12-08-23 - Take a Shower! Wife Natasha Flade Refuses Sex to Hick Husband for Not Showering! Gets Tied to Bed & Taken by Force! (14:36 min.) Classic Video from 2010 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This is another video we came across that hasn’t seen the light of day since way back in 2010. It's been re-edited from the original source tape at the highest possible quality.

Isaac requests a “special night” with his wife Natasha Flade (who’s looking hot in her yellow sundress and matching high heels), but she’s just not into it. She tells him she has a night out planned with the girls and he’s a little stinky from work. When’s the last time he’s showered, anyway?! She gets up to leave, but her hick husband is adamant he’s getting some poon tang, so he decides to tie her up and take her by force!

He pushes his wife back onto the bed where she belongs! He grabs some rope and ties her hands in front of her, then attaches them to the headboard. He strips off her yellow panties and throws them to the floor before grabbing an ankle and encircling it with rope. He hoists that leg of hers up high and tethers it to the headboard. The next leg gets the same treatment so she's spread, her heels dangling in the air.

Now wife Natasha Flade is helpless on the bed -- and wide open for her husband’s initial request (which was a solid banging, if you’ve forgotten). Natasha’s now cleave-gagged and not exactly having the best time of her life. Her stinky husband has disrobed, excepting his dew rag, and is slipping her his cock for a wild ride of bondage sex! There’s 7 whole minutes of pussy pounding and plowing as poor Natasha, all tied-up and gagged, has to take every inch and thrust from her hick husband!

Amusing outtakes and bloopers at the end!

12-02-23 - Natasha Flade Hogtied in Slip & Thigh-Highs for Titty-Fucking! Cumshot! (15:30 min.) Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2010! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video hasn’t seen the light of day since 2010. We recently rediscovered and re-edited it for you. Enjoy! Natasha Flade is on the floor in her black slip and thigh-highs. She wears no shoes, so we get great shots of her stocking-clad feet! Her hands are bound behind her back and her assailant is binding her thighs and ankles.

Her captor fondles her boobs through her slips, then leaves her for a bit. He returns with two scarves. Natasha promises she’ll be quiet, but he doesn’t believe her. He stuffs one balled-up scarf into her mouth. The other is used as a cleave gag on top. With Natasha silenced, the assailant pulls down her slip and plays with her tits. He’s just getting warmed up!

He rolls Natasha onto her belly, then she’s roped into a tight hogtie. He pulls her panties down to expose that sweet ass. He squeezes her preface buns and runs his hands along her body. She’s so hot like this, he takes some time to just watch as Natasha struggles, mews and rolls around. She's trying very hard to escape her bonds! As she wiggles around, we’re treated to lots of great angles of her stocking-feet, her beautiful bare ass and her lovely damsel face. What a delight!

Now it’s time for this captor’s real mission! He rolls Natasha onto her back so he can titty fuck her! Poor Natasha moans and sobs as that hard cock fucks her breasts until he finally cums on her titties! Natasha is left alone to struggle hogtied – with a load of cum drizzling off her boobs!

11-24-23 - 100% Pure Bondage Sex! Natasha Flade Bound Barefoot & Fucked Hard on the Floor! (5:50 min.) Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2008! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video is 100% bondage sex! It’s pure bondage and fucking! The video begins with the intruder, Isaac W., already atop the bound and gagged Natasha Flade. She was abducted on her way home from the office and now she’s been stripped naked except for her top, which has been pulled up above her breasts. Her clothes are scattered everywhere.

He’s got Natasha bound barefoot — and almost completely nude! She’s on her back on the floor, her hands tied overhead to the coffee table. Her mouth has been stuffed with cloth. A rope gag holds the stuffing in. One leg has been forced up on his shoulder, her bare foot dangling in the air.

In this position, the intruder has excellent penetration and we have a great view of all the hardcore fucking action! Her tits are fondled as she’s plowed nice and hard. He tells her how much he enjoys fucking her like this. Natasha mews and writhes beneath him, but she’s helpless to do anything and that pussy gets a pounding until the intruder finishes by cumming inside her. Then he crawls up next to the poor Natasha for some extra titty feelies until it’s time for another go.

What more can we say? Just pure bondage and fucking!

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