11-23-20 Natasha Flade Groped While Handgagged, Chairtied Barefoot & Topless for Bondage Blowjob & Titty Fucking (FULL HD - 10:00 Minutes) Natasha Flade is chairtied barefoot in her shorts and a pink t-shirt by a home intruder (Isaac W.)! Her wrists have been bound together behind her and forced over the back of the chair, and more ropes have been tied about her thighs and ankles to keep keep her bare feet from swinging around.  When Isaac starts applying a laprope, Natasha starts to scream for help and is quickly handgagged to put an end to that noise!

Once the intruder has her securely bound to that office chair in the bedroom, he decides to take some liberties before getting down to his real mission –  a bondage blowjob! He fondles Natasha’s tits through her t-shirt, then pulls her top up so she’s exposed and topless! When Natasha screams out once more, she’s handgagged again and forced to endure the home invader’s hands fondling her boobs. He even sucks her nipples! Poor Natasha, chairtied topless and barefoot – and now being groped while handgagged! It’s not looking good at all for our favorite damsel at all.

But wait! There’s more! The intruder undoes his pants while Natasha pleads for him to stop. He whips out his hard cock and starts rubbing it on her tits for a little titty fucking first! Sufficiently horned up, Isaac informs the bound damsel that’s he’s sticking that hard cock of his right into her mouth. He promises he’ll let her go if she does a good job with that blowjob. Natasha isn’t exactly happy about this terrible situation, but she’s hoping he’ll keep his promise, so she starts sucking the intruder off. Back and forth her head goes repeatedly. She’s trying to give the best blowjob she can given that she roped to a chair and all. But she manages quite well and the intruder cums right in her mouth. Now that’s he gotten that chairtied bondage blowjob he was after all along, will he release Natasha as promised? Was it just a trick? Does he really just plan to cum back for another round? (Pun intended!). Outtakes included at the end!

11-17-20 Deadbeat House Guest Natasha Flade Pays by Sucking Cock While Tied Up Kneeling!
(FULL HD - 10:30 minutes)
Isaac W. has been letting his beautiful friend Natasha Flade crash at his place. But she’s a terrible deadbeat! She’s never paid for rent or food or anything else for that matter. He approaches to discuss the situation and finds her in the dining room in her denim miniskirt, tank top and sandals. Isaac tries to be polite, but the bottom line is she needs to start contributing. They go back and forth on the expenses, with Natasha coming up with all sorts of excuses, none of which Isaac finds satisfactory. So he proposes a deal. He has a thing for bondage and if she’s willing to let herself be tied up, she can forget the money that she owes. Natasha reluctantly agrees. Her wrists are tied behind her, followed by a strict elbow tie. Then he has her kneel down and ropes her ankles together.

When Isaac starts unzipping his jeans, Natasha is suddenly worried. What the heck’s going on?! He sits down on a chair in front of her and demands she suck his cock! Natasha refuses, but Isaac grabs her! She's handgagged while he feels up her tits. Then he threatens to gag Natasha, throw her into the trunk of his car and toss her outside in the woods. Or – instead she can suck his cock!

Faced with this choice, Natasha places her lips to his dick and gets to work. When she’s finished polishing off his huge knob, she pleads that she’ll find some other way to pay if he’ll just please let her go! Isaac just laughs and says he rather prefers her this way instead! Perhaps he should get one of these kneeling bondage blowjobs every week and, in return, Natasha can do whatever she likes and not worry about paying the bills!

11-11-20 Natasha Flade Has to Give Chloe Night Oral Sex While Tied Up Kneeling to Get the Dom Job!
(FULL HD - 10:00 Min)
Natasha Flade has an interview with Mistress Chloe Night for a dominatrix job. She shows up in her jeans, sweater and ankle-high boots. But Natasha has absolutely no bondage experience. Chloe has to teach her the ropes (no pun intended!) by tying Natasha up at the wrists, thighs, ankles and elbows. She's forced to the floor, strictly tied up kneeling before the Mistress Chloe.

Now Chloe springs a big surprise! Natasha she has to lick and suck her pussy if she wants this job! Natasha really needs the money, so she takes a deep breath as Chloe spreads her legs wide and forces her to give oral sex and suck Chloe’s snatch. YUM! Chloe whips her tits out while Natasha’s tongue plays along her clit. Caught up in an incredible oral pleasure, she makes her kiss her tits! Natasha's handgagged while Chloe pulls up her sweater for some boobie feelies!

Chloe orgasms and tells Natasha she's first in line for the job. But wait…there’s one more test! Chloe leaves - and returns with a huge strap-on! Natasha begs please don't do this, but Chloe has no intention of letting Natasha go before she’s finished with this “interview.” Wow, the things some girls have to go through to earn a living - thank God! Some great outtakes and bloopers are included at the end!


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