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11-26-21 Natasha Flade Ball-Tied at Gunpoint, Plowed with Chloe’s Big Black Strap-On!
(SD – 11 min)

Chloe Night was just sashaying about the bedroom in her sundress, pantyhose and high heels when someone barges in looking for her husband! He's pissed, has Chloe at gunpoint, and wants her man for some gang-related business. He's not here, so he's gonna take it out on poor, hot Chloe. He ropes her to the bedposts, arms apart. Gets scissors and slices her dress right off of her! Next, her cuts a hole in her pantyhose right where her pussy is. He just might need that hole soon.

Chloe is verbally making a fuss, so her mouth is stuffed with a white cloth and then overlaid with a tight scarf, so she's OTM gagged and stuffer gagged. Her legs are pushed up so her can tie her ankles and one of her shoes falls off!

The scene cuts to Sergio the gangster ramming his cock through that aforementioned hole in the pantyhose and into her snatch. Chloe had nothing to do with this gang business and she's all tied up and getting plowed really hard in this bondage sex! After a lot of ramming, he cums on her pantyhose before leaving her as a tied up and gagged calling card for her husband.

11-18-21 Natasha Flade Ball-Tied at Gunpoint, Plowed with Chloe’s Big Black Strap-On!
(SD – 7:30 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2008 RE-EDITED! Chloe Night has Natasha Flade at her mercy! She tied her up at gunpoint and now she’s got Natasha ball-tied on the bed, bent over, her fine ass up! She’s cleave-gagged, too. Chloe plunges her huge black strap-on cock into Natasha and plows that pussy hard! When Natasha gets a little too noisy through her cleave gag, Chloe whips out her gun to remind her to keep the volume down. Chloe enjoys her kidnapped slave to the fullest!

11-10-21 Natasha Flade Tricked by Loan Shark Into Barefoot Bondage Blowjob on Her Knees! (6:45 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade needed some money to pay her bills. A friend told her about this loan shark that gives cash to girls that let him tie them up. So Natasha ends up all tied-up on his floor, barefoot and kneeling, in her t-shirt and jeans. She’s bound at the wrists, knees and ankles. She’s elbow-bound, too, for good measure.

The loan shark pulls her t-shirt up to get in some groping of her fine tits. Natasha resists; this isn’t what she agreed to at all! But then it gets even worse for our broke damsel. She gets the news that if she wants to ever get loose and get the money she needs, she has to suck his cock, too!

Natasha is horrified, but seeing as she’s tied-up barefoot on the dude’s floor, she really is left with no other choice. So she puts her lips to his dick and gets to work polishing that huge nob! There’s payday loans and then there’s tricky loan sharks who use their clout to get a barefoot bondage blowjob from broke chicks…Hey, who can blame them?!


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