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09-21-21 Babysitter Chloe Night OTM Gagged In Game, then Dad Returns for Bondage Sex (FULL HD – 12 Minutes) Chloe Night is about to go to sleep. She’s in bed, barefoot in a silk nightshirt and little else. But wait, she’s babysitting! The little dude comes in and wants to play a game. Chloe agrees to just one game before he has to turn in. Then she sees he wants to tie her up! She thinks that’s so adorable and holds her hands out to be tied. She’s rather impressed with his technique. Hmmm, where he'd learn to do that? But she thinks it's cute, so she goes along and plays her part up just like a real damsels would.

But now her charge makes another request: he wants her gagged, too! Chloe is a bit reluctant, but she relents and gets a bandanna detective gag. Now OTM gagged, Chloe mmphs for her little bandit because she knows that he likes it. But wait, this dude's not done! Now she has her ankles and thighs tied up, too! She struggles playfully on the bed, showing off her bare feet and soles.

The game's just about over when the kid's dad (Sergio) returns to pick his son up. Chloe is embarrassed for him to find her like this! But Sergio likes the work his kid has done. He decides to take full advantage of the tied up babysitter on the bed! He connects Chloe's hands to the headboard, then he adjusts her OTM gag, shoving it between her lips so now Chloe's cleave-gagged instead. Then he pulls her nightshirt up to get her tits out. Chloe is getting really upset now. This is not what she'd agreed to! She thought she was just playing an innocent game with the kid, and now she's being groped by his dad!

Then Sergio strips down naked and jumps into the bed. He fondles Chloe's tits, then fingers her pussy. All warmed up, his hard cock throbbing, he fucks that babysitter like she’s never been fucked! He has her bare feet slung over his shoulder as he plows Chloe as only "thundercock" can! Wow! All his fantasies came true! He's secretly always wanted to fuck the babysitter and now he is! He finishes up the evening with a great cumshot finale, shooting love juice all over Chloe's tits! A beautiful cum shot to end Sergio's beautiful day! Chloe probably would describe her day a little differently....but who knows? Maybe she liked it after all. If Dad ever lets her go, we'll see...

09-15-21 Chloe Night Submits to Being Tied Up to Pay Loan, Gets Bondage Sex Instead!!
(FULL HD – 6:54Minutes)
Natasha Flade has been kidnapped in her sexy cocktail dress, pantyhose and open-toe high heels! She's forced into the house, already bound and gagged (cleave gagged with her hands tied behind her back). Her captor (Isaac W.) pushes her over to the stairs. He grabs her by the chin and orders her to do as she's told. Then he takes a long rope, attaches it to Natasha's bound wrists, and pulls her then up high where they're attached to the stair railing. Poor Natasha is now tied standing in the demanding strappado style position!

The kidnapper then ropes her ankles together next, with closeups of her pink high heels. He then informs his damsel that she has to give him a blowjob if she has any hope of ever being set free! Natasha panics as he undoes his belt and unzips his jeans. He removes her cleave gag and grabs her head, telling Natasha to "get to it!" There really isn't any choice, so Natasha reluctantly obeys, taking that dick into her mouth and sucking her captor's hard cock while tied up strictly in that strappado position.

Natasha's head is bobbing up and down on Isaac's nob as she sucks him off the best she can. The viewer is treated to lots of varied angles and close-ups of all the great bondage blowjob action. She manages to do a pretty good job, considering the circumstances. She brings Isaac to orgasm and he cums right in her mouth!

But he can’t just leave her there like that, able to run her mouth. So he grabs a scarf and Natasha is cleave-gagged once again. Turns out she's not getting set free after all! Instead, she's left alone, struggling in her bondage and wondering what will happen to her now.

09-08-21 Chloe Night Submits to Being Tied Up to Pay Loan, Gets Bondage Sex Instead!!
(FULL HD – 13:30 Minutes)
Chloe Night is in a bit of a pickle. Her car broke down for good, and she needs a reliable way to get back and forth to work or she’ll lose her job. She approaches her friend Isaac for a car loan. She comes in looking pretty hot in her sweater, dark pantyhose and boots. This girl knows how to ask for a loan. Isaac proposes a little exchange to get this loan rolling. He’s a bondage enthusiast, and would love to get her tied up. Chloe is all about it. Being a little tied up is no big deal, right? She sits on the chair and as requested, she crosses her hands behind the chair back. They chat as Isaac binds her wrists, her thighs above her knees and those hot boots of hers. He puts a big knot in a scarf and asks her to open up. She’s a little reluctant about being gagged, she didn’t expect this.

Chloe is a little naïve about this bondage thing. She accepts the gag, knowing she’s getting that car loan for doing this sexy thing for Isaac. So now she’s gagged, and Isaac send a text, the pulls up Chloe’s sweater. She’s really uncomfortable with Isaac having her tits out and fondling them, but, you know, she really wants that car loan.

Soon in strolls Sergio. When Isaac tells Chloe that she’s now the playtoy of this dude, the line was crossed! No Way! But what can poor tied up and gagged Chloe do? Sergio sets the girl on the floor, pulls her pantyhose and panties down and unzips! Isaac’s there to keep her from being too wriggly, at first, but them Sergio wants to get really comfy and strips down to give her the total bondage sex treatment with his thundercock. He bangs her silly in a bent-over, doggy-style position, gripping her by the arms. He cums inside of her, making her scream as grunts to his total satisfaction. Does Chloe still get that loan?


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