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5-19-22 Wife Natasha Flade Hogtied Barefoot & Titty Fucked for Selling Husband’s Baseball Card Collection! (12 min)

Wife Natasha Flade is married to a loser without a job. She needed money to buy food, so she sold her husband’s baseball card collection on eBay! Her husband, Isaac W., confronts her in the bedroom, demanding to know where his collection is. Natasha says she had to sell it to buy steaks since he’s unemployed. Her husband gets really angry, claiming that baseball collection was worth thousands!

He decides to teach that wife of his a lesson! So he grabs Natasha and ties her hands behind her back. She’s cleave-gagged next (on-screen!) with a thick scarf so he doesn’t have to listen to her whining as she’s being all roped up. He pushes Natasha to the floor where more ropes are added until she’s barefoot hogtied in her jeans and t-shirt. Great shots here of her cute, wiggling bare feet and soles here!

Once Isaac’s finished the last knot on the hogtie, he strips Natasha. First he pulls her jeans and panties down, then her t-shirt is pulled up. He spanks and fondles her naked ass, plays with her tits, and sucks her nipples! Now for the grand finale in today’s bondage lesson! He whips his cock out and rubs it all over Natasha’s tits. Then he titty fucks her until until he shoots his load right on her boobs for a great cumshot scene! What satisfaction Isaac has now!

Sometimes you just have to tie your wife up to teach her anything.

5-12-22 Loren Chance Revenge Fucked! Plowed with Strap-On for Getting Natasha’s Sister into Hardcore Porn! (FULL HD – 16:30 min)

FULL HD! Loren Chance has totally pissed off Natasha Flade by getting her sister to do hardcore porn. Now Natasha’s sister needs therapy, so she rolls on over to Loren’s house with a gun! She handgags Loren and forces her to the floor at gunpoint. Natasha says she’s here to get revenge – any which way she can!

Natasha binds Loren’s hands spread apart to to the table legs, then she holds the gun to her head while ranting about how she’s getting payback for her sister. Loren tries to deny everything, so Natasha cleave-gags her with a scarf. Then she leaves her tied and cleave-gagged on the floor while she gathers her weapon of revenge.

When she returns, Natasha is wearing a humongous strap-on! She shoves that huge rubber dong in Loren’s face! Loren is horrified. What the hell is this crazy girl up to? Natasha pulls Loren’s dress up and rips her panties off. Then she climbs aboard, plunging that monster strap-on repeatedly into the gag-screaming Loren! She pulls Loren’s bra up and grabs her tits. Natasha plows Loren really hard, changing positions, grabbing her tits and face. Loren’s getting revenge fucked like no one has before! 

This video is simply revenge bondage fucking at its finest!

5-5-22 Office Secretary Natasha Flade in Deep Trouble! Revenge Fucked for Stealing Clients!
(12:30 min)

Natasha Flade is an office secretary in deep trouble! She’s sitting at her desk in her sexy dress and high heels and working on her computer. But there’s a man with a gun sneaking up behind! He grabs Natasha and handgags her, the gun right in her face. The office intruder (Isaac W.) forces her to stand up, then bends her over the desk. Her sweater dress hikes up and we see her sexy thigh-stockings and garters. As he ropes her hands behind her back, he accuses Natasha of ruining him by stealing his clients and plotting behind his back.

Natasha is adamant that she didn’t mean to ruin him, it was just part of business. But this is one angry dude and he insists she fucked him over on purpose. Natasha even offers him money if he’ll just let her go, but Isaac retorts, “Oh, you’re going to ruin me and then throw me a bone? You fucked me over, I know you did it on purpose. Now I’m going to fuck you over!”

Once her hands are bound, her lovely mouth is cleave-gagged with a bandanna. He forces her back down over the desk. Her dress is hiked up, her panties pulled down, her legs tied spread apart. Then he spanks and fondles her beautiful, bare ass (that he’s always wanted to see!). Now to move on to those titties! He pulls those boobies free from her bra for some groping action. He keeps Natasha handgagged over her cleave gag during the whole process!

Now he’s nice and horny! The captor pulls his own pants down and gets to his business of revenge fucking the helpless and beautiful secretary Natasha Flade! Once he cums, he leaves her there like that for the office staff and janitors to find! Sweet revenge for the man today!


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