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29 December, 2023

Blonde Chloe Night Frogtied at Gunpoint, Fucked with Cum All Over Her Naked Ass! (FULL HD - 8:30 min.)

Classic Video from 2009 Re-Edited from Source Tape for Highest Quality! Blonde Chloe Night was sashaying around the house doing a little dusting in her dress and heels, as sexy women customarily do. Suddenly, she's set upon by an intruder with a gun! She's handgagged and pulled over to the sofa. He binds her wrists behind her back and pulls down the top of her dress.

Her tits are fondled as he handgags her again. Chloe is cleave-gagged next, then her dress is pulled up and her panties ripped off. The intruder (Sergio) bends her over on the sofa, where she's frogtied with her naked ass in the air. He pulls her heels off (so now she's barefoot!) and gropes that perfect ass for a bit.

Now he's ready to get down to business! Sergio whips his hard cock out and gives Chloe the hardest fucking of her life! He slams her from behind, riding that pussy like he's never gotten laid before. Chloe squirms and moans beneath him, her bare feet dangling over the sofa cushion. At long last, the intruder climaxes with a great cumshot finale as he throws his huge load of spunk all over Chloe's naked ass!

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20 December, 2023

YOU Are the Intruder! Hogtying Natasha Flade in Her Nightie, Rubbing Your Cock on Her Tits & Ass! (FULL HD - 10:12 min.)

FULL HD! Shot entirely with a hero-cam, everything is from your point-of-view! You come in and find Natasha Flade in her pink nightie. You chase her up the stairs and down the hall. You catch and handgag her, drag her into the sunroom, and force her to kneel. You bind her wrists behind her, then shove a first cleave gag between her lips, then she gets a second.

You pull her nightie down and fondle her tits while holding her by the face to keep her screams at bay. Now you rope her ankles and flip her onto her belly for a nice, tight hogtying with great POV shots of all the on-screen tying! You play with her bare feet and squeeze her perfect buns. You run her hands along her beautiful body while she squirms and writhes, trying to escape your touch.

Overcome with lust, you whip out your hard cock and shove it against her lips. Natasha is screaming, begging to please stop, but you’re having too much fun! You rub your cock on her tits and ass, telling her it would be fun to cum right on her bare feet! You stand and admire your captive hogtied barefoot and topless on the floor. You kneel beside her, then her tits and ass get some more attention. You just can’t keep your hands (or your dick) off of her!

Natasha looks up at you with her pleading and wide damsel eyes. She’s so damn tempting, a neat little package all nicely tied-up and at your mercy! What a day for YOU the home intruder!

This uniquely shot POV-style video is a true immersive bondage experience that you'll enjoy repeatedly!

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December 20, 2023

BONUS UPDATE! Natasha Flade Pays the Cableman with Bondage Sex, Ball/Frog Tied on Chair! (14:30 min ) EXTRA 7:30 MIN. FOOTAGE!

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2007! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! With 7:30 Minutes Bonus Footage! Natasha Flade (barefoot in her bath robe) needs her cable fixed, but she has no money to pay. The cableman (Isaac W.) proposes she fuck him as payment. Natasha is surprised and tries to resist, but she's broke and he's quite persistent. So she reluctantly agrees to let him tie her up in exchange for his services.

She kneels upon a chair and he ties her to it (all on-screen!) in a ball/frog-tie. He removes her robe, so now Natasha is totally nude, ass up in the air. Next, he approaches with a scarf in hand. Natasha protests; what’s this for she wants to know. She doesn’t get a reply. Instead, she gets two wraps of a cleave gag!

Then the cableman gets behind her, shucks his jeans and shoves his hard cock inside her. He tosses his shirt aside as he rides the bound babe, who squirms and struggles beneath him. We’re treated to lots of different angles of all this hardcore pussy pounding as Isaacs fucks this helpless (and desperate) damsel with great gusto!

This was a deal of their, so Natasha endures, but not happily. Happy indeed is this devious cableman as he gets to cum inside a naked bound and gagged Natasha! Now Natasha has more than paid her cable bill!

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14 December, 2023

Merry XXXmas! POV Blowjob! Natasha Flade Chairtied in Bathrobe & Blindfolded by YOU! (7:21 min.)

