02-24-21 Masked Invader Forces Busty Natalie Minx to Strip for Doggy Style Bondage Sex!
(FULL HD - 13:30 Min)
Busty, brunette Natalie Minx was sitting on her sofa all comfy reading a book when a masked intruder with a gun and a backpack full of rope rolls on in! He orders her to stand up and admires her buxom figure why she begs him to please not hurt her. She’s then ordered to drop the dress. Not having any choice, poor Natalie submits to this forced stripping, now standing before this stranger in only her panties, her huge tits swinging free and beautiful. He stands behind her and tells her to open her mouth as he stuffs a knotted scarf in there, ensuring that his captive is tightly cleave gagged. He forces the topless and gagged Natalie to sit back down on the sofa as he binds her wrists and elbows. She’s then bent over on the couch, kneeling on the floor, her ass sticking out on nice display. The masked intruder takes more rope and her bare feet. Nice closeups of her bare soles here! After she’s all tied up, the invader pulls down those panties and fingers her pussy! Now, out comes the intruder’s huge, hard cock! Helpless Natalie is plowed from behind, doggystyle! He’s holding to her naked ass cheeks and fucking the poor bound and gagged damsel nice and hard. For the finale, he cums on her ass! Great cumshot before he takes off, leaving the helpless damsel tied up naked on the sofa. Will he return for more bondage sex? Buy the video and find out!

02-17-21 Natasha Flade Carried In Tied Up Barefoot, Tossed on Bed for Hogtied Blowjob & Handgagged Groping! (FULL HD - 11:40 Min) In part 1, Loren crossed a guy named “Motherfucker Larry,” and he sent Natasha to make a video of her fucking Loren with a strap-on! The tables turned, and Loren took her own strap-on revenge bondage on Natasha in part 2. But it’s far from over! Before she leaves, Loren tells Natasha that she won’t be untying her because “Motherfucker Larry” is right behind her and he’s next in line!

Now Natasha is really in a pickle! Larry has her tied up naked on the floor, hands bound together and attached to a leg of the dining room table, her ankles tied and attached to the top of the table, so her bare feet are hoisted up high, soles on display. More ropes bind her thighs, exposing her sweet, naked ass and pussy. She’s been cleave gagged with a green scarf, making her complaints and pleadings unintelligible.

Motherfucker Larry takes full advantage of the situation! He gropes and fondles Natasha’s tits, then feels up her ass, runs his hands up and down her naked, bound body. When she gets too loud, he handgags her while he fondles her some more and even licks her pussy as she squirms and struggles. Then Larry strips off his shirt, next off go his pants as he readies for his revenge fuck!

He thrusts his hard cock into Natasha and starts fucking hard. Natasha pleads beneath him, but it’s no use. He’s been waiting for this moment for too long. And so poor Natasha is forced to endure this never-ending saga of revenge bondage sex. The viewer is treated to closeups of Natasha’s beautiful, cleavegagged, her bare feet and soles wiggling atop Larry’s shoulders as he’s plowing her hard. Eventually, he cums but doesn’t bother to untie her. Why bother? He just might have another go at her later! He whispers his plans to return for more as he kisses her cheek. He’s happy and laughing, but our poor damsel is only wishing that she’d never gotten into this mess in the first place!

02-11-21 Natasha Flade Carried In Tied Up Barefoot, Tossed on Bed for Hogtied Blowjob & Handgagged Groping! (FULL HD - 9 Min) Some days, you just really need a good blowjob – anyway you can get one! A home intruder (Isaac W.) knew that Natasha Flade was all alone in her house and now he has her kidnapped! She’s carried into the bedroom, barefoot and already bound hand and foot in her little sleep t-shirt and shorts. That’s where she was headed, anyway, right? Might as well make it a bit more interesting for this damsel!

He tosses Natasha onto the bed, then she’s tightly hogtied. He puts his hands up her shirt and starts to fondle and grope her tits. Natasha tries crying out so she’s handgagged while he pulls up her shirt to get a look at those lovely breasts he’s been fondling. He even sucks on her nipples! Wanting more, he pulls Natasha’s sleep shorts and panties down for some feelies of her perfect, naked ass and pussy.

By now the intruder’s cock is really hard, so he rolls the hogtied Natasha back onto her belly while he pulls his cock out. He’s ready to get down to business, but Natasha doesn’t want to go along with this dude’s plans for a bondage blowjob! So he grabs her head and forces her lips to his throbbing member, then makes her suck him off! Our damsel isn’t in any position to refuse, so she does her thing on his cock, polishing off his nob with all she can manage. After all, it’s hard to get some strange dude off when you’re all hogtied barefoot on the bed!

But she pulls it off and eventually the intruder cums, shooting his love juice into Natasha’s mouth. Natasha thinks he’ll untie her now, but she’s wrong! He’s bent on getting back to work on those fine tits of hers! So he handgags her once again while he fondles and sucks her breasts. Poor Natasha can’t believe she’s being used like this — right in her own bedroom! But what she doesn’t know is that her kidnapper is really just biding his time until he can get it up again for another blowjob while his captive is still tied up and can’t refuse to pleasure him!


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