December 29, 2020
Cheating Wife Natalie Minx Tied Spread by Her Husband for Kinky Bondage Sex Lesson with Some Strange Dude! (FULL HD - 15:50 Minutes!)
NOW IN FULL HD! Buxom brunette wife Natalie Minx was reading on the chaise, barefoot in her miniskirt and low-cut top. Her husband, Isaac W., comes in asks if she’s feeling amorous. He’d really like to do something kinky, like fucking her while she’s all tied up. Natalie thinks that’s a great idea, too, so her husband gets out some rope. Her hands are tied in front, then she’s cleave gagged with a really thick scarf. Natalie is getting into it and goes along with everything, even though this sort of thing of new to her. She says she can play it up like she’s a true damsel in distress, which suits Isaac just fine! Her hands are attached with more rope to the back of the chaise, so now she’s tied laying down on her back on the chaise.

Isaac pulls down her panties, then her bare legs are bound spread and wide, her shaved pussy visible from about 50 miles away! Her cute soles are tied dangling off the end of the sofa. This innocent wife is VERY much on display now! Once Natalie is bound and gagged, almost totally naked now, her husband informs her there’s another surprise for her! He returns with some strange, masked man and tells Natalie that he saw her at the bar the other night, throwing herself all over some dude. “You want to fuck other guys?” he yells out. “Fine! I’ve brought this dude over so he can fuck you right here and now!”

Natalie is not happy about this at all, but what can she do? He’s got her tied spread on the chaise! The masked guy starts feeling her up, fondling and groping her really big tits. He puts his face in her pussy for a little felatio and pussy licking! Soon, his pants are off and his huge, throbbing cock is pumping wildly inside of poor Natalie! He bangs her hard as her husband just stands by, enjoying the bondage sex show! When he’s had his fill of fucking this other guy’s wife, the stranger politely requests that Isaac leaves her tied up so he can have another go at her! He thinks this is a lot of fun, and Isaac thinks so, too! But as for poor Natalie – not so much!

December 23, 2020
Natalie Minx Chloroformed & Tied Up by Blind Date for Bondage Blowjob & Facial! (FULL HD - 13:10 MIN)

NOW IN FULL HD! Tall brunette Natalie Minx is waiting to meet her blind date. She's looking hot in her tight black dress and high heels as she's sitting on the couch wondering where on Earth that guy is. She thought she must have arrived first because her blind date is no where to be seen. She doesn't know that he's hiding behind the sofa with a mask on his face and a cloth filled with chloroform! He handgags grabs Natalie from behind, covering her face with that noxious substance. Natalie kicks and struggles wildly, her heels swinging in the air as she's being chloroformed into unconsciousness.

While she's knocked out cold, her so-called date ties her wrists together behind her back, followed by her elbows, knees and ankles. We get some nice views of her ass in sexy, thong panties! The masked man fingers her pussy a bit, then strips poor Natalie topless. Her tits are huge! He fondles and gropes Natalie's beautiful breasts while she's still fast asleep! But then Natalie wakes up. She's horrified to find herself all tied up and her tits being felt up! Then he tells her she has to suck his cock if she ever wants to get free again!

Natalie is totally at this guy's mercy and she has no choice but to do what he says. He pushes her down onto her knees and Natalie reluctantly takes that hard cock into her mouth and gives this guy the best blowjob she can. We get lots of great shots and angles of the blowjob action, then the captor finally blows his huge wad of cum all over Natalie's neck and chest. Some of his spooge even gets onto her face! This dude can really shoot a load, and the great facial is a terrific cumshot finale to this bondage blowjob video! But will it be the end for poor Natalie's bondage adventures?  Is this guy going to force her to suck him off again??

December 16, 2020
Natasha Flade Led In Bound & Gagged, Tied Strappado to Weight Bench in Sundress & Heels for Bondage Blowjob!! (FULL HD - 9:15 Minutes!)
NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been abducted in her sundress and open-toe, strappy heels! Her hands are tied behind her and she’s been cleave-gagged with a thick, woolly scarf. The captor, Isaac W., marches her, bound and gagged, into the garage, and pushes her down onto a weight bench. Her tied wrists are pulled up behind her and roped to the bar of the weight bench, tying her in a seated strappado position. Next, her ankles are tied together Natasha is pleading with her captor as he pulls down the top of her sundress to grope and fondle her tits. He even sucks on her nipples!

Then he ungags her, whips out his hard cock and demands a blowjob! Natasha’s not happy about this situation, but what can she do? Here she is, all tied up strappado style in some guy’s garage and totally at his mercy. So Natasha starts sucking him off and now she has this hard, throbbing cock in her mouth instead of a gag. But it keeps her silenced just the same! She’s sucking and licking that huge dick real good in the hope that she’ll be set free if she gives him a good bondage blowjob. Her hard work soon pays off when the kidnapper shoots his load, cumming right in her mouth! Will our damsel be let go after she’s serviced her abductor with a proper orgasm? Or will he keep her tied up in the garage and cum back (pun intended) for an encore or two?

December 8, 2020
Natalie Minx Agrees to Porn to Pay Mortgage, but Ends Up Fucked Up the Ass by a Stranger! Part 2 (FULL HD - 5:19 Minutes!)
CLASSIC ANAL BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! NOW IN FULL HD! This is part 2 to last week's 22 MINUTE EPIC ANAL BONDAGE SEX VIDEO.  Natalie Minx agreed to make some porn in order to forestall a foreclosure on their mortgage. But once her boyfriend, Isaac W., had poor Natalie all  tied up spread and naked, he brings in some other guy and announces this dude, Jake, (a professional male porn model) is going to be the one fucking Natalie for the videos! To make matters worse, Jake is going to fuck Natale up the ass! Natalie, of course, is horrified by this change of events. She tries struggling, but it's no use a she's tied and gagged nice and tight. She's helpless to stop herself from the anal bondage sex assault while her boyfriend just stands by filming the whole thing!

Now, in Part 2, Jake and Isaac decide the video isn't turning out well enough. The two conspire how to best get a hot-selling anal bondage sex video. They conclude  that Natalie needs to be tied differently, so Isaac reties Natalie doggystyle, her ass up high in the air, so Jake has better access to pound it like he wants to! He lubes her with some finger fucking before climbing aboard to finish the shoot. Lots of great shots of Jake's big, hard cock pounding Natalie's ass! He's obviously taking a lot of pleasure in this "work." Finally, he explodes for a great cumshot all over Natalie's naked ass! But is Natalie's woes over? Jake and Isaac discuss payment arrangements and more "work" for Jake -- and poor tricked Natalie Minx!
December 2, 2020
Natalie Minx Agrees to Porn to Pay Mortgage, but Ends Up Fucked Up the Ass by a Stranger! FULL HD - 22 minutes!
NOW IN FULL HD! Big breasted brunette, Natalie Minx, and her boyfriend, Isaac W., are in big financial trouble. Their house will be foreclosed on in a month if they don’t come up with a plan soon. Isaac proposes a pretty radical plan — produce a naked bondage video and sell it on the internet. Natalie has never done porn before, let alone naked bondage, but she really does want to keep the house, so she reluctantly agrees. The tall brunette shyly strips off all of her clothes until she is standing before her boyfriend in all her beautiful, naked glory. Isaac instructs Natalie to get onto the bed, face-down and bare ass-up. He then takes each limb and ties them with rope rather expertly to a bed post, until poor Natalie is tied nude spread eagle face down on the bed.

Suddenly, some strange, masked guy strolls right on in. Natalie doesn’t know this, but this stranger is there at Isaac’s request! What’s going on?! Isaac introduces the masked man to Natalie as Jake, and informs his now naked bound and gagged girlfriend that Jake here will be fucking Natalie. And not only that, but he’s going to fuck her up the ass for a super anal bondage sex video! The tricked Natalie Minx is NOT up for this at all! She starts struggling and screaming, so Isaac shuts her up by gagging her – first with a big wadded stuffer stuffed into her mouth, then that’s kept in place with a thin scarf tied tightly round her head. Now Natalie is REALLY helpless. She’s not only tied nude spread eagle, but packing gagged to boot.

She keeps on struggling as Jake calmly explains that he’s a male bondage model who does this sort of thing all the time. He lets her know that her asshole is in really good hands and that she and Isaac should make a killing off this video. Isaac gets the camera running while Jake gets his pants off. He finger fucks Natalie’s ass (to test it out first or so he says…) then lines up his huge, hard cock with Natalie’s naked and and spread ass cheeks. Turns out that Jake does indeed know what he’s doing: he gives Natalie some really hard anal as he ass-fucks the helpless (and humiliated and tricked) Natalie.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend just stands by, watching and filming the whole thing! Natalie is screaming and struggling, shocked at the horrible bondage sex situation she now finds herself in. How could Isaac do this to her? She just hopes that’s it’s over soon, but is it?! Come back to see Part 2 next week and find out if Natalie gets set free or if Jake (or even more strangers!) are going to fuck her up the ass, too!

