8-4-20 Chloe Night Frogtied & Washcloth Gagged for Barefoot Bondage Sex (FULL HD - 12:20 min)
Chloe Night was arranging the towels in the bathroom. She’s barefoot in her thong panties and T-shirt, her round, sweet ass on display. Suddenly, an armed man bursts in with a gun! He grabs her, pins her arms behind her back and ropes them there as Chloe begs the intruder to please just take whatever he wants and leave. She keeps pleading to be released, so the intruder grabs a washcloth and stuffs it halfway into her mouth, then ties a thin scarf about Chloe’s head and black hair to keep it firmly between her lips. The 2-piece gagging muffles Chloe’s pleas and cries for help quite well. She’s then forced to the tile floor of the bathroom where she’s frogtied, kneeling, her ass pointing up. Now finding herself bound and gagged, and at the total mercy of this strange man, helpless Chloe starts freaking out as she’s stripped naked from the waist down. He rips those thong panties right off then undoes his own pants as he prepares to give this helpless damsel some hard dick! Frogtied on her knees, our damsel has no choice but to take it hard from behind, doggystyle. And hard it is! “Thundercock” thrusts his big cock repeatedly back and forth inside Chloe’s pussy. He pulls her up and grabs her tits while he’s fucking her from behind. When he’s finally done, poor Chloe is simply discarded, left to struggle tied up barefoot and washcloth gagged on the bathroom floor!

7-28-20 Natasha Flade Tied Naked Eiffel Tower Style for Bondage Blowjob AND Fucking (FULL HD - 9:09 min) Natasha Flade is naked and tied spread to the bed, Eiffel Tower style, with her wrists tied together and attached up above her to the headboard. Her captor, Isaac W., is right there with his hard cock out, ready to molest his helpless, tied up captive. He titty fucks her first while she cries and squirms trying to avoid him, but she’s not going anywhere tied like she is! He teases and taunts her, then orders her to open her mouth while he dangles that dick in front of her face. Natasha is mortified as in goes his dick, and she’s forced to suck it! The captor leans over the damsel’s prone form, enjoying this blowjob with his captive bound naked below him and on her back. After she gives him some good lip service to his knob, Isaac decides to switch things up. He went to all this trouble and he’s going to make the most of it! So he pulls his rod from Natasha’s mouth and untethers her tied hands from the headboard. She cries out as he hauls her up into a sitting position on the bed and and gags her with a white stuffer held in place with a thin, blue scarf. With his pretty captive securely gagged, he pushes her back down onto the bed. She’s kicking and trying to escape as her hands are re-tied above her head to the headboard. But she isn’t going anywhere, and with her legs tied spread and wide, now Isaac’s cock enters her pussy! He pounds her pussy hard as he rides her for the ultimate climax, playing with her tits as he’s thursting. Natasha’s squirming and mmpps just turn him on even more and he finally cums, finishing off right inside her finishes off inside her. Once he’s done, he laughs and strokes her naked, bound body for a minute before leaving poor Natasha all alone on the bed, still tied Eiffel Tower style and now both cleave and packing gagged. He’s had himself one helluva satisfying time, that’s for sure –both a bondage blowjob AND bondage sex in one go! Maybe he’ll just stop back for an encore….bloopers included!

7-23-20 Wife Natasha Flade Forced Into Bondage Blowjob Video as Ransom "Incentive!" (9:15 min)
NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade was tidying up the bed in her nightie, barefoot. You come in, gun drawn, and have this beauty totally under your control. You tell her to take off the nightie. She drops it to the floor, and hos she stands there, covering her tits with her arms in her panties. You order her to lose the panties, too. She takes them off, and now she’s totally nude. You make her walk naked to her dresser and pull out a small cloth and a black scarf. As ordered, she stuffs the small cloth into her mouth, then ties it in place with a thick scarf between her lips. She was just forced to be self gagged. And endure forced stripping! So she stands before you, packing gagged and cleave gagged, naked, waiting for the next thing you want…We cut to her tied up on the floor, legs in the air, tethered to the high bedposts. Now, this is the really fun part: the bondage sex! Now it’s Isaac W. plowing Natasha Flade, alternately slapping her thighs and groping her tits as he thrusts. At then end, there’s the cumshot, him spilling his love goo on her belly. It’s been a good day.

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