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30 December 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Huge Gag and Huge Blowjob Scene
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! This is a long one, so strap yourself in for the ride! We begin with Natasha Flade tied to a chair, topless and with chest ropes around her exposed tits. She's in heels and a short skirt and a humongous stuffer gag is tied into her mouth. She struggles like this for a few minutes before Isaac comes in. He notices that her gag is coming loose so he takes it out, handgags her while he refolds that wad, then re-stuffs her mouth and ties it back in! Not satisfied with just her tits out for groping, he whips out a pair of scissors and cuts off her panties. He discards the torn underwear on the floor. Now he's so horny that he whips out his cock and ungags her again, replacing the packing with his throbbing cock! Poor tiedup Natasha is face-fucked against her will. This poor damsel had a really difficult day!
22 December 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Natasha Flade in Epic Garage Gang Bang!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! One of the most epic bondage sex videos of ALL TIME! Hyperbole aside, this is the really the shit, and just in time for the Holidays! Sergio and Isaac W. carry a bound and gaged Natasha Flade into a cluttered garage and lay her on the floor. She's kicking and crying out through her cleave gag, but that just gets these two even more excited for the action to come. Her top is pulled up and her boobs hauked out for inspection and serious groping by both. As Natasha cries out more she gets a near constant handgag from Sergio. Isaac removes her pants from her kicking legs, then her panties. She's flipped over so both dudes can smack and fondle her ass. Now for the main event. Isaac strips to nothing and plunges his hard cock into Natasha as Sergio continues to hold her down and keep his hand over her mouth. Isaac keeps plowing the wriggling and partially bound Natasha, eventually placing one of her legs in the air for better access and our better viewing pleasure. After Isaac shoots his load, Sergio plans to switch places with Isaac...
16 December 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Bent Over in her Stockings!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is roped up on the bed in hot red lingerie and stockings! Her gag is a thick cleave and her fine naked ass is in the air. Isaac W. climbs aboard and begins to have his way with the bound and gagged Natasha, slipping inside her and pounding that little pussy all he wants. He gets her tits out for some enthusiastic and periodic fondling. Natasha protests as best she can through that gag and wriggles her limbs in the limited way that the ropes allow -- and that's not much! Isaac has his fun until he cums!
7 December 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: You Said You Wanted to Try Bondage
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. was chillin' with his wife Natasha Flade, whos is in a nightie and barefoot. She spies the rope he has beside him on the sofa. She asks, "What's that rope over there for?" He replies that she said ealier that she was okay with trying out a little bondage. She dodn't remember ever saying that, but she agrees and hold out her hands to be tied. He ropes her wrists then brings out a large, thick scarf and cleave-gags her with it. She's not okay with this sudden and rude addition. She protests, having had enough of this bondage stuff, but Isacac will not let this opportunity pass, he sets her on the floor and pulls off her panties and then ropes her ankles together. We then cut to Isaac naked and his rock-hard cock out. He sticks it into his wife, even though she's still protesting beneath her thick gag. He keeps on going, rocking her world and groping her fine tits. as he holds her bare feet high in the air. He contues until he cums. And then he's nice enough to cuddle with his bound and gagged wife!
2 December 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2005! Natasha Flade struts into the room for her job interview with Isaac W. in her hot dress, stockings, heels and a friendly smile. She's greeted warmly and asked to have a seat. Very soon, the interview comes to the question of "The Test" which all prospective employees must pass, and it involves trust -- trust as in being tied to the chair. Natasha thinks it's strange, but she really needs this job, so she agrees, and very soon she's completely and thoroughly roped to that chair: wrists to the chair arms, thighs, ankles ropes to a chair leg. Then Isaac whips out the real part of The Test: his cock! Natasha can't believe this is happening, but she's not in a position to resist, so she accepts his throbbing member into her mouth. Isaac enjoys the remainder of the interview, even pulling out her tit for a little groping as he gets his knob polished by this gorgeous interviewee who's all tied up!
24 November 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is bound naked and spread over the back of the sofa. She's handgagged, cleave-gagged and molested, all onscreen! Then a dildo it taken out to assaoult her asshole Rare anal + bondage action!