November 23, 2020
Natasha Flade Groped While Handgagged, Chairtied Barefoot & Topless for Bondage Blowjob & Titty Fucking (FULL HD - 10:00 Minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is chairtied barefoot in her shorts and a pink t-shirt by a home intruder (Isaac W.)! Her wrists have been bound together behind her and forced over the back of the chair, and more ropes have been tied about her thighs and ankles to keep keep her bare feet from swinging around.  When Isaac starts applying a laprope, Natasha starts to scream for help and is quickly handgagged to put an end to that noise!

Once the intruder has the damsel securely bound to that office chair in the bedroom, he decides to take some liberties before getting down to his real mission –  a bondage blowjob! He fondles Natasha’s tits through her t-shirt, then pulls her top up so she’s exposed and topless! When Natasha screams out once more, she’s handgagged again and forced to endure the home invader’s hands fondling her boobs. He even sucks her nipples! Poor Natasha, chairtied topless and barefoot – and now being groped while handgagged! It’s not looking good at all for our favorite damsel at all.

But wait! There’s more! The intruder undoes his pants while Natasha pleads for him to stop. He whips out his hard cock and starts rubbing it on her tits for a little titty fucking first! Sufficiently horned up, Isaac informs the bound damsel that’s he’s sticking that hard cock of his right into her mouth. He promises he’ll let her go if she does a good job with that blowjob. Natasha isn’t exactly happy about this terrible situation, but she’s hoping he’ll keep his promise, so she starts sucking the intruder off. Back and forth her head goes repeatedly. She’s trying to give the best blowjob she can given that she roped to a chair and all. But she manages quite well and the intruder cums right in her mouth. Now that’s he gotten that chairtied bondage blowjob he was after all along, will he release Natasha as promised? Was it just a trick? Does he really just plan to cum back for another round? (Pun intended!). Outtakes included at the end!

November 17, 2020
Deadbeat House Guest Natasha Flade Pays by Sucking Cock While Tied Up Kneeling! (FULL HD - 10:30 minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! Isaac W. has been letting his beautiful friend Natasha Flade crash at his place for the last couple months. But she’s a terrible deadbeat! She’s never contributed to rent or food or anything else for that matter. He approaches her to discuss the situation and finds her in the dining room in a miniskirt, tank top and open-toe sandals. Isaac tries to be polite, but the bottom line is she needs to start contributing. They go back and forth on the expenses, with Natasha coming up with all sorts of excuses, none of which Isaac finds satisfactory. So Isaac comes up with a deal. He tells Natasha that he has a thing for bondage and if she’s willing to let herself be tied up, she can forget some of the money that she owes. Natasha reluctantly agrees and crosses her hands behind her back. He ties her wrists, followed by a strict elbow tie. Then he has her kneel down and ropes her ankles together.

When Isaac starts unzipping his jeans, Natasha is suddenly worried. What the heck’s going on? Then he sit down on a chair in front of her and demands she suck his cock! Natasha refuses, but Isaac grabs her and tries feeling up her tits through her tank top. When she tries to resist, she’s handgagged! He laughs, pulls up her top and fondles her tits. Then he threatens to gag Natasha, throw her into the trunk of his car and toss her outside in the woods. Or – instead she can suck his cock!

Faced with this choice, Natasha places her lips to his dick and gets to work. When she’s finished polishing off his huge knob, she pleads that she’ll find some other way to pay if he’ll just please let her go! Isaac just laughs and says he rather prefers her this way instead! Perhaps he should get one of these kneeling bondage blowjobs every week and, in return, Natasha can do whatever she likes and not worry about paying the bills!

November 11, 2020
Natasha Flade Has to Give Mistress Chloe Night Oral Sex & Suck Her Snatch While Tied Up Kneeling to Get Dom Job! (FULL HD - 10:00 Min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade applied for a dominatrix job with Mistress Chloe Night. She shows up in her jeans, sweater and ankle-high boots. In the interview, it comes out that Natasha has absolutely no bondage experience, yet alone how to be a dom. Chloe has to teach her the ropes (no pun intended!) by tying Natasha up at the wrists, thighs and ankles. She gets a nice, tight elbow tie, too! Then she's forced to the floor, strictly tied kneeling before Mistress Chloe.

Now Chloe springs a big surprise! Natasha that she has to lick and suck her pussy if she wants this job! Natasha really needs the money, so she takes a deep breath as Chloe spreads her legs wide and forces her to give oral sex and suck Chloe’s snatch. YUM! Chloe gets into it, too! She whips her tits out while her pussy’s being eaten out. She revels in ecstasy as Natasha’s tongue plays along her clit. Caught up in an incredible oral pleasure, she grabs Natasha by the hair and makes her kiss her tits! Then Natasha's handgagged while Chloe pulls up her sweater for some boobie feelies!

After Chloe orgasms, she tells Natasha that she’s much better than the other girls who interviewed. But wait…there’s one more test! Chloe leaves — then returns with a huge strap-on! Natasha begs to please not do this, but Chloe has no intention of letting Natasha go before she’s finished with this “interview.” Wow, the things some girls have to go through to earn a living…thank God! Some great outtakes and bloopers are included at the end!

November 4, 2020

Natasha Flade Handgagged, Tied Spread Ass-Up Barefoot & Blindfolded for Bondage Sex from Behind by Robber (FULL HD – 20:40 min)

FULL HD! EPIC BONDAGE SEX CLIP! 20+ MINUTES! Barefoot Natasha Flade was making the bed in a white little dress when a masked robber sneaks in! She’s handgagged and tossed upon the bed. Her hands are bound behind her, then she's cleave gagged with a long white scarf wrapped twice between her lips. Her feet are bound with the camera view from behind, so we get to see her lovely soles as she wriggles as she’s being tied up. Now helpless, the home invader strips her topless and gropes her tits, even licking and sucking them. Her dress is pulled up and her ass is spanked and fondled. The home invasion is one great time!

But wait! There’s more! Natasha legs are tied spread to the posts of the bed, again, nice shots of her gorgrous bare feet and soles! She’s still on her belly, tied ass-up and barefoot. Then she's blindfolded so the intruder can whip off his mask - and his pants! Natasha is fucked from behind doggystyle hard and long, which really made her day long and hard. This clip has all the tying, the gagging, the bondage sex action to keep you hard and long for days!
This clip has all the tying, the gagging, the bondage sex action to keep you hard and long for days!

October 28, 2020

Secretary Natasha Flade Chairtied for Ransom in Wrong Garage, Forced to Give Bondage Blowjob for Freedom! (FULL HD – 9:22 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is chairtied in a dirty garage in her dress, pantyhose, and high heels. She cleave gagged and being held for ransom! She struggles but her efforts to get free of her bondage are futile. Isaac strolls in and he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he suspects. He calls his friend on the phone and tells him that he sent this tied up and gagged girl to be dropped off at the wrong garage! It’s not his job today to watch over some hottie being ransomed. He tells him to get his ass over here to pick her up and put her where she belongs. He said he couldn’t get there right away.

Isaac is a little angry. He tells Natasha that if she can get him off in ten minutes, he’ll let her go. She agrees, she’s ungagged, her tops it pulled down so he can play with her tits. So topless Natasha accepts Isaac’s cock in her mouth and gets to work. Natasha gives the bondage blowjob of her life and Isaac cums in her mouth! Will Isaac keep his word? There’s only one way to find out! Buy this clip!
October 21, 2020
Wife Natasha Flade Tied Up Barefoot by Burglar, then Found & Fucked by Lusty Neighbor! (FULL HD - 9:50 Minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! This bondage sex video begins with Natasha Flade cleave-gagged and bound barefoot to the bed in her shorts and top. A burglar had invaded her house and left her all tied up like that! She struggles in her bondage and we get all the angles, even her wriggling soles and cute bare feet! A lusty neighbor (Isaac W.) comes by to give Natasha’s husband back the drill he had borrowed. He finds the door open and hears some noise coming from the bedroom. Then to his surprise, he discovers his neighbor’s beautiful wife, Natasha, all tied up and gagged on the bed! Now Isaac has been dreaming of fucking his neighbor’s wife ever since he moved in. He asks Natasha what happened, and she tells him in gag talk that someone robbed her and left her tied up like this! She thinks she’ll be let go now, but this is just too good of a chance for Isaac to miss! Instead of letting Natasha go, he re-ties her legs and attaches them to the headboard so her bare feet are now high up in the air. He pulls her shorts off, then pats and kisses her bare ass. When Natasha cries out for him to stop, she’s handgagged while Isaac pulls her top up and feels her tits! Then he strips down himself and hops on top of the helpless housewife! He fucks her silly, while Natasha sobs and struggles beneath him. But Isaac is having one helluva a great time. His bondage sex dream come true at last and with this hot housewife he’s been fantasizing over. But poor Natasha; this really isn’t her day. First a robber, then a lusty neighbor!
October 16, 2020
Loren Chance & Isaac W. Get Back at Office Manager Natasha Flade with Strap-On Bondage Sex Revenge! (FULL HD - 17:07 minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! Office manager, Natasha Flade, just got home from work when she’s jumped by Loren Chance and her partner, Isaac W. Loren was fired by Natasha and now she wants revenge! Isaac keeps her handgagged while Loren ties her up, binding her at the wrists. She holds Natasha still while she’s cleave gagged by Isaac with a long scarf wrapped three times between her lips. They toss her onto her belly on the bed, where she’s tied-up kneeling, her ass pointing up, hands tethered in front to the headboard, ankles bound to the foot board. Loren rants on about she shouldn’t have been fired and now Natasha has to pay! Then she discovers a huge strap-on in her nightstand! She bounces that rubber cock in Natasha’s face, pulls her skirt up, then rips down her pantyhose. Natasha is getting scared now! She’s completely helpless here, tied bent over with her naked ass and pussy exposed. Loren unbuttons her silk blouse, slips off her bra, then gropes her tits. She bounces that huge cock against Natasha’s exposed snatch, warming her up for what’s to come!

