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6-23-22 Chloe Bent Over in Heels, Gets the Strap-On for Natasha’s Stolen Buddha! (FULL HD – 9:30 min)

Natasha Flade had her antique bronze Buddha stolen at her last party, and she’s convinced that Chloe Night is the culprit. She enters Chloe’s home with a gun in one hand and a pile of ropes in the other! She finds Chloe sitting on the couch in a sexy minidress and high heels. She holds Chloe up and demands to know where her stolen Buddha is. Chloe denies everything, so Natasha grabs her and pulls her to her feet.

With the gun in her face, Chloe does as she’s told. Her hands are tied behind her back, then she’s cleave-gagged with a long scarf. Natasha pushes Chloe over to the couch where she winds up bent over the sofa arm, her legs tied apart, her naked ass exposed and vulnerable. Natasha holds the gun to Chloe’s head and interrogates her as to the whereabouts of her precious Buddha. But Chloe refuses to admit that she’s the thief, so Natasha resolves to fuck the truth from her!

Natasha leaves for a bit, then returns — wearing a huge strap-on! She teases Chloe with that rubber cock in her face, giving her one last chance to confess. But Chloe still refuses to admit she stole anything, so Natasha gets behind Chloe and plunges that strap-on into her pussy. Poor Chloe is ridiculed as she’s ridden hard, bondage sex style. Natasha really gives it to her, slamming that pussy with all she’s got! She removes her own top, so now her tits are jiggling as she fucks Chloe with the strap-on from behind. But Chloe refuses to relent, so more drastic measures are needed. Natasha threatens to fuck Chloe up the ass if she doesn’t spill the beans!

6-15-22 Secretary Chloe Night Skipped Work, Has to Fuck the Boss Bondage Sex Style Keep Her Job!(FULL HD – 14:50 min)

Secretary Chloe Night skipped out on her office job. She’s at home, sitting on the sofa in her black dress, black thigh-high stockings and high heels. She’s chatting with her girlfriend about heading out to a festival while she plays hooky. While she’s on the phone, her boss, Sergio, strolls in. He’s upset and starts to tell Chloe how worried he was when she didn’t show up on such an important work day. But as he entered her house, Sergio overheard her conversation that she was just skipping work to have some fun instead.

Angry, Sergio fires his hot, blonde secretary on the spot! Distraught about being unemployed, Chloe begs Sergio to please give back her job. “Isn’t there anything at all I can do to get my job back?” she pleads. Of course there is! Her boss tells her that if she lets him have his way with her, he just might be persuaded. Then he starts fondling her tits through her dress and bra. Chloe’s not happy with the way things are going, especially when he brings up that a little bit of bondage may hasten her rehire.

Seeing as she’s effectively being blackmailed into fucking her boss to keep her job, Chloe reluctantly submits to letting her boss tie her up and crosses her wrists to be tied behind her back. Sergio ties her thighs together, then her ankles. With Chloe now tied up pretty damn well, Sergio pulls up her dress, peels back her bra cups and starts groping her tits. But Chloe suddenly decides she’s had enough! She demands that Sergio stop right now and starts calling frantically for help.

It’s gagging time! Sergio plugs her mouth hole with a knotted cleave gag fashioned from a scarf. Then he stands his bound secretary up and fondles her creamy breasts some more. Next, he strokes her bare ass and pussy. Now Sergio is too horned up to do anything else but bend Chloe over on the sofa, kneeling and her bare ass pointing straight at his hard cock.

Her thigh high stockings look really hot from behind as Sergio thrusts his cock inside Chloe’s pussy and starts fucking her doggystyle really hard! But her rear is just too inviting. Sergio fucks her hard, as only “Thundercock” can. This wayward and rebellious secretary is getting some serious pounding from her angry boss. He finally shoots his load and cums on her back and naked ass for a great cumshot scene! Chloe’s pretty upset and sobbing, but hey, she is getting her job back after all, so she really should be happy and thankful!

Satisfied at last, Sergio grabs his clothes and gives Chloe some parting words before he leaves: “You best be at the office tomorrow at 8 a.m. sharp!” Then he laughs and exits, leaving poor Chloe tied up and gagged on the sofa, sobbing, trying to catch her breath, and wondering how on Earth she’ll ever get loose now?!

6-9-22 Secretary Natalie Minx Tied at Gunpoint & Forced to Suck Stalker Fan's Cock
(FULL HD - 13:50 min.)

Tall and buxom redhead, Natalie Minx, had just gotten home from the bar. She fell asleep on the sofa still in her sexy pantyhose, dress and high heels. Little does she know, but a fan has been stalking her! Natalie awakens to a masked man aiming at gun right at her! He orders her to put her hands behind her back then he ties them there.

When Natalie makes a fuss, he uses her gun to get her back under control, then finishes the business of getting her all tied up: ankles, knees and elbows. He isn't taking any chances that she'll get away. Oh no, he's waited too long for this moment to have his way with hot Natalie. Once she's thoroughly roped up, the stalker rips her top and lacy black bra down and starts groping Natalie's amazing and really huge tits.

Now he's ready for a blowjob! Natalie tries to fight him off, so he grabs her by the hair and pulls her unwilling mouth to his hard cock. Helpless, Natalie has no choice but to suck that big, hard cock and for as he long as he tells her to. And he wants this blowjob to last a very long time, indeed. He can see Natalie's big tits, pantyhose-clad legs and high heels as he looks down and watches his throbbing dick being sucked off.

Will Natalie be untied after she gives this dude the blowjob of his life or will he just keep her as his bondage play toy?


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