18 November 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Kneeling with a Cock in her Mouth!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade si bound kneeling at a bedpost in jeans and her bare feet are exposed. Isaac W. is there with his pants down and cock hard and ready. Natasha accepts the dick in her mouth unwillingly, but what choice has she? She polishes off his knob to his satisfaction!
15 November 2015
NEW BONDAGE SEX PHOTOS: Danielle Trixie Getting the Strap-on!
NEW BONDAGE SEX VIDEO! Danielle Trixie stars as an old high school friend of Natasha Flades. When Danielle returns to town, they get together for drinks. Back at Natasha's place, she attacks poor Danielle and ties her hands behind her, claiming that all thise years ago Danielle took the man Natasha was meant to marry. She things Danielle ruined her whole life and now she's out for revenge. Natasha tapes Danielle's mouth shut, then ties her legs spred standing at the end of the sofa. Natasha puts on a strapon with a huge dong and threatens Danielle with it. And these threats are not empty! She starts fukingh helpless Danielle from behind and Danielle squirms, writhes and bucks to no consequence as Natasha is free to keep going until she feels that long-ago debt has been paid.
11 November 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: The Investment Guy Part 2
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is bound all spread out on the floor with her legs in the air and double-gagged. The investment guy she had invited over is now naked with a throbbing boner and he dives into her with it. She's fucked sillty and you get all the cool angles.
8 November 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: The Investment Guy Part 1
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade has come into a bit of sudden cash, and being the prudent lass that she is, she plans to invest it. So she makes an appointment with an investment broker to come to her home. He sems nice enough, but when he opens his briefcase she sees that it's full of rope! She gaget handgagged when she tries to scream, and she's forced to the floor where her wrists are tied apart to each table leg, then she gets a double cloth gag to boot! Her ankles are hoisted high to be tied and spread. All of this is caught on-camera! The investment guy gets a steak knife and cuts off her panties! What can happen next?
4 November 2015

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Now Natasha flade's assailant climbs on top of her and thrusts his hard cock repeatedly into her tight vagina. Natasha mews and cries, but it does her no good. The assailant will not let her go until he has cum! 

2 November 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! The lovely Natasha Flade was snoozing when an intruder creeps in, jumps atop her, pins her arms and preses his hand tightly on her mouth. He orders her to cooperate, binds her wrists in front, stuffs her mouth with cloth. Her hands are attached to a post, her panties stripped of and hr nightie pulled up. She's spread wide with hr feet attached to adjacent posts! The intruder disrobes and climbs back into bed.....
26 October 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Road Rage Leads to Blowjob by Gunpoint! 14 minutes!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is grabbed as she exits the bedroom! A man with a gun hustles her to a chair and starts tying her to it. Her hands are tied behind the chair back, her thighs and ankles (she's wearing white high heels) are next. He takes out her tits for some fondling. And then he whips out his cock and demands a blowjob! Oh, what will happen in Part 2? Here's what happens: Natasha Natasha Flade sucks on Isaac W's nob while tied to a chair with her tits out and a gun to her head. She gets a cleave gag after the cumming, and even more titty groping!
21 October 2015
BONDAGE BLOWJOBS VIDEO: Blind Date Chloroformed for Blowjob for Not Putting Out! Part 2
CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOBS VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade was chloroformed and tied up and groped while asleep in part one when her blind date turns out to be not exactly what she expected. Now she's been told she must give this guy a blowjob if she ever hopes to leave his place! Natasha is horrified, but he's insistent; he is really tired of all these blind dates the agency sends over that never put out, ever! Isaac whips out his cock and forces his tied up blind date Natasha to give him a blowjob and suck him off really well! And suck that hard cock she does! The evil blind date makes her keep at, thrusting her pretty lips and mouth back and forth on his dick until he cums right in her mouth! And while the helpless captive is still chewing on his spunk, Isaac sits back down next to his pretty damsel for some more titty groping! It seems he might not intend to let this blind date leave...
