7-17-19  Loren Chance & Isaac W. Get Back at Office Manager Natasha Flade with Strap-On Bondage Sex Revenge! (HD - 9:22 min) Loren Chance got fired by office manager, Natasha Flade, and now she wants revenge! Natasha is just getting home from work. She strolls into her bedroom, sits down on the bed, removes her heels and rubs her pantyhose-clad feet before arranging the pillows to take a nap. Before she can get comfortable, in comes Loren and her partner-in-crime, Isaac W., whom she's asked to help her with her plans for revenge. The two jump Natasha! She starts to cry out, but she's handgagged quickly by Isaac. Natasha starts kicking all about, but Isaac and Loren hang on tightly and soon they have the pretty office manager under their submission. Isaac keeps his hand over Natasha's mouth while Loren ropes her wrists together in front. "Maybe you should have thought twice before you fired Loren!" Isaac taunts Natasha, laughing at her futile attempts to wriggle free from Loren's grasp. Loren is really angry and it shows! Her eyes are wide with her excitement to get back at her boss. She wraps her legs around Natasha's to stop her from kicking. Once she has her hands tied, Loren and Isaac haul Natasha up. Isaac keeps her handgagged while he grabs a fuzzy, white scarf from his pocket. Loren holds Natasha's jaw while Isaac gags her. He wraps it through her lips three times, then knots it in the back. Natasha's eyes are wide with fear; what on Earth do these two plan on doing with her, exactly? She soon finds out! Isaac and Loren take their bound and cleave gagged captive and toss her onto her belly on the bed. Then Loren grabs her ankles and ropes them together and tethers them to the headboard. Natasha's bound wrists are pulled out in front and attached to the foot board. She's now tied-up kneeling on the bed, her skirt-covered ass pointing up. Loren torments Natasha by going on about how she shouldn't have fired her and now she's going to pay! While Natasha squirms and cries, Loren goes through her nightstand. Her eyes gleam when she discovers a huge dong in the drawer! "Well look what I found," she tells Natasha as she holds it menacingly and bouces it off Natasha's gagged face and cheek. Laughing, Loren goes round to Natasha's ass and hoists up her office skrt, then rips down her pantyhose. Natasha is getting scared now! She's completely vulnerable here, with her pussy exposed and her naked ass pointing up in the air. Loren hovers over her helpless damsel while she unbuttons her silk blouse, slips off her bra, and starts groping her tits. She's immune to Natasha's pleas from behind her gag. She has no mercy at all for this women who just up and fired her so rudely. She'll be sorry now! Loren bounces the huge, rubber dong against Natasha's exposed snatch, warming her up for what's to come. Then she attaches the cock to herself and starts fucking Natasha from behind, doggystyle, with the strap-on. Natasha is crying, struggling and moaning as Loren pounds her pussy. And she's really letting Natasha have it hard! She's getting into herself, though, too, ripping off her own top. Loren jams that strap-on repeatedly into Natasha's pussy, her tits bouncing around as she gets into it. Natasha is frantic because she knows Isaac is coming back...and what is HE going to do to her?! Stay tuned for part 2!
