Chloe Night Being Held Up with a Gun by Natasha Flade for Bondage Sex Revenge Fuck
Chloe Night Revenge Fucked with HUGE Strap-On for Raping Natasha Flade's Sister!

9-24-20 Chloe Night Revenge Fucked with HUGE Strap-On for Raping Natasha Flade's Sister
(FULL HD - 13:13 minutes)

Natasha Flade bursts into Chloe Night’s bedroom with a gun! Natasha accuses Chloe of raping her sister. Chloe denies it, saying that her sister is just a drama queen. But Natasha is here to make Chloe pay! She forces her to put her hand together in front of her to be tied up. Once restrained, Natashe cleave gags Chloe with two wraps of a long cloth. She forces her to lie on the floor, pulls up her shirt and gropes her tits. Then she connects her wrists to the posts of the bed. Her bare feet are roped together and hauled up high to be tethered to the top of the bed canopy. Natasha shucks Chloe’s jeans down and fondles dat perfect ass. Then she leaves for a bit to get something and returns with a HUGE strapon. Chloe gets a little freaked out at this! Natasha kneels down and inserts that rubber cock inside Chloe's pussy. Natasha has a great time with her bondage sex revenge fuck, shoving that cock inside Chloe roughly and laughing. Natasha even gets topless herself, her tits jiggling as she violates her captive! Will Chloe learn her lesson after being revenge fucked? Was Chloe even guilty of anything in the first place? Will we ever find out?

9-18-20 Natasha Flade Strictly Elbow Bound & Kneeling for Barefoot Bondage Blowjob!
(FULL HD - 9:37 minutes)
Natasha Flade is tied up on the floor! She’s bound hand and foot, strictly elbow-bound, her thighs are tied above the knees, and she’s cleavegagged. This barefoot damsel is in shorts and a thin T-shirt and we can see her sexy nips poking out! She struggles, because if she can’t escape this strict bondage, something bad is going to happen. Her captor is still in the house. She doesn’t manage to budge those ropes one bit, and Isaac comes back to play with his hostage. Natasha’s tits are groped through that shirt before he has her kneel over his lap on the chair and he whips out his cock. She has to give him a bondage blowjob! As she’s sucking his dick, he pulls up her top so she’s topless and she can grope her tits. He also pulls down her shorts and panties, that perfect ass needs some fondling attention, too! Natasha is good at sucking the peen with her hands tied up behind her, and Isaac cums in her mouth! Does he untie her? Let’s hope not…

9-10-20 Chloe Night Tied Up & Tape Gagged in her Stockings for Bondage Sex & Cumshot
(FULL HD - 14:13 minutes)
Beautiful Chloe Night was reading at the dining room table in her sexy teddy and black stockings, as one does. In comes a menacing masked man with a gun and a backpack full of rope! He makes her stand up. He tells Chloe that he’s here for her valuables, and that he has to tie her up. She goes along and he ties her hands in front of her. Next he’s ripping off a length of duct tape and plasters that sticky business over her lips. She’s tape gagged on the floor now! She’s scooted over and her bound wrists are tethered to a table leg. Her feet (in those stockings) are roped together, flowed by her thighs, as Chloe protests through that tape gag. The intruder gets the idea to place a couple more strips of tape over her tape gag, so she’s triple tape gagged! He hoists her wriggling feet in the air and attaches them to a dining room table leg. Robbery? There’s not much of value in Chloe’s casa. So, the masked dude removes his clothes and Chloe’s panties for some loving. All they tying her up was serious work, and he’s getting something out of this! So Chloe, tied up, gagged and per pussy exposed, now is getting a full-throttle fucking from her captor. She’s pounded and plowed in some seriously serious bondage sex. For the finale, he cums on her lovely alabaster skin. Cumshot!

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