She puts the strap-on and starts fucking Natasha doggystyle. She’s letting Natasha have it hard. She gets into it, too, stripping off her own top. Her tits are bouncing as she revenge fucks Natasha. After lots of great angles of some awesome girl-girl kinkiness, Loren’s partner, Isaac W., strolls in. He’s aghast, but Loren says she’s getting simply the best revenge fuck ever! She asks Isaac to join in, too! Sure, why not? Isaac undoes Natasha’s gag, then keeps her handgagged while he unzips his pants. He grabs Natasha by the head and forces her to suck his cock. Now poor Natasha’s getting it from both ends! Loren’s strap-on fucking her from behind while she’s forced to give Isaac a bondage blowjob. It’s an epic boy-girl-girl revenge fuck! Our damsel’s worst fears have materialized; Isaac returned and forced her into even nastier things. She can’t do anything about it, but her two captors are loving every second! Isaac revels in getting sucked off until he cums right in Natasha’s mouth. Satisfied, he and Loren give each other high-fives on top of their worn-out captive, exhausted from her ordeal. OUTTAKES AT THE END!

October 6, 2020
Natasha Flade Carried in Tied Up For Spread Eagle Bondage Sex in Garters & Stockings! (FULL HD - 12:10 Min)
NOW IN FULL HD! Husband Isaac W. is waiting for his wife Natasha Flade to return from a night “out with the girls.” It’s already dawn and she comes strolling into the bedroom in her hot knee high boots and miniskirt. He accuses her of fooling around and cheating on him with other men. Natasha denies everything, but her husband is adamant and furious. He whips out a length of rope, then grabs his wife by her arms, pinning them behind her back. Natasha’s struggling like mad, but he’s stronger than her and he manages to get her hands tied behind her. Then her elbows are strictly tied, so close they almost touch!

We cut to our cheating wife now bound with more ropes at the thighs and those black leather knee-high boots. He grabs her by the shoulders and she’s forced to kneel down, then he demands that she suck his cock in penance for fooling around. “Get to it,” he orders. “My morning wood’s all ready!” He grabs her by the hair and pulls her lips to his cock. Natasha resists, but what is this adulterous housewife gonna do all tied up like she is? Natasha sucks Isaac’s hard cock until he cums in her mouth.

Satisfied with his punishment, he gets up and gropes her tits as he says he’s surprised she’s got any energy left after all those other cocks she’s been sucking. “You need to be here at home, tied up and satisfying ME!” Then he leaves his cheating wife tied up kneeling to ponder her adulterous ways.

October 1, 2020
Wife Natasha Flade Forced into Kneeling Bondage Blowjob In Boots for Fooling Around! (FULL HD - 8:36 minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! Husband Isaac W. is waiting for his wife Natasha Flade to return from a night “out with the girls.” It’s already dawn and she comes strolling into the bedroom in her hot knee high boots and miniskirt. He accuses her of fooling around and cheating on him with other men. Natasha denies everything, but her husband is adamant and furious. He whips out a length of rope, then grabs his wife by her arms, pinning them behind her back. Natasha’s struggling like mad, but he’s stronger than her and he manages to get her hands tied behind her. Then her elbows are strictly tied, so close they almost touch!

We cut to our cheating wife now bound with more ropes at the thighs and those black leather knee-high boots. He grabs her by the shoulders and she’s forced to kneel down, then he demands that she suck his cock in penance for fooling around. “Get to it,” he orders. “My morning wood’s all ready!” He grabs her by the hair and pulls her lips to his cock. Natasha resists, but what is this adulterous housewife gonna do all tied up like she is? Natasha sucks Isaac’s hard cock until he cums in her mouth.

Satisfied with his punishment, he gets up and gropes her tits as he says he’s surprised she’s got any energy left after all those other cocks she’s been sucking. “You need to be here at home, tied up and satisfying ME!” Then he leaves his cheating wife tied up kneeling to ponder her adulterous ways.

September 24, 2020

Chloe Night Revenge Fucked with HUGE Strap-On for Raping Natasha Flade's Sister (FULL HD - 13:13 minutes)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade bursts into Chloe Night’s bedroom with a gun! Natasha accuses Chloe of raping her sister. Chloe denies it, saying that her sister is just a drama queen. But Natasha is here to make Chloe pay! She forces her to put her hand together in front of her to be tied up. Once restrained, Natashe cleave gags Chloe with two wraps of a long cloth. She forces her to lie on the floor, pulls up her shirt and gropes her tits. Then she connects her wrists to the posts of the bed. Her bare feet are roped together and hauled up high to be tethered to the top of the bed canopy. Natasha shucks Chloe’s jeans down and fondles dat perfect ass. Then she leaves for a bit to get something and returns with a HUGE strapon. Chloe gets a little freaked out at this! Natasha kneels down and inserts that rubber cock inside Chloe's pussy. Natasha has a great time with her bondage sex revenge fuck, shoving that cock inside Chloe roughly and laughing. Natasha even gets topless herself, her tits jiggling as she violates her captive! Will Chloe learn her lesson after being revenge fucked? Was Chloe even guilty of anything in the first place? Will we ever find out?
September 18, 2020
Natasha Flade Strictly Elbow-Bound & Kneeling for Barefoot Bondage Blowjob (FULL HD - 9:37 minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is tied up on the floor! She’s bound hand and foot, strictly elbow-bound, her thighs are tied above the knees, and she’s cleavegagged. This barefoot damsel is in shorts and a thin T-shirt and we can see her sexy nips poking out! She struggles, because if she can’t escape this strict bondage, something bad is going to happen. Her captor is still in the house. She doesn’t manage to budge those ropes one bit, and Isaac comes back to play with his hostage. Natasha’s tits are groped through that shirt before he has her kneel over his lap on the chair and he whips out his cock. She has to give him a bondage blowjob! As she’s sucking his dick, he pulls up her top so she’s topless and she can grope her tits. He also pulls down her shorts and panties, that perfect ass needs some fondling attention, too! Natasha is good at sucking the peen with her hands tied up behind her, and Isaac cums in her mouth! Does he untie her? Let’s hope not…
September 10, 2020
Chloe Night Tied Up & Tape Gagged in her Stockings for Bondage Sex & Cumshot (FULL HD - 14:13 min)
NOW IN FULL HD! Beautiful Chloe Night was reading at the dining room table in her sexy teddy and black stockings, as one does. In comes a menacing masked man with a gun and a backpack full of rope! He makes her stand up. He tells Chloe that he’s here for her valuables, and that he has to tie her up. She goes along and he ties her hands in front of her. Next he’s ripping off a length of duct tape and plasters that sticky business over her lips. She’s tape gagged on the floor now! She’s scooted over and her bound wrists are tethered to a table leg. Her feet (in those stockings) are roped together, flowed by her thighs, as Chloe protests through that tape gag. The intruder gets the idea to place a couple more strips of tape over her tape gag, so she’s triple tape gagged! He hoists her wriggling feet in the air and attaches them to a dining room table leg. Robbery? There’s not much of value in Chloe’s casa. So, the masked dude removes his clothes and Chloe’s panties for some loving. All they tying her up was serious work, and he’s getting something out of this! So Chloe, tied up, gagged and per pussy exposed, now is getting a full-throttle fucking from her captor. She’s pounded and plowed in some seriously serious bondage sex. For the finale, he cums on her lovely alabaster skin. Cumshot!
September 5, 2020
Dick Tease Chloe Night Forced Into Doggystyle Bondage Sex In Miniskirt & Thigh-High Stockings! (FULL HD - 11:45 min)
NOW IN FULL HD! Chloe Night returns to Sergio's home after a date. He thinks the date went really, really well and fully expects to get laid. Chloe has other ideas, and brushes off Sergio's advances. Finally, she gets up off the sofa and walks off. But Sergio doesn't get her get far. He grabs Chloe, pins her wrists crossed behind her back. She resists, but Sergio has the strength advantage and gets her wrists bound behind her tightly. Chloe keeps begging to be released. Sergio has a solution: He cleave-gags her. He stands her up, yanks her top and bra and fondles her lovely tits. Sergio forces her to kneel and discards her panties. He gropes her perfect ass, fingers her pussy. Now he's about to burst, so he shucks his pants and thrusts his cock into her unwilling pussy! Poor Chloe is bent over on the floor, her hands securely tied behind her, a gag in her mouth and a dick being plunged into her from behind! This is not how this date was supposed to turn out!
August 24, 2020
Natasha Flade Handgagged & Chair Tied for Blowjob for Pissing Off Contractor (FULL HD - 12:30 min)
NOW IN FULL HD! This bondage blowjob video here is a lesson for all women: Don't piss of the hired contractor or else! He's just a good guy trying to do a good job on the new skylight that Natasha hired him to install, but oh no, Natasha Flade just isn't satisfied. She's the type that never is!  She just bitches and bitches. Finally, the contractor has had enough of bitchy women complaining about all his hard work and loses it. He grabs Natasha and pins her arms behind her and ties her wrists together behind her back while she's still going on and on and struggling. But he forces her ass down onto a chair and pins her there with more rope. When Natasha bitches about this, too, she gets handgagged quick with his big hand over her mouth in a second. Then he ties her ankles together, too, so we're treated to a close-up of her tied ankles in her white high heels. Natasha's lovely tits are pulled out of her sundress and groped and sucked while the contractor keeps her handgagged. But he's not quite done with Natasha yet! Out pops his rock hard dick! He informs his chair tied captive that now he wants her to satisfy him with a blowjob -- or else he'll do more than just bitch about it! Natasha has no choice but to accept this guy's throbbing cock into her mouth. He orders her to suck him off and do a really good job while she's at. Hey, put that mouth to some good use after all! Being all tied up to that chair, our damsel in distress really doesn't have much say in the matter. Reluctantly, she sucks his dick as best she can. But wow, it turns out that this complaining Natasha can suck a mean dick! Her blowjobs rock so much that the contractor orgasms right into her mouth. Then he handgags her again to make sure she swallows his load. Not to be ungrateful, the contractor compliments Natasha (somewhat sarcastically) on her bondage blowjobs. "Now was that so hard, Natasha?" But does he let her go or leave her chair tied and come back for more?
August 18, 2020
Natasha Flade Led In Tied Up Topless, Bent Over for Naked Doggystyle Bondage Sex (FULL HD - 8:50 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is in a serious bondage situation! She’s being led into a bedroom, her captor heading her by a tether to her bound wrists. Natasha's topless, wearing only panties, and our damsel has been gagged with a stuffer and thin scarf. The captor chucks his scared captive onto the bed and uses more rope to attach her wrists to the headboard. Natasha frets with distress while the captor strips her panties off and fondles her naked ass! Each of her lovely bare feet are tied to the posts of the foot board, exposing her pussy from behind. Great shots of Natasha’s beautiful barefoot soles here! Once she’s totally naked and securely tied spread on the bed, her tits are fondled and groped from behind before the abductor drops his clothes and crams his hard cock into Natasha's unwilling pussy. He jumps on from behind, fucking her doggystyle. There's great shots from different angles, with her wiggling soles visible as she's ridden hard. He gropes her tits some more as his hard dick thrusts back and forth inside her until he finally shoots his cum load inside her. This bondage sex video clip is a classic that is sure to please!

