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5-24-23 - Trust Fund Manager Gets Hot Blonde Client Acidalia Sabine Chairtied for Bondage Blowjob as Payment! (11:30 min) Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Improved Quality, Color & Sound! Hot blonde Acidalia Sabine has her trust fund manager over for a meeting at her dining room table. She’s in her cute little sundress and barefoot. Sergio (aka “Thundercock”) is going over her inherited monies and mentions that in all these years he’s never taken a fee for managing any of it.  He tells her that instead of biting into her money, he would prefer a “personal arrangement.”

When Acidalia asks what he means exactly, he gets behind her and pulls her hands behind the chair back. Then she’s informed that he’s going to tie her up and she’s going to suck his cock! Understandably, she’s a little nervous and reluctant about this. But she doesn’t resist that much as she asks, “Why do I have to be tied-up?” Sergio replies that he likes his girls that way. Acidalia’s hands are soon tied crossed behind the chair back, then her ankles are bound.

Sergio unzips his pants and whips out his cock. Having really no choice at this point, the helpless Acidalia opens her mouth and accepts Sergio’s big member. Not just accepts it, she’s giving Sergio a really good bondage blowjob! Her dress is pulled down and Sergio plays with her tits while he’s getting blown. As Sergio enjoys this fantastic blowjob, we’re treated to lot of angles and close-ups of the cock sucking action and of Acidalia all roped up to that chair.

She sucks that rod until “Thundercock” explodes with a big load of cum in her mouth. What a nice way to get paid!

5-18-23 - Chloe Night Post-Tied Standing & Fucked in Nightie After Ditching Dinner Date! (9:30 min) Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Chloe Night is in her bedroom, barefoot and wearing her slinky nightie. She’s getting ready to go to bed when Sergio comes barging in! Chloe ditched him earlier during their date by saying she was going to the restroom — but she never came back! Sergio is furious. He starts to argue with Chloe, then grabs her and starts tying her wrists together.

He exclaims that he showed Chloe a good time and now she’s going to show him a good time, too! He hoists her bound wrists up to the top of the bedpost. Chloe gets scared and starts to make a lot of noise, so Sergio cleave-gags her, then hikes her nightie up and starts to play with her tits and pussy!

His dick is getting pretty hard after all this, so he whips it out and starts rubbing it against Chloe’s hot ass. Then he slips his hard cock inside her and fucks poor Chloe from behind while she’s tied up to that bedpost. Chloe gets the rough bondage sex from Sergio until he cums — shooting his load all over Chloe’s naked ass! Satisfied at last, Sergio takes his clothes and leaves Chloe all alone, bound and gagged, helpless and struggling. Next time maybe she won’t ditch her dinner date!

5-11-23 - Natasha Flade Tries Party Pills, Gets Woozy, Gets Tied Naked & Fucked! (14:45 min) Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade is having a party at her house. She’s in her bedroom with some dude, Isaac W., getting ready to party down. She’s looking really hot, barefoot in her miniskirt. Natasha has no clue who this guy is, and being really naive, she takes his offer to try some “party pills.” Unbeknownst to Natasha, what Isaac really gave her are some pills to make her weak and woozy. Soon, Natasha starts feeling all drugged up and falls over on her bed. She’s too weak to do anything, so the no-good Isaac does EVERYTHING!

He arranges Natasha Flade on the bed, then pulls her top up and fondles her tits. Her hands are tightly tied together in front of her. Natasha tries to stop him, but she can barely move, let alone talk. Her miniskirt and panties are shimmied down, and Isaac gropes and squeezes her naked ass. Next, she’s bound at the thighs and folded up into a half ball-tie. (Great shots here of the tying action from Isaac’s point-of-view!) Now he shucks his own clothes aside while poor Natasha lays there helplessly: drugged, naked and whimpering.

He props this drowsy damsel up on her back, legs up in the air, and plows that free pussy! She’s getting fucked hard and then some, her bare feet and soles dangling over Isaac’s shoulders. When she gets a little too noisy, Isaac handgags her. A lot. It’s not like she can really say anything after he drugged her up, but keeping her handgagged just gets him off.

After he shoots his load inside her cunny, Isaac forces more “party pills” into Natasha’s mouth to make sure she stays intoxicated! The party pills didn’t work out too well for poor Natasha, but Isaac’s having loads of fun!


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