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06-16-21 Waitress Natasha Flade Caught Stealing, Submits to Bondage Sex with Boss to Save Job! (FULL HD – 15:26 Minutes)
Natasha Flade works as a waitress. She's dressed up on her sofa when suddenly, her boss, Isaac W., bursts in! He caught her stealing from the cash register till. He's got the security tapes to prove it and he intends to fire her. Natasha tries to plead her innocence, then takes another approach.  She runs her fingers up and down his chest and tells him she'd do ANYTHING to keep her job. Her boss is surprised, but thinks, "What the heck?!"

Now Isaac is really into bondage, so he tells Natasha she won't be fired if she agrees to let herself be tied up and fucked. She's rather shocked, but she wants to keep her job, so she goes along. He has her stand up, then ties her hands crossed behind her back. Next, she's gagged with a knotted scarf.

Then Isaac bends Natasha over the sofa and ties her heels apart to the sofa legs. He hikes her skirt up, then pulls down her pantyhose to expose that sweet, bare ass. He plays with her ass for a bit, but then gets down to business! Isaac strips down naked and crams his hard cock into Natasha. He's fucking her hard from behind, in doggy-style fashion. he’s really getting into it! He's enjoying fucking this hot waitress so much that now he’s glad he caught her stealing in the first place.

Finally he explodes with a nice cumshot right on Natasha’s back! But her boss is a jerk! After he's finished, he tells Natasha that she’s still fired after all. What's more, he's going to rob her place while he's got her all tied up and see how SHE likes being stolen from! Frantic, Natasha struggles, but she can't do anything as her ex-boss robs her blind!

06-09-21 Dressed Up Natasha Flade Chloroformed for Strap-On Bondage Sex By Disgruntled Lesbian!
(FULL HD - 13:12 min)
Dressed up Natasha Flade is chloroformed for strap-on fucking by a lesbian girlfriend who has the wrong idea in this erotic, limp fetish and girl-girl bondage sex video! Natasha Flade and her hot, blonde girlfriend just got back from a night out on the town. Natasha is still is her sexy black cocktail dress, lacy thigh-high stockings and high heels. She’s talking with Chloe in her bedroom when it comes out that Chloe is a closet lesbian and somehow got the wrong impression that night. Chloe thought that Natasha was into women and tries kissing her shocked friend. Natasha pushes Chloe away, exclaiming, “Stop! You got the wrong idea here!” Angry, Chloe storms off, leaving Natasha exasperated and distressed about the whole situation. She starts getting the bed ready so she can go to sleep, not knowing that Chloe doesn’t take no for an answer that easily! Chloe didn’t leave at all; she sneaks up behind the dressed up Natasha and smothers her face with a rag full of smelly chloroform! Natasha tries to fight off the fumes, but it’s no use and she soon falls limp and fast asleep, then her limp body crumples to the floor.

After Chloe knocked her friend out, it’s time for the real party to begin! Chloe expects a fight, so she made sure to bring some ropes when she came back. Now she sets to work getting Natasha bound and gagged. She ties her arms and legs spread and wide apart, her heels high up in the air as Chloe attaches Natasha’s bound ankles to the top of the bedposts. Natasha is sleeping through the whole thing, but just as Chloe’s finishing, the helpless damsel starts to waken. Groggy, she discovers that she’s tied up on the floor with her pussy on clear display! Natasha starts screaming out for help, and is quickly handgagged by Chloe. Then she’s ballgagged, too, to shut her up so Chloe can get down to business! She strips Natasha mostly naked (but leaves the stockings and heels since she finds them rather erotic). Chloe grabs a huge strap-on and starts to menace Natasha with it, taunting her by putting the huge dong right up to her face and laughing when Natasha gets distressed. Too bad! It’s not over yet by any means! Chloe puts on the strap-on and starts fucking her tied up friend hard! She ignores the helpless Natasha’s pleas and cries to stop! In fact, Chloe seems to rather enjoy her struggling; it makes everything way more exciting to be dominating her snooty friend! Now Chloe is really getting into it, she even whips out her OWN tits and plays with her boobs and nipples while she’s fucking Natasha with the strap-on! Chloe’s head is back as she’s moaning with pleasure. She doesn’t even miss a stride with the thrusting back and forth. She gives it to Natasha hard until she’s satisfied, then she tells Natasha off before she leaves the poor girl bound half naked and ballgagged on the floor! Who will rescue our secretary? Anyone? Or will Chloe just return for a second go?

06-02-21 Blonde Chloe Night Forced to Make Bondage Sex Movies after Ruining Boyfriend’s Job!
(FULL HD - 8:30 min)
Blonde Chloe Night comes home in her jeans and high heels to her boyfriend who is looking all disappointed on the sofa. Turns out she had the car when he had to get to a job interview. She had totally forgot. Sergio is pissed, but he has a solution, since they are having trouble making rent and now that job opportunity has vanished. Chloe is all ears. Sergio says that she’s going to shoot a porn. She laughs – he’s obviously joking. Sergio pulls out rope and begins tying Chloe’s hands in front of her. Chloe tries to calm him down, there has got to be another way to get out of their financial situation. But Sergio is resolute in both ameliorating their accounting mess and serving up a little justice to his girlfriend who thoughtlessly ruins everything.

He cleave-gags her as he goes on about the stupid shit she was doing when he was really needing to get to that interview – getting a pedicure and shopping for stuff they didn’t need. She’s double cleave gagged and then her legs are bound, her tied hands attached to a sofa leg. Sergio retrieves the tripod and camera, sets things up, strips down and then pulls her pants and panties down to get this hardcore bondage sex shoot going. There’s dollars in this! He fucks his girlfriend for the camera, and she is not getting into it at all! She doesn’t like being tied up, gagged and fucked in front of the camera. But, she ruined everything, so this is her lot. Sergio is enjoying himself, so much that he shoots his load, making sure to get those cumshots in so his video sells even better. Oh Sergio is having a great time – he’s getting a bit of revenge, pussy AND money!


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