10-16-20 Loren & Isaac Get Back at Office Manager Natasha Flade with Strap-On Revenge Fuck & Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD - 17:07 Minutes)
Office manager, Natasha Flade, just got home from work when she’s jumped by Loren Chance and her partner, Isaac W. Loren was fired by Natasha and now she wants revenge! Isaac keeps her handgagged while Loren ties her up, binding her at the wrists. She holds Natasha still while she’s cleave gagged by Isaac with a long scarf wrapped three times between her lips. They toss her onto her belly on the bed, where she’s tied-up kneeling, her ass pointing up, hands tethered in front to the headboard, ankles bound to the foot board. Loren rants on about she shouldn’t have been fired and now Natasha has to pay! Then she discovers a huge strap-on in her nightstand! She bounces that rubber cock in Natasha’s face, pulls her skirt up, then rips down her pantyhose. Natasha is getting scared now! She’s completely helpless here, tied bent over with her naked ass and pussy exposed. Loren unbuttons her silk blouse, slips off her bra, then gropes her tits. She bounces that huge cock against Natasha’s exposed snatch, warming her up for what’s to come!

She puts the strap-on and starts fucking Natasha doggystyle. She’s letting Natasha have it hard. She gets into it, too, stripping off her own top. Her tits are bouncing as she revenge fucks Natasha. After lots of great angles of some awesome girl-girl kinkiness, Loren’s partner, Isaac W., strolls in. He’s aghast, but Loren says she’s getting simply the best revenge fuck ever! She asks Isaac to join in, too! Sure, why not? Isaac undoes Natasha’s gag, then keeps her handgagged while he unzips his pants. He grabs Natasha by the head and forces her to suck his cock. Now poor Natasha’s getting it from both ends! Loren’s strap-on fucking her from behind while she’s forced to give Isaac a bondage blowjob. It’s an epic boy-girl-girl revenge fuck! Our damsel’s worst fears have materialized; Isaac returned and forced her into even nastier things. She can’t do anything about it, but her two captors are loving every second! Isaac revels in getting sucked off until he cums right in Natasha’s mouth. Satisfied, he and Loren give each other high-fives on top of their worn-out captive, exhausted from her ordeal. OUTTAKES AT THE END!

10-06-20 Natasha Flade Carried in Bound & Gagged, Tied Spread for Bondage Sex in Garters & Stockings! (FULL HD - 12:10 Minutes)
Natasha Flade is carried tied and gagged into the bedroom by an intruder. He caught her while she was dressed all skimpy and sexy as hell in her black stockings, garters and bra! Her hands are tied in front and her stocking-clad ankles are bound. He gagged her with a 2-piece packing plus cleave ensemble. Natasha is really in some serious trouble here! She’s looking really scared as she’s carried into the bedroom and dumped on the bed. The intruder grabs her bound wrists and hauls them up above her head, then attaches them to the headboard so they’re up out of reach. Natasha tries to cry out for help and is quickly handgagged while her captor gropes her tits and tells her to be quiet or else. He pulls down Natasha’s bra cups, then sucks and kisses her tits before pulling down her panties to expose that sweet shorn pussy. With her pantyhose-clad feet held up, Natasha’s panties are pulled off and the invader’s wandering hands are all over her ass and pussy. Her feet are untied next, then roped spread wide apart to the footboard posts. Now he has his sexy captive totally helpless tied spread eagle. But she’s still mewling even though she’s both packing gagged and cleave gagged. This evil man has his lovely Natasha right where he wants her – at her mercy and totally vulnerable. Now to violate her more with his big, hard cock! He strips down and starts fucking his prize like crazy while Natasha moans and struggles. But she can’t do too much because of his threats. She must endure his thrusting cock going in and out. It’s not too hard for you, the viewer, to endure, though! There’s pleasure aplenty here with all the great angles of Natasha being fucked while tied and gagged. And at the end, the ravisher squirts his goo right onto her belly for a wonderful cumshot finale! Does the captor untie Natasha afterwards? Of course not! He leaves her tied spread eagle on the bed in her garters and stockings beccause he thinks he may just come back for more bondage sex with Natasha Flade. After all, wouldn’t you?

10-01-20 Wife Natasha Flade Forced into Kneeling Bondage Blowjob In Boots for Fooling Around
(FULL HD - 8:36 minutes)

Husband Isaac W. is waiting for his wife Natasha Flade to return from a night "out with the girls." It's already dawn and she comes strolling in in her hot knee-high boots and miniskirt. He accuses her of seeing another man, she denies it. Isaac is adamant and furious. He whips out a length of rope and binds her hands behind her, then ropes her elbows close together. Once her thighs and those black boots are tied together, she's forced to kneel down. Hhe demands that she suck his cock in penance. She resists, but what is this adulterous housewife gonna do all tied up like she is? Natasha sucks Isaac’s cock until he cums in her mouth.

Satisfied with his punishment, he gets up and gropes her tits as he says he’s surprised she’s got any energy left after all those other cocks she’s been sucking. “You need to be here at home, tied up and satisfying ME!” Then he leaves his cheating wife tied up kneeling to ponder her adulterous ways.

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