and poor Natasha’s gagged face and eyes wide in fear and shock. Eventually, Loren decides Natasha’s had enough! She leans over and whispers into Natasha’s ear about how her lie-spreading days are over. She lost a promotion because of it and she’s not about to take any more! She makes Natasha promise that she’ll keep her mouth shut from now on. After Natasha resignedly nods her head in agreement, Loren leaves her there, tied bent over her desk, her naked ass on display. This awesome video also includes some great outtakes at the end!
October 23, 2019
Natasha Flade Handgagged, Tied Up Barefoot for Bondage Sex for Boyfriend's Debt (HD - 8:15 MIN)

Natasha Flade was chillin’ in her bedroom, all sexy in her pink nightie and barefoot. She’s on the bed, reading a book, totally unaware that she might soon be nabbed because of her boyfriend’s serious debts! But that’s what happens! A man sneaks up behind her! Natasha’s handgagged and ordered to behave or serious shit will happen. She’s forced to put out her hands to be tied up in front. Once her hands are bound, she’s cleave gagged with a thick scarf. The home intruder then pulls down the top of her nightgown and fondles and gropes her titties. He explains that because her boyfriend has refused to take his debt seriously, Natasha is going to be used as a partial payment—in pussy! We cut to this damsel tied on the floor. Her bound hands are attached to the bottom of a bedpost and the bad man is finishing the knots that suspend her bare feet to the top of the post, her soles in the air. He taunts Natasha, then gropes her boobs some more before pulling her pink panties off. Now her goods are totally exposed for the taking! He strokes her thighs, her pussy is stroked and fingered. Natasha looks horrified as he tells her it’s time to collect her boyfriend’s debts! He stands up and starts undoing the zipper on his jeans. Soon this debt collector’s clothes are shed and he’s naked next to his captive, collecting his pussy payment by thrusting his hard cock into it! Natasha cries, writhes and moans as she’s taken for a hard bondage sex ride on the floor! And some of that debt, that isn’t even hers at all, is partially erased as the intruder cums inside her!


October 17, 2019
Wife Natasha Flade Chairtied, then Forced Into Upside Down Tabletop Bondage Blowjob for Ransom Video!

Wife Natasha Flade has been taken for ransom! Her captor, Isaac W., has the pretty housewife chairtied barefoot in her shorts and a thin, sleeveless sweater. Natasha’s cleave gagged, too, with a long, silk, purple scarf. She struggles a bit, then her captor comes back with a bag. He’s bitching at her that only half of the ransom was paid. He’s pretty angry, but he has a plan to collect his money. He undoes Natasha’s wrists from behind the chair, then re-ties her hands again, this time in front, but he leaves her ankles tied. Then he picks his captive up, bound hand and foot, carries her over to the dining room table and lays her there. He takes more rope and attaches her bound feet to one of the table legs, then adds a chest rope to secure her to the table top. Now the ransomed wife is tightly bound face-up on the table. He pulls her sweater up, then plays with her tits. “Oh, yeah,” he remarks with a grin. “I always wanted to get my hands on these.” Then the abductor sets up his camera, and looking straight into it, he informs Natasha’s husband, “I’ve got your wife here as you can see. I’m going to make her suck my dick until you come up with the rest of the money!” Natasha looks horrified when she hears this plan! She squirms and tries calling out, but it’s useless. Natasha is ungagged and her head dangles over the table’s edge. Her head is upside-down – a great position for an upside down bondage blowjob! Isaac takes full advantage! He tells Natasha to take his cock in her mouth. She’s resistant, but complies and sucks her captor’s cock the best she can in hopes her husband will pay what he owes! The camera keeps rolling for the bondage blowjob ransom tape that Isaac’s making. He gropes her tits while he’s enjoying this reverse-angles table top blowjob from the kidnapped Natasha. There’s some great POV angles of the abductor getting blown, Natasha’s pretty, pout lips encasing that big, hard cock. Eventually, Isaac cums in her mouth. But he comes back with the purple scarf! He stuffs her mouth and re-gags her! Now Natasha’s captor has his tape to drop off and a hefty ransom to collect! Will Natasha’s husband pay up or is she stuck tied upside down on that table top? CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO BY CENTAUR CELLULOID FROM VINTAGE 2006 FOOTAGE!


October 9, 2019
Connie Sims Ballgagged, Tied Up Nude and Dildoed in TWO Scenes! (7:45 min)

Two classic bondage sex videos from 2005! Hot blonde Connie Sims, the bondage barbie doll, is at the total mercy of Natasha Flade. In the first clip, she’s tied up spread-eagle and cleave gagged on the dining room table, totally nude. Natasha molests her, fondling her breasts and sucking on her nipples and then rubbing her hands over her pussy. Natasha tells Connie that “you just love being my sex slave.” Connie doesn’t look as though she agrees. She waits while Natasha leaves, but when she returns, she’s got long, purple dildo! After holding it up to Connie’s face as a foreshadowing of what’s in store, Connie experiences some serious penetration with that bondage sex toy! Connie moans and squirms as Natasha repeatedly violates her with that dildo. Her bare feet wriggle as Connie tries resisting, but it’s no use! In scene two, Nurse Natasha has the tall, blonde Connie tied bent over that same table and double gagged with a stuffer and cleave. Nurse Natasha is having fun at her captive’s expensive. Connie is completely naked once again, feet tied spread to opposite legs of the table and wrists bound stretched out in front. Natasha tells Connie that the breast exam is first as she stands behind her, leans over and feels her breasts, allegedly for an exam. Natasha then grabs Connie’s ass cheeks and spreads them wide apart to get a good look at her private parts. She tells Connie that everything “seems to be fine down there,” but she needs to get some medical equipment to be sure. When she returns, a pink striped dildo makes its appearance as the latest bondage gadget for penetrating Connie’s pussy deeply. Connie moans as her nurse tries to reassure her: “You’re doing really well. It’s almost over now. Just a little bit longer.” Lots of closeups of the dildo action in and out of Connie’s pussy. Although she’s pretty muffled from the two-piece gag ensemble, Nurse Natasha manages to get some great moaning out of her patient!


October 1, 2019
Spendy Wife Natasha Flade Tied Up & Bent Over for Bondage Sex in Pantyhose! (HD - 11:00 min)

Natasha is showing off her expensive fur coat to her husband, who gets unhinged at her irresponsible spending! She said it was on sale for $900. But that only left their bank account with $100! Isaac is enraged, and he’s had enough of his wife’s frivolous spending. He strips that fur coat off of her! She’s left in her sweater, skirt and stockings (pantyhose!). She’s spun around and pushed over on the bed. Her hands are crossed and tied up as she resists and apologizes. Too late! This isn’t the first time! Next he ties her wriggling high heels together, then gags her with a knotted cleave. That knot is pretty big, and she looks stunning cleave gagged like that! She's stripped down and he rubs his cock on her naked thighs. Next, we cut to that same cock being thrust mercilessly into her while she's bent over and ass up, hands still bound behind her, feet bound: tied up hand and foot! Does she really learn her lesson? Will she change her spending habits? Or will she be bad again one day to get this kind of bondage sex treatment?


September 24, 2019
Natasha Flade Tied On Tabletop In Denim Miniskirt for Barefoot Bondage Blowjob (HD - 6:30 min)

Natasha Flade has been taken captive! The captor has her tied face down atop the dining room table. She’s barefoot and wearing a denim minishirt and tank top. Her hands are tied apart to legs of the table, her bare feet bound together and tied down to the opposite end of the table. Isaac has his cock out and he tells her that she better accept it if she wants to ever be let go! In her mouth his dick goes! Natasha gets to work with pleasuring her captor by giving him the most awesome bondage blowjob she can manage. But Isaac wants a little more out of his captive, so he pulls up her tank top and gropes her tits while she’s sucking him off. Still, this blowjob isn’t getting him off as fast as he would like, so he shimmies down Natasha’s miniskirt, then her panties, so now her perfect round ass is exposed. He grabs those buns while Natasha’s head bobs up and down on his cock. Finally! Now everything is perfect! Natasha keeps working that dick, hoping to be released as soon as Isaac releases his load. And soon he does! He cums right in her mouth – and with power! Satisfied with this tremendous orgasm, he starts putting his pants back on while Natasha just lays there, quietly sobbing after this horrible ordeal. Will her captor release her now? Outtakes and bloopers at the end!


September 18, 2019
Connie Sims Ballgagged & Fucked with Dildoes In Two Girl-Girl Bondage Sex Scenes!

