11-24-23 - 100% Pure Bondage Sex! Natasha Flade Bound Barefoot & Fucked Hard on the Floor! (5:50 min.) Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2008! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video is 100% bondage sex! It’s pure bondage and fucking! The video begins with the intruder, Isaac W., already atop the bound and gagged Natasha Flade. She was abducted on her way home from the office and now she’s been stripped naked except for her top, which has been pulled up above her breasts. Her clothes are scattered everywhere.

He’s got Natasha bound barefoot — and almost completely nude! She’s on her back on the floor, her hands tied overhead to the coffee table. Her mouth has been stuffed with cloth. A rope gag holds the stuffing in. One leg has been forced up on his shoulder, her bare foot dangling in the air.

In this position, the intruder has excellent penetration and we have a great view of all the hardcore fucking action! Her tits are fondled as she’s plowed nice and hard. He tells her how much he enjoys fucking her like this. Natasha mews and writhes beneath him, but she’s helpless to do anything and that pussy gets a pounding until the intruder finishes by cumming inside her. Then he crawls up next to the poor Natasha for some extra titty feelies until it’s time for another go.

What more can we say? Just pure bondage and fucking!

11-16-23 - Natasha Flade Bent Over in Garters and Stockings for Erotic Bondage Sex with Her Lover! (6:00 min.) Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2009! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video is 100% pure bondage sex and erotic fucking action! Natasha Flade is on the bed with her lover for a planned night of hot bondage play. She’s wearing sexy red garters and black seamed thigh-high stockings. Her lacy bra cups are pulled down to expose her fine tits. She’s cleave-gagged and tied bent over, hands bound in front to opposite bed posts, thighs tied wide apart to the posts at the foot of the bed. Natasha is ready to accept her lover’s cock for some really hot deep-dicking action from behind!

Natasha Flade bounces back and forth as that huge dick plunges inside. Her lover (Isaac W.) asks her if she likes it when he fucks her like this. She moans that she does. A lot. Isaac grabs her tits from behind as he thrusts his cock repeatedly inside her. He grabs her by the hair and ass for extra leverage, pushing her down so he can plow that pussy even harder. Natasha likes being handled this way. You know she does! It’s evident by the way she’s letting her lover fuck her and how she’s mewing through her gag and rolling her head in sheer pleasure.

And Isaac’s enjoying this rowdy doggystyle bondage sex ride, vacillating between rough and ecstasy, until he finally cums. Then he lays beside her, caressing and fondling the lovely Natasha as he tries to catch his breath. Natasha lays there, reveling in the aftermath of their lover’s bondage play.

11-09-23 - Natasha Flade Rides On Top! Tied & Tapegagged for Erotic Cowgirl Style Bondage Sex with Her Lover! (5:45 min.) Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2006! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! It’s time to rodeo! Natasha Flade rides on top for cowgirl style bondage sex! A true classic, this consensual bondage sex is 100% erotic fucking action! The video begins with Natasha and her lover Isaac in the bed. Natasha’s sits astride her lover, tied-up and tapegagged. Her thighs are bound to her calves, frog-style. Her hands are suspended above to the bed canopy. Natasha’s wearing nothing but a flimsy see-through top, which has been pulled up to expose her lovely tits.

Our couple is clearly enjoying themselves. Natasha is bouncing up and down on his hard cock as Isaac extracts loads of pleasure from his bondage doll, content to let her do all the work while he squeezes and fondles her ass and creamy tits! He runs his hands along Natasha’s bound body, fondling her nipples and lightly spanking her bare ass. Natasha moans in sheer pleasure, Isaac giving her so much pleasure that she can barely contain herself. She rolls her head back in rapture as she rides Isaac’s cock, eliciting cries of ecstasy. She rides her lover both lovingly and with great fervor.

There’s lots of great angles and closeups of all the hot fucking action and Natasha’s beautiful damsel eyes and tapegagged face. She moans in ecstasy as Isaac grabs her by her hips and ass so he can fuck her even harder and deeper. Natasha’s cries of pleasure grow stronger, as do Isaac’s. This cowgirl bondage sex video is hot, hot, hot!

11-03-23 - Wife Natasha Flade Abducted! Chairtied in Bath Robe for Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD - 12:30 min.) Re-Edited In FULL HD! PLUS 6+ Minutes Extra Footage! Wife Natasha Flade has been abducted! The home intruder has her chairtied in her bath robe, barefoot! Her hands are tied behind the chair back. Her ankles are tied together and tethered to the base of the chair to keep her securely bound. The intruder taunts Natasha as he slips the robe off her shoulders, then he fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples.

But wait! There’s more! Natasha pleads for him to stop as he undoes his pants and pulls his cock out. He promises he’ll let Natasha go if she can give him a really good blowjob. Hoping that he’ll keep his word, our damsel takes that big cock into her mouth and starts to suck him off—most unwillingly. Back and forth her head bobs as he forces the chair-bound damsel to do his bidding. As he’s getting his dick sucked, we’re treated to lots of closeups of Natasha’s beautiful face, her wide damsel eyes – and a handsome cock filling up her mouth! He grabs her hair and pulls her head closer as his thrusting grows more fervent. He’s getting ready to cum!

But after he shoots his manjuice in her mouth, Natasha’s informed he has no intention of letting her go after all! She begs to please keep his word, but gets handgagged instead. The abductor leaves the room to find something to keep that mouth of hers shut. Natasha is left chairtied barefoot in her bath robe, looking around anxiously for her captor’s return. Maybe he won’t come back with a gag at all! Maybe he’ll just gag her with his big dick again!

But return he does and Natasha gets a thick scarf shoved between her lips. Then he leaves her there like that with her tits hanging out. All alone, Natasha struggles hard in that chair, treating the viewer to lots of angles of her cleave-gagged face, her cute bare feet and those lovely breasts jiggling everywhere! If you like your wives tied up and gagged with a big, fat cock in their mouth, this bondage blowjob clip is sure to tickle your fancy (and maybe more!)

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