August 14, 2020
Chloe Night Tricked by Personal Trainer Into Weight Bench Bondage Sex (FULL HD - 12:43 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Chloe Night hired a new personal trainer, Sergio. He says she's ready for his patented workout techniques. Much to her surprise, his new "exercises are bondage! Chloe is suspicious, but after all, he’s the professional. Sergio has her lie down on the weight bench and spread out her hands to the supports. Her wrists are both tied there while he explains how this will burn soooo many more calories per minute than the usual methods! Next her feet and knees are bound, then her ankles are tethered to the bar so her sneakers are dangling in the air. Now he gets her to start burning off those calories by pulling her sweatpants and panties down! With Chloe half-naked now, Sergio starts fondling her ass and fingering her pussy! What nerve of this guy! Chloe screams and squirms, but she's helpless to stop him since she's let herself be tied up to the weight bench. She can't believe she's been tricked into bondage for her trainer's own pleasure obviously! She screams for help and is quickly handgagged while he continues with his groping and fondling business. Chloe's making far too much noise, so he grabs thick blue scarf and cleave gags her with it!

Now, for the real burn! Sergio drops his clothes and gives the resistant Chloe his big, fat cock! He fucks his client hard while she's tied up on her own weight bench. To add insult to injury, she's actual paid good cash for this "session!" Seriously, how can she complain? After all, this really is a true workout that will be sure to shed those extra pounds. Sergio fucks Chloe's pussy hard, thrusting back and forth repeatedly while she's moaning and mmpphing through her gag. Finally, he shoots his wad and cums right on Chloe’s ass, for a nice cumshot finale to this bondage sex workout that got them both really hot and sweaty. Sergio struts off and leaves Chloe alone to struggle in the garage, bound and cleave gagged on the weight bench!

August 4, 2020
Chloe Night Frogtied & Gagged with Washcloth for Barefoot Bondage Sex (FULL HD - 12:20 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Chloe Night was arranging the towels in the bathroom. She’s barefoot in her thong panties and T-shirt, her round, sweet ass on display. Suddenly, an armed man bursts in with a gun! He grabs her, pins her arms behind her back and ropes them there as Chloe begs the intruder to please just take whatever he wants and leave. She keeps pleading to be released, so the intruder grabs a washcloth and stuffs it halfway into her mouth, then ties a thin scarf about Chloe’s head and black hair to keep it firmly between her lips. The 2-piece gagging muffles Chloe’s pleas and cries for help quite well. She’s then forced to the tile floor of the bathroom where she’s frogtied, kneeling, her ass pointing up. Now finding herself bound and gagged, and at the total mercy of this strange man, helpless Chloe starts freaking out as she’s stripped naked from the waist down. He rips those thong panties right off then undoes his own pants as he prepares to give this helpless damsel some hard dick! Frogtied on her knees, our damsel has no choice but to take it hard from behind, doggystyle. And hard it is! “Thundercock” thrusts his big cock repeatedly back and forth inside Chloe’s pussy. He pulls her up and grabs her tits while he’s fucking her from behind. When he’s finally done, poor Chloe is simply discarded, left to struggle tied up barefoot and washcloth gagged on the bathroom floor!

July 28, 2020
Natasha Flade Tied Naked Eiffel Tower Style for Bondage Blowjob AND Fucking (FULL HD - 9 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is naked and tied spread to the bed, Eiffel Tower style, with her wrists tied together and attached up above her to the headboard. Her captor, Isaac W., is right there with his hard cock out, ready to molest his helpless, tied up captive. He titty fucks her first while she cries and squirms trying to avoid him, but she’s not going anywhere tied like she is! He teases and taunts her, then orders her to open her mouth while he dangles that dick in front of her face. Natasha is mortified as in goes his dick, and she’s forced to suck it! The captor leans over the damsel’s prone form, enjoying this blowjob with his captive bound naked below him and on her back. After she gives him some good lip service to his knob, Isaac decides to switch things up. He went to all this trouble and he’s going to make the most of it! So he pulls his rod from Natasha’s mouth and untethers her tied hands from the headboard. She cries out as he hauls her up into a sitting position on the bed and and gags her with a white stuffer held in place with a thin, blue scarf. With his pretty captive securely gagged, he pushes her back down onto the bed. She’s kicking and trying to escape as her hands are re-tied above her head to the headboard. But she isn’t going anywhere, and with her legs tied spread and wide, now Isaac’s cock enters her pussy! He pounds her pussy hard as he rides her for the ultimate climax, playing with her tits as he’s thursting. Natasha’s squirming and mmpps just turn him on even more and he finally cums, finishing off right inside her finishes off inside her. Once he’s done, he laughs and strokes her naked, bound body for a minute before leaving poor Natasha all alone on the bed, still tied Eiffel Tower style and now both cleave and packing gagged. He’s had himself one helluva satisfying time, that’s for sure –both a bondage blowjob AND bondage sex in one go! Maybe he’ll just stop back for an encore….bloopers included!

July 23, 2020
Home Invasion POV: Natasha Flade Forced to Strip Nude and Self Gag Before Bondage Sex (FULL HD - 9:15 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade was tidying up the bed in her nightie, barefoot. You come in, gun drawn, and have this beauty totally under your control. You tell her to take off the nightie. She drops it to the floor, and hos she stands there, covering her tits with her arms in her panties. You order her to lose the panties, too. She takes them off, and now she’s totally nude. You make her walk naked to her dresser and pull out a small cloth and a black scarf. As ordered, she stuffs the small cloth into her mouth, then ties it in place with a thick scarf between her lips. She was just forced to be self gagged. And endure forced stripping! So she stands before you, packing gagged and cleave gagged, naked, waiting for the next thing you want…We cut to her tied up on the floor, legs in the air, tethered to the high bedposts. Now, this is the really fun part: the bondage sex! Now it’s Isaac W. plowing Natasha Flade, alternately slapping her thighs and groping her tits as he thrusts. At then end, there’s the cumshot, him spilling his love goo on her belly. It’s been a good day.