Tall, blonde, Connie Sims stars in this 2-scene, girl-girl dildo fucking clip! First up: Connie looks absolutely stunning ballgagged! She’s roped to a sofa in a schoolgirl, plaid, miniskirt and white, buttoned blouse. There’s a huge, red ballgag in her mouth! Her legs are bare feet have been tied spread and wide apart. Helpless blonde Connie’s hands are roped together, hauled up over her head and attached behind her to the sofa. She struggles a bit like that, with some great upskirt shots of her private parts. It’s not long, though, before female captor, Natasha Flade, enters the room with a dildo in her hand! She jumps on onto the couch next to Connie and starts to threaten and menace her! First, she undoes her blouse and gropes Connie’s large tits. Then Natasha uses that thing on poor Connie, lifting her skirt and getting to work on her pussy! Great views of all the dildo fucking action with Connie’s ballgagged face pleading in the background! In scene two, we find our tall blonde, Connie, bound and gagged in a bathroom! Connie’s hair is in a ponytail and she’s totally naked as her top has been pulled up above her breasts. Connie’s thighs are tied apart and suspended to the towel rack, but her ankles are left to swing free, giving the viewer some great barefoot shots of Connie’s pedicured feet. Connie’s mouth is full, too: a wadded up cloth for a packing gag held in place with a red, silk scarf cleave gag. Her captor, Natasha Flade, comes in once again, this time with a different dildo in hand! She doesn’t plan to have any mercy on her helpless captive. She leans close to her as she fondles and plays with the topless damsel, letting her know her plans – to fuck her silly with that dildo! Connie isn’t happy about this news at all. She struggles and moans from behind her gag as Natasha draws her dildo threatening close! More closeups of all the action as Connie’s pussy being abused, her gagged face winching in distress as she pleads for mercy!


September 11, 2019
Natasha Flade Tied Up Naked Spread Eagle on Bed For Bondage Sex & Cum All Over! (HD - 9:40 min)

Natasha Flade has been taken captive! Her abductor has poor Natasha tied spread eagle nude on the bed! She’s been cleave gagged, too, with a black scarf. Natasha struggles frantically, desperate to escape this situation before her captor returns for Lord knows what. She pulls against the bonds that hold her so tightly to that bed, but she doesn’t get anywhere before her shirtless captor, Isaac W., returns! Natasha tries screaming out from behind her gag when she sees him coming at her, but she’s quickly silenced with Isaac’s hand firmly clamped over her mouth. While he has her handgagged, she’s told she best calm down. “Just accept this situation because you’re not going anywhere!” Not having any choice, Natasha’s screams turn to muffled sobs as her naked body is fondled. He gropes her tits, then sucks her nipples and even strokes her private parts a bit as this evil kidnapper gets ready to fuck the helpless damsel. Natasha’s eyes grow wide with fear as Isaac dispenses with his pants and jumps up on the bed with her! Then, to her horror, he thrusts his hard cock inside her and starts plowing her great gusto! Isaac is really enjoying his bound and gagged damsel to the max! There’s nothing quite like fucking a woman who’s helplessly tied spread eagle on the bed and he intends to enjoy every minute! But this is much too erotic for him to hold out long and soon he reaches climax, shooting his load of cum all over Natasha’s belly! A great cumshot finale to this naked bondage sex video!


September 3, 2019
Natasha Flade Forced to Suck Cock Chair-Tied Topless In Red Sweater Dress & Heels! (HD -7:00 min)

Natasha Flade Forced to Suck Cock Chair-Tied In Red Dress & Heels! A home invader has Natasha Flade all tied up on a chair in the kitchen! She's in a sexy red sweater dress, black high heels and nude pantyhose. Her hands are bound behind the chair back, her ankles are tied together and attached to a rung at the bottom of the chair. There's lap ropes securing her to her seat and tight chest ropes above and below her breasts. The captor, Isaac W., tells her she's going to suck his cock! Natasha starts to cry and struggle and making a fuss.  She doesn't want to comply, but the invader is relentless. He pull her tits out from the top of her dress so he can stare at her tits while he's getting head from his helpless captive.  He grabs Natasha by the head and forces her to give him a blowjob. Her lips encircle his swollen member as he thrusts it back and forth. It's so huge she can barely breathe! But our damsel can really suck a mean dick even under pressure! And it's getting her captor off! He grabs her tits and fondles and plays with them, clearly enjoying this superb blowjob! The camera pans up and down Natasha's bound body, with some great closeups of her heels, pantyhose-clad legs and tits. And, of course, there's great shots of the bondage blowjob action, too. Natasha is a good girl; she keeps on giving this guy the bondage blowjob of his life, hoping that he'll let her go once he's finished. But she's wrong! He cums right in her mouth, but he doesn't untie her from that chair. "What are you doing?" Natasha calls out fretfully. Isaac has a big wad of cloth in his hands and she's getting concerned. He takes that packing gag and shoves it in Natasha's mouth, the wraps a thin, silk scarf over that and between her lips to hold it in place. The cleave gag is knotted at the nape of Natasha's neck and then the home intruder hurriedly takes off, leaving the damsel Natasha all alone, chair-tied topless and gagged in her kitchen.  She struggles in her bondage, mewing and mmmphing. But she's not going anywhere! Her captor tied the ropes much too tightly for that; he isn't taking any chances that his victim might actually get loose and send someone after him...


August 28, 2019
Housewife Natasha Flade Tied In Bathrobe & Taken Hard On the Floor! (HD – 10:10 min)

Housewife Natasha Flade is all tied up in her bathroom on the bedroom floor! Her shirtless captor, Isaac W., has her arms tied wide apart to the bedposts and he’s finishing up the knots on her wrists. Natasha’s been packing gagged with a large wad of cloth in her mouth held in place with a thin scarf between her teeth! Now the abductor grabs one of Natasha’s ankles, wraps a length of rope tightly about it, then hauls it up high and attaches it to the top of the very tall bedpost. Our pretty wife isn’t wearing anything beneath that red robe, which is pretty damn evident now! The captor kneels down before her prize, grabs hold of that robe and opens it, leaving her exposed and completely naked! He runs his hands over her beautiful, bound body, fingering her pussy and groping and sucking her tits and nipples. opened so he can grope her tits and finger her pussy. Natasha tries crying, but our bound and gagged damsel isn’t offering much resistance given the situation. She just hopes to escape this perilous bondage incident unharmed if she cooperates as best she can. Still, she’s mewing and sobbing from behind her cleave gag and pulling at the bonds that hold her secure on the floor. She’s ripe for the taking now! She winces, her eyes wide and full of fear, when Isaac starts unbuckling his belt and stripping down for the reason he broke into Natasha’s place for – a good bondage sex ride! Poor Natasha is taken hard on that floor! He fucks her without mercy, thrusting his big cock repeatedly back and forth, and taking a few more nips at her tits while he keeps on fucking his captive. Natasha tries to struggle now, but the ropes are too tight and her cries are muffled by her gag. Isaac rides her really good until he cums inside the poor girl. His plan went off flawlessly! He gives Natasha’s body a few more strokes before strolling off, but before he leaves, he tells his little bondage housewife that he’s coming back for even more as soon as he recharges. Natasha grows frantic! Can she manage to escape or is she doomed to stay his naked bondage sex wife?

August 21, 2019
Natasha Flade Bound Strappado by Gangster for Bondage Blowjob In High Heels! (HD – 10:30 min)

Store owner Natasha Flade has gotten herself into some serious gangland trouble! She’s being dragged into the bedroom in her tight, short, pink dress and white high heels, her wrists already bound behind her, and her elbows strictly tied! The gangster forces the bound Natasha over to the huge posts of the bed. He stands her up next to the bed post, but she’s resisting all the way. The captor manages to jerk her arms up behind her, then hoists them up to the top of that tall post. She’s now bound standing in a rather severe strappado. The captor kneels down by her high heels and binds her bare ankles together. Natasha is helpless and uncomfortable. She stands there helplessly as she’s chastised for crossing Mr. Lanatelli. The gangster tells Natasha that she’d better close her business, or things will get even worse, and that this treatment is just a warning! To show her what he means, Natasha’s handgagged as her tits are groped. Then he pulls her dress up and her panties down so we can see her sweet ass — which also gets a few spanks and some fondling thrown in for good measure and to scare her! But it turns out her warning is far from over and things get much worse! He blackmails her into closing her shop by forcing his throbbing cock into Natasha’s mouth, then makes her suck him good. Since Natasha really has no other options at this point, she accepts that huge dick into her mouth and gets to work. The gangster ends up getting the best bondage blowjob of his life, and he makes good use of his time (and Natasha’s bound body), fondling her tits while her head bobs back and forth on his hard dick until he shoots his load right in her mouth!