19 October 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Blind Date Chloroformed Part 1
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade has been using a dating service to try to find a new man. Unfortunately, they aren't very good at screening the applicants! In part one, Natasha has a date that afternoon with some guy named Isaac. He told her to just come in when she got to his house. Now, this was probably not the smartest thing for a young, single lady to just stroll on into some strange guy's house for a blind date! But Natasha isn't very fearful in general, so she does as he says. She's wearing a white camisole top, miniskirt and sling-back heels (no pantyhose) as she wanders into the living room. She looks around thinking the guy seems to have some money at least, but WHERE on Earth is he? As Natasha grows more impatient, she decides she may as well sit on the couch to wait for the blind date to show up. Little does she know, but her date has been in the room the entire time, hiding behind the couch! Once she's settled herself onto the sofa, the blind date, Isaac, jumps up behind her and covers her mouth and nose with a rag full of noxious fumes! Natasha squeals and starts flailing about, her heels kicking in the air with lots of upskirt shots, as she's handgagged and chloroformed from behind! Natasha remains asleep from the chloroform while she's being tied up, and seeing as she's still out cold, the blind date decides to advantage of the situation. He puts his hands down the front of her top and starts groping and fondling her lovely tits! Natasha starts to wake up, though, and finds herself not only tied but being molested as well! She starts to scream and is quickly handgagged by her "date," who now informs the helpless lady that she has to suck his cock and give him a good blowjob if she ever wants to be let loose!
12 October 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Robber Bends Natasha Flade Over a Table for Doggystyle Fucking!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! She was having an evening coffee when a hand clamps over Natasha's mouth! She's told to be quiet and she's stood up, bent over the table and her hands are bound behind her. She's gagged with cloth packing, her panties are forcibly removed and her legs are tied spread out. The robber then unzips to have his way with the helpless Natasha, drilling her hole hard from behind!
4 October 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Bent Over a Table & Pounded!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2004! One of the very early hardcore shoots from 11 years ago! Natasha Flade is bent over the dining room table with her legs tied apart and her hands bound in front of her. She's gagged with a huge packing gag. She's in heels and sundress. Isaac pounds her from behind! Outtake included!
28 September 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Robber Needs a Blowjob!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is tied up seated in the hallway in her skirt, heels and hose. The robber likes her this way and forces his cock onto her pretty lips! She gives him a good blowjob in hopes he goes away. He cums into her mouth!
20 September 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Natasha Panty Gagged & Fucked by Masked Intruder
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! A masked man creeps up on the sleeping Natasha Flade and handgags her. She awakens stunned and scared, and she's told to be quiet. He binds her wrists, opens her robe, gropes her tits and reaches between her legs and RIPS her panties off! He stuffs them in her mouth and ties them there, so she's panty-gagged. Natasha finds herself naked and bound spread on the sofa, the masked man plunging his cock inside her repeatedly.
14 September 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2006! When stood up for a date with hottie Natasha Flade, Isaac W. enters her home to find out just what the fuck happened. He finds her in her bedroom -- getting ready for a date with a different guy! He rages, drags her to the floor and ropes her hands together, then ties her foot to the bottom of the bed. He handgags Natasha as he strrips ehr naked. Then he gets his own clothes off and he is going to get what he had coming after that date that never happened! But one better -- he's got her all tied up and he handgags her the whole time he fucks her! Natasha is in a nightie and heels for this video.
7 September 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Hogtied and Giving Head!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2006! Natasha Flade hogtied in her dress, hose and heels and giving head!
30 August 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Taken Down on the Floor!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is naked with her little top hiked up. Her hands are bound together and attached to a table. A large wad of cloth is stuffed in her mouth and it's held in by a tight, thin scarf. Positioned with one leg in the air (and bare feet!) she resists as she's plowed hard by Isaac W!
24 August 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: The Lost Bet -- Hogtied Blowjob!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha lost a bet and now she has to give the winner a blowjob -- while tied up in her silk nightie! Natasha is hot tied up on the bed and attached to the bedpost at her wrists and ankles. Her bare feet swing in the air. Now she reluctantly gives the winner a blowjob until he cums in her mouth! He hangs onto her head until she is forced to swallow all of his cum. Natasha complains that that wasn't part of the deal, but the winner doesn't care! In fact, he comes back with a gag and stuffs it into her mouth!  Natasha yells through the gag and tries to get him to let her go, but it's no use. He fondles her tits and plays with her bound, bare feet! Then he leaves Natasha all trussed up, telling her he'll back for another blowjob!
