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08-06-19  Loren Chance & Isaac W. Revenge Fuck Natasha Flade with Strap-On Bondage Sex & Bondage Blowjob! In Part 1, Loren Chance got her boss Natasha Flade all tied up on the bed kneeling and started fucking her with a strap-on—the perfect revenge fuck. That’s where this bondage sex video clip begins: topless Loren ramming poor tied up and gagged Natasha. After some beautiful angles of these beauties engaged in some awesome kinkiness, in comes Isaac W., aghast at what he’s seeing, even though he helped tie up Natasha in part 1. Loren explains that she’s getting the best revenge ever, how about he join in? What a fine idea! Isaac ungags Natasha and unzips his pants. Now we have a combination bondage sex scene AND a bondage blowjob scene! Poor bound and gagged Natasha is getting it from both ends, and she’s not liking this one bit. Loren and Isaac, though, are loving every second they’re using this beautiful boss as their bondage sex toy. Isaac cums in Natasha’s mouth and Loren and him hug over their worn-out captive!

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