06-19-24 - Natasha Flade Tied Spread Ass-Up & Barefoot at Modeling Gig, Gets Tricked into Blowjob! (720p - 15:23 min.) Classic Bondage Blowjob Video from 2010 - Digitally Remastered & Upscaled to 720p for Superior Quality!

Natasha Flade is a bondage model at a gig with a new photographer, Isaac W. Natasha has never worked with Isaac before, but so far everything has been okay, so she's off her guard. The shoot is almost over and Natasha is ready to do her last set. It's supposed to be a simple barefoot spread eagle position in her skimpy top and panties.

The photographer tells Natasha to get on top of the dining room table, face down, ass-up, on her belly. Her arms and legs are tied spread to each corner of the table, giving us some great shots of her bare ass and soles. Isaac and Natasha converse as he ties her in an "X" position. Once Natasha is bound tightly to the four corners of the table, she asks what she's going to be gagged with. She doesn't see anything setting out that he could use to gag her.

"Oh, I'm going to gag you with my cock!" Isaac tells her as he unzips his fly to present his huge cock. Natasha panics! This is not what she agreed to! But she's quickly handgagged while Isaac threatens her, saying he'll make her day even more miserable if she refuses to go along.

With no real options, Natasha takes that fat dick into her mouth and sucks it like her life depends on it. Isaac grabs her ass while he’s getting blown off. What a nice combo! And the viewer is treated to excellent views of all this hot ass grabbing and dick-sucking! Natasha does a fab job, and this sleazy photographer shoots his load, cumming right in her mouth!

Great outtakes at the end!

06-09-24 - Chloe Night Held Up While Sleeping by Masked Burglar, Tied Soles Up for Rough Bondage Sex in Nightie! (720p - 10 min.) Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2010 - Digitally Remastered & Upscaled to 720p for Superior Quality!

Chloe Night was sleeping in bed, barefoot in a little silk nightgown, when in comes a masked man with a gun! He sneaks up and Chloe wakes and screams. The masked dude says he didn’t know anyone was home, he just wanted to burglarize the place and leave. But now he’s happened upon this blonde hottie in her nightie and she’s too tempting to resist.

He pulls a rope from his backpack and ties her wrists in front. Chloe pleads for him to just take her stuff and leave, but he’s got her stuff already, now there’s just one more thing he’s taking before he leaves. HER! Then he cleave-gags her with a scarf to keep her quiet. She’s forced onto her back and her bound hands are attached above to the headboard. Her bare feet are hauled up and tied, then they’re tethered to the headboard, too. Chloe’s bare ass and pussy are poking out – she’s not wearing any panties!

Now to take advantage! The masked man fondles those fine buns and fingers her pussy. Now that he’s had a taste, he may as well go all-in! He strips down and jumps on poor Chloe. In goes his dick! He’s fucking her hard and rough! She’s helpless in her position with her soles tied up in the air. We’re treated to lots of different angles of all the pussy pounding action!

Chloe endures this rough bondage sex, the robber rocking her world until he cums. He tells her his friends will be over soon, then he leaves poor Chloe tied-up on the bed, now even more frantic!

06-01-24 - Natasha Flade Stripped Nude at Gunpoint & Hogtied for Blowjob by Masked Intruder! (720p - 12 min.) Classic Bondage from 2009 - Digitally Remastered & Upscaled to 720p for Superior Quality!

Natasha Flade was comfortably reading on her chaise at home in her shorts, barefoot, when we spy behind her a masked intruder with a gun sneaking up! She’s handgagged and that gun is pointed at her. She’s ordered to be quiet. Scared, Natasha reluctantly goes along.

When told to, she stands up. Then she’s forced to strip nude. First, he tells her to take her shirt off. He means it, and has a gun, so she unbuttons her top, revealing her breasts, then the shirt is tossed aside. Now to see what’s underneath the rest! Her shorts and panties are slipped off and our helpless Natasha now stands before the masked man nude and beautiful.

He forces her to lie on her belly on the chaise and she crosses her wrists behind her back for him to tie up. Her bare feet are roped up next and soon poor Natasha is naked and hogtied on the chaise. He can’t believe how pretty she is! He knew he’d have to tie someone up, but now other plans come to mind.

He promises that he will release her if she gives him a good blowjob. Natasha is horrified, but opens her mouth to accept his cock. The intruder is really glad she was home when he broke in! So are you! The viewer is treated to closeups of Natasha Flade in her naked hogtied state: her bare soles, her nude ass – and her lips all over that huge dick! He cums in her mouth with a mighty roar, then leaves Natasha hogtied and nude while he robs her house.

Will he do as promised? Or will poor Natasha be left in her bondage, never to be released…?

05-25-24 - Natalie Minx Carjacked by Gunman & Tossed Into Trunk for Heels-Up Bondage Sex! (720p - 13:45 min.) Classic Bondage from 2010 - Digitally Remastered & Upscaled to 720p for Superior Quality!

Natalie Minx (with the really big tits) was carjacked by a masked gunman and thrown into her own trunk, tied-up and cleave-gagged! When they arrive at her place, the abductor extracts her from the trunk and carries her through the garage, into her house and down the hall, then plops her down on the floor in her bedroom. Natalie’s hands are unbound and she’s forced onto her back where her wrists are tied wide apart to separate bedposts. The masked kidnapper hauls her pantyhose clad legs up high and her ankles are tied spread to the top of the bedposts, too, heels dangling in the air.

Now that poor Natalie is totally helpless, her captor pulls down the top of her dress and fondles her gorgeous, huge boobs. He grabs a pair of scissors and cuts a hole right through the crotch of her black pantyhose and starts to finger fuck her pussy (and her anus!) while Natalie cries and moans through her gag. She keeps struggling, but it’s no use.

With her hose cut open, the gunman has great access to her exposed goods! His large, throbbing cock is thrust into Natalie’s pussy and he really gets into it! He’s fucking her really hard, pumping back and forth while our damsel is struggling and writhing. But that just gets this guy off even more and he blows his huge load all over Natalie’s dress for a great cumshot finale!

He then leaves to rob the joint and Natalie is left alone to struggle in her bondage, tied heels-up with her crotch and tits exposed — and a huge load of cum dripping from her belly! Will our poor bound and gagged Natalie get loose before the captor returns for more forced fucking?


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