Bondage Blowjob Video from 2008 Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Higher Quality! You are the intruder and you plan to have yourself one very Merry XXXmas! You’re an assailant and you’ve got Natasha Flade tied to a chair on Christmas Eve. She’s barefoot in her bathrobe and cleave-gagged. Blindfolded, she doesn’t know what you want until she feels your hard cock against her lips!

“Someone tied you all up and stole your presents? Wait, that was me!” you taunt your helpless captive. You pull her robe open and fondle her breasts. You pull that cleave-gag out and tell her you’re not leaving until you get your Christmas blowjob. Natasha shrieks, but she’s not going anywhere until you orgasm!

Once you shoot your man juice in her mouth, you shove the gag back in and get a few more feelies in. You play with her toes and watch her struggle, rocking that chair to and fro and screaming. “What, you said you don’t want me to leave?” You laugh at your own joke. “Nope, I’m leaving. Hopefully, Santa will stop by and let you go.” And so you saunter off in search of more XXXmas presents.

We hope Santa Claus finds poor Natasha Flade. Or do we?…

Includes three different points-of-view: POV hero cam, regular angles and picture-in-picture. Enjoy!

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8 December, 2023

Take a Shower! Wife Natasha Flade Refuses Sex to Hick Husband for Not Showering! Gets Tied to Bed & Taken by Force! (14:36 min.)

Bondage Sex Video from 2010 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This is another video we came across that hasn’t seen the light of day since way back in 2010. It's been re-edited from the original source tape at the highest possible quality.

Isaac requests a “special night” with his wife Natasha Flade (who’s looking hot in her yellow sundress and matching high heels), but she’s just not into it. She tells him she has a night out planned with the girls and he’s a little stinky from work. When’s the last time he’s showered, anyway?! She gets up to leave, but her hick husband is adamant he’s getting some poon tang, so he decides to tie her up and take her by force!

He pushes his wife back onto the bed where she belongs! He grabs some rope and ties her hands in front of her, then attaches them to the headboard. He strips off her yellow panties and throws them to the floor before grabbing an ankle and encircling it with rope. He hoists that leg of hers up high and tethers it to the headboard. The next leg gets the same treatment so she's spread, her heels dangling in the air.

Now wife Natasha Flade is helpless on the bed -- and wide open for her husband’s initial request (which was a solid banging, if you’ve forgotten). Natasha’s now cleave-gagged and not exactly having the best time of her life. Her stinky husband has disrobed, excepting his dew rag, and is slipping her his cock for a wild ride of bondage sex! There’s 7 whole minutes of pussy pounding and plowing as poor Natasha, all tied-up and gagged, has to take every inch and thrust from her hick husband!

Amusing outtakes and bloopers at the end!

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2 December, 2023

Natasha Flade Hogtied in Slip & Thigh-Highs for Titty-Fucking! Cumshot! (15:30 min.)

Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2010! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video hasn’t seen the light of day since 2010. We recently rediscovered and re-edited it for you. Enjoy! Natasha Flade is on the floor in her black slip and thigh-highs. She wears no shoes, so we get great shots of her stocking-clad feet! Her hands are bound behind her back and her assailant is binding her thighs and ankles.

Her captor fondles her boobs through her slips, then leaves her for a bit. He returns with two scarves. Natasha promises she’ll be quiet, but he doesn’t believe her. He stuffs one balled-up scarf into her mouth. The other is used as a cleave gag on top. With Natasha silenced, the assailant pulls down her slip and plays with her tits. He’s just getting warmed up!

He rolls Natasha onto her belly, then she’s roped into a tight hogtie. He pulls her panties down to expose that sweet ass. He squeezes her preface buns and runs his hands along her body. She’s so hot like this, he takes some time to just watch as Natasha struggles, mews and rolls around. She's trying very hard to escape her bonds! As she wiggles around, we’re treated to lots of great angles of her stocking-feet, her beautiful bare ass and her lovely damsel face. What a delight!

Now it’s time for this captor’s real mission! He rolls Natasha onto her back so he can titty fuck her! Poor Natasha moans and sobs as that hard cock fucks her breasts until he finally cums on her titties! Natasha is left alone to struggle hogtied – with a load of cum drizzling off her boobs!

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24 November, 2023

100% Pure Bondage Sex! Natasha Flade Bound Barefoot & Fucked Hard on the Floor! (5:50 min.)

Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2008! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video is 100% bondage sex! It’s pure bondage and fucking! The video begins with the intruder, Isaac W., already atop the bound and gagged Natasha Flade. She was abducted on her way home from the office and now she’s been stripped naked except for her top, which has been pulled up above her breasts. Her clothes are scattered everywhere.

He’s got Natasha bound barefoot — and almost completely nude! She’s on her back on the floor, her hands tied overhead to the coffee table. Her mouth has been stuffed with cloth. A rope gag holds the stuffing in. One leg has been forced up on his shoulder, her bare foot dangling in the air.

In this position, the intruder has excellent penetration and we have a great view of all the hardcore fucking action! Her tits are fondled as she’s plowed nice and hard. He tells her how much he enjoys fucking her like this. Natasha mews and writhes beneath him, but she’s helpless to do anything and that pussy gets a pounding until the intruder finishes by cumming inside her. Then he crawls up next to the poor Natasha for some extra titty feelies until it’s time for another go.

What more can we say? Just pure bondage and fucking!

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16 November, 2023

Natasha Flade Bent Over in Garters & Stockings for Erotic Bondage Sex with Her Lover! (6 min.)

Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2009! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! This video is 100% pure bondage sex and erotic fucking action! Natasha Flade is on the bed with her lover for a planned night of hot bondage play. She’s wearing sexy red garters and black seamed thigh-high stockings. Her lacy bra cups are pulled down to expose her fine tits. She’s cleave-gagged and tied bent over, hands bound in front to opposite bed posts, thighs tied wide apart to the posts at the foot of the bed. Natasha is ready to accept her lover’s cock for some really hot deep-dicking action from behind!

Natasha Flade bounces back and forth as that huge dick plunges inside. Her lover (Isaac W.) asks her if she likes it when he fucks her like this. She moans that she does. A lot. Isaac grabs her tits from behind as he thrusts his cock repeatedly inside her. He grabs her by the hair and ass for extra leverage, pushing her down so he can plow that pussy even harder. Natasha likes being handled this way. You know she does! It’s evident by the way she’s letting her lover fuck her and how she’s mewing through her gag and rolling her head in sheer pleasure.

And Isaac’s enjoying this rowdy doggystyle bondage sex ride, vacillating between rough and ecstasy, until he finally cums. Then he lays beside her, caressing and fondling the lovely Natasha as he tries to catch his breath. Natasha lays there, reveling in the aftermath of their lover’s bondage play.

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9 November, 2023

Natasha Flade Rides On Top! Tied & Tapegagged for Erotic Cowgirl Style Bondage Sex with Her Lover! (5:45 min.)

Vintage Bondage Sex Video from 2006! Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! It’s time to rodeo! Natasha Flade rides on top for cowgirl style bondage sex! A true classic, this consensual bondage sex is 100% erotic fucking action! The video begins with Natasha and her lover Isaac in the bed. Natasha’s sits astride her lover, tied-up and tapegagged. Her thighs are bound to her calves, frog-style. Her hands are suspended above to the bed canopy. Natasha’s wearing nothing but a flimsy see-through top, which has been pulled up to expose her lovely tits.

Our couple is clearly enjoying themselves. Natasha is bouncing up and down on his hard cock as Isaac extracts loads of pleasure from his bondage doll, content to let her do all the work while he squeezes and fondles her ass and creamy tits! He runs his hands along Natasha’s bound body, fondling her nipples and lightly spanking her bare ass. Natasha moans in sheer pleasure, Isaac giving her so much pleasure that she can barely contain herself. She rolls her head back in rapture as she rides Isaac’s cock, eliciting cries of ecstasy. She rides her lover both lovingly and with great fervor.

There’s lots of great angles and closeups of all the hot fucking action and Natasha’s beautiful damsel eyes and tapegagged face. She moans in ecstasy as Isaac grabs her by her hips and ass so he can fuck her even harder and deeper. Natasha’s cries of pleasure grow stronger, as do Isaac’s. This cowgirl bondage sex video is hot, hot, hot!

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3 November, 2023

Wife Natasha Flade Abducted! Chairtied in Bath Robe for Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD - 12:30 min.)

