6-19-19  Chloe Night Gets Natasha Flade Tied Up & Gagged for Strap-On Bondage Sex Natasha Flade and Chloe Night are roomies, and Chloe notices that about a half ounce of her coke is missing. She confronts Natasha, who naturally denies having anything to do with the case of the missing blow. Chloe is darn certain she’s the culprit, or at least at fault, so she jumps atop of her, pinning her to the bed, gets out some rope and ties her hands together. Chloe tells her that she’s going to tie her up and let guys come in a and fuck her for a fee until that coke is paid off. This news makes Natasha really scream and struggle, and Chloe gets her cleave gagged with a thick scarf. Natasha’s hands are tied to the headboard, her shorts and panties are pulled off and her bare feet are tied together. Before Chloe starts selling Natasha’s ass, she pulls up her top and plays with her roomie’s tits. She puts on a strap-on with a huge dong and she really wants a piece of her roommate herself. Chloe slips that dong inside Natasha and fucks her silly, Natasha’s tied up bare feet in the air, bound soles on display as she endures this girl-girl bondage sex. When Chloe’s done, in comes Isaac, ready to pay and ready to fuck the tied up and gagged and naked Natasha!
6-12-19  Natasha Flade Tied Up & Ass-Up & Barefoot & Blindfolded for Bondage Sex A masked robber found Natasha Flade alone in her house, barefoot and in a little white dress. He tied Natasha face down on her bed, wrists bound behind her back, her bare feet tied together and tethered to the foot board. Her little dress has shimmied up, so now that hot ass is sticking out just simply ripe for the taking. This horny robber can't resist such an opportunity; he decides he wants more than Natasha's money! He wants to fuck her while he's got her bound and gagged. So he unties her bound feet and ties each ankle spread apart to opposite bed posts. Her soles are dangling in plain view and her pussy's extremely exposed and vulnerable. Now this robber has his captive in a great position for what he has in mind. He climbs up by Natasha's cleave gagged face with a thin, black scarf in hand. Natasha frets, wiggles and tries to avoid his touch, but it's no use as the assailant blindfolds the helpless damsel. One he has Natasha blindfolded, he removes his ski mask and climbs on top, his cock now rock hard. He shoves it inside Natasha and starts fucking her from behind - HARD! Natasha moans and pleads to no avail -- her efforts only result in the assailant's hand clamped over her pretty mouth while he continues to ride her! Natasha's soles swing wildly as his dick thrusts back and forth repeatedly, her moans barely audible from behind the white cleave gag. He gropes her tits a few times throughout this whole ordeal, but finally this pleasure is too much to control and the captor explode inside his bound captive. Once he's finished, he wipes the sweat off of his brow, gives the damsel a final kiss, then just leaves Natasha there tied naked spread and blindfolded all alone on the bed. What will become of our helpless captive? Is he coming back for even more?

6-5-19  Natasha Flade Tied Up & Spreadeagle Naked on Floor, Cleavegagged for Bondage Sex Natasha Flade is naked and tied up on the floor, cleave-gagged with a thick scarf. Her wrists are spread and stretched out to the legs of the sofa, and one ankle is tethered to a leg of the chaise. Isaac is there, groping her tits, grinning like a kid at xmas. He plays with her nude and helpless body, as Natasha squirms and mmmphs through her gag. He licks and kisses her bare skin and nipples, going down to tongue her pussy for a bit before climbing on with his solid member. He rides Natasha, bringing her free leg up on his shoulder, thrusting into his bondage damsel. We even get his point of view for a minute, Natasha’s gagged face and bouncing tits as he pounds her pussy. Another unique angle is from her bound bare foot tied to the chaise—nice sole! Isaac come to his climax, cumming inside his bondage plaything!

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