March 31, 2020

Danielle Trixie Led in Bound & Gagged, Tied Up Naked & Legs-Up for Strapon Bondage Sex from Natasha Flade! (FULL HD - 7:45 Minutes)

FULL HD! Isaac W. has kidnapped Danielle Trixie as a gift for his wife, Natasha Flade! She’s led into the room, her hands bound behind her and cleave-gagged. Danielle’s wearing tight, little black shorts and a camisole top with her big tits just…well, everywhere! Danielle was the girl at the bar a few weeks ago that made the mistake of flirting with Isaac — and his wife Natasha saw it. To make amends, Isaac found the blonde girl and brought her home, as a peace offering – bound and gagged! Natasha tells Danielle how much fun she’s going to have with her, then starts to lead her off. We cut to Danielle now completely naked, tied spread on the floor, her legs and bare feet up in the air, suspended to the bed posts. She’s still cleave-gagged. Natasha enters with nothing on but high heels and a rather large rubber strap-on. She teases Danielle, putting that rubber cock in her face and laughing, before she climbs atop Danielle and forces that huge rubber strapon inside her pussy! Poor Danielle is forced to endure this terrible indignity of having this big dick repeatedly thrust back and forth inside her! We get all the angles of the ultra-hot Danielle Trixie in her VERY FIRST bondage sex experience ever! We have great shots of her lovely soles, her bare feet and her beautiful cleave gagged face. And, of course, there’s lots of angles of that big rubber cock thrusting into her pussy! Danielle’s muffled pleas for release are met with laughing scorn as Natasha exacts her revenge and jealousy the bondage sex way!

March 25, 2020

Natasha Flade Led in Bound and Gagged, Tied Up Spread for Bondage Sex

Natasha Flade has her hands tied in front of her and she’s cleave gagged! She’s wearing a sexy nightie and she’s led into the bedroom and tossed on the bed. Her hands are tied to the headboard. The top of her nightie is pulled up and Isaac gropes her tits and sucks on her nipples. He then goes about tying her spread, one ankle to each post of the foot board. And speaking of her feet, we have a glorious view of her soles as he does this. Once this damsel is totally helpless and spread eagle, he drops his drawers and thrusts his cock into Natasha. What a bondage sex ride! He cums inside of her for the finale!
March 18, 2020

Natasha Flade Tiedup to the Railing for a Bondage Blowjob in her Pantyhose! (HD - 8:10 Minutes)

Natasha Flade is tied up to the railing in the dining room. She’s seated, wrists bound behind the iron bard, ankles tied, thighs roped above the knees. She’s in a very dressy dress, pantyhose and black high heels. And she’s not enthusiastic about her situation. In fact, she’s annoyed and angry. She struggles against her bonds. Her captor come in, sits next to her and reaches into the front of her dress. Isaac feels up her boobs, drops the front of her dress so she’s topless. Natasha is fondled and groped a little more, arousing Isaac, who pulls out his cock. He promises to let her go if she brings him to orgasm with the talents of her tongue and lips. So, his cock goes into her mouth and he’s getting quite the nice bondage blowjob! After a while of getting his dick sucked by the lovely Natasha Flade, he indeed cums into her mouth. Now, will Isaac keep his promise?
March 12, 2020

Secretary Natasha Flade Bent Over Table for Bondage Sex! (HD - 8:10 Minutes)

This bondage sex video clip opens with secretary Natasha Flade tied up in her office attire - red dress and black high heels - bent over a dining room table, legs apart and hands bound behind her back. She's been cleave gagged with a thick scarf and the cloth is stifling her cries. She squirms and struggles and we get every angle. Natasha doesn’t get close to loosening a single knot before her shirtless captor returns, telling her that his friends did this to her as a birthday present for him! He pulls down the top of her dress and fondles her tits. Her skirt is pulled up and her ass is bare! No panties to bother with. He gropes her fine, naked ass. At last her captor drops his pants around his knees, whips out his throbbing cock and sticks it into Natasha's helpless pussy. She’s thoroughly fucked from behind, doggystyle, for the remainder of the video until he shoots his load inside her!
March 4, 2020

Star Nine Plugs Natasha Flade with Strapon for Man-Stealing Revenge Fuck!
(HD - 10:20 Minutes)