17 August 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Fucked by the Animal Activist!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Chloe Night hates women who wears fur! She holds up Natasha Flade at gunpoint, then forces her to strip down to her pantyhose while standing. She forces Natasha down on the chaise, ties her hands, then strips off her pantyhose, which she then uses as part of a 2-piece gag! Natasha is then tied stretched out on the chaise with her legs spread wide apart. Chloe does a litle molesting, and then, in Part 2, puts on a strap-on and gives her the fucking of her life!
11 August 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: From Behind with a Big Dildo !
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2005! Natasha Flade is naked and tied on the bed with her ass in the air! We begin with Isaac completing her packing gag with a scarf twice-wrapped ober her mouth. He plays with her helpless nude body, groping her tits and buns. He then hauls out this huge dildo and jams it in her pussy! That gets a serious reaction from Natasha! The anal action doesn't stop until he's satisfied with her complete humiliation.
2 August 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Secretary Bent Over Desk!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is an office secretary in deep trouble! She's being walked back into her office in her heels, dress, stockings with her hands bound behind her and her lovely mouth cleave-gagged. She's bent over the desk, her skirt hiked up and her panties pulled down and her sweet bare naked ass fondled. Her legs are tied spread apart and then her tits are pulled free of her dress for some groping. Natasha is handgagged over her cleave gag during the proces! Then her captor pulls down his own pants and gets to fucking the helpess and beautiful secretary Natasha Flade!
27 July 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Trophy Wife Kidnapped for Ransom!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade was kidnapped! Now her captor has her back at his place and tied nude on the bed: one leg in the air and she's drastically gagged with packing, an ace bandage and tape! Her huband hasn't paid yet, so the kidnapper makes a video of him fucking the trophy wife. He looks into the camera and tells the husband it's only going to get worse if he doesn't pay up now! Natasha pleads into the camera for her husband to pay and release her from this horror!
19 July 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Natasha Does Herself in Bondage
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2005! Natasha Flade's husband isn't home, and she's horny, so she decided that she's going to take care of business herself! The video begins with her already finished tying her legs spread and gagging herself. She clicks on handcuffs, gets her red devil vibrator and gets to work pleasuring herself -- while all tied up and gagged! It's not long before she stimulates herself to orgasm! Closeups of the dildo/pussy action! Natasha is in a nightie, barefoot, and totally nude for this video.
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13 July 2015
NEW BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: You Were Fucking My Man!
NEW BONDAGE SEX VIDEO! Natasha Flade creeps up behins Chloe Night and handgags her. She tells her that she's here because Chloe has been fucking her husband. Chloe denia this, but she still gets tied down to the chaise and cleave-gagged. Chloe's stripped topless and a huge rubber cock is shoved in her by the vengefil Natasha, who also takes off her own top just for fun ( and it IS fun to watch her boobs jiggle as she pounds away at the helpless Chloe). Natasha gets the revenge she was seeking. Outtakes included at the end!
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5 July 2015
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2004! One of those first bondage sex scenes, before we really knew what we were doing with this intercourse-on-tape thing. Anyway, it begins with a handgag, then cuts to Natasha on the floor with her hands tied and a cleave gagged and Isaac climbing aboard and unbuttoning her robe to get at her tits. There's fucking and groping and handgagging from several different angles interchanging throughout.
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29 June 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO! Natasha is hot in her tight dress, heels, stockings and garter belt! She's also in hot trouble! She's been captured and tied bent over the table. Her mouth is packed with cloth and then duct taped. Her hose and panties have been pulled down to reveal her pussy. Now she's being taken from behind with the captor's huge cock! Watch Natasha moan from behind her huge gag as the kidnapper screws her again and again!
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22 June 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO! Natasha Flade has been waylaid by an interudr as she returned home from work in her business skirt, heels and pantyhose.  She is all trussed up tightly to the taple top with her large tits hanging out. The man molests her -- groping her tits and spanking her naked ass -- and then later removes her bigh packing gag and forces her to take his large cock into her mouth and give him a really good blowjob--or else! Natasha doesn't want to take this man's cock into her mouth, but she is helpless to stop him.
