1-22-19 Natasha Flade Handgagged & Tied Up by Two for Strapon Revenge Fuck by Star Nine!!Natasha Flade comes home in her dress, dark stockings (pantyhose) and heels, only to be jumped by beautiful Star and Isaac W. She’s handgagged and carried kicking to the bed where they tie her hands. Star keeps Natasha handgagged while Isaac does the binding. Natasha is cleave gagged, her hands tethered to one of the posts, her heels tied together and hauled up in the air, secured to the top of the same post. Isaac leaves to shake down the rest of the house while Star has the helpless Natasha alone, and says she's here for revenge. But Natasha repeatedly gagtalks that she never met Star in her life. Star pulls down the top of Natasha’s dress to get her topless and play with her tits as she teases her. Star strips herself down to her bra and panties and has a strapon with a huge cock, coming right at helpless Natasha! Star pulls away Natasha's panties and slams home that huge silicone cock! She fucks Natasha hard, even taking time to slap her pussy with it and take an acrobatic approach by hanging from the bed canopy! Star certainly gets her revenge! Isaac returns and wants a turn just as we fade to black.


1-15-19 Natasha Flade Strictly Elbow Bound and Kneeling for Barefoot Bondage Blowjob! Natasha Flade is tied up on the floor! She’s bound hand and foot, strictly elbow-bound, her thighs are tied above the knees, and she’s cleavegagged. This barefoot damsel is in shorts and a thin T-shirt and we can see her sexy nips poking out! She struggles, because if she can’t escape this strict bondage, something bad is going to happen. Her captor is still in the house. She doesn’t manage to budge those ropes one bit, and Isaac comes back to play with his hostage. Natasha’s tits are groped through that shirt before he has her kneel over his lap on the chair and he whips out his cock. She has to give him a bondage blowjob! As she’s sucking his dick, he pulls up her top so she’s topless and she can grope her tits. He also pulls down her shorts and panties, that perfect ass needs some fondling attention, too! Natasha is good at sucking the peen with her hands tied up behind her, and Isaac cums in her mouth! Does he untie her? Let’s hope not…


1-8-19 Natasha Flade Chloroformed In Sundress & Pantyhose for Ass-Up Bondage Sex! Natasha Flade is turning down the bed in her sundress and pantyhose. Coming in through the door behind her is some dude with a rag in his hand. He nabs Natasha and holds that cloth full of chloroform to her face! She fights, but not for long. The fumes overcome her and soon she unconscious and limp in his arms. He lays her down on the bed and gets out some rope and starts tying her hands together in front of her as this sleepy girl sleeps, helpless in his hands. We cut to Natasha all tied up and spread on the bed, ass-up. She’s cleave gagged and still asleep. She slowly awakens, eyes fluttering open, and she takes stock of her bondage predicament. She starts struggling like mad and mmphing through that gag! Isaac comes in, lifts up her dress and we see that pantyhose ass—nice! He grips her buns, handgags her and tells her to turn it down. She’s his for the evening! Those pantyhose are slipped down and Natasha’s bare ass is out there for us to marvel at. Isaac strips down to take Natasha from behind. She squeals through her gag as he thrusts his cock inside! He rides her, plays with her tits, rides her some more! At the end, he cums inside her.

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