August 14, 2019
Natasha Flade Bent Over Table in Pantyhose & High Heels for Revenge Fuck Bondage Sex (HD – 8:45 min)

Sexy Natasha Flade fucked Isaac W. over in an important business transaction, and now he’s going to fuck her over—literally! He has her tied standing to the dining room table in her office attire, a silk blouse, miniskirt, pantyhose and black high heels. Her hands are bound behind her back, her ankles tied spread apart to the legs of the table. Natasha is bent over the table top, crying and pleading for him to stop. But he’s not having any of that! He’s tired of hearing her whining and plans to put an end to that right now by gagging her. He slips a long, thick scarf through her lips, wrapping it twice so the cleave gag is extra-muffling. Isaac pulls Natasha up, opens her blouse, pulls her bra down, then plays with and gropes her fine tits and fingers her pussy through her stockings. Natasha is whimpering, but at least now her sobs are nicely muffled by being cleave gagged. Then Isaac pushes the damsel back down over table. Her skirt is hiked up, her pantyhose pulled down and then he rips her panties down, too! Natasha is now mostly nude and totally exposed! Ripe for the ravishing and isaac’s plans to get back at her with a good revenge fuck! He drops his pants and slides his hard cock into Natasha, who’s helpless to stop any of this from happening. He thrusts and pumps and holds onto her shoulders for leverage as he’s giving her the revenge bondage sex he thinks she deserves. Her tits are groped while she’s getting pumped hard from behind. He’s fucking her silly for fucking HIM over! Finally, he cums inside her as her tits jiggle against the surface of the table! Natasha moans-but not in pleasure! Now she’s the one who’s been taken and the transaction ledger has been balanced at last!

August 1, 2019
Natasha Flade Carried In Bound Barefoot, then Post-Tied Kneeling for Forced Blowjob! (HD – 10:30 min)

Natasha Flade has been abducted! She’s barefoot and wearing nothing but a little camisole top and panties. Her kidnapper (Isaac W.) has her bound hand and foot and he’s carrying his helpless captive into the bedroom while she pleads and begs for him to let her go! But the captor has some plans for the pretty damsel. He plops her onto the floor on her knees in front of the bedpost. Natasha continues crying and pleading while she’s tied quite thoroughly to that post. Chest ropes are added, then her thighs are roped together. Her little top is pulled up and the captor sucks her nipples, then stands up and gropes her tits from behind. He pulls her panties Natasha’s panties and fondles her pussy, too. Natasha is growing frantic, but her kidnapper, Isaac, is all horned up now. He stands up and whips out his throbbing cock. “Please. Isn’t there something else I could do?” Natasha begs one last time. “It’s blowjob time!” Isaac announces. “Now get to it!” Natasha is forced to take his throbbing member into her mouth. Her pretty lips encircle and lick her captor’s dick. She’s hoping if she gives this guy a good blowjob, she’ll escape this situation unharmed. We’re treated to some good close-ups of the blowjob action, of course, but also of Natasha’s fine, naked ass and her bare feet and soles as she kneels before the assailant and his hard cock. Isaac enjoys the head he’s getting from his bound damsel, even groping her tits as she sucks him off. At long last, the captor shoots his load and cums in Natasha’s mouth. He stands up and pulls on his jeans. Natasha is bent over, exhausted from her ordeal, and praying she’ll be set free now. But the captor simply laughs at her. “You gave a mighty fine blowjob,” he tells her with a sneer. Laughing, he grabs Natasha by the face and whispers some menacing words into her ears, then gives her firm tits a few more feelies before leaving her all alone, still tied-up kneeling, now stripped naked, to that bedpost, on her own bedroom floor. As he saunters off, Natasha lays there sobbing, wondering what will become of her now.

July 23, 2019
Natasha Flade Forced Into Bedroom, Tied Bent Over, Legs Spread, for Fucking from Behind! (HD – 7:30 min)

Natasha Flade has been abducted in her skimpy nightie and panties! She’s forced into a bedroom with her hands already bound behind her. She struggles hard to get away from her captor, but she’s overpowered and thrown harshly onto the bed, face down. Since she’s screaming loudly for help, the assailant (Isaac W.) quickly covers her mouth with his hand. While she’s handgagged, she’s told she best be quiet or else! But this damsel is scared and has no intention of being quiet, so the abductor pulls a long, woolly scarf from his pocket and wraps it through his captive’s lips twice for a nice, thick gag. Now that Natasha’s tightly cleave gagged, Isaac can get to work roping up this unwilling damsel more securely for what he has in mind. He gets behind Natasha and rips her thong panties down, exposing that fabulous naked ass that Natasha has! He grabs her ankles and ties her bare feet spread wide apart to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. With his captive damsel now tied bent over and cleave gagged, it’s time for the captor to get what he came for! He slips his hard cock inside Natasha and fucks her hard from behind! Natasha mmmphs behind her gag as her pussy’s pounded repeatedly. Natasha struggles, moans and cries, but she’s along for the ride! Isaac stops to pull her tits out and gets a few feelies in, too. He grabs her bound wrists and hangs for better leverage as he gets ready to climax inside his helpless victim. Bound and gagged as she is, there’s nothing poor Natasha can do about the situation! She endures it until Isaac finally cums inside her, the culmination of an afternoon well spent!

July 10, 2019
Secretary Natasha Flade Screws Up, Tied Bent Over Desk by Boss for Office Bondage Sex Punishment!
(HD - 10:45 min)

Secretary Natasha Flade is at her desk, in her office wear of a red dress, black high heels and pantyhose. Her boss, Isaac, comes strolling in for a chat. Natasha tries to quickly hide the fact she's been goofing off again. But there's no fooling her employer. He’s been very disappointed with her performance lately. Basically, she stinks and he lets her know that she's being let go. Natasha is shocked and devastated. She really needs this job. She pleads “Isn’t there anything I can do? You know how much I need this position.” "I know you do," her boss replies. "Maybe we can work something out." Now that Isaac thinks about it, he'll give his sexy secretary another shot to keep her job - but only if she accepts a little punishment for her poor performance. He has her stand up and cross her hands behind her, then he begins to bind her wrists. Natasha is getting really nervous about this. She tells him she doesn't see how this will help her performance, but she doesn't want to be fired, either, so she goes along. She really, really needs this job, so she feels she has no choice but to comply. But then her boss spins her around, grabs her by the jaw and holds a large wad of cloth up to her mouth. Now Natasha is really freaked out and beginning to have second thoughts. She tries to protest, but her hands are bound and Isaac simply tells her to open while he shoves the packing gag into her mouth! It's tied in place with a scarf as a cleave gag on top. He smiles smugly while he grabs her by the gagged face and tells her this is much better, she just needs a little bit of punishment and to learn how to perform. Natasha's eyes grow wide with fright as she wonders what she's gotten herself into. He pulls her over to the credenza and bends her over it. Her dress is lifted up and her pantyhose are pulled down, exposing her round, naked, perfect ass. Now Natasha is really frightened, and squirms about, but she’s truly helpless now since he has her ankles tied wide apart to the legs of the credenza! Her sweet cheeks are fondled and given a few swift spanks before Isaac chucks his clothes, strokes his cock and enters his secretary's sweet pussy — like he's always wanted to do, anyway! With her packing gagged and securely bound to that file cabinet, he has all the fun he desires! He laughs as he thrusts his cock back and forth. The pleasure is clearly evident on his face and in the words he whispers, tauntingly. He gropes Natasha's tits while he's fucking her, holds her up by her tied wrists and plunges on. After he finally cums inside the helpless office girl, he wipes the sweat from his brow, and makes her promise through her gag that her performance will improve. Natasha nods in distressed agreement. Her boss smacks her bare ass, mutters that it's impossible to fnd any decent secretaries nowadays, then he strolls off and just leaves her like that. She'll do a better job tomorrow, won't she?

