01-13-21 Lazy Wife Natasha Flade Gets Housecleaning Lesson with Strappado Bondage Blowjob!
(FULL HD - 11 Min)

Lazy housewife Natasha Flade gets a lesson in housecleaning — with a strappado bondage blowjob from her husband! Isaac W. discovers that his wife, Natasha Flade, isn’t doing any of her wifely chores (again)! In fact, Natasha is not doing anything except admiring her fingernails! When Isaac chastises her about this, Natasha just rolls her eyes. Now Isaac has really had it! He yells out, “Fine! You wanna do nothing all day; I’ll help you!” The video cuts to poor Natasha Flade now tied up to the bedpost in her sweater, slacks and high heels. She’s been cleave-gagged, too, with a really thick scarf shoved between her pretty, pouty lips! But Isaac isn’t finished with his lazy wife just yet. He hikes her bound wrists up high behind her back and attaches them to the top of the bedpost in perfect strappado style. Then Isaac leaves his wife there, post-tied in the bedroom and complaining (as best she can, anyway) through her thick cleave gag.

Natasha may think this is the punishment for not doing her wifely chores, but Isaac’s not done yet with his lazy, lippy wife. He comes back into the bedroom and informs Natasha he wants a blowjob! This doesn’t go over too well, obviously, but Isaac pays his wife no mind as he starts to remove her gag. Immediately, Natasha starts lipping off again! “I thought you wanted me to clean the house not suck your dick!” she says. To which her husband replies, “I SAID I wanted you do some work around here!” He shoves his hard cock into her mouth and makes her give him a blowjob.  Reluctantly, Natasha sucks off that dick, thrusting back and forth repeatedly until he shoots his load of cum juice right into her mouth!

Lesson learned for lazy housewife Natasha? God, we hope not…it’s just too much fun tying up your wife strappado style for bondage blowjobs!

01-06-21 Natasha Flade Tied Up Seated on Bed In Tank Top & Panties, Fondled & Forced into Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD - 7:15 Min)
Natasha Flade has been abducted! The intruder has her bound hand and foot on the bed, wrists tied down to her thighs. She's barefoot and wearing a pink tank top and panties. Her captor is looking wolfishly at his pretty captive. But looking isn’t sufficient! He sits down next to the tied-up damsel and begins to grope and fondle her breasts through her thin top. Natasha tries evading her captor, but doesn't succeed. He pulls up her top then fondles her tits some more while he keeps her tightly handgagged. The home intruder sucks her nipples, then rubs his hard cock on her bare breasts for a little titty-fucking foreplay.

Now the abductor stands up, produces his solid, throbbing cock and orders Natasha to "get on with it" and suck his dick! He forces his pretty captive to take his member into her mouth. She tries to pull away, but the intruder isn't having any of that! At any rate, her situation won't improve one bit by refusing. Natasha just prays he'll just let her go if she does his bidding. Her lips envelope his member as he sighs with pleasure with the good number she's doing on his rock-hard cock. Obediently, her head bobs up and down on that dick. There's great closeups of Natasha's face - full of dick AND fear, her tits swaying and jiggling as she goes about this bondage blowjob business. The POV angles from the abductor's overhead view give us nice shots of her cute bare feet, nice entertainment while you've being blown!

Natasha sucks the captor off until he finally explodes his load of cum right in her mouth. Now Natasha is expecting to be set free. But instead, the intruder fondles her tits some more. May as well take a few handfuls for the road.  Then he saunters off, leaving Natasha tied up barefoot and topless on the bed -- and wondering will he come back and let her go?

12-23-20 Cheating Wife Natalie Minx Tied Spread by Her Husband for Kinky Bondage Sex with Stranger!
(FULL HD - 15:50 Minutes)

Buxom brunette wife Natalie Minx was reading on the chaise, barefoot in her miniskirt and low-cut top. Her husband, Isaac W., comes in asks if she’s feeling amorous. He’d really like to do something kinky, like fucking her while she’s all tied up. Natalie thinks that’s a great idea, too, so her husband gets out some rope. Her hands are tied in front, then she’s cleave gagged with a really thick scarf. Natalie is getting into it and goes along with everything, even though this sort of thing of new to her. She says she can play it up like she’s a true damsel in distress, which suits Isaac just fine! Her hands are attached with more rope to the back of the chaise, so now she’s tied laying down on her back on the chaise.

Isaac pulls down her panties, then her bare legs are bound spread and wide, her shaved pussy visible from about 50 miles away! Her cute soles are tied dangling off the end of the sofa. This innocent wife is VERY much on display now! Once Natalie is bound and gagged, almost totally naked now, her husband informs her there’s another surprise for her! He returns with some strange, masked man and tells Natalie that he saw her at the bar the other night, throwing herself all over some dude. “You want to fuck other guys?” he yells out. “Fine! I’ve brought this dude over so he can fuck you right here and now!”

Natalie is not happy about this at all, but what can she do? He’s got her tied spread on the chaise! The masked guy starts feeling her up, fondling and groping her really big tits. He puts his face in her pussy for a little felatio and pussy licking! Soon, his pants are off and his huge, throbbing cock is pumping wildly inside of poor Natalie! He bangs her hard as her husband just stands by, enjoying the bondage sex show! When he’s had his fill of fucking this other guy’s wife, the stranger politely requests that Isaac leaves her tied up so he can have another go at her! He thinks this is a lot of fun, and Isaac thinks so, too! But as for poor Natalie – not so much!


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