July 14, 2020
Wife Natasha Flade Forced Into Bondage Blowjob Video as Ransom "Incentive!" (FULL HD - 8:15 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Beautiful wife Natasha Flade has been taken hostage! Her captor (Isaac W.) has her tied-up sitting on the coffee table in her jeans, strappy, open-toe heels and lacy top. The kidnapper is making a ransom video to present to her husband. Isaac laughs into the camera as he shows off his bound and gagged captive. He orders his hostage housewife to demand the ransom from her husband. Terrified, Natasha pleads into the camera, telling her husband how scared she is and begging him to please just pay the money really fast so this guy will set free! But the abductor who has her held hostage has a better idea to speed things up. To motivate Natasha’s husband to hurry up with the payoff dough, he strips the helpless damsel topless and gropes and fondles her tits, all the while looking into the camera. “See this?” he taunts. “These are your wife’s tits and my hands all over them!” he exclaims ruthlessly. “I’m going to play with these tits until I get my money!” Poor Natasha starts to cry and is quickly handgagged. “You need something to shut that mouth of yours,” Isaac says. He decides that groping those fine breasts isn’t going to do the trick, apparently. But he bets forcing wifey-poo to give him a bondage blowjob will make the ransom video much more effective. So he pulls out his cock and shoves it into Natasha’s mouth. She has no choice but to comply if she has any hope at all of being untied. Very unwillingly, Natasha complies and gives her captor a blowjob while all tied-up on that coffee table. Back and forth her head bobs on his nob until he finally cums right in her mouth! Natasha is horrified, but even more so when her captor pulls his pants back up and starts groping her tits again! “You better give me that money!” Isaac demands again. Then he storms off, leaving the helpless housewife tied topless atop the table while he waits on the ransom money.

8 July 2020
Ex-Boyfriend Makes Redhead Natalie Minx Strip Nude, Makes Her Ride Him on Top! (FULL HD - 15:15 MINUTES)

NOW IN FULL HD! A redhead Natalie Minx was getting ready for bed when her ex-boyfriend suddenly drops in, wearing a mask. She has a restraining order against this asshole and he didn’t want the neighbors recognizing him. He’s come back for a little action with his honey, and big-breasted, beautiful Natalie wants no part of him. But then her ex threatens violence if she doesn’t start stripping down for him. Natalie is cornered in the bedroom, so she reluctantly complies, first dropping her t-shirt, then slipping off her bra and panties. Now she’s topless (OMG, those huge tits!) and totally nude. Her ex-boyfriend doesn’t want Natalie making some noisy fuss, so he stuffs her mouth full with a wadded up hanky and ties that in place with another bandanna wrapped around her head. Natalie is now packing gagged and standing naked in her bedroom, trying to hide her boobs with her hands. But the masked man grabs her hands and arms and ropes them together in front, right above the elbows. Natalie’s wrists are then tied together tightly. Natalie is hoisted up onto the bed and her bound hands attached up overhead to the canopy. Now our busty, redhead damsel is tied-up kneeling on the bed, her hands suspended up over her head. Her ex slaps her bare ass as he slips beneath her so he can make her fuck him cowgirl style. It’s what he likes best, especially with Natalie’s big tits bouncing and swaying as he’s getting the ride of a lifetime! The viewer is treated to lots of great angles as our naked damsel is forced to ride on top!

30 June 2020
Secretary Natasha Flade Chairtied at Gunpoint for Office Bondage Blowjob! (11:00 Minutes)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2005! Secretary Natasha Flade was in the office, typing away at her desk in her high heels, pantyhose and skirt. Behind her comes an intruder with a gun. She’s handgagged and held at gunpoint, ordered to place her hands on the chair arms. Natasha is chairtied thoroughly and tightly, with closeups of the tying: the hands, her high heels…everything. Once she’s all secure, the intruder handgags her again and pulls her top up and her bra cups too, so she’s topless. He gropes her, then demands a bondage blowjob! This damsel secretary has to take this stranger’s dick into her mouth and satisfy him! Classis bondage blowjob video resurrected from 2005!

24 June 2020
Blonde Bank Teller Natasha Flade Barefoot Hogtied for Blowjob by Angry Client! (11:00 Minutes)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2005! Bank teller Natasha Flade, during a blonde phase back in 2005, was sitting on the chaise, barefoot and in her tight, sexy dress. She was relaxing alone at home after work when an angry bank customer, Isaac W., comes right on in! He had followed her home from her job at the bank. Now Isaac has a serious beef about his banking business and he means to get some satisfaction to this situation! Apparently, he tried to get a withdrawal from the $10,000 he’d deposited, but Natasha had refused to give him any cash, claiming “bank policy” prevented her from doing so. Isaac isn’t buying that explanation, though! When Natasha explains once again that she has no control over the matter, the angry client takes matters into his own hands! He grabs the lovely blonde teller and pins her arms behind her back, then her crossed wrists are are tied together tightly. Poor Natasha is flipped over onto her belly, and her bare beet are bound together at the ankles, her beautiful soles on nice display for the viewer! Natasha tries protesting to no avail as she’s hogtied there on the chaise right in her own home. But her big mouth lands her into trouble! When she won’t stop complaining about how ridiculous she thinks this whole terrible situation is, she’s handgagged by the client, who informs her she’s not doing herself any good here!

Natasha is horrified as Isaac whips out his cock and brings it close to her mouth! What exactly are you planning on doing?! she demands to know. “I don’t have any control over the money at the bank! Let me go and I’ll call the manager for you!” “Not good enough!” is his response. Oh no, he’s looked around her house, and not finding anything that can compensate him, he decides he’ll get some satisfaction some other way – with a nice bondage blowjob from a hot blonde bank teller! So he shoves his big dick right into that mouthy teller’s mouth! Well, helpless Natasha, all barefoot hogtied on the chaise, can do nothing to stop him. Her only choice is to give this weirdo a good blowjob and and hope for the best. So she starts sucking that cock off really good, and it’s getting the client pretty hot. Now he wants to see more! So he strips that hot blonde Natasha topless so he can grope and fondle her nice tits while he’s getting himself one heck of a hogtied blowjob! Once Isaac cums in her mouth, he grabs a knotted scarf and shoves it between Natasha’s lips, tying it round her head so that now he has her cleave gagged, too. Then he sucks her tits and gropes her ass a bit before taking off, leaving the poor blonde damsel hogtied topless on the chaise and struggling to get free before this crazy weirdo returns!

17 June 2020
Personal Trainer Natasha Flade Gets What's Coming To Her!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2005! Personal trainer Natasha Flade is with her new client, Isaac W. She’s on the floor next to him, barefoot and wearing shorts. She’s pushing him way too hard (or so he thinks!) and berating him the whole time. Finally, Isaac has had enough! He jumps up and grabs Natasha! She’s handgagged and wrestled down in a mighty struggle, her bare feet flying as he tries to pin her to the floor. She puts up a good fight, but he manages to overtake her. We cut to Natasha tied up spread and nude on the bed. She’s cleave gagged and her wrists are bound above her head, attached to the headboard. She’s now totally naked and won’t be giving Isaac any more orders or lip. Oh no, he’s the one in charge now! This personal trainer of his has taken things too far and he’s out to give her what she’s got coming! A good revenge fuck should do the trick he thinks. She’ll see how hard he can work at something after all! Isaac is on the bed,, straddled atop, hard cock in hand. He spears Natasha with his ready member and doesn’t stop his relentless fucking and thrusting. He pulls one of her legs up for better access and keeps on plowing away while Natasha’s bare foot dangles back and forth while his hard cock continues to violate her body. Now our damsel can do nothing but feebly protest through her gag and writhe around helplessly, wishing she’d had better manners. Maybe next time she will… Outtakes included!

10 June 2020
Wife Natasha Flade Forced to Suck Cock For Ransom Video When Husband Won’t Pay! (FULL HD - 7:40 Minutes)  

NOW IN FULL HD! Wife Natasha Flade has been kidnapped for ransom! Her abductor has her bound barefoot to a chair in a tight camisole and denim miniskirt. She’s scared because her captor is really angry; apparently, her husband hasn’t been forthcoming with the dough and now he’s going to play rough and see if that gets her husband’s attention. Natasha keeps quiet, even though she’s not gagged, worried to not offend him and make matters even worse – if that’s even possible. Oh, but it is! The kidnapper tells her since there’s no money yet, he’s going to make a little video of his darling tied-up wife sucking his big cock as an incentive. So he sets up the tripod and strips Natasha topless while he talks into the camera, laughing at her husband, telling her how much fun it is violating his pretty wifey-poo. He squeezes, gropes and fondles the darling housewife’s tits while she’s handgagged, and keeps talking into the camera. He’s taunting Natasha’s husband about how he’s going to enjoy his pretty wife, and he means to REALLY enjoy her! After he’s finished playing with her lovely tits, he grabs Natasha’s head and forces her to take his hard cock into her mouth. Natasha tries to resist, but it’s useless being tied to that chair as she is. She obeys and sucks his dick really good, hoping it will save her. But after the kidnapper comes in her mouth, he grabs her tits and, laughing once more into the camera, informs her husband that the money better show up ASAP or little wifey here will get even worse. No he wouldn’t want, would he? Well, her husband might not, but the rest of us wouldn’t mind if he kept this pretty housewife chair-tied as he bondage blowjob play toy!