July 2, 2019
Wife Natasha Flade Has a Bondage Sex Gift, But Isaac Invites Chloe with Her Strap-On! (HD – 11:45 min)

It’s Isaac W.’s birthday, and he wants his wife, Natasha Flade, to give him a very special present. Being the good wife, she agrees to allow her husband to explore his deepest bondage fantasies! He can’t believe she’s actually agreed to be tied up, let alone fulfill his kinky bondage sex desires! He watches in amazement as Natasha strips off her shorts and camisole top until she’s totally naked on the bed. She arranges herself at Isaac’s request; he has her cross her wrists behind her, then Natasha’s hands are roped together as she smilingly indulges her loving husband. Her eyes express surprise as he tells her to “open up,” and gags her with a thick scarf. The scarf is wrapped twice around her head and knotted in back. Once he has her cleave gagged, Isaac takes hold of her bare feet and binds her ankles. Then he sits next to his wife, who’s now bound hand and foot. He kisses her tits briefly before arranging her bent over, kneeling, on the bed. Her perfect naked ass and bare soles are beautifully on display. He strokes her naked body in this position for a bit, then tells her he’ll be back in just a moment. But when he returns, he’s not alone! With him is a topless Chloe Night, a smile on her face and a strap-on cock between her legs! “What the…?” Natasha cries out, muffled from behind her gag. Isaac tells his wife that is his REAL fantasy – to have a pretty girl fuck her like this with a strap-on, which he watches all of it, of course! Isaac steps out of the picture to watch this strap-on bondage sex action. Chloe gets in close to Natasha, who begins to panic. She didn’t sign up for this! Her so-called loving husband has tricked her! A stranger was not on the list of birthday gifts, let alone being fucked with a strap-on while bound and gagged naked on the bed! But Chloe is here to have fun. She slips her huge rubber cock into Natasha, putting on quite a show for birthday boy, Isaac W., who’s sitting back in the corner of the room, enjoying seeing his wife taken doggy style by this babe with the big tits and a strap-on. Natasha moans, whimpers and struggles as she’s fucked hard from behind by Chloe. Chloe is really getting into it, too, even stroking her own tits and sighing with pleasure. When Isaac appears for his turn, Natasha tries to ask him to please help her! But he only tells her that he’s all ready for his turn now! Isaac strips off his shirt and jeans, then strolls over to take Chloe’s place. Kinky Chloe is having so much fun, she asks if she can stay and watch Isaac while he’s having his bondage sex turn with the poor Natasha. “Be my guest!” Isaac tells Chloe. Chloe scampers off happily into a corner to watch the show while Isaac gets ready to mount his duped wife. Be sure to tune in next month for Part 2!

June 25, 2019
Isaac’s Mistress Natasha Demands a Car, Gets to Serve a Hogtied Bondage Blowjob Instead! (HD – 9:00 min)

Natasha Flade is Isaac W.’s mistress, and not only is she extremely high maintenance, she’s also exceptionally demanding. Here she is, barefoot and in shorts on the chaise, arguing with her lover, Isaac, about a new car that she insists he buy for her – and which he has adamantly refused to do! He tries to explain that there’s no way he can get away with a big purchase like that, his wife would be sure to find out! “Well, that’s not my problem, now is it?” Natasha retorts. “You think you’re getting it from me for free? Ha! I want that car, you know how much I love that one, and you better come through. Unless you want me to rat you out to your wife.” Isaac is distraught by this situation. His mistress is blackmailing him into buying her a car or else she’ll go to his wife! This is really just too much for any man to take! This hoity toity mistress of his definitely needs a lesson in manners and submission to her man and Isaac intends to give her just that. While Natasha is sitting there rolling her eyes and looking rather smug, Isaac grabs her. “What are you doing?” Natasha yells out as he ropes her wrists together behind her back. “I’m making sure you don’t call my wife, that’s what I’m doing!” Isaac yells back. Natasha won’t stop complaining and whining the whole time she’s being tied, which is getting on Isaac’s nerves. “I think you need to be gagged,” he tells Natasha as he clamps his hand over her mouth. Oh yes, she’s definitely much better handgagged! But he needs to make sure she doesn’t manage to get to a phone and rat him out to his wife, so he throws Natasha belly-down onto the chaise and grabs her bare feet. Natasha’s ankles are soon tied together, with her soles wiggling in the air as Isaac explains that’s there’s no way he’s going to let her ruin his marriage. But as she’s being tightly hogtied, Natasha’s mouth continues to yap, complaining that Isaac’s tactics here are ridiculous and he’d be better off if he’d just buy her that damn car already. My lord, will this woman never shut up? He goes round to her face and informs his demanding mistress that she’s going to keep on giving him what she’s been giving and she isn’t going to tell anyone anything! Period! And furthermore, he’s tired of her lip. “I’m going to gag you with my cock!” he exclaims. “Oh right!” Natasha says, perturbed. “You couldn’t gag anyone with that thing.” This comment is too much. Isaac is thoroughly incensed now! He grabs his mistress by her hair and shoves his cock up against her lips. “Get to work!” he orders Natasha. “Are you serious….” Natasha starts to ask, but her words are silenced with a big, fat cock shoved into her mouth. Ah, sweet revenge for the man today! As for this whiny mistress, she’s finally subdued and submissive, like a good woman should be. Her head bobs back and forth, polishing off Isaac’s nob with a good hogtied bondage blowjob. There won’t be any car for THIS woman today! Just a mouth full of cum. After Isaac finishes off his blowjob, he orders the now-helpless and barefoot hogtied damsel to think a while on how to treat her man, as her conduct today was not acceptable at all! As he pulls his jeans back up, he informs Natasha that she will not be any telling to his wife about anything, nor any more talk of such thing, or she will find herself in the company of a lot more rope in the future – and gagged with his cock to boot!

June 19, 2019
Chloe Punishes Natasha Flade for Stealing with Strap-On Bondage Sex & Gang Bang Threats ! (HD – 12:15 min)

Natasha Flade and Chloe Night are roomies, and Chloe happens to notice that about a half ounce of her coke is missing. She confronts Natasha, who is sitting on her bed, barefoot and in her bed shorts and a t-shirt. Naturally, Natasha denies having anything to do with the case of the missing blow, but Chloe is damn certain she’s the culprit, or at least at fault somehow. Maybe she sold it, who knows, but Chloe isn’t taking this crap! Angry, she jumps Natasha, pinning her arms to her to the bed. Natasha puts up quite a struggle, but Chloe is stronger and she manages to keep Natasha pinned down while she grabs some rope from her jean pockets. Natasha’s hands are bound together in front, while Chloe laughs and informs the thief that’s she’s going to tie her up and let guys come in and fuck her for a fee until that coke is paid off! This news makes Natasha really scream and struggle, so Chloe grabs a thick scarf and shoves it into her mouth to shut her up. Then she hauls Natasha’s hands up over her head, where they’re tied to the headboard. Natasha still tries to struggle and get loose while Chloe strips her shorts and panties right off of her. She grabs Natasha’s kicking bare feet and ropes her ankles together. To get back at her thieving roommate, Chloe decides to have a bit of fun at her expense first! Before Chloe starts selling Natasha’s ass to random guys for a glorious bondage gang bang, she pulls her t-shirt up and plays with her roomie’s tits. Natasha struggles beneath Chloe’s groping hands, which just results in peals of laughter on Chloe’s part. This might actually be worth losing that half-ounce of coke! Chloe leaves a moment and returns — with a huge dong strap-on! Truth be told, Chloe sort of has the hots for Natasha, and this is a great way to get a piece of that fine ass! Clearly enjoying herself, Chloe slips that dong inside Natasha’s pussy and starts fucking her silly. Chloe really gets into this strap-on sex, her hair swinging as she rolls her head back in obvious pleasure. (Whether it’s because she’s always dreamed of fucking her roommate or because this revenge is so sweet is hard to say, but it makes a great sight regardless!) Chloe thrusts her hips repeatedly, holding Natasha’s bare feet up in the air, bound soles on display, as she forces her to endure this girl-girl bondage sex. Chloe has barely finished riding her friend when a man, Isaac W., comes strolling on in, money in hand. “This looks great!” he exclaims and Chloe adamantly agrees. Her first customer is ready to pay and start off Natasha’s gang bang bondage sex revenge. Oh, Chloe, you are one devious girl!

