04-12-24 - Fur Revenge! Chloe Night Forced to Strip, Molested & Dildo Fucked for Stealing Natasha Flade's Fur Coat! (720p - 12:20 min.) Classic Bondage Sex from 2008! Digitally Remastered & Upscaled to 720p for Superior Quality! In part One (10-19-22 Update), Natasha Flade came strolling home in her fur coat, only to be met by so-called animal activist Chloe Night and her big gun! She was forced to strip, then Chloe fucked her with a strap-on for wearing fur. After fucking Natasha, Chloe tries on the coat and decides it feels pretty good after all…so she steals it!

Turn about is fair play! Natasha got loose and is hell bent on revenge! Now in part 2, it’s Chloe Night who comes strolling in wearing a fur coat. Behind her is Natasha Flade with her big gun! She forces Chloe to strip nude to just her heels, then she ties her spread atop the coffee table. Chloe gets a huge 2-piece packing gag ensemble, then Natasha toys with her captive, telling her everything she has in store.

Natasha leaves for a bit — and returns with the biggest red dildo you’ve ever seen! Chloe freaks as Natasha straddles her, pulls out her own tits and starts to molest Chloe. It’s one hot girl-girl show as Natasha rubs her tits on Chloe’s breasts and kisses her on top of her gag. She runs that huge red dong along Chloe’s naked body and teases her. Now to get down to business!

Natasha fucks Chloe silly with that huge dildo! She’s really giving it to her, sucking and licking her tits and nipples while she plows her with that rubber cock. Chloe is begging to please stop, but there’s no mercy for the poor girl today! When Natasha’s finally finished with her revenge, she puts her fur coat on and strolls off, gun in hand. Chloe is left there, bound and gagged on the table top, to struggle and lament her thieving ways…

Includes a cute outtake of Chloe’s cunny at the end!

04-8-24 - Cable Guy Wants Pussy as Payment from Dicktease Natasha Flade! Balltied Barefoot, Fucked THREE Ways! (720p - 15:35 min.) Classic Bondage Sex from 2007! Digitally Upscaled & Remastered to 720p from the Original Source Tape for Superior Quality! This video hasn't seen the light of day since 2007! We recently happened upon it, digitally restored, remastered and upscaled it to 720p! Enjoy this remastered video!

Natasha Flade needs her cable repaired. But being the flirt she is. she keeps grabbing the cableguy's ass while he's trying to work. He concludes her cable doesn't need any repairs at all and she's just looking to get some. But when she resists his advances, he tells her she's just a dicktease and grabs and handgags her! Natasha is cleave-gagged and her hands tied behind her back. He tosses her to the floor and binds her bare feet and ankles. Her little shorts and panties are pulled down, her t-shirt brushed aside, then she's folded up into a balltie. Now to get down to business!

The cable guy shucks his clothes and plunges his huge (and we do mean huge!) into Natasha's warm cunny. He jokingly tells her it might be a while since he smoked some weed on the way there. Was he joking? Maybe not because this dude is really going to town! Poor Natasha gets some deep-dicking from the side, then he rolls her onto her back and fucks her with her feet dangling in the air. He says he can't come like that, so Natasha is pushed over onto her knees for some rock hard pussy pounding from behind. He shoots his man juice inside her, then gives her his card so she can call him up anytime she needs her cable (or anything else...) fixed!

Outtakes included at the end!

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3-29-24 - Cutie Hithhiker Acidalia Sabine Kidnapped by 2 Men for Bondage Sex with Cumshot!
(8:45 min.) Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2010! Digitally Remastered & Upscaled to 720p for Superior Quality! Blonde cutie hitchhiker Acidalia Sabine is being carried into a dining room by two kidnappers, Sergio and Isaac W. They have Acidalia tied up with her hands in front and a big green ballgag in her mouth. The damsel is barefoot and wearing a little skirt and top. They set her down on the floor, Isaac holding her bound hands down and Sergio getting more rope and binding one of her bare feet to the leg of the table.

Once they have their damsel secured, Sergio pulls down her top down and fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples. Isaac laughs while Sergio plays with her pussy for a bit of finger fucking. Enough of the foreplay for Sergio! He unzips his pants, whips off his clothes and plunges his cock into Acidalia’s pussy as Isaac continues to hold the poor lass down. Acidalia is struggling and sobbing as Sergio rams her hard in his signature “Thundercock” style until he finally explodes! He shoots his giz all over Acidalia’s helpless belly in a great cumshot scene!

Outtake included at the end!


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