3 June 2020
FULL HD! 14:00 MINUTES! Acidalia Sabine Isn't Ready for Sex...Wait Now She Is!

NOW IN FULL HD! Sweet, young redhead Acidalia Sabine gets finger fucked and forced into doggystyle bondage sex for not putting out in this "ride 'em rough" video! Sergio (aka "Thundercock") pays a visit to the pretty redhead Acidalia Sabine to let her know that he's not exactly happy that she's been going out with him for like a month, driving around in his sports car, getting free dinners, but she has yet to FUCK him! To make matters worse, Sergio found out that Acidalia just spent the weekend with some other dude! Acidalia says that she's taking her time with something that's important to her, but Sergio isn't buying it. He pulls out some rope from his pocket and begins tying Acidalia's hands crossed behind her back. Acidalia is surprised, and asks what the heck is he doing?! Sergio says they're playing a game, but then he starts getting angry while he's tying her up, and yells that the game is called NOW SHE'S GOING TO FUCK HIM ONE WAY OR THE OTHER! 

At first Acidalia thinks he's just messing around, but then she realizes that Sergio's not being funny -- he means to get her tied up and gagged so he can have his way with her! Once her wrists are tied nice and securely, Sergio grabs a scarf to shove into Acidalia's pretty mouth. He figures if she's cleave gagged, that will shut that dang complaining mouth of hers! He cuts the pretty, young redhead right off in mid-sentence as he's roughly gagging her! Now Acidalia is getting really scared as she is forced to endure Sergio's harsh groping of her tits as he explains how things are going down NOW! Then the helpless and scared Acidalia is pushed over the edge of the dining room table -- with her hands tied behind her back and she in cute little miniskirt. Her ass is nearly poking out -- and she isn't even wearing any panties! Sergio takes more rope and uses it to get each of her ankles tied tightly and wide apart to separate legs of the dining room table. Poor Acidalia is now horribly terrified as she's totally at Sergio's mercy! He pulls up her miniskirt and shoves his fingers into her pussy. Acidalia is screaming and crying as she gets a really HARD finger fucking! (The video is worth buying just to see that scene!) Sergio tells Acidalia that all that nice, hard finger fucking has him really ready for some fucking! He strips off his clothes and shoves his hard cock into Acidalia's sweet, young pussy. And "thundercock" earns his name in this video for sure! He really lets Acidalia have it HARD doggystyle! She's crying and moaning all the while, but that just makes Sergio fuck her even harder! There are lots of different angles of all this great damsel in distress bondage sex! And Sergio is truly a villain!  You fear the table is going to break as he thrusts his cock into her pussy so hard! But fucking a sweet young bound and gagged redhead gets Sergio off really good -- he explodes at the end -- right on Acidalia's ass -- for a really sweet closeup of the cumshot on her naked ass! Then he storms off, looking smug that he won in the end, didn't he? Does he come back for more bondage sex with the young and oh so cute redhead Acidalia? Buy the video and find out! A blooper included!

May 27, 2020
NOW IN FULL HD! Chloe Night Carried in Tied Up & Gagged, Stripped for Bondage Sex In Jeans & Heels (8:13 Minutes)
NOW IN FULL HD! Blonde Chloe Night is being carried into the room, already tied up and gagged! She’s bound hand and foot in her jeans and heels, and she’s been double gagged with a packing gag then a cleave gag keeping that white cloth in her mouth. Sergio carries over to a spot he made for her by the railing with a pillow and a blanket kindly laid out for his captive. Sergio sets her down and tethers her bound hands to the railing. Chloe’s top is pulled up and her tits are groped and her nipples pinched. Her pants are pulled down, and she’s fingered aggressively—this girl in bondage is seriously violated! Sergio is now ready for the grand finale of this kidnapping, so he strips down and slips his cock into the helpless Chloe. She’s fucked hard and with vigor. Sergio leaves his signature on her pussy with a tremendous cumshot, his thick spooge splatters on her. Fab bondage sex video!
May 20, 2020
Natasha Flade Tied Up Naked by Biker Dude for Kneeling Bondage Blowjob on Motorcycle! (FULL HD)
NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been abducted in a garage! Her captor, Isaac W., has her tied up naked on her knees, her pretty soles very visible. Now he’s giving her some strict elbow ties, too! After he’s finished roping her elbows together and has her thoroughly bound nude and kneeling in front of Isaac’s bad-ass motorcycle, he grabs her by the neck, handgags her, then gropes her tits and ass. Satisfied she’s ready to do his bidding, he gets up on the bike and unzips his pants. The he pulls the terrified Natasha by her hair and forces her to go down on him. Natasha has little choice but to please her captor with the blowjob he’s demanding. She sucks him off as he thrusts his cock back and forth inside her mouth. He’s clearly having a great time with his bondage blowjob playtoy. And so will YOU when you watch this video! Her lovely body is wonderful to see with great angles, including from behind showing off her bare feet and perfect, round ass. With such a beautiful damsel tied up and sucking his dick, Isaac can’t help but explode, cumming in Natasha’s mouth. He stands up, hitches his jeans back up as Natasha kneels before his feet, crying and sobbing with all her distress. Will the captor release the naked Natasha? She was a good girl, right? But oh God, we hope he doesn’t!
May 13, 2020
Natalie Minx in Pantyhose Tied Up on Tabletop for Bondage Blowjob and Facial! (FULL HD!)
NOW IN FULL HD! Blonde Natalie Minx was at the dining room table enjoying a read after a day’s work in her black dress and stockings (pantyhose). Sneaking in behind her is a masked intruder with a knife! He grabs poor Natalie and puts that knife to her throat! Petrified, Natalie agrees to do his bidding. She stands up and she’s ordered to take off her dress top. That top half of that dress comes down and her huge tits are now free. The intruder approves and fondles them for a bit before getting some rope out of his pocket. He ties her hands in front of her, gropes those gigantic tits some more, then she’s ordered to get on top of the table. What does this dude have planned for her? Natalie lays on her back for the intruder, hoping he doesn’t want to hurt her. He goes down to her feet (which look particularly lovely encased in those pantyhose!) and he ropes them together and attaches them to the table leg. Next a rope goes about her arms and the table, pinning her down. Remember her enormous tits? Of course you do. He fondles them some more now that she’s quite helpless. Now the masked man pulls his cock out and forces it into Natalie’s mouth. He sternly warns her not to bite him, but to give him some good dick sucking. Left with little choice, Natalie sucks that dick. The intruder gets really into this bondage blowjob” Natalie looks fantastic all tied up and topless on the table with her lips on his cock. And soon, he’s ready to burst, and burst he does! He cums a load on her face that is like a bucket’s worth! This cumshot is one for the ages! Poor tied up Natalie has his man goo dripping from her cheek and spattered in her hair! The best bondage blowjob facial in history!
May 6, 2020
Loren Chance Tied Up for Strap-On Bondage Sex by Rejected Roomie Natasha Flade! (FULL HD - 14:19 Min)

NOW IN FULL HD WITH BLOOPERS & OUTTAKES! Natasha Flade has allowed Loren Chance to live with her for the past month out of the goodness of her heart. Or has she? When Loren discloses that she’s been depressed over the breakup with her boyfriend, Natasha fesses up that she’s a lesbian and attracted to Loren herself. But Loren isn’t too keen on the idea. Turns out she’s not into chicks and rejects Natasha’s sexual advances, so Natasha tells her she needs to move out right now or cough up some money to pay for utilities and all the food she’s been eating. Loren tries to get some time to come up with the dough, but Natasha has a better idea. She pounces on Loren with a handful of rope so she can tie her up and fuck her! Loren is aghast. She tries to talk Natasha out of it, but Natasha doesn’t listen. As she’s roping her up, Natasha rants about how she doesn’t pay for anything at all, not food, not rent, and in fact, Natasha has even been giving her friend an allownace because she doesn’t have a job! Loren is helpless as she’s bound on the chaise for Natasha’s pleasure. Her hands are bound in front of her, then her tied wrists are hauled up overhead and attached to the legs of the chaise, pinning Loren down to the chaise. Natasha grabs Loren’s ankles and ties them together, too. Loren is shocked and upset by her roommate’s aggressive behavior, but there’s no stopping her! And Natasha is tired of listening to Loren’s whiney complaining, so she shoves a long, black scarf between her lips and cleave gags her with it to shut her up a bit.

So now here’s Loren, who was all ready to go out for the night just a short while ago, now all tied up and cleave gagged on her roommate’s chaise. How did it come to this? No time to ponder that because Natasha soon returns wearing a huge dildo strap-on. Loren loses it when she sees that! What the hell?! “Oh, it’s not rape if you like it,” Natasha retorts. “And I know you’re going to like it a lot. We don’t have to do the bondage thing all the time, but right now, this is best.” Natasha puts that big dong in Loren’s face, exclaiming, “Oh come on! I know you’ve never had a man with a cock this big!” Well, that might be true, but Loren still isn’t convinced this is a good idea, let alone that she’s going to enjoy the whole experience. Natasha is determined to prove her friend wrong! She yanks down her pantyhose, gropes her ass a few times before grabbing her high heels and holding them up in the air as she plunges the huge strap-on into Loren’s pussy. She pounds that pussy really good, even whipping off her own top so she can fuck her topless! “I wonder how long I need to fuck you like this to make up for a whole month of free rent?” “Once?” Loren whimpers. “I don’t think so!” Natasha laughs. “I can go all night, honey!” Loren’s in for the ride, no pun intended. Natasha pulls up the top of her dress and feels her tits while she’s fucking her. Then she takes her high heels off and tosses them to the floor so she can play with her pantyhose-clad stocking feet for a bit. Loren’s pussy must be damn sore by the time Natasha decides to give it a rest…for now, that is. She’ll be back for more! Will Loren get away before she returns or is she doomed to remain her lesbian friend’s bondage sex playtoy?