June 12, 2019
Natasha Flade Tied Ass-Up & Blindfolded By Robber Who Wants Sex More Than Money! (HD – 10 min)

A masked robber found Natasha Flade alone in her house, barefoot and in a little white dress. He tied Natasha face down on her bed, wrists bound behind her back, her bare feet tied together and tethered to the foot board. Her little dress has shimmied up, so now that hot ass is sticking out just simply ripe for the taking. This horny robber can’t resist such an opportunity; he decides he wants more than Natasha’s money! He wants to fuck her while he’s got her bound and gagged. So he unties her bound feet and ties each ankle spread apart to opposite bed posts. Her soles are dangling in plain view and her pussy’s extremely exposed and vulnerable. Now this robber has his captive in a great position for what he has in mind. He climbs up by Natasha’s cleave gagged face with a thin, black scarf in hand. Natasha frets, wiggles and tries to avoid his touch, but it’s no use as the assailant blindfolds the helpless damsel. Once he has Natasha blindfolded, he removes his ski mask and climbs on top, his cock now rock hard solid. He shoves it inside Natasha and starts fucking her from behind – HARD! Natasha moans and pleads to no avail — her efforts only result in the assailant’s hand clamped over her pretty mouth while he continues to ride her! Natasha’s soles swing wildly as his dick thrusts back and forth repeatedly, her moans barely audible from behind the white cleave gag. He gropes her tits a few times throughout this whole ordeal, but finally this pleasure is too much to control and the captor explodes inside his bound captive. Once he’s finished, he wipes the sweat off of his brow, gives the damsel a final kiss, then just leaves Natasha there tied naked spread and blindfolded all alone on the bed. What will become of our helpless captive? Is he coming back for even more?

June 5, 2019

Natasha Flade Tied Spread Eagle & Cleave Gagged On the Floor for Naked Bondage Sex (HD – 6:20 min)

Natasha Flade has been tied up naked and spread on the floor! Her captor has her cleave-gagged with a thick, green scarf. Her wrists are roped spread wide apart and stretched out to the legs of the sofa. One of her ankles is tethered to a leg of the chaise across the room. Her abductor, Isaac W., is there, groping her tits and running his hands all over her beautiful and helpless naked body. He’s grinning like a kid at Christmas, clearly enjoying his bondage sex play toy! Natasha squirms and mmmphs through her gag while the captor licks and kisses her bare skin and nipples. He even goes down on her pussy for a bit, holding her legs down while his tongue goes to work on those very private parts! Now his member is rock hard solid, so he climbs aboard. With Natasha bound and gagged on the floor, he rides her hard, grabbing her free leg and hoisting it up on top of his shoulder. His cock thrusts back and forth into the struggling damsel, who’s unable to prevent this wretched violation of her body! There’s varied camera angles of the bondage sex action, including close-ups of Natasha’s gagged face and bouncing tits, seen through her abductor’s point of view, as he pounds her pussy! Another unique angle shows Natasha’s bound, bare foot tied to the chaise—nice shot of her pretty soles! Isaac gropes Natasha’s breasts whiles he keeps on thrusting, until he finally come to climax, cumming right inside his bondage plaything! When he’s finished, he strokes her breasts and body some more, kisses her distressed face, before leaving poor Natasha all tied up and struggling in her bondage on the floor.

May 23, 2019

Natasha Flade Tied-Up Naked & Cleave Gagged for Standing Doggy Style Bondage Sex! (HD – 7:50 min)

Natasha Flade is all tied up bent over the bed with her legs spread. Her day is unlikely to improve from here! Isaac W., her captor, is already down to his drawers. Natasha knows he has the big dick in store for her, and she looks pretty stressed about it! Isaac puts a big knot in the thick scarf he has in his hand and forces it into Natasha’s mouth. He even wraps the extra length between her lips over that so her gag is especially muffly. Satisfied with his captive being thoroughly cleave gagged, Isaac fondles her tits, then he fingers her pussy from behind and gropes Natasha’s little, round ass. Soon, those drawers of his hit the floor. he’s hard as iron and ready for some serious bondage sex with his tied up damsel! Isaac fulfills Natasha’s fears as his cock thrusts hard inside of her. She’s to be used as his sexual plaything, nude and bent over the bed in a standing doggy-style fuck position. There’s even a shot from Isaac’s point of view, where he sees his dick entering in and out of Natasha’s pussy, hips smacking against her ass, and he looks up to see her pretty gagged face in profile as she struggles in fear, and her bound hands tethered to the bedpost. At last he cums inside of her. Does he untie his bondage playtoy?

May 15, 2019
Babysitter Chloe Night OTM Gagged In Game, then Dad Returns for Bondage Sex! (HD – 11:45 min)

Chloe Night is about to go to sleep. She’s in bed, in a long, silk nightshirt, barefoot, and little else. But wait, she’s babysitting. The little dude comes in and wants to play a game. Chloe agrees to just one game before he has to turn in. Then she sees the boy wants to tie her up! She thinks that’s so adorable, so smiling, our nanny hold out her hands. Her hands are bound, and she has to say she’s rather impressed with his technique. Hmmm, where he’d learn to do that, she wonders? But babysitter Chloe thinks it’s cute, so she goes along, feigning fear and distress just like a real tied up damsel would. But now her charge makes another request: he wants to have his babysitter gagged, too! Chloe is a little reluctant about this part, but she relents and ends up with a bandanna over her lips. Once she’s OTM gagged, Chloe mmphs for her little bandit. She sees that he likes it! But wait; this dude not done! Now she has her ankles and thighs tied, too! She struggles about playfully on the bed, showing off her bare feet and soles! The game’s just about over when Dad (Sergio) returns to pick his son up. Chloe is embarrassed to have him find her bound and gagged like this! But Sergio is impressed with the great work his kid has done with Chloe. In fact, he decides to take full advantage of the tied up babysitter on the bed! He connects her already bound hands to the headboard so she can’t get up, then he adjusts her over the mouth gag, shoving it between her lips so now poor Chloe is cleave gagged instead. He strips her nightshirt up to get her tits out. Chloe is really upset now; this is not at all what she’s agreed to! She thought she was just playing an innocent game with the kid, and now here she is tied up topless and being groped by the Dad! Sergio strips naked and jumps into the bed. He starts fondling Chloe’s tits and fingering her pussy. Warmed up and his cock throbbing hard, he fucks that babysitter like she’s never been fucked! He has her legs up in the air, her bare feet slung over his shoulder as he plows this girls as only “thunkdercock” can! Wow, all his fantasies came true! He’s secretly always wanted to fuck the babysitter and now he is! Once his ride is finished, he finishes his hardcore evening of bondage sex with a great cumshot finale, cumming all over Chloe’s tits! A beautiful cumshot to end Sergio’s beautiful day! (Chloe probably would describe her day a little differently….but who knows? Maybe she liked it after all. If Dad ever lets her go, we’ll see…

May 8, 2019
Natasha Flade Forced Into Bondage Blowjob and Bondage Sex Naked & Spread (HD - 8:15 min)

Natasha Flade is naked and tied to the bed, Eiffel Tower style! Isaac W. is there with his cock out, ready and hard to molest his helpless, tied up captive. He titty fucks her, teases her, then orders her to open her mouth. In goes his dick, and she sucks it. Isaac leans over her prone form, enjoying his bondage blowjob. After a bit of lip service to his knob, Isaac decides to switch things up. He withdraws his rod, untethers her hands from the headboard, and gags her with a cloth and scarf, and now Natasha is packing gagged and cleave gagged.  She’s laid back down and her hands are re-tied to the headboard. Now the cock enters her pussy, and Isaac is riding for the climax. he plays more with her boobs as he thrusts and she squirms and mmphs. Isaac finishes off inside her and leaves her there, naked and tied up after some satisfying bondage sex.

April 24, 2019
Natasha Flade Tied Up Naked & Barefoot for Larry's Tag Team Revenge Fuck (HD – 11:30 min)

A while back, L oren Chance crossed a guy named “Motherfucker Larry,” and he sent Natasha to make a video of her fucking Loren with a strap-on! The tables turned, and Loren had her revenge on Natasha with a strap-on. But it’s far from over for Natasha! Before she leaves, Loren tells Natasha that she won’t be untying her because “Motherfucker Larry” is right behind her and he’s next in line! Now poor Natasha is really in a pickle! Larry has her tied up naked on the floor. Her hands are bound together and attached to the leg of the dining room table. Thigh ropes are tied above her knees and Natasha’s ankles are tied together and attached to the top of the table leg, hauling her legs and bare feet up off the floor so her soles are hoisted up high above her head. Her bare ass and pussy are helplessly exposed in this position. He’s got Natasha cleave gagged with a green cloth which makes her complaints and pleadings unintelligible. Larry is more than happy with Natasha like this; he intends to take full advantage of her naked bondage situation. He gropes her tits, then feels her thighs and ass. When she gets a touch too loud, she’s handgagged while he gropes her some more, then licks her pussy a little and enjoying watching his captive squirm in reaction. Larry strips off his shirt while he continues to play with his bound and gagged damsel. Next go his pants as he readies for the revenge fucking. He thrusts his cock into Natasha, gripping her legs as he’s pumping hard. Natasha’s pleading is all in vain; he’s been waiting for this moment and nothing will prevent him from satisfying his desires. As Natasha is forced to endure this revenge bondage sex, both Larry and the viewer are treated to closeups of Natasha’s beautiful, gagged face, full of fear and distress, as well as her bare feet and soles wiggling in the air, resting atop Larrry’s shoulders as he’s fucking her hard. He doesn’t even bother to untie Natasha once he cums inside her. Why bother? He just might go for another ride a little later! He whispers as much to her as he kisses her cheek and taunts his helpless victim. He’s laughing, but Natasha is wishing she’d never gotten into this mess in the first place!