Re-Edited In FULL HD! PLUS 6+ Minutes Extra Footage! Wife Natasha Flade has been abducted! The home intruder has her chairtied in her bath robe, barefoot! Her hands are tied behind the chair back. Her ankles are tied together and tethered to the base of the chair to keep her securely bound. The intruder taunts Natasha as he slips the robe off her shoulders, then he fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples.

But wait! There’s more! Natasha pleads for him to stop as he undoes his pants and pulls his cock out. He promises he’ll let Natasha go if she can give him a really good blowjob. Hoping that he’ll keep his word, our damsel takes that big cock into her mouth and starts to suck him off—most unwillingly. Back and forth her head bobs as he forces the chair-bound damsel to do his bidding. As he’s getting his dick sucked, we’re treated to lots of closeups of Natasha’s beautiful face, her wide damsel eyes – and a handsome cock filling up her mouth! He grabs her hair and pulls her head closer as his thrusting grows more fervent. He’s getting ready to cum!

But after he shoots his manjuice in her mouth, Natasha’s informed he has no intention of letting her go after all! She begs to please keep his word, but gets handgagged instead. The abductor leaves the room to find something to keep that mouth of hers shut. Natasha is left chairtied barefoot in her bath robe, looking around anxiously for her captor’s return. Maybe he won’t come back with a gag at all! Maybe he’ll just gag her with his big dick again!

But return he does and Natasha gets a thick scarf shoved between her lips. Then he leaves her there like that with her tits hanging out. All alone, Natasha struggles hard in that chair, treating the viewer to lots of angles of her cleave-gagged face, her cute bare feet and those lovely breasts jiggling everywhere! If you like your wives tied up and gagged with a big, fat cock in their mouth, this bondage blowjob clip is sure to tickle your fancy (and maybe more!)
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26 October, 2023

Director Wants a Kneeling Blowjob from Natasha Flade Before She Gets the Role! (12:45 min.)

Classic Bondage from 2007 Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Natasha Flade is auditioning for a role in a movie. She arrives at the casting call all dressed up in a sexy cocktail dress, black pantyhose and high heels. Natasha knows a lot is on the line and the director told her that he didn't like any of the other actresses so far. He tells her the role requires her to say her lines with "passion, yet restraint."

After a few bad attempts, the director tells Natasha he has a technique that will help her get it right. He ties her wrists behind her back and says to try the lines again. Eager to get the part, Natasha goes along. But the producer is still not satisfied with her delivery; she needs to be tied up even more! Her ankles are bound and Natasha says her lines again, but he's still not happy. He pulls down the top of her dress, saying it's the "exposed technique." Natasha is a bit skeptical, but she goes along with this, too. But her delivery is still not good enough.

The director has one final technique that he claims is guaranteed to land her the role: give him a blowjob! Natasha doesn't know quite what to make of all of this, but she really wants this role. She lets him help her down onto her knees. There she is, kneeling before him, sexy as hell and watching tentatively as the director unzips his fly and pulls out his hard cock. Because she wants the part, Natasha takes his huge dick into her mouth and sucks him off -- and with much enthusiasm, too! She's willing to do whatever it takes to get the role! The kinky director enjoys his bondage blowjob from the tied up chick kneeling at his feet and after some good dick-sucking action, he cums in her mouth.

Afterwards, he decides he wants to see her gagged, too. She didn't have any plans for the day, did she? Good. She can stay right where she is, all tied up at his feet while he plays with her tits. Natasha is all smiles when he tells her she's going to be the star in his big movie! Sucking cock can pay off big sometimes! It's sure fun to watch!

Includes fun outtakes at the end!

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20 October, 2023

Natasha Flade Fucked for a Bondage Sex Ransom Tape, Barefoot in Miniskirt! (14:12 min.)

Classic Bondage from 2007 Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Someone is creeping up behind Natasha Flade! She was relaxing at home, barefoot in a miniskirt when a man with a gun comes in and she's handgagged at gunpoint! Her hands are bound in front of her, then a scarf is stuffed into her mouth and another long one wrapped over that several times for a strict gagging scene!

He then forces poor Natasha to the floor and and her wrists are attached over her head to a leg of the chaise. He strips off her miniskirt and panties. The kidnapper ropes one bare foot out to to another piece of furniture. Now Natasha is tied up and gagged on the floor, naked and exposed, helpless to do anything. He pulls her bra up and plays with her tits, then strokes her naked bound body.

