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1-25-23 - Bondage Blowjob Video from 2008 Re-Edited! Secretary Natasha Flade Makes Trade with Robber: Blowjob for Her Jewelry! (8:20 min) Secretary Natasha had just gotten home from the office when a robber got her! Now she’s tied up seated on a bench in the hallway, hands bound behind her, ankles tied above her high heels. The thief (Isaac W.) is finishing up the knots on the ropes about her skirt and thighs. Natasha begs him to please not steal her jewelry. Isn’t there anything else he could take instead?

This robber is intrigued! What exactly is this hot secretary offering here? Reluctantly, Natasha offers up a bondage blowjob if he promises to not rob her blind and get out of her house. Now this thief likes what he sees, and he hasn’t had any sex for a while, so he decides to take Natasha up on her offer. But she has to let him cum in her mouth, too!

He whips his cock out and our poor tied-up secretary is forced to keep her promise. He shoves his hard member into her mouth and Natasha goes to it. But he wants some tittyies while he’s getting his blowjob. He undoes Natasha’s blouse, pulls her bra down, then gropes, fondles and sucks her boobies. This wasn’t part of the deal, Natasha protests! Fair enough. So Natasha gets back to the business of the blowjob and Isaac gets back to the business of getting his rocks off.

Natasha licks and sucks that dick really well just as she promised. And Isaac comes in her mouth just as he promised. And he doesn’t take her jewelry after all. But he doesn’t untie her, either! (Hey, he never promised that, now did he?) He saunters off, satisfied with the day’s work, and leaves secretary Natasha tied up topless on the church bench, alone and helpless in her bondage. But at least not broke.

1-19-23 - POV Bondage Blowjob Video! Sit There With My Giz On Your Chin! Teacher Natasha Flade Chairtied for Blowjob by Angry Dad! (HD - 9:36 min) Your son’s teacher, Ms. Natasha Flade, spanked your son last week and you're really angry! You creep into Natasha’s house. You peek into her bedroom door and see that she’s reading a book with her back to you. Perfect opportunity! You sneak in and handgag her! You inform her that you’re incensed that she would spank your son and you’re here to take revenge!

Now your son’s teacher is a real hottie, and today she’s barefoot in shorts and a little tank top. You grab your bag of ropes and tie her to that chair. You tie her wrists behind the chair back. You tie her ankles and attach them to the chair legs. You rope her lap to the chair seat. Then you pull up her tank top to expose her lovely tits. While you’re at, how about some titty groping and fondling while she’s handgagged? Hey, why not? Not like she can do anything to stop you.

Now for the real revenge! You whip out your cock and demand a blowjob! Teacher Natasha Flade is obviously in no position to argue as you shove your throbbing nob into her mouth. And teacher Flade actually gives decent head considering the situation. She gets you off and you shoot your load of giz all over her chin. Damn, that sure looks good on her!

You don’t want her screaming for help until you’re long long. So you take a scarf and shove it past her lips for a nice, tight cleave gag. You stay just a couple more minutes and watch her squirm in her bondage, and to get a few more feelies in. “Sit here with my giz on your chin!” you tell the pretty teacher, then you leave her just like that: chair-tied barefoot and topless, her face cleave-gagged with cum dripping off.

Creatively shot from your point-of-view with picture-in-picture action! Plus outtakes at the end!

1-12-23 - Classic Bondage Sex from 2008 Re-Edited! Sexy Reporter Natasha Flade, In Boots and Blindfolded, Bent over for Doggy-style Bondage Sex! (9 min) Sexy Natasha Flade is a kidnapped reporter! In Part 1, she interviewed businessman (Isaac W.), but he thought she was a mole, so he tied her upand carried her off to his bedroom to find out what she’s really after. Now in part 2, he has the hot journalist all tied up on the bed, bent over on her elbows and knees, wearing nothing but her bra and knee-high boots. She’s still blindfolded and cleave-gagged with a seriously thick scarf.

Isaac leisurely takes off his shirt and pants as he taunts his pretty reporter in bondage. He feels her up, spanks her naked ass a few times, runs his hands along her cunny, then he he climbs aboard and plunges his hard cock into her! He’s giving her the fucking of her career! Natasha moans as she’s throttled with Isaac’s cock from behind, doggy-style fashion!

He’s having a marvelous time with this reporter who did him wrong! She’ll spill the beans when he’s done! He keeps at it until he finally cums, then he fondles Natasha’s bound body some more and repeats his demands to tell him who sent her. But still Natasha refuses to relent. Next phase: he’s going to fuck her up the ass!


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