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07-28-21 Natalie Minx Held Up in Red Party Dress, Stockings & Heels for Bondage Sex!
(FULL HD – 13 Minutes)
Natasha Flade is one noisy neighbor! She parties all the time, making it impossible for her neighbor to get any sleep! As she's getting ready to have yet another party, she hears a knock at her door.  The door opens wide unexpectedly and there's her angry neighbor aiming at gun right at her! He's really pissed off this time! He grabs Natasha and demands that she stop her noisy ways. But Natasha just blows him off and turns around. Her neighbor is sick and tired of this attitude! Blow him off? He'll make her blow him off - for real this time!

He grabs some rope and forces Natasha down onto a chair. He ties her hands together behind the chair back, then her heels are bound spread to each chair leg, giving us some nice upskirt shots of Natasha's panties. Now that he's got her chair-tied tightly in her sexy, pink cocktail dress and high heels, the angry neighbor keeps her handgagged as he explains that she has to stop making so much damn noise at night and she has to suck him off to boot.

Out comes his cock and into Natasha’s whiney mouth it goes! He pulls her dress down so he can enjoy her tits while she's giving that nice, hard cock a really good blowjob! Natasha tries crying out, but that big, fat dick keeps her from saying much of anything. She sucks him off good, hoping he'll leave her alone when he's done.

But he cums in her mouth and, no, he doesn't let her go. He just leaves her there as extra precaution that he can finally get a good night's sleep! Our poor damsel is left chairtied topless in her party dress and high heels to struggle for the night and conetemplate her disrespectful actions.

07-21-21 Natalie Minx Held Up in Red Party Dress, Stockings & Heels for Bondage Sex!
(FULL HD – 11:15 Minutes)
Blonde Natalie Minx is abducted at gunpoint by a masked home invader in this 11 minute bondage sex video clip. Natalie just came home from an upscale party. She's still in her hot red dress, stockings and high heels. She's about to take off her earrings when a masked guy with a gun sneaks up behind her! He forces poor Natalie to the bed, makes her get onto in and begins to tie her hands in front with rope. Natalie is terrified and can't help but complaining and whimpering. The invader is sick of listening to it, so he stuffs Natalie's mouth with a wad of cloth and ties it into place for a colorful packing gag. Then he hauls Natalie down to the floor, ropes her pantyhose clad leg to a bedpost and ties her hands to a leg of the dresser. Now he has his helpless captive all ready for his evil intentions fucking her while she's bound and gagged on the floor. The masked dude pulls up Natalie's red dress and discovers that she's not even wearing any panties! That makes things a little easier for him! He strips down, pulls out his huge cock and shoves it inside the helpless Natalie's unwilling pussy. He bends his hot blonde victim into a couple of different positions and angles, plowing her while she's at his total mercy. When he's finally had enough bondage sex to satisfy him for the evening, the armed home invader takes off, leaving poor Natalie Minx struggling on the floor, still packing gagged and tied in her red dress and high heels! But does he really have his fill or does he come back for some more forced fucking? Buy the video and find out!

07-14-21 Blonde Natalie Minx Frogtied at Gunpoint for Bondage Sex in Nightie!
(FULL HD – 15:50 Minutes)
Blonde Natalie Minx is in the bedroom in her sexy purple nightie. She’s getting ready to retire when a masked intruder with a gun holds her up! Natalie begs him to please just leave; he can have whatever he wants. But this dude’s got other plans in mind! He forces Natalie to lay down on the floor and ties her wrists spread apart to opposite bedposts. Natalie’s pleading the entire time for him to please stop, so he puts an end to the constant  chatter by packing her mouth full with a large cloth, then she’s tapegagged over that.

With his damsel silenced to mere muffled moans, the masked intruder goes about his business in relative peace. He grabs her panties and makes them disappear, then he binds her legs, folding them up in the frogtied fashion. He pulls down the top of her nightgown to get a gander at those huge tits of hers. And he’s not let down!Natalie’s breasts are simply amazing! Even better for fondling, which he does aplenty before moving on to that pussy. He fingers her snatch for a few minutes, warming up.

Natalie tries to struggle free, but she’s doomed to lay there helplessly as her captor drops his drawers for his real mission: to fuck this hot blonde damsel silly. It’s an arousing position he has Natalie in, and he makes great use of it! His huge cock slams the poor girl repeatedly. Poor Natalie can only manage a few mews and mmphs from behind her thick gagging.

There’s lots of great angles of all of the hot, bondage sex action, along with POV shots of Natalie’s tapegagged face, all distress as she’s being ravaged. For the finale, we have a really great cumshot as her assailant spews a gallon of his love-goo all over poor Natalie’s belly! Then he leaves her like that while he robs the place. Hey, may as well steal something while he’s there!


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