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3-02-24 - New Model Chloe Night Tricked into Nude Bondage Sex at Her First Modeling Gig! (13 min!) Classic Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Chloe Night is brand new model at her very first bondage shoot! Isaac W., the photographer, is explaining everything to her as he ties her to the bed: one bare foot tethered to the footboard, the other roped up high so her sole is dangling in the air, wrists tied apart to opposite posts. He gags her next with a huge wad of stuffing and a scarf on top. Now Chloe is tied up spread and nude with her pussy exposed and vulnerable!

But then the photographer leaves — and returns with another guy! He literally hands the bound and gagged Chloe over to Sergio for his birthday gift! Sergio thanks Isaac, then starts to molest and finger fuck poor Chloe — groping and sucking her tits and licking her pussy! He’s really enjoying his tied up and gagged birthday present!

Poor Chloe is frantic and terrified when she realizes she’s been duped. This is NOT what she had signed up for! She flies into a panic when she sees that she’s not just being molested but she’s getting FUCKED, too! Sergio strips down and climbs atop Chloe for some very satisfying birthday sex, fucking her HARD, his big cock thrusting back and forth inside Chloe’s pussy as she struggles and moans.

When Sergio’s done (for the time being), the photographer returns and says he’ll take the sloppy seconds. Chloe panics once more as Isaac jumps onto the bed and pulls his cock from his pants!

2-24-24 - EPIC 20 Min. Video! Natasha Flade Bound & Boned by Investment Broker with Throbbing Boner & Briefcase Full of Ropes! (20 min!) Classic Video from 2007 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Natasha Flade has inherited a million dollars, and being the prudent lass that she is, she plans to invest it. So she makes an appointment with an investment broker to come to her home. He seems nice enough, but when he opens his briefcase, she sees that it’s full of rope! His “investment plans” are to tie her up and take the cash for himself!

Natasha tries to scream and gets handgagged. She’s forced to the floor where her wrists are tied apart to each table leg and then she gets a double cleave-gag to boot! Her bare feet are hoisted high and tied spread. All the tying and gagging is on-screen with great closeups of Natasha’s lovely gagged face her wiggling soles.

Poor Natasha is in a panic! Here she is, bound and gagged on her dining room floor! What can happen next?! What happens is that the investment guy gets a steak knife, pulls up her sundress and cuts off her white panties! He puts them on her face just to be an ass and threatens that if she screams, he’ll gag her with own undies!

He tells her this is the best investment deal he’s ever made. And to make the deal even sweeter, he’s going to fuck her before he leaves! He’s now naked with a throbbing boner and he dives it into her! Our helpless and naïve Natasha is fucked silly by this no-good con man. He plows and pounds that pussy for all he’s worth, and sucks her nipples while he’s banging the helpless damsel. He’s clearly enjoying himself! And so will you the viewer, as you get all the cool angles and sizzling closeups of this hot bondage sex action!

After he cums, he gropes her tits and says he’ll be back for more after his other appointments since she’s the hottest client he’s ever had. Then he strolls off, leaving Natasha tied-up barefoot on the floor — and broke to boot!

2-17-24 - YOU Are the Intruder! Natasha Flade Pantyhose-Bound for Titty Fuck & Blowjob! (11:30 min.) Classic Video from 2009 Resurrected! This recently rediscovered video hasn’t seen the light of day since its original release. It’s been completely re-edited from the source tapes for a higher quality viewing experience. YOU are the intruder in this POV bondage sex video! Shot with a hero-cam, everything is from your point-of-view! You’re hiding in the hall of Natasha Flade’s house. She sees you and screams and runs! You chase her down, handgag her and pin her to the bed. You throw her to the floor and grab a ton of pantyhose from the dresser. You bind Natasha’s wrists, ankles and thighs with stockings. You stuff her mouth with a wadded up pair of pantyhose and order her to keep it there.

You pull down her bra and play with her tits. Now out comes your cock! You rub it on her breasts for a titty fuck! You remove her pantyhose gag and replace it with your hard dick! You make the helpless babe lick and suck your nob to your satisfaction. You flip her onto her belly, pull her panties down and fondle that fine naked ass. You bind her elbows twice with 2 pairs of pantyhose — with great POV shots of the on-screen tying!

You run her hands along her beautiful body while she squirms and writhes, trying to escape your touch. But she can’t escape you! You push your captive onto her back, clamp your hand acroos her lips and give those tits more attention. You just can’t keep your hands (or your dick) off of her! You shove your cock up against her lips and make her lick and suck you off. So hot to get a blowjob from a gorgeous chick all bound and gagged and at your mercy!

You shove the pantyhose back into Natasha’s mouth and wrap a pair of stockings on top for a cleave-gag. Her high heels are hauled up and attached to her wrists so she’s hogtied. You stand and admire your damsel in pantyhose bondage. You kneel down and taunt her, then run your hands along her thighs, tits and ass. Natasha looks at you with the most pleading and beautiful damsel eyes. "This is only the beginning," you tell her as you saunter off...

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