4-17-19   Natasha Flade Tied Up Strappado, Topless & Gropped Before the Bondage Blowjob Natasha Flade is being robbed and tied up! She’s in her bedroom in a white dress and white high heels and she’s already bound at the ankles, knees and her wrists are tightly roped behind her back. But the masked intruder is not finished. He pulls her arms up behind her in the strappado position. She squeals in surprise and pain as she’s pulled in this demanding bondage position. He pulls the top of her dress down, getting her lovely tits out. Natasha is handgagged as she’s fondled and groped. But he wants more, much more, in fact, he didn’t just get her all tied up like this to rob the joint and cop a few feelies. Oh no. He wants her to suck him off, because a bondage blowjob would really make everything swell. With no choice and no wiggle room in these tight ropes, she accepts his cock past her lips. Natasha does what she can in this strenuous position, and she dopes it well! All the angles are covered in this bondage blowjob action: closeups, wides, mediums so you can see the ropework holding Natasha in place, even close shots of her high heels! Eventually, she brings the intruder to an orgasm, and now the poor helpless housewife has a mouthful of cum. Natasha is abandoned like that, mouth full of cum and still in that strappado position.

4-10-19   Chloe Night in Boots & Pantyhose, Tied Up Spread & Cleave Gagged for Bondage Sex Chloe Night is looking hot in her miniskirt, black pantyhose and leather boots as she folds laundry in the bedroom! Sneaking up behind her is Sergio, wearing some weird mesh mask. He’s got a gun and scares poor Chloe, who tries to talk her way out of this but Sergio’s hand finds her mouth and she’s handgagged and her top is pulled up! She’s cleave gagged while she still stands before being forced to the floor. Her hands are tied apart to the bedposts, and her boots are attached up high to the posts. She’s helpless and spread, but Sergio wants access top her pussy. He finds some scissors and cuts through her pantyhose, cuts off her panties, and now he has what he wants! Tied up and gagged Chloe is going to get some unsolicited dick inside her! Sergio takes her by her boots and plunges in for some rowdy bondage sex! This stalker has been dreaming of this moment, and here he is, living the dream with his cock inside Chloe Night! She squirms and screams, but she’s caught in a web of rope bondage and she’s along for Sergio’s ride. She’s fucked hard and left to dry when he leaves!

4-4-19   Natasha Flade, Late with Rent, Endures Being Handgagged & Groped, then a Bondage Blowjob  Natasha Flade is late with the rent AGAIN! This sexy girl in her skirt and knee-high black leather boots knows the drill with landlord Isaac W. by now: He’ll let the month’s rent slide if her can tie her up and molest her. She allows the creepy guy to bind her wrists behind the stair railing, her thighs and those great-looking books are bound at the ankles. When landlord Isaac starts groping his spendthrift tenant, she gets a little freaked out, When he pulls up her top to get at her tits, he needs to handgag her to stifle her complaints. He sucks on her boobs and nipples. Natasha is a little surprised at how aggressive her landlord is being in his bondage gropings and fondlings, so she’s handgagged tightly. When he’s fully aroused and ready to take things to the next level of rent, he pulls out his throbbing member and shakes it at her lips. That first bit was only for one week of the rent, this part covers the bulk of the debt. She parts those pretty lips to accept his cock and she makes sure to do him right. If she doesn’t get him to cum, well, this will all take longer. She knows she will sit here all tied up with a dick in her face unless she performs to the point of Isaac reaching orgasm. As she does her thing with his thing, there’s closeups of everything: her bound boots and the cock in her mouth. And the great zoom-outs where we get the complete picture of a beautiful damsel forced to give a bondage blowjob. Natasha Flade knows what she’s doing, working that hard dick for her rent, and soon Isaac cums in her mouth!

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