30 April 2020
Chloe Night Sold Out for High Credit Card Spending! (FULL HD - 14:00 Min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2011 NOW IN FULL HD! Chloe Night is asking her boyfriend, Isaac W., what he would like to do for his birthday. She shows off her thigh-high stockings and panties, hinting that he can have whatever he wants -- it's his special day! Isaac, of course, wants to tie up beautiful Chloe. She's excited about this bondage game and lays down on the floor as instructed. He ropes each wrist spread out to the bedposts as she giggles with delight and anticipation. Isaac slips off those cute black panties and throws them aside. He raises each leg and ties them spread to the top of the bedposts, her high heels now suspended in the air. Chloe opens her mouth to accept the thin cleave gag. And now she's all tied-up, helpless and very available. In walks a stranger. Chloe is embarrassed for someone to just come right on in like this, but Isaac obviously knows him. He introduces Sergio, then goes on to explain that Chloe has racked up their credit cards considerably. Sergio has agreed to pay the balance...by fucking her! Chloe is suddenly in a panic and starts to struggle. But Isaac takes off, leaving Sergio to take care of business. Sergio fingers Chloe's pussy before stripping down and thrusting his throbbing cock inside the helpless Chloe! He rocks her world, making sure he gets his money's worth, before he cums on her belly for the finale. He gets up and announces that that was money well spent! As for poor Chloe, she learns a valuable financial lesson the "hard" way.

April 22, 2020
Chloe Night in Stockings & High Heels is Tied Up Legs Up for Bondage Sex (Now in FULL HD!)
Chloe Night didn’t know someone had snuck into her house! She’s walking into the dining room in her long dress, black stockings and black high heels. Right behind her comes the guy who slipped inside while she was gone, with a big kitchen knife in his hand! Chloe is grabbed, the knife held to her throat. She tries to calm the excitable guy down, and she does convince him to let go of that huge knife. But the trade is she gets gagged with a thick scarf! It’s a really great, fuzzy cleave gag! She’s forced to lay beneath the dining room table and he starts tying her right wrist to a table leg. The scene fades, and we’re treated to the sight of Chloe all tied up to that table: Her wrists apart, her legs spread and suspended to the top of that table, her pantyhose and high heels on display. Her tits are out and so is her ass and pussy. The intruder is busy fucking her! He plows the helpless damsel, alternately holding on to her ankles or the table top. Even though cleave gagged with that really mouth-filling winter scarf, we can hear Chloe’s pitiful mmmphs as she’s suffering through some serious pounding in her bondage sex! Outtake at the end!
April 15, 2020
Natasha Flade Violated Loren Chance, Now She's Paid Back With with Naked Strap-On Revenge Bondage Sex! (FULL HD)

Loren Chance crossed a guy named “Motherfucker Larry,” and he sent Natasha to make a video of her fucking Loren with a strap-on! Natasha tied and gagged Loren and rammed the poor girl with a REALLY big strap-on! Now it’s payback time and Loren is here to collect! Natasha Flade is at the dining room table in her robe and jamming to the music in her iPod. Sneaking up behind her is Loren Chance with a gun! Loren puts the gun to Natasha’s head, the buds come out and Natasha is forced to put her hands up.She knows Loren isn’t here by chance after everything that went down. Oh yes, Loren is ready for some bondage revenge of her own! “Everything you did to me, I’m going to do double!” she taunts her. Loren dangles that huge red dong in front of Natasha, telling her what she’ll be enjoying (or not) once she’s all tied up naked. Loren is going to make sure that Natasha regrets she ever agreed to do Larry’s dirty work for him.

Natasha tries to protest and even cut a deal, but Loren isn’t having any of that! “I said take that robe off NOW!” Loren demands. So Natasha relents and as that pink robe robe falls to the floor, we see Natasha in all her nude glory. Loren has Natasha hold out her hands and ties them together in front. Then a scarf with a big knot is forced between Natasha’s lips and teeth. “Open up!” Loren yells out. Natasha obeys as she doesn’t really have much say in the matter, and Loren knots the scarf at the nape of her neck. She forces Natasha to get down onto the floor on her back where her wrists are tied to one of the dining room table legs.Natasha’s ankles are bound, her bare feet hoisted up and tied to the top of that same table leg. Her fine ass is pointed at her captor, her cute soles pointed at the sky.

Loren waves that big red dong in Natasha’s face before coming back wearing it as a really huge strap-on! Now begins Loren’s revenge fuck. She plows her bound and gagged captive without any mercy! She laughs and insults Natasha as she’s plowing her pussy. Loren even whips her own beautiful tits out so she’s topless while giving it to Natasha. Loren grabs and strokes her tits while she’s thrusting that strap-on repeatedly into Natasha. When Natasha cries out, Loren stops and grabs her tits and informs her, “If you scream like that again, I’m going to fuck you up the ass instead!” Natasha sniffles but stops her screaming. She lays there whimpering as she’s being violated without mercy. Loren smiles and laughs and teases her helpless victim as she fucks her from a few different angles.

Oh, she’s really having a great time with her revenge bondage sex! But it’s far from over for Natasha. Loren slaps her ass and tells her that she won’t be untying her because “Motherfucker Larry” is right behind her and he’s next in line! Yes, it’s tag team time! Natasha screeches from behind the knotted cleave gag and grows frantic, especially when she Larry comes strolling in on in! Her laughs, “Oh yeah, this is going to be great!” he says as he starts undoing his belt and starts to strip off his jeans. Natasha’s struggling grows even more desperate. How on Earth did she get herself into this mess?! This is truly a marvelous clip of forced girl-girl bondage sex!

April 8, 2020
Loren Chance Tied Spread Eagle for Strap-On Bondage Sex After Crossing Her Partner! (FULL HD - 13:30 Minutes)
Blonde Loren Chance was seated comfortably in her bathrobe on the chaise reading when Natasha Flade barges in, hollering and waving a gun. Natasha forces Loren to sit up and put her hands together so she can get her tied up. With her wrists now bound in front, Natasha stuffs Loren’s mouth with a huge white cloth and ties it in with a thin scarf. She’s sloppily but effectively packing-gagged. Natasha hauls Loren to one end of the sofa and ropes her hands above her head to the other side of the chaise. Natasha opens Loren’s robe to expose her pretty titties and play with them for a bit. As she spreads Loren’s legs to tie them apart, Natasha explains that Loren crossed this guy named Motherfucker Larry and he sent him to fuck her and make a video for him. With Loren helpless, gagged and spread-eagle, Natasha puts on the strap-on with the huge cock and begins to ram poor Loren with it. Natasha takes off her top to make the video more fun and sexy for Larry. Loren endures and strap-on riding from Natasha Flade, mmphing behind that thick packing gag and wriggling and squirming to get away. Loren never gets loose, and Larry gets this great video. Natasha leaves Loren in the tight naked bondage. She’ll manage to get out. Someday.
March 31, 2020

Danielle Trixie Led in Bound & Gagged, Tied Up Naked & Legs-Up for Strapon Bondage Sex from Natasha Flade! (FULL HD - 7:45 Minutes)

FULL HD! Isaac W. has kidnapped Danielle Trixie as a gift for his wife, Natasha Flade! She’s led into the room, her hands bound behind her and cleave-gagged. Danielle’s wearing tight, little black shorts and a camisole top with her big tits just…well, everywhere! Danielle was the girl at the bar a few weeks ago that made the mistake of flirting with Isaac — and his wife Natasha saw it. To make amends, Isaac found the blonde girl and brought her home, as a peace offering – bound and gagged! Natasha tells Danielle how much fun she’s going to have with her, then starts to lead her off. We cut to Danielle now completely naked, tied spread on the floor, her legs and bare feet up in the air, suspended to the bed posts. She’s still cleave-gagged. Natasha enters with nothing on but high heels and a rather large rubber strap-on. She teases Danielle, putting that rubber cock in her face and laughing, before she climbs atop Danielle and forces that huge rubber strapon inside her pussy! Poor Danielle is forced to endure this terrible indignity of having this big dick repeatedly thrust back and forth inside her! We get all the angles of the ultra-hot Danielle Trixie in her VERY FIRST bondage sex experience ever! We have great shots of her lovely soles, her bare feet and her beautiful cleave gagged face. And, of course, there’s lots of angles of that big rubber cock thrusting into her pussy! Danielle’s muffled pleas for release are met with laughing scorn as Natasha exacts her revenge and jealousy the bondage sex way!

