10-17-19 Wife Natasha Flade Chairtied & Forced Into Upside Down Tabletop Bondage Blowjob Ransom Video! Wife Natasha Flade has been taken for ransom! Her captor, Isaac W., has the pretty housewife chairtied barefoot in her shorts and a thin, sleeveless sweater. Natasha’s cleave gagged, too, with a long, silk, purple scarf. She struggles a bit, then her captor comes back with a bag. He’s bitching at her that only half of the ransom was paid. He’s pretty angry, but he has a plan to collect his money. He undoes Natasha’s wrists from behind the chair, then re-ties her hands again, this time in front, but he leaves her ankles tied. Then he picks his captive up, bound hand and foot, carries her over to the dining room table and lays her there. He takes more rope and attaches her bound feet to one of the table legs, then adds a chest rope to secure her to the table top. Now the ransomed wife is tightly bound face-up on the table. He pulls her sweater up, then plays with her tits. “Oh, yeah,” he remarks with a grin. “I always wanted to get my hands on these.” Then the abductor sets up his camera, and looking straight into it, he informs Natasha’s husband, “I’ve got your wife here as you can see. I’m going to make her suck my dick until you come up with the rest of the money!” Natasha looks horrified when she hears this plan! She squirms and tries calling out, but it’s useless. Natasha is ungagged and her head dangles over the table’s edge. Her head is upside-down – a great position for an upside down bondage blowjob! Isaac takes full advantage! He tells Natasha to take his cock in her mouth. She’s resistant, but complies and sucks her captor’s cock the best she can in hopes her husband will pay what he owes! The camera keeps rolling for the bondage blowjob ransom tape that Isaac’s making. He gropes her tits while he’s enjoying this reverse-angles table top blowjob from the kidnapped Natasha. There’s some great POV angles of the abductor getting blown, Natasha’s pretty, pout lips encasing that big, hard cock. Eventually, Isaac cums in her mouth. But he comes back with the purple scarf! He stuffs her mouth and re-gags her! Now Natasha’s captor has his tape to drop off and a hefty ransom to collect!

10-09-19 Connie Sims Ballgagged, Tied Up Nude, Molested & Dildoed by Natasha Flade! TWO classic bondage sex videos from 2005! Hot blonde Connie Sims, the bondage barbie doll, is at the total mercy of Natasha Flade. In the first clip, she’s tied up spread-eagle and cleave gagged on the dining room table, totally nude. Natasha molests her, fondling her breasts and sucking on her nipples and then rubbing her hands over her pussy. Natasha tells Connie that “you just love being my sex slave.” Connie doesn’t look as though she agrees. She waits while Natasha leaves, but when she returns, she’s got long, purple dildo! After holding it up to Connie’s face as a foreshadowing of what’s in store, Connie experiences some serious penetration with that bondage sex toy! Connie moans and squirms as Natasha repeatedly violates her with that dildo. Her bare feet wriggle as Connie tries resisting, but it’s no use! In scene two, Nurse Natasha has the tall, blonde Connie tied bent over that same table and double gagged with a stuffer and cleave. Nurse Natasha is having fun at her captive’s expensive. Connie is completely naked once again, feet tied spread to opposite legs of the table and wrists bound stretched out in front. Natasha tells Connie that the breast exam is first as she stands behind her, leans over and feels her breasts, allegedly for an exam. Natasha then grabs Connie’s ass cheeks and spreads them wide apart to get a good look at her private parts. She tells Connie that everything “seems to be fine down there,” but she needs to get some medical equipment to be sure. When she returns, a pink striped dildo makes its appearance as the latest bondage gadget for penetrating Connie’s pussy deeply. Connie moans as her nurse tries to reassure her: “You’re doing really well. It’s almost over now. Just a little bit longer.” Lots of closeups of the dildo action in and out of Connie’s pussy. Although she’s pretty muffled from the two-piece gag ensemble, Nurse Natasha manages to get some great moaning out of her patient!

10-01-19 Spendy Wife Natasha Flade Tied Up & Bent Over for Bondage Sex in Pantyhose! (HD - 11:00 min) Wife Natasha is showing off her expensive fur coat to her husband, who gets unhinged at her irresponsible spending! She said it was on sale for $900. But that only left their bank account with $100! Isaac is enraged, and he’s had enough of his wife’s frivolous spending. He strips that fur coat off of her! She’s left in her sweater, skirt and stockings (pantyhose!). She’s spun around and pushed over on the bed. Her hands are crossed and tied up as she resists and apologizes. Too late! This isn’t the first time! Next he ties her wriggling high heels together, then gags her with a knotted cleave. That knot is pretty big, and she looks stunning cleave gagged like that! She's stripped down and he rubs his cock on her naked thighs. Next, we cut to that same cock being thrust mercilessly into her while she's bent over and ass up, hands still bound behind her, feet bound: tied up hand and foot! Does she really learn her lesson? Will she change her spending habits? Or will she be bad again one day to get this kind of bondage sex treatment?

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