12-4-19 Deadbeat Roomie Natasha Flade Pays Rent By Being Tied Up Kneeling & Sucking Cock!! Isaac has been letting his beautiful friend Natasha Flade crash at his place for the last couple months. She’s never contributed to rent or food or anything. They go back and forth on the expenses, but Isaac comes up with a deal: if she will let him tie her up, she can forget some of that money. She reluctantly agrees and crosses her hands behind her back. He ties her wrists, her elbows, has her kneel and ties her feet. Isaac sits on a chair in front of her, pulls down his pants and demands she suck his cock. Natasha is aghast and refuses, but Isaac handgags her, pulls up her top and gropes her tits. He threatens to gag her and throw her in the trunk of his car and leave her in the woods. Faced with this choice, Natasha places her lips to his dick and gets to work. Very nice bondage blowjob Isaac gets! Perhaps he should get one of these every week and then Natasha can do whatever else she likes!

11-27-19 Natasha Flade Ropes Thief Chloe Night in Sweater Bondage Before Fucking her with a Strap-On! Chloe was spending an evening quietly reading at the dining room table in her black leather boots, and her sweater and skirt combo. Natasha Flade, her roommate, comes in and accuses Chloe Night of stealing her jewelry she allowed her to borrow. Chloe says she gave it back to her. Natasha was prepared for this...she grabs Chloe and ropes her wrists together in front of her, bends her over the dining room table and secures her bound hands to the far side. Chloe is looking great in her sweater bondage, but she doesn’t care and wants her nutcase rommie to cut this shit out. Natasha spreads Chloe's boots and secures them to the table legs. Chloe is gagged with a really thick bandanna—cleave gagged! Now Natasha puts on a strap-on and she shows it off to Chloe before going further. It’s her last chance to give up the jewelry, but she still gagtalks her innocence. Chloe begins to really fight her ropes, but she's fucked. She gets literally fucked as Natasha plunges that huge rubber cock into her helpless pussy. Chloe writhes around and screams into her thick gag as Natasha continues to pound her hard. This is some fine-ass girl-girl bondage sex!
11-21-19  Dick Tease Natasha Flade Handgagged, Hogtied & Barefoot for Bondage Blowjob! Isaac W. has been dating Natasha Flade for three weeks now, and she still hasn’t put out! No handjobs, no blowjobs, NOTHING at all! He comes over to her place to discuss the situation. Natasha is on the chaise in a tank top and a pair of little, blue short and barefoot. Isaac sits down beside her and tries to delicately bring up his concerns. He asks if it’s him, if he’s doing anything wrong. Natasha explains that it’s not it; she’s just sort of old fashioned and thinks it’s too early to be messing around yet. Isaac doesn’t exactly her response. While she’s going on (and on and on) with all her excuses, he slips back and grabs some rope from his pockets. Before she knows what’s happening, he grabs her arms and pins them behind her, then ties her wrists together. Natasha is shocked and surprised. She begs him to please stop, but Isaac isn’t having any of her lip! He’s waited long enough he thinks and he tells Natasha he’s getting something even if she has to be tied-up first! He puts his arm around her neck and pulls her close, then pulls her tank top and starts feeling up her tits. Natasha tries to protest, but is handgagged while he keeps on groping her tits. Then he throws her belly-down onto the chaise and ropes her up into a barefoot hogtie! Isaac goes round to Natasha’s head and lets her know she’s going to suck his cock right now! He makes her promise that she’s not going to be dick teasing anyone anymore. Natasha reluctantly nods her head in resigned agreement. She has no choice, so best get down to this bondage blowjob business! Natasha is sobbing, but Isaac grabs her head and forces her to take his throbbing dick into her mouth! He makes her suck that cock really good, with lots of great angles and close-ups of all the blowjob action. Natasha sucks that cock good and hard until Isaac finally cums right in her mouth. Now finally satisfied, Isaac zips his jeans, then handgags the crying Natasha once more before he leaves her, still barefoot hogtied and topless on her own chaise. Natasha lays there, sobbing and not knowing what to do — except to give up her dick tease ways. A lesson learned in dating etiquette!

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