Then the captor sets up his camera. He's going to make a ransom tape! He says that with him fucking Natasha in this bondage sex video, the money will surely come in a lot faster! So, he shucks off his clothes, and with the camera running, he slips Natasha his cock and fucks her hard. He looks into the camera as he's riding this poor ransomed damsel, taunting her rich grandpa to pay up soon! The viewer is treated to lots of different angles and closeups as Natasha is getting pounded and plowed. Finally, he comes, with a smile on his face. This dude is truly enjoying his job! Maybe the money won't come in after all and he can fuck her again!

Includes outtakes at the end!

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12 October, 2023

Young Barefoot Blonde Acidalia Sabine Tied Up at Gunpoint While Working Out for Bondage Sex! Cumshot Finale! (14:15 min.)

Classic Bondage from 2010 Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Young barefoot blonde Acidalia Sabine was working out on the weight bench in the garage when two masked men, Sergio (aka “Thundercock”) and Isaac W., come barging in with a gun! They hold poor Acidalia down, then force this young and helpless damsel down. Isaac W. proceeds to tie her hands beneath the bench.

While holding the gun to our damsel’s chest, the two men strip her topless, then rip her jean shorts and panties off. Now Acidalia Sabine is naked and exposed with all her private parts on display. The two men hold the gun to her head while they give her a knotted cleave gag with two wraps of a long silk scarf. Now poor Acidalia is tied up topless and gagged on the weight bench. She’s quite upset and tries to cry out, but her moans are stifled. The two masked men grab her legs and tie them spread and wide apart to opposite ends of the bar. Now her bare feet and soles are on display and her pussy very vulnerable.

But more’s in store for our blonde cutie! The invaders decide to flip a coin to see who gets to fuck her first. Sergio wins, so he strips down, shoves his hard cock into her pussy and starts pounding it relentlessly. (After all, there’s a reason he earned the nickname “Thundercock!”) Acidalia cries and whimpers as she endures being bound and fucked. Sergio continues fucking the helplessly bound and gagged barefoot blonde until he finally shoots his load all over her belly with a nice cumshot finale!

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5 October, 2023

Chloe Night in Pantyhose Chloroformed by Stalker for Doggy Style Bondage Sex! (11:45 min.)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Higher Color, Sound & Quality! Chloe Night, in a dress and pantyhose, is about to head out for the evening. She hangs up the phone after chatting with a friend, puts on her black heels, and some masked intruder pops up behind the sofa and covers her mouth and nose with a white rag! Chloe struggles while she’s being chloroformed! But she soon passes out from the fumes and slumps over unconscious on the couch.

This masked dude with the Detroit Tigers cap has been stalking her, and now he’s inside her house. With Chloe totally unconscious, he pulls out some rope and ties her hands behind her. Her thighs are bound above her knees. Her stalker slips down her top and bra and fondles her tits. Now our tied up damsel awakens. She screams and she’s handgagged. Cloth is stuffed into her mouth and a thin scarf is used to tie it into place. It’s a sloppy stuffer gag and cleave gag combination. And it’s effective, so the stalker gets back to the fondling and stripping of his prize

He takes bound and gagged Chloe to the floor, peels back her pantyhose and panties. He fingers her pussy in preparation for the grande finale of bondage sex, doggy style. He fucks poor helpless Chloe and she can’t do anything to stop the onslaught of his cock being slammed into her repeatedly. At last he explodes, having fucked the hot girl he’s been stalking for months! He leaves her there on the floor, bound, gagged, mostly naked.

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28 September, 2023

Erotic Bondage Sex Play! Natasha Flade Asks Lover to Tie Her Up! Spread Naked for Oral Pleasure & Fucking! (18:20 min.)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2008, Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Higher Color, Sound & Quality! This consensual bondage sex play video is 100% erotic fucking and oral sex action! Natasha Flade on the bed with her lover, Isaac W., for a night of hot sex. She tells him she has a surprise, then pulls out some ropes stashed beneath the pillows and asks her lover to tie her up.

Isaac doesn’t need much convincing. He slips off her bra and panties, then ties her spread eagle on the bed. He tenderly strokes her beautiful naked body, then fondles, kisses and bites her tits and nipples, then plays with her pussy. Now Natasha asks Isaac to gag her because she likes how it makes her feel submissive. Isaac is more than willing to oblige and gives her a thick cleave gag with the scarf Natasha hid in the nightstand.