March 25, 2020

Natasha Flade Led in Bound and Gagged, Tied Up Spread for Bondage Sex

Natasha Flade has her hands tied in front of her and she’s cleave gagged! She’s wearing a sexy nightie and she’s led into the bedroom and tossed on the bed. Her hands are tied to the headboard. The top of her nightie is pulled up and Isaac gropes her tits and sucks on her nipples. He then goes about tying her spread, one ankle to each post of the foot board. And speaking of her feet, we have a glorious view of her soles as he does this. Once this damsel is totally helpless and spread eagle, he drops his drawers and thrusts his cock into Natasha. What a bondage sex ride! He cums inside of her for the finale!
March 18, 2020

Natasha Flade Tiedup to the Railing for a Bondage Blowjob in her Pantyhose! (HD - 8:10 Minutes)

Natasha Flade is tied up to the railing in the dining room. She’s seated, wrists bound behind the iron bard, ankles tied, thighs roped above the knees. She’s in a very dressy dress, pantyhose and black high heels. And she’s not enthusiastic about her situation. In fact, she’s annoyed and angry. She struggles against her bonds. Her captor come in, sits next to her and reaches into the front of her dress. Isaac feels up her boobs, drops the front of her dress so she’s topless. Natasha is fondled and groped a little more, arousing Isaac, who pulls out his cock. He promises to let her go if she brings him to orgasm with the talents of her tongue and lips. So, his cock goes into her mouth and he’s getting quite the nice bondage blowjob! After a while of getting his dick sucked by the lovely Natasha Flade, he indeed cums into her mouth. Now, will Isaac keep his promise?
March 12, 2020

Secretary Natasha Flade Bent Over Table for Bondage Sex! (HD - 8:10 Minutes)

This bondage sex video clip opens with secretary Natasha Flade tied up in her office attire - red dress and black high heels - bent over a dining room table, legs apart and hands bound behind her back. She's been cleave gagged with a thick scarf and the cloth is stifling her cries. She squirms and struggles and we get every angle. Natasha doesn’t get close to loosening a single knot before her shirtless captor returns, telling her that his friends did this to her as a birthday present for him! He pulls down the top of her dress and fondles her tits. Her skirt is pulled up and her ass is bare! No panties to bother with. He gropes her fine, naked ass. At last her captor drops his pants around his knees, whips out his throbbing cock and sticks it into Natasha's helpless pussy. She’s thoroughly fucked from behind, doggystyle, for the remainder of the video until he shoots his load inside her!
March 4, 2020

Star Nine Plugs Natasha Flade with Strapon for Man-Stealing Revenge Fuck!
(HD - 10:20 Minutes)

Natasha was watching some late TV after a night in the club. She still has on her hot red dress, pantyhose and high heels on. Star Nine barges into Natasha’s place, accusing her of being a skank, trying to steal the man she had eyes on. Natasha denies this, but things escalate quickly. Star grabs Natasha and drags her to the end of the sofa and pins her wrists behind her and ties her up. Natasha is still being mouthy, so Star produces a nice, soft, thick scarf and gags her with it, getting two wraps of that cloth in her mouth before tying it off. Natasha’s cleave-gagged, but she’s still protesting! Star kneels down and binds Natasha’s ankles apart to the feet of the couch. When finished, she leaves the bound and gagged Natasha for a moment and returns with a huge strapon all strapped on and ready to go. She intends to teach Natasha one hard lesson! Star peels back the pantyhose off Natasha’s ass and plunges that colossal cock inside her, making Natasha squeal through that thick cleave gag. Star gets her revenge all right. This is a serious strapon revenge fuck bondage sex video. When Star’s finished with thrusting hard inside helpless Natasha, she gives the gagged Natasha one more talking-to.
February 26, 2020

POV Bondage Sex! You Get Natasha Flade Tied Up & Gagged Before Doggy Style Sex! (HD - 9:11 Minutes)

YOU are the intruder in this POV video! You peek around the corner as foxy Natasha Flade comes home in her sundress. She takes off her shoes as you sneak up behind her and handgag her! She promises to cooperate as you tie her hands behind her, crossed. You spin her around and you cleave gag her with a thick black scarf: two wraps fit in her mouth! You march her upstairs and stop at the sofa. You unzip the back of her dress and turn her around to face you and you take out her tits and grope them! This is getting too fun! After playing with her perfect tits and nips you get her panties of and bend her over the arm of that couch! Here it switches from POV to a full shot of Isaac taking his cock into Natasha! It’s a great bondage sex video from here, with Natasha bent over doggy-style and Isaac pumping her hard! This one’s a unique one with the first half POV element, so check it out!
February 20, 2020

Natasha Flade Chairtied In Home Invasion, Contractor Arrives & Demands Bondage Blowjob Before He'll Untie Her! (HD - 8:10 Minutes)

Natasha Flade is chairtied in her yellow sundress and white high heels. She had just been tied up and robbed, now she’s alone, bound but not gagged, struggling to get loose. She’s not making any progress and then she hears someone at the door downstairs and she calls for help. Isaac comes in and finds the damsel chairtied. She explains the situation, glad he’s here to fix the oven. Isaac makes no move to untie her, looking her as she squirms helplessly. He unzips her pants and Natasha get all panicky and starts screaming, which gets her hangagged. Isaac explains that she treats him like dirt every time he comes over to fix something, now he’s here to get a little something back. He promises to untie her and call it even after she sucks his cock and he comes. Natasha has little wriggle room to argue, so she reluctantly accepts his hard, throbbing member into her mouth. As she does the business, Isaac slips the top of her sundress down. He always wanted to see her tits, and now he’s fondling them as she sucks him off. This is a really unexpected and welcome turn to his day! He cums in this rich bitch’s mouth! So, will he untie her?
February 6, 2020

Natasha Flade Tied Spread Eagle Naked In Just High Heels for Bondage Sex
(HD – 6:00 min)

Natasha Flade has been tied up to the bed spread eagle and naked! She’s cleave gagged and only wearing her high heels. She struggles, making a mighty effort to get loose before her captor returns to take full advantage of her helpless situation in tight nude bondage! Well, she doesn’t loosen a single knot, and her comes Isaac, naked, hard and ready to claim his prize! He slips it in and fucks this helpless bound and gagged and naked damsel! After going hard and finishing off, will he go for another round?
January 22, 2020

Natasha Flade Handgagged & Gang Bound by Two for Star Nine’s Strap-On
Revenge Fuck! (HD-13 min)

Natasha Flade comes home in her dress, dark stockings (pantyhose) and heels, only to be jumped by beautiful Star and Isaac W. She’s handgagged and carried kicking to the bed where they tie her hands. Star keeps Natasha handgagged while Isaac does the binding. Natasha is cleave gagged, her hands tethered to one of the posts, her heels tied together and hauled up in the air, secured to the top of the same post. Isaac leaves to shake down the rest of the house while Star has the helpless Natasha alone, and says she's here for revenge. But Natasha repeatedly gagtalks that she never met Star in her life. Star pulls down the top of Natasha’s dress to get her topless and play with her tits as she teases her. Star strips herself down to her bra and panties and has a strapon with a huge cock, coming right at helpless Natasha! Star pulls away Natasha's panties and slams home that huge silicone cock! She fucks Natasha hard, even taking time to slap her pussy with it and take an acrobatic approach by hanging from the bed canopy! Star certainly gets her revenge! Isaac returns and wants a turn just as we fade to black.
January 8, 2020
Natasha Flade Chloroformed In Sundress & Pantyhose for Ass-Up Bondage Sex! (HD-11 min)
Natasha Flade is turning down the bed in her sundress and pantyhose. Coming in through the door behind her is some dude with a rag in his hand. He nabs Natasha and holds that cloth full of chloroform to her face! She fights, but not for long. The fumes overcome her and soon she unconscious and limp in his arms. He lays her down on the bed and gets out some rope and starts tying her hands together in front of her as this sleepy girl sleeps, helpless in his hands. We cut to Natasha all tied up and spread on the bed, ass-up. She’s cleave gagged and still asleep. She slowly awakens, eyes fluttering open, and she takes stock of her bondage predicament. She starts struggling like mad and mmphing through that gag! Isaac comes in, lifts up her dress and we see that pantyhose ass—nice! He grips her buns, handgags her and tells her to turn it down. She’s his for the evening! Those pantyhose are slipped down and Natasha’s bare ass is out there for us to marvel at. Isaac strips down to take Natasha from behind. She squeals through her gag as he thrusts his cock inside! He rides her, plays with her tits, rides her some more! At the end, he cums inside her.
January 3, 2020
Natasha Flade Kidnapped In Sexy Dress & High Heels for Strappado Bondage Blowjob! (HD – 6:25 min)
Natasha Flade has been kidnapped and she’s led into a house in her pink dress, high heels and her hands tied up behind her back and she’s cleave gagged! She’s positioned standing by the stairs and a long rope is attached to her bound wrists. Her hands are pulled up behind her and attached to the stair railing. She’s now in the demanding strappado position! Her ankles are bound, with closeups of her hot high heels. Now Isaac needs a blowjob, so he removes her gag and and tells Natasha to get to it. She suck his while in that uncomfortable strappado position, this is great bondage blowjob action! Natasha brings Isaac to orgasm and he cums in her mouth! He can’t just leave her there able to run her mouth, so he gets that scarf and she’s cleave gagged again before he leaves.
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