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1-19-22 Secretary Natasha Flade Chloroformed & Dragged to Bed for Dildo Fucking! (16:19 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2010 RE-EDITED! Secretary Natasha Flade is returning home from her office job when she’s handgagged and chloroformed by an intruder hiding behind the door! This is no ordinary handgagging scene! The intruder (Isaac W.) pinches her nose until she falls unconscious, then she’s dragged by her hands down the hall, still knocked out cold. The intruder picks the sleeping Natasha up, then tosses her onto a bed and starts tying her up.

First, her wrists are tied together behind her back. But then Natasha starts to awaken and scream, so she’s handgagged again and ordered to be quiet. The intruder sits her upright and forces a balled-up bandanna into her mouth for a nice, secure packing gag with a cleave gag to hold it in. He grabs her heels and ties her legs (no pantyhose) apart in spread eagle fashion. (Lots of great upskirt shots here!)

Now the home intruder pulls Natasha’s skirt up, cuts her panties off and tosses them aside. Then he finds a huge, red rubber dong in Natasha’s nightstand. Natasha’s eyes grow damsel wide as he holds it up in front of her. Then he climbs onto the bed and starts dildo fucking her hard! Poor Natasha is forced to endure this most egregious violation of her body. She pulls at her bonds and moans from behind her gag as she’s relentlessly dildo fucked while bound and gagged on the bed in her heels and (pulled-up) skirt!

1-12-22 Dick Tease Natasha Flade Tricked Into Bondage! She’s Tied Up Spread, Stuffer-Gagged & Boned! (17 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2010 RE-EDITED! Secretary Natasha Flade has been kidnapped from the office! Her captor leads her, hands tied in front and cleave-gagged, into the hideout house. He forces her to walk upstairs, then he makes her sit atop a coffee table while he makes a phone call to her husband, demanding ransom money for her safe return. He makes Natasha talk into the phone herself, pleading through her gag to her husband, begging him to please pay up the money now!

But Natasha's husband claims he doesn't have the funds. Upon discovering that the ransom might not be paid, the captor decides more incentive is in order. He unbuttons Natasha's blouse, peels back her bra cups and plays with her boobs. Then she helplessly watches as her kidnapper sets up a camera on a tripod so he can make a ransom tape. He's going to get that money one way or the other!

Once the camera is ready to go, he ties Natasha bent over the coffee table, her hands pulled taut in front, her heels spread and each ankle tied to a table leg. Natasha's miniskirt is pulled up, her panties stripped from her body. The kidnapper removes his clothes and laughs into the camera as he thrusts his hard cock inside Natasha and fucks her from behind.

Now he's fucking Natasha on video to show her husband that if he doesn't pay up, his lovely wife will remain the victim of this relentless tied up fucking! He makes sure to get plenty of angles of Natasha being used this way for forced bondage sex. Betcha Natasha's husband pays the ransom pretty quickly now. Or does he?

1-5-22 Dick Tease Natasha Flade Tricked Into Bondage! She’s Tied Up Spread, Stuffer-Gagged & Boned!
(16:20 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2006 RE-EDITED! Housewife Natasha Flade awaits friend Isaac to return a video she had loaned him. She’s on the bed in a sexy camisole and pink panties, barefoot. He gives her back the video and she flirts with him, touching his leg, his hair, the side of his face. She even says her husband won’t be home for two hours. Isaac gets a bit flustered. This has happened before but nothing progressed beyond the flirting. This time he says she’d better stop of he’ll have to tie her up! She smiles and says, “Right! I dare you!”

Isaac pulls a length of rope from his pocket and ties her wrists in front of her. Natasha thinks it’s all a joke. Ha. Ha. But once her wrists are bound, she thinks that’s it and she’ll be untied, but Isaac tethers her to the headboard. It’s not as funny or cute as she envisioned. She’s been tricked into bondage, and now she’s stuck as he ropes her right ankle to the footboard. She demands to be released, and Isaac gets her stuffer-gagged so he can go about his business.

He strips those pink panties off, ties her other leg down, and lifts her top to play with her titties as she grunts in protest behind that stuffer-gag. Isaac is finally going to get some pussy from this dick-teasing married hottie! He strips down and hiops on to fuck this dick tease, this horny housewife that never let him near her goods! She’s fucked like she secretly wanted!


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