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04-14-21 Stalker Chloe Forces Natasha Flade to Strip at Gunpoint for Strap-On Sex From Behind!
(FULL HD - 16:43 Min)
Natasha Flade is barefoot in bed, wearing a sexy nightgown. She’s reading when in bursts blonde nutjob Chloe Night with a gun! She’s been stalking Natasha for quite some time and today she’s finally broken into her house to get what she’s always wanted – Natasha’s naked body! She forces Natasha into stripping naked while she holds her gun aimed right at her, ready to fire. Now Natasha stands before Chloe in just her panties, scared and embarrassed. What’s going on here, anyway? What does this crazy woman want? She’s ordered to strip those panties off, too, and hand them over. Chloe goes on about how much she’s enjoying the show while she sniffs Natasha’s panties!

She forces Natasha to kneel and bend over on the bed and cross her hands behind her back. Chloe ties them together tightly. Next comes the gagging with TWO thick cleave gags between Natasha’s pretty lips. Chloe laughs as she finishes the knots, then she gropes Natasha’s tits from behind. Then she drags Natasha to the edge of the bed, where she’s forced to kneel and bend over, while Chloe binds her bare feet to separate posts at the foot of the bed. Natasha is now tied up completely naked, kneeling, her bare ass sticking up, her soles dangling over the end of the bed. She’s entirely at Chloe’s mercy now!

With a sinister laugh, Chloe gets out a strap-on with a huge, rubber cock attached. She puts it on, gets and thrusts that huge dong into Natasha’s pussy from behind and gets to fucking her captive. Chloe is really getting into it, too! She rips off her own top and fondles her own tits as she’s fucking Natasha relentlessly with that huge strap-on. Chloe’s tits are bouncing as she pounds her helpless captive. What a sight! Poor Natasha gets a really hard strap-on fucking from behind, doggystyle. And Chloe? She living out her dream of some amazing strap-on bondage sex with the hot babe she’s been stalking!

04-07-21 Natasha Flade Tied Up Spread & Cleave Gagged On the Floor for Naked Bondage Sex!
(FULL HD - 6:43 Min)
Natasha Flade has been kidnapped! She’s tied up spread and naked on the floor! Her captor has her cleavegagged with a thick, green scarf. Her wrists are roped wide apart, stretched out to the legs of the sofa. One of her ankles is tethered to a leg of the chaise across the room.

Her abductor, Isaac W., is there, groping her tits and running his hands all over her beautiful and helpless naked body. He’s grinning like a kid at Christmas, clearly enjoying his bondage play toy! Natasha squirms and mmmphs through her gag while the captor licks and kisses her bare skin and nipples. He even goes down on her pussy for a bit, holding her legs down while his tongue goes to work on those very private parts!

Now his member is rock hard solid, so he climbs aboard.  He rides the bound and gagged Natasha hard, grabbing her free leg and hoisting it up on top of his shoulder.  His cock thrusts back and forth into the struggling damsel, who’s unable to prevent this violation of her body! The viewer is treated to varied camera angles of all the bondage sex action as Natasha’s pussy gets pounded! We also get lots of good shots of our damsel’s bare feet and soles.

Isaac gropes Natasha’s breasts whiles he keeps on thrusting, until he finally climaxes inside his captive. When he’s finished, he strokes her breasts and body some more, then kisses her distressed face before leaving poor Natasha all tied up to struggle in her naked bondage on the floor.

03-31-21 Natasha Flade Forced Into Bedroom, Tied Bent Over, Legs Spread, for Fucking from Behind! (FULL HD - 8:30 Min)
Natasha Flade has been abducted in her skimpy nightie and thong panties! She’s forced into a bedroom with her hands already bound behind her.  She struggles hard to get away from her captor, but she’s overpowered and thrown harshly onto the bed, face down.  Since she’s screaming loudly for help, the assailant (Isaac W.) quickly handgags her and tells her she best be quiet or else! But Natasha is scared and has no intention of being quiet, so the abductor pulls a long, woolly scarf from his pocket and wraps it through her lips twice for a nice, thick gag. Now that Natasha’s tightly cleave gagged, the abductor can get to work roping up this unwilling damsel more securely for what he has in mind.

He gets behind Natasha and rips her thong panties down, exposing that fabulous naked ass! He grabs her ankles and ties her bare feet spread wide apart to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. With his captive damsel now tied bent over and cleave gagged, it’s time to get what he came for! He slips his hard cock inside Natasha and fucks her hard from behind! Natasha mmmphs through her gag as her pussy’s pounded repeatedly. She struggles, moans and cries, but she’s along for the ride! Isaac stops to pull her tits out and gets a few feelies in while he’s giving her the big ole cock. Then he grabs her bound wrists and hangs on for better leverage as he gets ready to climax.

Bound and gagged as she is, there’s nothing poor Natasha can do about the situation! She endures it until Isaac finally shoots his love juice inside her, the culmination of an afternoon well spent! Includes a couple of outtakes at the end!


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