1-17-19 Chloe Night in Stockings & High Heels is Tied Up Legs Up for Bondage Sex! Chloe Night didn’t know someone had snuck into her house! She’s walking into the dining room in her long dress, black stockings and black high heels. Right behind her comes the guy who slipped inside while she was gone, with a big kitchen knife in his hand! Chloe is grabbed, the knife held to her throat. She tries to calm the excitable guy down, and she does convince him to let go of that huge knife. But the trade is she gets gagged with a thick scarf! It’s a really great, fuzzy cleave gag! She’s forced to lay beneath the dining room table and he starts tying her right wrist to a table leg. The scene fades, and we’re treated to the sight of Chloe all tied up to that table: Her wrists apart, her legs spread and suspended to the top of that table, her pantyhose and high heels on display. Her tits are out and so is her ass and pussy. The intruder is busy fucking her! He plows the helpless damsel, alternately holding on to her ankles or the table top. Even though cleave gagged with that really mouth-filling winter scarf, we can hear Chloe’s pitiful mmmphs as she’s suffering through some serious pounding in her bondage sex!

1-10-19 Natasha Flade Kidnapped for Ransom, Chairtied for a Bondage Blowjob! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped for ransom! She’s currently chairtied in her nightie and cleave gagged. Obviously, she was absconded with when she was sleeping sexily, as she does. So here she is, alone in a room, roped to a chair, cleave gagged and barefoot, struggling as best she can. She needs to escape before her captor returns. The ropes are tight and she’s not making any progress, but damn, she looks great trying.  Alas, her long-haired kidnapper comes back, and he’s pissed. He was out at the drop-off spot to collect the loot and there was no loot to be collected. What’s to be done with this beautiful woman he has tied up and gagged? Well, for starters, he takes out her tits. He had treated her with kindness up until this point, but no more. He wanted money, but now he’s going to take what her can get, and he can play with her tits. Natasha is fondled, then her nipples are kisses and sucked. This failed ransom gig isn’t so bad! Now that he’s all calmed down from the lootless loot run, he’s horny. He whips out his cock and ordered the bound natasha to take it and suck it. She can suck her way to freedom! Natasha sucks! She noms that dick like her freedom depends on it. Which it may, or it may not, she really doesn’t trust this turd of a kidnapper, but seriously, what choice does she have? Her captor is having a grand time, this girl gives a marvelous bondage blowjob! It’s so great, in fact, that after he cums in her mouth, he gags her again! He plans on keeping her right there. It was a lot of work planning and executing this kidnapping, so he’s going to keep his little bondage blowjob machine!

1-4-19 Chloe Night Submits to Being Tied Up & Gagged for Loan, but Gets Bondage Sex! Chloe Night is in a bit of a pickle. Her car broke down for good, and she needs a reliable way to get back and forth to work or she’ll lose her job. She approaches her friend Isaac for a car loan. She comes in looking pretty hot in her sweater, dark pantyhose and boots. This girl knows how to as for a loan. Isaac proposes a little exchange to get this loan rolling. He’s a bondage enthusiast, and would love to get her tied up. Chloe is all about it. Being a little tied up is no big deal, right? She sits on the chair and as requested, she crosses her hands behind the chair back. They chat as Isaac binds her wrists, her thighs above her knees and those hot boots of hers. He puts a big knot in a scarf and asks her to open up. She’s a little reluctant about being gagged, she didn’t expect this. Chloe is a little naïve about this bondage thing. She accepts the gag, knowing she’s getting that car loan for doing this sexy thing for Isaac. So now she’s gagged, and Isaac send a text, the pulls up Chloe’s sweater. She’s really uncomfortable with Isaac having her tits out and fondling them, but, you know, she really wants that car loan. Soon in strolls Sergio. When Isaac tells Chloe that she’s now the playtoy of this dude, the line was crossed! No Way! But what can poor tied up and gagged Chloe do? Sergio sets the girl on the floor, pulls her pantyhose and panties down and unzips! Isaac’s there to keep her from being too wriggly, at first, but them Sergio wants to get really comfy and strips down to give her the total bondage sex treatment with his thundercock. He bangs her silly in a bent-over, doggy-style position, gripping her by the arms. He cums inside of her, making her scream as grunts to his total satisfaction. Does Chloe still get that loan?

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