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15 June 2015
NEW VIDEO: The Stolen Buddha
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Flade had her antique bronze Buddha stolen at her last party, and she's convinced partygirl Chloe Night is the culprit. She enter's Chloe's residence with a gun and ropes her hands behind her back and then cleave-gags her with a scarf. Chloe refuses to admit that she's the thief, so Natasha is resolved to fuck the truth from her. Chloe ends up bent over the sofa arm, her legs tied apart and her naked ass exposed and vulnerable. Natasha teases her with that rubber cock in her face before geting behind her and plunging it into her pussy. Poor Chloe is redden hard and ridiculed. Does she eventually give in and confess? Chloe is in a little dress and heels for this video.
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8 June 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Jogger Bent Over & Fucked
Classic VIDEO from 2005! Natasha Flade returns home from a run, in her tennis shoes, shorts and tight top. She takes a swig of water and then she's roughly handgagged from behind! We cut to her bent over the table, stuffer gagged, her arms tied spread. Her captor pulls down those running shorts, then her panties and plays with that perfect, in-shape ass. We cut again, this time to her legs spread wide tied to table legs, still wearing those running shoes. Now Isaac W. gets to business by plunging his cock into her helpless, unwilling pussy. He fucks her standing from behind for the rest of the video, enjoying taking this sexy, bound & gagged jogger.
1 June 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Chloe Bends Natasha Over!
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Chloe Night has Natasha Flade at her mercy, tied up in her pajamas and bent over on the bed, ass-up! Chloe plunges her huge black strasp-on cock into Natasha's helplessly wating pussy. When Natasha gets a little too noisy through her cleave-gag, Chloe whips out her gun to remind her to keep the volume down. Chloe enjoys her kidnapped slave to the fullest!
26 May 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: New Workout Equipment Parts 1 & 2
Classic VIDEO from 2006! Part 1 & 2. Natasha has decided to buy a weight set. She has the guy set it all up for her and when he's finished, she hesitantly tells him that she's decided she really can't afford it after all. The seller is understandably outraged that he's wasted all day setting the thing up and now Natasha wants him to tear it down again. Natasha offers him $50 to remove it, which only makes him angry. As she turns and tries to reason with him, the man grabs some rope from his bad and throws Natasha over the weight bench. He forces Natasha down and, in spite of her protests, manages to get her wrists bound together beneath the bench. Then he gags her to shut her up. After that, he hoists her ass up into the air and ties her knees together tightly. Natasha's sweat pants and underwear are removed next. Then her ankles are tied together. We get to see the ankle tying action right next to a shaved, sweet pussy. Nice! The weight bench seller holds a barbell to Natasha's ass and tells her he's going to shove it up her! That elicits some screams from Natasha, but the man only laughs and puts down the barbell. But then he starts to remove HIS clothes! The next thing Natasha knows, she's being fucked from behind by this guy! She screams and yells from behind her gags, but she is helpless to stop him! He pumps her pussy wildly until he finally explodes inside of her. Natasha hopes he'll at least let her go now, but her attacker is more interested in patting her ass after his sweet revenge.
19 May 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Purse-Grabber Wants More Part 2
Classic VIDEO from 2007! With Natasha all bound and gagged, the robber pulls up her dress and fondles her tits and crotch. Then he lets her know he plans to screw her! The robber strips and then gets to business! We get to see Natasha screwed against her will from many different angles -- with lots of closeups, too!  Real penetration and an orgasm to boot!
18 May 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Purse-Grabber Wants More Part 1
Classic VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is watching TV, flipping through the channels with her remote control, when a burglar with a gun sneaks up behind her and handgags her! He rummages through her purse, but finds only eyedrops and a quarter. Enraged, he tells her he's going to take HER instead since she doesn't have any money. He ties her wrists in front, then gags her. He pulls her arms up and over her head, then attaches them behind the sofa. Then he strips her panties off of her and ties her legs spread wide apart -- for easy access to the pussy of course. With Natasha all bound and gagged, the robber pulls up her dress and fondles her tits and crotch. Then he lets her know he plans to screw her!