April 17, 2019
Wife Natasha Flade Tied Strappado In Heels by Masked Robber for Bondage Blowjob (HD – 8:30 min)

Housewife Natasha Flade was in her bedroom in a white sundress and high heels when she’s robbed! Now the strange masked man has her tied standing next to a bedpost. She’s been bound at and ankles and knees, and her wrists are tightly roped behind her back. But the masked intruder is not finished! He pulls her arms up behind her in the strappado position and hoists them up high to the top of the bedpost. Our poor helpless wife squeals in surprise and pain as she’s pulled into this demanding bondage position, which only gets her handgagged. The masked robber pulls down the top of her sundress, exposing her lovely breasts. Natasha must endure being handgagged as her tits are fondled and groped. But this intruder wants more, much more, in fact! He didn’t just get this lovely damsel all tied up like this just to rob the joint and cop a few feelies. Oh no. He wants her to suck him off, because a bondage blowjob would really make everything swell. With no choice and no wiggle room in these tight ropes, our tied-up wife accepts his hard cock past her lips. Natasha does what she can to give the best possible blowjob, even in this strenuous position. She manages to do it well enough to satisfy this evil intruder. Back and forth her lips and head go as he repeatedly thrusts his cock down her throat. You can see all the ropework keeping this terrified housewife tightly secured as she’s forced into being his bondage blowjob slave. She has a hope of being set free if she can please this guy. She hopes that she has when he finally explodes in her mouth. Now the poor helpless housewife has a mouthful of cum! Natasha prays he’ll let her go, but instead, she gets handgagged again and a few extra feelies before she’s abandoned, left tied strappado in her white dress and heels and a mouth full of cum to top it all off. Will anyone come to her rescue?

April 10, 2019
Chloe Night Cleave Gagged & Tied Spread In Boots & Pantyhose for Bondage Sex (HD – 15:30 min)

Chloe Night is looking hot in her miniskirt, black pantyhose and leather boots as she’s folding laundry in the bedroom! Sneaking up behind her is a secret stalker, Sergio, wearing some weird mesh mask. He’s got a gun and holds poor Chloe up. She’s scared as he grabs her from behind, pinning her arms. She tries to resist, but Sergio isn’t letting her go that easily. His hand finds her mouth and Chloe’s handgagged as he pulls her top up and grabs a scarf to gag her with. Chloe’s helpless as she’s standing there, topless and handgagged before she’s cleave gagged with two wraps of the long scarf around her head. Chloe is really putting up a fight as she’s being gagged, which only makes the intruder laugh. He’s enjoying every bit of her struggling; it makes it all the more exciting for him! Sergio gropes her tits from behind and runs his hand up and down her body before he forces Chloe to the floor at gunpoint. She’s on her knees in front of the bed when he grabs her arms, pulls them behind her back, then grabs her hands and ties her wrists wide apart to the bedposts. Next, he hoists her boots up high and attaches them up above, tied spread and wide apart to the posts with rope. In this position, Chloe’s jean miniskirt rides up to reveal her pantyhose crotch. With his captive now helplessly tied spread on the floor, Sergio starts groping her pussy through her pantyhose. But he wants more access. He finds some scissors and cuts a hole right through her stockings. Her thongs panties are still in his way, but he just pushes those aside and fingers her shaved pussy while grabbing her tits before he strips naked himself so he can get down to his mission of fucking this bound and gagged babe he’s been dreaming of! Our helpless damsel, Chloe, is going to get some unsolicited dick inside her! Sergio grabs Chloe by her boots and plunges his hard, throbbing member into Chloe’s unwilling pussy. He’s out for some hard fucking and really rowdy bondage sex! This stalker has been fantasizing this moment, and here he is, finally living out his dream with his cock inside Chloe! She squirms and screams, and struggles as best she’s can, but she’s caught in a web of rope bondage, and whether she likes it or not, she’s along for Sergio’s ride. And what a ride it is! He fucks her hard, taunting and laughing at her wide-eyed damsel expressions and sobbing. He gropes her tits while he’s thrusting back and forth inside her. Chloe is struggling and trying to resist, but it’s just turning him on even more! When the stalker finally has his fill, he gives Chloe’s bare breasts some final gropes before strolling out, leaving our terrified damsel all alone, gagged and tied-up topless on the floor, her boots roped high up in the air. She;s laying there, sobbing through her gag at this terrible ordeal and in shock. Will anyone come to rescue Chloe? What is this mad, masked stalker returns?

April 4, 2019
Natasha Flade, Late With Rent, Must Endure Handgagged Groping & Bondage Blowjob In Boots and Miniskirt! (HD – 8:45 min)

Natasha Flade is late with the rent AGAIN! This sexy girl in her sweater, miniskirt and knee-high black leather boots knows the drill by now! Her creepy landlord ,Isaac W., will let this month’s rent slide if he can tie Natasha up and molest her. She’s not too happy with this exchange, but since she’s broke and doesn’t want to be kicked out, she must endure what’s in store. Natasha allows her perverted landlord bind her wrists behind the stair railing; her thighs are bound together and those great-looking knee-high stiletto boots are tied at the ankles. When landlord Isaac starts groping his spendthrift tenant’s tits, she gets a little freaked out, But when he pulls up her tight sweater to get a better grip on those lovely breasts, he needs to handgag her to stifle her complaints. He sucks on her boobs and nipples, while Natasha moans from behind his firm hand that covers her mouth. Natasha is a little surprised at how aggressive her landlord is with his bondage; she wasn’t really expecting all this groping and fondling. But it’s really getting Isaac all aroused and now he’s ready to make sure his tenant completely satisfies her financial obligations. He thinks he knows what she can do to pay the rent in full. He pulls out his throbbing member and shakes it at the shaking Natasha’s lips. That first bit was only for one week of the rent, the tells her with a cocky grin. This next part here – that covers the bulk of your debt. Since she owes a lot, well, she’s going to have to do a lot in return to cancel out her bill. My God, what exactly does he want from me now, Natasha thinks with much distress. She’s paid her debt before, but not quite like this. She soon finds out as he puts his hard cock up to her face and makes her part those pretty lips to accept his throbbing member into her mouth. Yes, she’s going to pay this month’s rent by giving him a really good blowjob while she’s tied-up on the steps. She didn’t really think she’d get off with just some titty groping, now did she? He tells her she better make sure to do him right, too. If she doesn’t make him cum, well, this will all take longer. Natasha knows he means business. She’ll be forced to sit here all tied up with a dick in her face unless she performs to the point of Isaac reaching orgasm. So she goes to it, thrusting those full lips back and forth on his dick, hoping he’s feeling satisfied so she can be set free from this situation. As she does her thing with his thing, there’s close-ups of everything: her bound boots and the cock in her mouth with her hands tied behind her back. And the great zoom-outs where we get the complete picture of a beautiful damsel forced to give a blowjob while she’s tied topless on the staircase. Natasha Flade knows what she’s doing, working that hard dick over for her rent, and soon enough Isaac cums in her mouth. She thinks her ordeal has finally ended, but no, Isaac decides to get some more feelies of those tits. May as well take advantage of this. It’s not every day he gets away with stuff like this. Sadly (for him at least) it’s only once a month if he’s lucky. And he usually is. After all, Natasha never was any good with money. But she’s great with bondage blowjobs!