More fondling and kissing, then his tongue finds its way to her most private parts, making Natasha writhe and moan in ecstasy with so much oral pleasure she can barely contain herself. Natasha’s growing hotter by the minute. She cries out with pleasure as Isaac slips his cock inside for some VERY erotic bondage sex. Natasha rolls her head back in rapture as her lover rides her both lovingly and with great fervor.

Natasha writhes beneath him and mews and moans, with great close-ups of her gagged face filled with desire. The passion in this hot bondage sex play is clearly evident on her face and the way that she’s moving beneath him. And Isaac’s really getting into this whole bondage thing, his fucking growing deeper and harder. Natasha’s cries of pleasure grow stronger, as do Isaac’s, as they both reach their climax. Faster, harder, more fervently, two naked bodies enmeshed in erotic bondage and sex. He caresses her in the afterglow, thinking what a night it is when your lover asks you to tie her up!

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21 September, 2023

Secretary Natasha Flade Late Again, Boss Demands a Blowjob or Lose Your Job! (16:20 min.)

Classic Bondage Sex from 2007 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Secretary Natasha Flade is caught leaving early once again! Her boss (Isaac W.) informs the tardy secretary that she’s about to be fired –  that is, unless they can come to some sort of an arrangement. Natasha is dubious as to what this “arrangement” could possibly be, and she’s pretty sure Isaac is just up to no-good. But she listens as he presents his solution: she should let him tie her up once for every hour that she’s left work early the past several weeks.

Natasha thinks that’s an awful lot to be tied-up, seeing as she never makes it to work on time! She’s annoyed and reluctant, but she doesn’t want to be fired, so she agrees to his plan. Isaac then ropes her thoroughly to that office chair (all on-screen tying and great shots of Natasha’s high heels and pantyhose!). Once she’s all tied up, Isaac takes advantage and pulls her boobs out! Natasha is infuriated and starts to scream, so Isaac handgags her and orders her to do as told! She wants to keep her job, so what can she do?

Then Isaac unzips his trousers and demands a blowjob right here in the office or else she’s fired! Poor Natasha has been duped! Seeing as he’s got her tightly tied up and no one else is around in the office to help, she no choice but to go along. Isaac makes her suck and lick his dick, her head bobbing back and forth as she polishes off his nob. He gets some feelies in and fondles her tits while she’s sucking his cock. Having his hot secretary give him head while chair bound in her office attire is really turning him on, and he finally explodes in Natasha’s mouth. But will he keep his promise and let her keep her job, or was it just a ruse to get an office bondage blowjob from his hot secretary?!

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14 September, 2023

Chloe Night Abducted by Stalker Fan for Bondage Sex In Nightie with Cumshot! (9 min.)

Classic Bondage Sex from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Sexy blonde Chloe Night was barefoot in her red nightgown on the sofa when an armed man saunters right on in! With his gun pointed right at her, he orders her to put her hands out! Scared, she reluctantly complies and her wrists are tied together in front. Chloe listens in disbelief as the stranger explains what he’s doing there. He claims he’s Sergio, her “greatest fan” and he’s been stalking Chloe for a very long time! Obviously upset, Chloe begins to plead and protest, telling him to just take her purse and whatever else he wants and leave. But Sergio wants Chloe!

Annoyed at her complaining, Sergio silences her yap by gagging her! He shoves a huge cloth into her mouth and ties a cleave gag on top to hold it in. Chloe is pushed down on the sofa, her hands tied up and overhead to one end of the couch. We cut to Sergio finishing the knots on her ankles, so now she’s tied up with her legs spread nice and wide, her bare feet and soles dangling on display. So nice to see such beautiful feet all tied up!

With his love bound, gagged and at his disposal, this crazy stalker helps himself to Chloe’s tender and most private parts, groping her tits, playing with her pussy, and getting himself all worked up! With his cock rock-hard, Sergio shucks his clothes and climbs atop his favorite star. In goes his throbbing cock into her sweet, helpless pussy — a dream come true! He pounds that pussy really hard, fucking his tied up prize until finally he shoots his load of giz all over her belly in a fabulous cumshot scene!

Satisfied, Sergio grabs his bag of ropes and leaves our poor damsel sobbing on the sofa. But he’ll be back for more…

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