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11 May 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Spread High and Fucked
Classic VIDEO from 2006! Natasha Flade is sleeping in her little nightshirt and nothing else when someone sneaks up behind ehr and handgags her! We cut to her tied with her bare feet spread and aloft and her arms tied down. She's seriously gagged with a large stuffer and a thin scarf. Her attacker is banging her like crazy, even hanging from the bed canopy and fucking her from on high!
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4 May 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Jamming of Natasha
Classic VIDEO from 2006! Natasha Flade is TOTALLY NUDE and SPREAD standing for the pleasure of her lover, foxy Chloe Night. She gets out the strawberry jam and places dollops of it in Natasha's private places for some delicious licking action. She totally coats Natasha's pussy with it and has the bound, gagged, naked Natasha moaning with pleasure!
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27 April 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: One of the FIRST Bondage Sex Videos We DID!
Classic VIDEO from 2004! Natasha Flade is on her back on the flor of a basement, hands bound around a post and legs apread to a barbell laden with weights. Isaac enters with his cock out and gets to work fucking the helpless and cleave-gagged girl. Shot from a tripod, everything is one-shot from one angle. From back in the day when bondage sex was taboo!
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20 April 2015
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade has been bent over her coffee table by Sergio and Chloe Night. Her high heels have been tied spread wide and her naked bare ass is in the air. Chloe is taking a large strapon and is fucking her with it as Sergio interrogates her about a valuable painting she owns. Sergio feels up her tits as Chloe keeps pounding her from behind and giving her occasssional spanks. Sergio gets more rough and pulls and twists her nipples. Finally, Natasha relents and starts gag-talking about the painting.
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13 April 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: A Lesson in Fucking
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is carried in by Sergio, but clearly Chloe Night is in control of this situation. Natasha is bound hand and foot and cleave-gagged, and she's set on the bed under Chloe's orders, and heaps of rope are gathered for the real restraining. We cut to Natasha tied naked on the bed, all spread and bare feet suspended in the air and she's ballgagged. Chloe, armed with a huge strap-on enters the helpless babe, instructing her slave, Sergio on the proper arts of fucking. He observes the action in silence, his cock in a cage of its own. Chlow goes on and on, switching between teasing her caprive and instructing her slave as she fucks the hell out of Natasha.
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5 April 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Breakdown and the Chloroform!
Classic VIDEO from 2006! Natasha Flade'ss car breaks down on her way home from work. She goes to a house to use the phone, since hers is dead. The strange man lets  her in and agrees to get the phone. While Natasha waits, the man pours some chloroform onto a rag (shown on-screen), then returns and grabs Natasha from behind, covering her face with the smelly cloth! Natasha tries to fight him off, but the drug overcomes her and she falls to the floor, unconscious. The man ties her wrists apart to the dining room table legs while she sleeps, then cleave gags her. Natasha is still unconscious as her kidnapper strips her skirt and panties from her body, revealing her shaved pussy. Then he starts to fuck her! Natasha wakes up to find herself bound, gagged and being screwed! Natasha is in stockings and heels for this video.
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31 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Breakup and the Big, Black Cock Part 2
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade, tied up and spread out on the bedin her dress, heels and pantyhose because she tried breaking up with Chloe, is in quite the pickle. Chloe not gets scissors and cuts a hole in Natasha's pantyhose crotch, making her pussy accesible to that big black cock she's wearing! Natasha starts screaming so Chloe gets a big white cloth and holds it in and over her mouth as she plunges that cock inside helpless Natasha repeatedly. Chloe evenmakes Natasha say (through that gag) that she stil loves her and wants her back!
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22 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Breakup and the Big, Black Cock Part 1
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade tells her live-ingirlfriend Chloe Night that she's breaking up with her. Well, Chloe does not react well to this news. She leaves the room and returns with rope and tackles Natasha, forcing her hands together and starts tying her up! She ties one of Natasha's legs up in the air and the other down. Natasha is screaming to be released the whole time. Chloe returns with a big black rubber cock and shoves it repeatedly into Natasha's mouth. But that's just the beginning. Wait for part 2!
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16 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Reporter Fucked in Bondage Doggy-Style
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is kidnapped reporter! She ends up all tied on a bed, on her elbows and knees, only wearing a bra and boots. She;s gagged with a thick cleave and blindfolded. Her captor feels her up, spanks her and then plunges his hard cock into her! He keeps at it unti he finally cums.