7-10-19  Secretary Natasha Flade Screws Up, Tied Bent Over Desk by Boss for Office Bondage Sex Punishment! (HD - 11:45 min) Secretary Natasha Flade is at her desk, in her office wear of a red dress, black high heels and pantyhose. Her boss, Isaac, comes strolling in for a chat. Natasha tries to quickly hide the fact she's been goofing off again. But there's no fooling her employer. He’s been very disappointed with her performance lately. Basically, she stinks and he lets her know that she's being let go. Natasha is shocked and devastated. She really needs this job. She pleads “Isn’t there anything I can do? You know how much I need this position.” "I know you do," her boss replies. "Maybe we can work something out." Now that Isaac thinks about it, he'll give his sexy secretary another shot to keep her job - but only if she accepts a little punishment for her poor performance. He has her stand up and cross her hands behind her, then he begins to bind her wrists. Natasha is getting really nervous about this. She tells him she doesn't see how this will help her performance, but she doesn't want to be fired, either, so she goes along. She really, really needs this job, so she feels she has no choice but to comply. But then her boss spins her around, grabs her by the jaw and holds a large wad of cloth up to her mouth. Now Natasha is really freaked out and beginning to have second thoughts. She tries to protest, but her hands are bound and Isaac simply tells her to open while he shoves the packing gag into her mouth! It's tied in place with a scarf as a cleave gag on top. He smiles smugly while he grabs her by the gagged face and tells her this is much better, she just needs a little bit of punishment and to learn how to perform. Natasha's eyes grow wide with fright as she wonders what she's gotten herself into. He pulls her over to the credenza and bends her over it. Her dress is lifted up and her pantyhose are pulled down, exposing her round, naked, perfect ass. Now Natasha is really frightened, and squirms about, but she’s truly helpless now since he has her ankles tied wide apart to the legs of the credenza! Her sweet cheeks are fondled and given a few swift spanks before Isaac chucks his clothes, strokes his cock and enters his secretary's sweet pussy — like he's always wanted to do, anyway! With her packing gagged and securely bound to that file cabinet, he has all the fun he desires! He laughs as he thrusts his cock back and forth. The pleasure is clearly evident on his face and in the words he whispers, tauntingly. He gropes Natasha's tits while he's fucking her, holds her up by her tied wrists and plunges on. After he finally cums inside the helpless office girl, he wipes the sweat from his brow, and makes her promise through her gag that her performance will improve. Natasha nods in distressed agreement. Her boss smacks her bare ass, mutters that it's impossible to fnd any decent secretaries nowadays, then he strolls off and just leaves her like that. She'll do a better job tomorrow, won't she?

7-2-19  Wife Natasha Flade Has a Bondage Sex Gift, But Isaac Invites Chloe with Her Strap-On! (HD – 10:45 min) It’s Isaac W.’s birthday, and he wants his wife, Natasha Flade, to give him a very special present. Being the good wife, she agrees to allow her husband to explore his deepest bondage fantasies! He can’t believe she’s actually agreed to be tied up, let alone fulfill his kinky bondage sex desires! He watches in amazement as Natasha strips off her shorts and camisole top until she’s totally naked on the bed. She arranges herself at Isaac’s request; he has her cross her wrists behind her, then Natasha’s hands are roped together as she smilingly indulges her loving husband. Her eyes express surprise as he tells her to “open up,” and gags her with a thick scarf. The scarf is wrapped twice around her head and knotted in back. Once he has her cleave gagged, Isaac takes hold of her bare feet and binds her ankles. Then he sits next to his wife, who’s now bound hand and foot. He kisses her tits briefly before arranging her bent over, kneeling, on the bed. Her perfect naked ass and bare soles are beautifully on display. He strokes her naked body in this position for a bit, then tells her he’ll be back in just a moment. But when he returns, he’s not alone! With him is a topless Chloe Night, a smile on her face and a strap-on cock between her legs! “What the…?” Natasha cries out, muffled from behind her gag. Isaac tells his wife that is his REAL fantasy – to have a pretty girl fuck her like this with a strap-on, which he watches all of it, of course! Isaac steps out of the picture to watch this strap-on bondage sex action. Chloe gets in close to Natasha, who begins to panic. She didn’t sign up for this! Her so-called loving husband has tricked her! A stranger was not on the list of birthday gifts, let alone being fucked with a strap-on while bound and gagged naked on the bed! But Chloe is here to have fun. She slips her huge rubber cock into Natasha, putting on quite a show for birthday boy, Isaac W., who’s sitting back in the corner of the room, enjoying seeing his wife taken doggy style by this babe with the big tits and a strap-on. Natasha moans, whimpers and struggles as she’s fucked hard from behind by Chloe. Chloe is really getting into it, too, even stroking her own tits and sighing with pleasure. When Isaac appears for his turn, Natasha tries to ask him to please help her! But he only tells her that he’s all ready for his turn now! Isaac strips off his shirt and jeans, then strolls over to take Chloe’s place. Kinky Chloe is having so much fun, she asks if she can stay and watch Isaac while he’s having his bondage sex turn with the poor Natasha. “Be my guest!” Isaac tells Chloe. Chloe scampers off happily into a corner to watch the show while Isaac gets ready to mount his duped wife. Be sure to tune in next month for Part 2!

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