11-06-19  Natasha Flade, in Dress and High Heels, Owes Money So Bondage Blowjob It Is! Natasha Flade got a car from friend Isaac W., and he allowed her to make payments directly to him. Now, she's behind two months and she comes over all sexy in her dress and high heels to plead with him to not take the car back. Isaac has a proposal to forgive the last two months. He wants to tie her up. He’s really in to seeing woman tied up, and would really like to See Natasha with some ropes binding her, so…how about it? Natasha is quite hesitant, but she trusts Isaac and allows him to bind her wrists, ankles and thighs. There’s closeups of the binding, the one of her ankles getting the rope job is a splendid view of her high heels. Once she's all tied up, Isaac gets her tits out! She protests, but gets handgagged. The next news isn’t good, either: he says she has to suck his cock! Natasha realizes that she really fucked up and can’t believe she fell for this! Now she’s in tight bondage and has no other options—she has to put this guy’s dick in her mouth! She's placed on her knees (Isaac thoughtfully provides a pillow) and forced to give him a bondage blowjob! This deal worked out great for Isaac! Not only did he get too tie up his hot friend, he got a nice blowjob out of the deal. And, yes, Natasha got to keep the car. Isaac wasn’t THAT evil!
10-31-19  Secretary Natasha Flade Gets Strap-On Revenge Fuck Bondage Sex over Loren Chance's Promotion! Secretary Natasha Flade is at her desk in the office. She’s in a red hot outfit, pantyhose & high heels when Loren Chance storms on it. She really lets Natasha have it, going on about what she told their bosses at work. “What the hell you have been saying about me?” Loren sceams out. “What’s your deal with all these lies?!” she confronts. Natasha stammers, but Loren is quick! She grabs Natasha by the shoulders and stands her up. She pulls her arms behind her back and ropes her hands behind her back. Then Loren takes a thick, black scarf and holds it out in front of Natasha’s face. “This is shut you the fuck up!” she says as she gags Natasha. She wraps the scarf between her lips twice and knots it. Natasha tries to cry out, but she’s much quieter now that Loren has her cleave gagged. Laughing, Loren bends Natasha over the desk, pulls up her skirt, and starts grabbing her ass through her stockings. She really grabs that ass hard, too! “I think some spanking is what you need,” Loren says as she yanks down Natasha’s pantyhose and starts grabbing and spanking that awesome, naked ass of Natasha’s. But Loren’s far from finished! “I don’t think spanking is enough. I’m going to teach you a big lesson!” She comes back — with a big strap-on attached to her! She slaps that dong against Natasha’s ass as she gets ready to plunge it right into her pussy for her revenge bondage sex strap-on fucking! Now Loren is all gung-ho about getting down to business and she really lets Natasha have it! She pounds that pussy hard, laughing and going on about how she’s making her pay. Loren then strips her top and bra off. She’s now in just her heels and thigh-high stockings. Loren grabs her own tits and starts playing with them erotically while she’s fucking Natasha from behind. She’s obviously taking great delight in making Natasha pay with her pussy! There’s great angles in this video, with lots of closeups of the strap-on action and poor Natasha’s gagged face and eyes wide in fear and shock. Eventually, Loren decides Natasha’s had enough! She leans over and whispers into Natasha’s ear about how her lie-spreading days are over. She lost a promotion because of it and she’s not about to take any more! She makes Natasha promise that she’ll keep her mouth shut from now on. After Natasha resignedly nods her head in agreement, Loren leaves her there, tied bent over her desk, her naked ass on display. This awesome video also includes some great outtakes at the end!
10-23-19 Natasha Flade Handgagged, Tied Up Barefoot for Bondage Sex for Boyfriend's Debt! Natasha Flade was chillin’ in her bedroom, being all sexy in her nightie and barefoot. She was thinking about taking a nap, not thinking at all about being nabbed because of her boyfriend’s serious debts! But that’s what happened! She’s handgagged and ordered to behave or serious shit will happen. She puts out her hands to be tied up. Once her hands are bound, she’s cleave gagged with a thick scarf. Her top is pulled down and her titties are fondled. The intruder explains that because her boyfriend has refused to take his debt seriously, she’s going to be used as a partial payment—in pussy! We cut to this damsel all tied up on the floor: Her hands are attached to the bottom of a bedpost, her bare feet to the top, her soles in the air. Natasha’s pink panties are removed and now her goods are totally exposed for the taking. Her thighs are stroked, her vag is fingered, and soon the debt collector’s clothes are shed and he’s collecting that pussy by thrusting his cock into it! She’s ridden hard and some of that debt that isn’t even hers gets erased as he cums inside her!

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