March 21, 2019
Natasha Flade Tied Sitting On Bed In Tank Top & Panties, Fondled & Forced to Give Blowjob! (HD – 7:18 min)

Natsaha Flade has been abducted! The intruder has her bound hand and foot on the bed in her pink tank top and pink panties. She’s barefoot and her tied wrists are attached to her bound thighs. She’s not gagged, and you’ll soon see the reason for that! Her captor is in the room with her and he’s stripped down to just his drawers and looking wolfishly at his pretty captive. But looking isn’t sufficient for his desires! He sits down next to his tied-up damsel, and begins to grope her breasts through the thin material of her tank top. Natasha cries and tries to evade him, but there’s little she can do given the situation. She tries pulling away and to cry out for help, but her squeals are muffled to mmphs as he places a hand hard against her lips for a tight handgag. Her tank top is peeled back so now she must endure being groped while handgagged. He even sucks and kisses her nipples, then rubs his hard cock on her bare breasts for a little titty-fucking foreplay (for him, anyway!) Natasha squirms and struggles about as best she can, which isn’t much given that she’s all tied-up on the bed. In fact, she’s totally helpless in this terrible bondage predicament she finds herself in. And her captor’s grip is very strong for our petite damsel. She’s definitely no match for him and has no choice but to do as ordered. He stands, produces his solid cock and informs her to “get on with it” and suck his dick. It’s his special request that Natasha is in no position to refuse. He stands in front of her with his hard, throbbing cock out and forces her to put it into her mouth. Naturally, Natasha doesn’t want to comply and tries to pull away, but the home intruder isn’t having any of that! Moreover, her situation isn’t going to improve with a refusal. She’s hoping he’ll just let her go if she does his bidding. Her pretty, full lips envelop his member, and he sighs with pleasure as she thrusts back and forth on that rock-hard cock. She *has* to do a satisfactory job for even a hope of release. And so our poor damsel obediently bobs up and down on that dick, tied up topless in her panties, and giving him the oral pleasure he demands. The viewer gets closeups of Natasha’s face – full of dick AND fear, her lovely tits swaying as she goes about this bondage blowjob business, her cute bare feet tied tightly together. Her captor begins to breathe heavily and quickly, then he strokes his cock to reach a climax and cum in her mouth with a very loud grunt of release. Once he’s finished, Natasha is waiting to be set free. After all, she did her ordered duty and hopes he will his word and let her go. But instead, he sits back down on the bed next to her after pulling his drawers back on, and takes some more pleasures by fondling her tits. May as well take a few handfuls for the road. Then he saunters off, leaving Natasha horribly distressed and wondering if he plans to return and set her free. But will he?

March 13, 2019
Chloe Night Kidnapped In Car Backseat, Carried in Tied & Tapegagged For Bondage Sex In Thigh-High Stockings!  (HD - 14:00 Min.)

Chloe Night has been kidnapped for bondage sex! Her abductor, Sergio, has Chloe captive in the back of a car, tied up and tape gagged in her black dress and black thigh-high stockings! She’s kicking around in the backseat, helpless but to do anything as this stranger taunts and teases her as he’s driving down the road. When they finally pull up to a house, Sergio extracts his helpless victim and carries her, bound and gagged, up the driveway and through the front door, then dumps Chloe onto a bed in one of the bedrooms. He unties Chloe’s hands from behind her back, and then they’re retied in front of her and attached up above her head to the headboard. Sergio unties her legs next, pulling one stocking-clad foot out to be tethered to the bedpost. He shimmies Chloe’s panties right off of her while’s she mewing and wiggling about, making vain attempts to protest. But they’re futile! She’s helpless as her kidnapper fingers her pussy before stripping stripping down himself to do what he’s been dreaming of doing to Chloe ever since he first started stalking her. He climbs aboard and starts riding poor Chloe, even grabbing and holding one of her legs up in the air for better access. Sergio is really fucking his captive hard (which is why he’s infamously known as “thundercock!”) Chloe’s cries of resistance are muted by her being securely tape gagged! After pounding that pussy to his satisfaction, Sergio finally cums, shooting his load all over Chloe’s stockings and thighs. It’s a fab bondage sex cumshot! Poor Chloe is left tied up spread on the bed as Sergio collects his things and takes off, just leaving the poor damsel all alone in her terrible situation. What will happen to Chloe now? Will anyone find her, and worse, is Sergio coming back for even more of the same?!

March 6, 2019
Blonde Natalie Minx Nabbed from Shower, Stripped Nude & Double Cleave Gagged for Doggy Style Bondage Sex!  (HD - 12:22 Min.)

Blonde Natalie Minx was just wearing a towel, about to step into a shower when a masked intruder grabs her—by the throat! He tells her to obey him and she won’t get hurt. Natalie drops her towel to the floor, as instructed, and we get the full view of her naked glory. Wow, is she glorious, with those huge tits and perfect legs and ass. She places her hands behind her and her wrists are tied up with white rope. The intruder pulls out two thick scarves. Natalie is cleave gagged not once, but twice; she’s double gagged to keep her extra quiet. Forced to her knees, her ankles are tied, and we can see her beautiful bare feet and soles as her ankles are wrapped with rope. Last, her thighs get some rope, too. Natalie was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but we all knew what was coming. The masked man unleashes his cock, and into Natalie’s undefended pussy it goes. The helpless girl is fucked hard doggy style, the intruder having the time of his life and he makes sure to remark on it as he’s pumping away! Natalie squirms and strugggles in her bondage and moans through her exceptionally thick gagging as she’s forced to endure this terrible predicament of being bound and fucked on that hard bathroom tile floor. Her captor finally cums inside of her and then just leaves poor Natalie bound and gagged on the floor, after he’s used her for a fun bout of naked doggy style bondage sex! What will happen to our helpless damsel? Will the masked man cum back for even more?!

February 28, 2019
Wife Natasha Flade Handgagged & Chairtied In Bath Robe by Home Intruder Looking for a Bondage Blowjob! (HD – 6:00 Min.)

Wife Natasha Flade has been abducted in her bedroom! The home intruder has his captive chairtied in her bath robe, barefoot! Her hands are tied together behind the chair back and he’s roped her ankles together and tethered them to the base of the chair to keep her securely bound. The creep taunts her as slips the robe from her shoulders and starts to fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples. But wait! That’s not all this abductor is after! Poor Natasha moans and pleads for him to stop, but the evil man pays her no mind as he undoes his pants and pulls his hard cock out. “Suck on that!” he orders his tied-up captive. He’s promised he’ll let the pretty housewife go if she gives him a really good blowjob. Hoping that he’ll keep his word, our redhead damsel reluctantly takes that big cock into her mouth and gingerly starts to suck him off. Now there’s a hot bondage blowjob going on, with housewife Natasha Flade’s pretty, pouty lips around his dick—most unwillingly. Back and forth her head bobs as he forces the helplessly bound damsel to do his bidding. The intruder even grabs his captive’s beautiful, red hair to pull her head closer as his thrusting grows more fervent and he’s getting ready to cum right into her mouth! We get closeups of Natasha’s beautiful face and wide damsel eyes filled with fear and submissiveness – but even better – with a handsome cock filling up her mouth! There’s close-ups of her cute, bare feet tied together, moving just a bit in rhythm with the thrusting of the blowjob. Her pink toe nail polish adds a dainty touch that shows she’s truly just an innocent wife who’s the unfortunate victim of a terrible home invasion and an even worse bondage blowjob predicament! When the home invader finally cums inside her mouth, he informs her he has no intention of letting her go after all! Natasha is horrified. She begs him to please keep his word, but gets handgagged instead and told to shut up. “I’m going to go find something else to keep that mouth of yours shut,” the intruder announces and leaves the room to find a gag. Natasha is left chairtied barefoot in bath robe, looking around anxiously for the abductor’s return. Maybe he won’t come back with a gag at all! Maybe he’ll just gag her more with his big dick instead! After all, it’s pretty effective at keeping troublesome damsels silenced! If you like housewives chairtied in their robes with big, fat cocks stuffed into their mouths, this video is sure to tickle your fancy (and maybe more!)

February 20, 2019
Natasha Flade Suffers Revenge Strap-On Bondage Sex Tied Bent Over the Sofa  In Garters & Stockings
(HD - 13:33 Min)

Natasha Flade has is seated on the sofa, putting on makeup, wearing just her sexy black thigh-high stockings and garters. She also dons a lacy bra and black panties. Obviously, Natasha is headed out to get some dick. Chloe Night comes storming down the hall, and she’s got a gun! She waves it in Natasha’s face and orders her to stand up and cross her hands behind her. This is no robbery—Chloe says she knows that Natasha’s been fucking her husband and, in fact, she bets that right now, she’s getting all dressed up to go out to meet him for some of that adultery action right now! Natasha denies all of this, and calls Chloe delusional, but that just makes Chloe even more furious! She shuts her up with a cleave gag between her lips, then pushes her over the sofa. Chloe rips Natasha’s panties off and ties one pantyhose-clad ankle to the sofa leg and the other tied out to the coffee table — to give her easier access for her vengeful plans! She fondles Natasha’s bare ass, then pulls Natasha’s tits out from that sexy AF bra. Laughing, Chloe gropes Natasha’s tits as she lets her know what she’s got in store! Natasha cringes when Chloe pulls out a huge, red dong, straps in on, and waves it in Natasha’s face! Natasha is crying for her to stop, but Chloe is mean as fuck and she’s getting her revenge today if it’s the last thing she ever does. She plunges that huge strap-on right into Natasha’s pussy for some extreme revenge fucking. Chloe wanted to see what her husband was into, and now’s she’s certainly into Natasha herself! This video is some serious girl-girl revenge strap-on bondage sex action that you won’t want to miss!