Natasha was watching some late TV after a night in the club. She still has on her hot red dress, pantyhose and high heels on. Star Nine barges into Natasha’s place, accusing her of being a skank, trying to steal the man she had eyes on. Natasha denies this, but things escalate quickly. Star grabs Natasha and drags her to the end of the sofa and pins her wrists behind her and ties her up. Natasha is still being mouthy, so Star produces a nice, soft, thick scarf and gags her with it, getting two wraps of that cloth in her mouth before tying it off. Natasha’s cleave-gagged, but she’s still protesting! Star kneels down and binds Natasha’s ankles apart to the feet of the couch. When finished, she leaves the bound and gagged Natasha for a moment and returns with a huge strapon all strapped on and ready to go. She intends to teach Natasha one hard lesson! Star peels back the pantyhose off Natasha’s ass and plunges that colossal cock inside her, making Natasha squeal through that thick cleave gag. Star gets her revenge all right. This is a serious strapon revenge fuck bondage sex video. When Star’s finished with thrusting hard inside helpless Natasha, she gives the gagged Natasha one more talking-to.
February 26, 2020

POV Bondage Sex! You Get Natasha Flade Tied Up & Gagged Before Doggy Style Sex! (HD - 9:11 Minutes)

YOU are the intruder in this POV video! You peek around the corner as foxy Natasha Flade comes home in her sundress. She takes off her shoes as you sneak up behind her and handgag her! She promises to cooperate as you tie her hands behind her, crossed. You spin her around and you cleave gag her with a thick black scarf: two wraps fit in her mouth! You march her upstairs and stop at the sofa. You unzip the back of her dress and turn her around to face you and you take out her tits and grope them! This is getting too fun! After playing with her perfect tits and nips you get her panties of and bend her over the arm of that couch! Here it switches from POV to a full shot of Isaac taking his cock into Natasha! It’s a great bondage sex video from here, with Natasha bent over doggy-style and Isaac pumping her hard! This one’s a unique one with the first half POV element, so check it out!
February 20, 2020

Natasha Flade Chairtied In Home Invasion, Contractor Arrives & Demands Bondage Blowjob Before He'll Untie Her! (HD - 8:10 Minutes)

Natasha Flade is chairtied in her yellow sundress and white high heels. She had just been tied up and robbed, now she’s alone, bound but not gagged, struggling to get loose. She’s not making any progress and then she hears someone at the door downstairs and she calls for help. Isaac comes in and finds the damsel chairtied. She explains the situation, glad he’s here to fix the oven. Isaac makes no move to untie her, looking her as she squirms helplessly. He unzips her pants and Natasha get all panicky and starts screaming, which gets her hangagged. Isaac explains that she treats him like dirt every time he comes over to fix something, now he’s here to get a little something back. He promises to untie her and call it even after she sucks his cock and he comes. Natasha has little wriggle room to argue, so she reluctantly accepts his hard, throbbing member into her mouth. As she does the business, Isaac slips the top of her sundress down. He always wanted to see her tits, and now he’s fondling them as she sucks him off. This is a really unexpected and welcome turn to his day! He cums in this rich bitch’s mouth! So, will he untie her?
February 13, 2020
Chloe Night Revenge Fucked with Huge Strap-On for Raping Natasha Flade's Sister! (HD -13:13 Minutes)
Natasha Flade bursts into Chloe Night’s bedroom with a gun! Natasha accuses Chloe raping her girlfriend. Chloe denies, says that girlfriend is a drama queen. Natasha is here to make Chloe pay and forces her to put her hand together in front of her to be tied up. Once restrained, Natashe cleave gags Chloe with two wraps of a long cloth. She forces her to lie on the floor, pulls up her shirt and gropes her tits and connects her wrists to the posts of the bed. Her bare feet are roped together and hauled up high to be tethered to the top of the bed canopy. Natasha shucks Chloe’s jeans down and fondles dat perfect ass. Natasha leaves her for a bit to get something and returns with a HUGE strapon. Chloe gets a little freaked at this development. Natasha kneels down and inserts that rubber cock. Natasha has a great time exacting revenge on the helpless bound and gagged Chloe, shoving that cock inside her roughly and laughing. Natasha even gets topless, jiggling as she violates Chloe! Will Chloe learn her lesson? Was Chloe even guilty of anything? Will we ever find out?
February 6, 2020

Natasha Flade Tied Spread Eagle Naked In Just High Heels for Bondage Sex
(HD – 6:00 min)

Natasha Flade has been tied up to the bed spread eagle and naked! She’s cleave gagged and only wearing her high heels. She struggles, making a mighty effort to get loose before her captor returns to take full advantage of her helpless situation in tight nude bondage! Well, she doesn’t loosen a single knot, and her comes Isaac, naked, hard and ready to claim his prize! He slips it in and fucks this helpless bound and gagged and naked damsel! After going hard and finishing off, will he go for another round?
January 29, 2020

Secretary Natasha Flade Chairtied for Ransom in Wrong Garage, Forced to Give Bondage Blowjob for Freedom! (HD – 9:00 min)