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9 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Forced Bondage Sex with Frogtie
Classic VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is frogtied with ehr hands together and attached to the headboard of the bed. She's cleave-gaged and Isaac W. hops atop of the helpless lass and starts fucking her. Halfway through her gets into a sitting position for a different angle. Natasha struggles hard and resists as best she can. She's nude and barefoot except for her open nightshirt.
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1 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Friendly Neighbor Gets Some
Classic bondage sex VIDEO from 2006! Isaac comes over to lend Natasha a set of DVDs and finds her in her nightie and panries on her bed. She flirts with him, and the subject of tying her up surfaces, and Isaac begins to give Natasha a demonstration by tying her hands in front of her. He then ties the ends of that long rope to the headboard of the bed. Natasha is still going along, but she's getting nervous. After he had one of her bare legs bound to the foot of the bed, she begins to protest seriously, and that's when Isaac stuffs her mouth with cloth to keep her quiet, telling her that she's always wanted this. He pulls off her panties before tying her other leg down so she's totally exposed and spread. Her top is pulled up and he plays with her tits. He undresses and mounts the helpless Natasha, ramming her with his cock as she squirms and pulls against the bonds, screaming through her gag. He cums in her, and promises to visit her more often, now that their such great friends.
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23 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Bondage Sex on the Floor
Classic VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is naked on the hardwood floor, hands bound to a bedpost, cleave-gagged. She's being pounded by Isaac W. in this strictly fucking + bondage video.
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16 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Forced Bondage Sex on Top
Classic VIDEO from 2006! Natasha has her hans tied together and secured to the top of the bed canopy. Her thighs are bound to her calves, frog-style, and she's nude, straddling Isaac W. Her lips are sealed with duct tape. She's forced to bounce up and down on his cock. Isaac extracts pleasure from his bondage doll, making her do all the work while he squeezes her ass and tits.
8 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Real Estate Agent Punished for Not Selling Enough
Classic VIDEO from 2008! We begin with Natasha Flade standing, bound strappado to the top of the tall, sturdy bedpost. She's dresses in blouse, skirt, dark stockings and heels. She complains that these measures aren't necessary, but husband Isaac chides her for not selling enough real estate to keep them in enough money. He blindfolds her and strips her topless, then sticks his throbbing cock into her mouth and demands a blowjob -- a GOOD blowjob. She has no choice but to get her lips and toung to work. Afer Isaac has a good orgasm, he stuffs her mouth with cloth and ties it there with a red scarf and leaves her like than until he feels like she's truly learned her lesson.

3 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Naked, Ball-Frog-Tied
VIDEO: Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is in a ball/frog-tie on a chair, nude. She gets two wraps of a cleave gag from Isaac before he gets behind her and shoves his hard cock inside her. This was a deal of theirs, so she endures, but not happily. Happy, though, is Isaac as he gets to cum inside a bound and gagged and naked Natasha!

25 January 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Return of the Ex
VIDEO: Classic from 2008! Natasha is reading in bed when her ex-boyfriend shows up. He wants to get back together, but Natasha tells him she's engaged to someone else and to get lost! The ex gets angry, grabs rope from his pocket, and tells her he's going to show her how good it used to be! Natasha's wrists are bound and attached to the bedpost, then she's cleave gagged. Her jammies are stripped from her lovely body and then her ex mounts her for some good loving! Natasha tries to kick him off, but it doesn't work and he comes hard inside of her. Instead of letting her go, he tells her that after a few more times, she'll remember how it used to be! Natasha is horrified, but what can she do?

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20 January 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Bondage Blowjob on the Toilet
VIDEO: Classic from 2008! Isaac had caught his wife Natasha Flade giving another man a blowjob in a bar bathroom the previous night. Now comes perfect revenge. She's tied to the toilet in her nightie. He forces her to open her lips and suck on his cock. He's telling her he deserves his cock sucked, more than that stranger who got his dick licked last night. With her hands bound behind and her bare feet tied spread, she repentantly yet very reluctantly does her duty until he cums. Isaac chides her even after he's finished, groping her tits and handgagging her when she tries to argue.

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