February 6, 2019
Model Natasha Flade Tricked Into Spread Eagle & Wrap Gagged Bondage Sex! (HD 12:30 min)

Model Natasha Flade is at her very first bondage shoot. The first scene was okay, all clothes-on, and now she’s getting briefed on what the second scene would be like. Isaac tells her she will be naked, spread on the bed, and gagged with a cloth in her mouth and a bandage wrapped over that. She’s cool with this, so we see her take off all her clothes while seated on the bed, and she hold her hands out to be tied together. After her wrists are tied up, her mouth is stuffed with white cloth packing, then wrapped in with an ace bandage. So she’s been effectively packing gagged and wrap gagged. She’s laid back on the bed, her bound wrists tethered to the headboard. Her legs are spread, and each ankle is tied to separate posts on the footboard, and the camera catches her beautiful soles as this is being done. Now she’s helpless and gagged and very ready to be photographed. Instead, the photographer climbs on top of her and starts licking and fondling her tits. Natasha did NOT sign up for this! She starts writhing in her bondage, mmphing feebly through that thick, tight gag! There’s naught she can do, being so very tied up and gagged and naked! Isaac strips down and fucks his model, he pounds her like he’s shooting a bondage sex scene. He wasn’t a real photographer, anyway.

January 31, 2019
Blonde Natalie Minx Frogtied, Packing Gagged & Cleave Gagged for Bondage Sex! (HD - 15:30 Min)

Blonde Natalie Minx was in the bedroom in her sexy purple nightie, about to retire for the evening, when a masked intruder with a gun comes racing in and holds her up! Natalie begs the masked man to take what he wants and just please leave. Well, he already intended to do just that! At gunpoint, he forces Natalie to lay down on the floor. Her wrists are tied spread out to the bedposts. Despite being in this vulnerable position, our damsel never stops begging the home invader to stop. A large white cloth is produced as a solution to all that chatter.  This cloth is stuffed into her mouth and then she’s tape gagged with layers of duct tape to keep the packing in place. Now that he has his captive both packing gagged and tape gagged, the masked man can go about his business in relative peace. He makes her panties disappear by stripping them right off, then grabs each of her legs and binds them up in frogtied fashion. The masker man pulls down the top of her nightgown so he can fondle her really big tits. He even fingers her now-exposed pussy and laughs at her attempts to protest.  Natalie is doing her best to struggle free, but it’s just no use!  What are this guy’s plans to do next with his helplessly bound and gagged damsel? He drops his drawers for some serious bondage sex, of course! It’s an odd and arousing position he has Natalie in, but he sure makes great use from it! His huge cock slams the poor girl repeatedly, and she can only mew behind her thick double gagging while she’s squirming a bit in the tight bondage. We get lots of great angles of all of the fucking action along with Natalie’s distressed, tapegagged face.  For the finale, we have a really great cumshot as her assailant spews a gallon of his goo all over poor Natalie!

January 23, 2019
Natasha Flade Carried in Barefoot for Handgagged Groping and Hogtied Bondage Blowjob!

Some days, you really, really need a good blowjob - anyway at all you can get one! A home intruder (Isaac W.) knew that Natasha Flade was all alone in her house and now he has her captured! She's carried into the bedroom, barefoot and already bound hand and foot in her little sleep t-shirt and shorts. That’s where she was headed, anyway, right? Might as well make it a bit more interesting for this damsel! He tosses his tied captive onto the bed, where she's tightly hogtied. Now significantly more helpless, he puts his hands up inside her t-shirt and starts to fondle and grope her tits. Natasha tries crying out and gets handgagged in return. But the groping and fondling of her tits continues with the intruder's hand clamped firmly over Natasha's mouth. It's extremely erotic to play with his captive's breasts while she's handgagged, too! And our intruder Isaac is really enjoying his tied up plaything! He pulls up her shirt to see those tits he's been fondling and even sucks on her nipples! Wanting more, he pulls Natasha's sleep shorts and panties down, lightly stroking her cunny, and giving us a look at her perfect naked ass and pussy in the process. By now his cock is really hard, so he rolls the hogtied Natasha back onto her belly, her bare soles wiggling in the air while he pulls his hard cock out. Natasha doesn't want to go along with giving this dude a bondage blowjob! She tries to resist, but he grabs her head and forces her lips onto his throbbing member. Our helpless damsel isn't exactly in any position to refuse, so she takes his throbbing member into her pretty mouth, her pouty lips encircling his hard dick as he forces her to suck him off! She does her thing on his cock with her lips and tongue, all while barefoot hogtied and mostly naked on the bed! Eventually, the intruder cums in Natasha's mouth, but alas, he doesn’t untie the poor girl! He wants to grope her tits and suck her nipples again! Natasha is crying and mewing while she's being used like this right in her own bedroom! He gropes and sucks her tits while she's handgagged once again. This intruder is really just biding his time until he can get it up once more for another bondage blowjob while our helpless damsel is still tied up and can't refuse to pleasure him!

January 10, 2019
Natasha Flade Kidnapped for Ransom, Chairtied for a Bondage Blowjob

Natasha Flade has been kidnapped for ransom! She’s currently chairtied in her nightie and cleave gagged. Obviously, she was absconded with when she was sleeping sexily, as she does. So here she is, alone in a room, roped to a chair, cleave gagged and barefoot, struggling as best she can. She needs to escape before her captor returns. The ropes are tight and she’s not making any progress, but damn, she looks great trying.  Alas, her long-haired kidnapper comes back, and he’s pissed. He was out at the drop-off spot to collect the loot and there was no loot to be collected. What’s to be done with this beautiful woman he has tied up and gagged? Well, for starters, he takes out her tits. He had treated her with kindness up until this point, but no more. He wanted money, but now he’s going to take what her can get, and he can play with her tits. Natasha is fondled, then her nipples are kisses and sucked. This failed ransom gig isn’t so bad! Now that he’s all calmed down from the lootless loot run, he’s horny. He whips out his cock and ordered the bound natasha to take it and suck it. She can suck her way to freedom! Natasha sucks! She noms that dick like her freedom depends on it. Which it may, or it may not, she really doesn’t trust this turd of a kidnapper, but seriously, what choice does she have? Her captor is having a grand time, this girl gives a marvelous bondage blowjob! It’s so great, in fact, that after he cums in her mouth, he gags her again! He plans on keeping her right there. It was a lot of work planning and executing this kidnapping, so he’s going to keep his little bondage blowjob machine!

January 4, 2019
Chloe Night Submits to Being Tied Up & Gagged for Loan, but Gets Bondage Sex!

Chloe Night is in a bit of a pickle. Her car broke down for good, and she needs a reliable way to get back and forth to work or she’ll lose her job. She approaches her friend Isaac for a car loan. She comes in looking pretty hot in her sweater, dark pantyhose and boots. This girl knows how to as for a loan. Isaac proposes a little exchange to get this loan rolling. He’s a bondage enthusiast, and would love to get her tied up. Chloe is all about it. Being a little tied up is no big deal, right? She sits on the chair and as requested, she crosses her hands behind the chair back. They chat as Isaac binds her wrists, her thighs above her knees and those hot boots of hers. He puts a big knot in a scarf and asks her to open up. She’s a little reluctant about being gagged, she didn’t expect this. Chloe is a little naïve about this bondage thing. She accepts the gag, knowing she’s getting that car loan for doing this sexy thing for Isaac. So now she’s gagged, and Isaac send a text, the pulls up Chloe’s sweater. She’s really uncomfortable with Isaac having her tits out and fondling them, but, you know, she really wants that car loan. Soon in strolls Sergio. When Isaac tells Chloe that she’s now the playtoy of this dude, the line was crossed! No Way! But what can poor tied up and gagged Chloe do? Sergio sets the girl on the floor, pulls her pantyhose and panties down and unzips! Isaac’s there to keep her from being too wriggly, at first, but them Sergio wants to get really comfy and strips down to give her the total bondage sex treatment with his thundercock. He bangs her silly in a bent-over, doggy-style position, gripping her by the arms. He cums inside of her, making her scream as grunts to his total satisfaction. Does Chloe still get that loan?


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