Natasha Flade is chairtied in a dirty garage in her dress, pantyhose, and high heels. She cleave gagged and being held for ransom! She struggles but her efforts to get free of her bondage are futile. Isaac strolls in and he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he suspects. He calls his friend on the phone and tells him that he sent this tied up and gagged girl to be dropped off at the wrong garage! It’s not his job today to watch over some hottie being ransomed. He tells him to get his ass over here to pick her up and put her where she belongs. He said he couldn’t get there right away. Isaac is a little angry. He tells Natasha that if she can get him off in ten minutes, he’ll let her go. She agrees, she’s ungagged, her tops it pulled down so he can play with her tits. So topless Natasha accepts Isaac’s cock in her mouth and gets to work. Natasha gives the bondage blowjob of her life and Isaac cums in her mouth! Will Isaac keep his word? There’s only one way to find out! Get this clip!
January 22, 2020

Natasha Flade Handgagged & Gang Bound by Two for Star Nine’s Strap-On
Revenge Fuck! (HD-13 min)

Natasha Flade comes home in her dress, dark stockings (pantyhose) and heels, only to be jumped by beautiful Star and Isaac W. She’s handgagged and carried kicking to the bed where they tie her hands. Star keeps Natasha handgagged while Isaac does the binding. Natasha is cleave gagged, her hands tethered to one of the posts, her heels tied together and hauled up in the air, secured to the top of the same post. Isaac leaves to shake down the rest of the house while Star has the helpless Natasha alone, and says she's here for revenge. But Natasha repeatedly gagtalks that she never met Star in her life. Star pulls down the top of Natasha’s dress to get her topless and play with her tits as she teases her. Star strips herself down to her bra and panties and has a strapon with a huge cock, coming right at helpless Natasha! Star pulls away Natasha's panties and slams home that huge silicone cock! She fucks Natasha hard, even taking time to slap her pussy with it and take an acrobatic approach by hanging from the bed canopy! Star certainly gets her revenge! Isaac returns and wants a turn just as we fade to black.
January 15, 2020
Natasha Flade Strictly Elbow Bound & Kneeling for Barefoot Bondage Blowjob!
(HD – 9:37 min)
Natasha Flade is tied up on the floor! She’s bound hand and foot, strictly elbow-bound, her thighs are tied above the knees, and she’s cleavegagged. This barefoot damsel is in shorts and a thin T-shirt and we can see her sexy nips poking out! She struggles, because if she can’t escape this strict bondage, something bad is going to happen. Her captor is still in the house. She doesn’t manage to budge those ropes one bit, and Isaac comes back to play with his hostage. Natasha’s tits are groped through that shirt before he has her kneel over his lap on the chair and he whips out his cock. She has to give him a bondage blowjob! As she’s sucking his dick, he pulls up her top so she’s topless and she can grope her tits. He also pulls down her shorts and panties, that perfect ass needs some fondling attention, too! Natasha is good at sucking the peen with her hands tied up behind her, and Isaac cums in her mouth! Does he untie her? Let’s hope not…
January 8, 2020
Natasha Flade Chloroformed In Sundress & Pantyhose for Ass-Up Bondage Sex! (HD-11 min)
Natasha Flade is turning down the bed in her sundress and pantyhose. Coming in through the door behind her is some dude with a rag in his hand. He nabs Natasha and holds that cloth full of chloroform to her face! She fights, but not for long. The fumes overcome her and soon she unconscious and limp in his arms. He lays her down on the bed and gets out some rope and starts tying her hands together in front of her as this sleepy girl sleeps, helpless in his hands. We cut to Natasha all tied up and spread on the bed, ass-up. She’s cleave gagged and still asleep. She slowly awakens, eyes fluttering open, and she takes stock of her bondage predicament. She starts struggling like mad and mmphing through that gag! Isaac comes in, lifts up her dress and we see that pantyhose ass—nice! He grips her buns, handgags her and tells her to turn it down. She’s his for the evening! Those pantyhose are slipped down and Natasha’s bare ass is out there for us to marvel at. Isaac strips down to take Natasha from behind. She squeals through her gag as he thrusts his cock inside! He rides her, plays with her tits, rides her some more! At the end, he cums inside her.
January 3, 2020
Natasha Flade Kidnapped In Sexy Dress & High Heels for Strappado Bondage Blowjob! (HD – 6:25 min)
Natasha Flade has been kidnapped and she’s led into a house in her pink dress, high heels and her hands tied up behind her back and she’s cleave gagged! She’s positioned standing by the stairs and a long rope is attached to her bound wrists. Her hands are pulled up behind her and attached to the stair railing. She’s now in the demanding strappado position! Her ankles are bound, with closeups of her hot high heels. Now Isaac needs a blowjob, so he removes her gag and and tells Natasha to get to it. She suck his while in that uncomfortable strappado position, this is great bondage blowjob action! Natasha brings Isaac to orgasm and he cums in her mouth! He can’t just leave her there able to run her mouth, so he gets that scarf and she’s cleave gagged again before he leaves.

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