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21 September, 2023

Secretary Natasha Flade Late Again, Boss Demands a Blowjob or Lose Your Job! (16:20 min.)

Classic Bondage Sex from 2007 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Secretary Natasha Flade is caught leaving early once again! Her boss (Isaac W.) informs the tardy secretary that she’s about to be fired –  that is, unless they can come to some sort of an arrangement. Natasha is dubious as to what this “arrangement” could possibly be, and she’s pretty sure Isaac is just up to no-good. But she listens as he presents his solution: she should let him tie her up once for every hour that she’s left work early the past several weeks.

Natasha thinks that’s an awful lot to be tied-up, seeing as she never makes it to work on time! She’s annoyed and reluctant, but she doesn’t want to be fired, so she agrees to his plan. Isaac then ropes her thoroughly to that office chair (all on-screen tying and great shots of Natasha’s high heels and pantyhose!). Once she’s all tied up, Isaac takes advantage and pulls her boobs out! Natasha is infuriated and starts to scream, so Isaac handgags her and orders her to do as told! She wants to keep her job, so what can she do?

Then Isaac unzips his trousers and demands a blowjob right here in the office or else she’s fired! Poor Natasha has been duped! Seeing as he’s got her tightly tied up and no one else is around in the office to help, she no choice but to go along. Isaac makes her suck and lick his dick, her head bobbing back and forth as she polishes off his nob. He gets some feelies in and fondles her tits while she’s sucking his cock. Having his hot secretary give him head while chair bound in her office attire is really turning him on, and he finally explodes in Natasha’s mouth. But will he keep his promise and let her keep her job, or was it just a ruse to get an office bondage blowjob from his hot secretary?!

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14 September, 2023

Chloe Night Abducted by Stalker Fan for Bondage Sex In Nightie with Cumshot! (9 min.)

Classic Bondage Sex from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tape for Highest Quality! Sexy blonde Chloe Night was barefoot in her red nightgown on the sofa when an armed man saunters right on in! With his gun pointed right at her, he orders her to put her hands out! Scared, she reluctantly complies and her wrists are tied together in front. Chloe listens in disbelief as the stranger explains what he’s doing there. He claims he’s Sergio, her “greatest fan” and he’s been stalking Chloe for a very long time! Obviously upset, Chloe begins to plead and protest, telling him to just take her purse and whatever else he wants and leave. But Sergio wants Chloe!

Annoyed at her complaining, Sergio silences her yap by gagging her! He shoves a huge cloth into her mouth and ties a cleave gag on top to hold it in. Chloe is pushed down on the sofa, her hands tied up and overhead to one end of the couch. We cut to Sergio finishing the knots on her ankles, so now she’s tied up with her legs spread nice and wide, her bare feet and soles dangling on display. So nice to see such beautiful feet all tied up!

With his love bound, gagged and at his disposal, this crazy stalker helps himself to Chloe’s tender and most private parts, groping her tits, playing with her pussy, and getting himself all worked up! With his cock rock-hard, Sergio shucks his clothes and climbs atop his favorite star. In goes his throbbing cock into her sweet, helpless pussy — a dream come true! He pounds that pussy really hard, fucking his tied up prize until finally he shoots his load of giz all over her belly in a fabulous cumshot scene!

Satisfied, Sergio grabs his bag of ropes and leaves our poor damsel sobbing on the sofa. But he’ll be back for more…

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9 September, 2023

Husband Sends Masked "Messenger" to Punish Lazy Wife Natalie Minx with Bondage Sex! (12:20 min.)

Classic Bondage Blowjob Video from 2010 - Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Higher Quality, Color & Sound!  Lazy Wife Natalie Minx is was home alone in her sexy skirt and high heels, sitting on the sofa like she always does. She’s gazing at her nails, admiring the manicure she just had done, when a masked man barges in. He forces her to submit and put her hands out in front to be tied up. Natalie is annoyed, but goes along at first, thinking it’s some sort of joke her husband is playing.

The masked “messenger” informs Natalie that her husband John sent him over because he’s sick of her spending all his money, laying around the house all day and not even putting out! Natalie starts to  protest and gets a knotted scarf shoved between her lips. The intruder forces her to the floor and attaches her bound hands to a sofa leg. Off go Natalie’s panties! He grabs one ankle and ties it a sofa leg across the room so she’s stretched out.

By this time, Natalie is afraid. This isn’t a joke and if it is, it’s not funny! She’s quite helpless now and the intruder fingers her pussy, then strips open her blouse, peels back that bra and gropes her rather enormous breasts. His cock is getting hard just looking at those gorgeous tits of her. No wonder John married her.

More pussy fingering, more titty groping, and the intruder is good to go. He whips out his cock, tosses Natalie’s heel over his shoulder, and drills her pussy hard and long. Poor Natalie lays on the floor bound and gagged while she’s taken against her will with his hard rod! When he’s finished, he decides to leave her like that so John can have a go when he gets home. Hell, he might send his buddies over, too! But the worst part is knowing that her husband set this whole thing up because he thinks that Natalie’s a spendy and lazy housewife!

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31 August, 2023

Natasha Flade Tied Nude Spread Eagle & Fucked on Bed by Private Investigator! 50 NEW PHOTOS!

Natasha Flade Tied Nude Spread Eagle, Stuffer-Gagged & Fucked on Bed!

These are photoss from a scene from the 2005 feature bondage movie "Photographs." Katie (Natasha Flade) is abducted by Celeste, a female stalker. Private investigator Morgan (Isaac W.) slips in and captures his favorite damsel, Katie. But after her transport, poor Katie gets tied up fon Morgan's bed for some forced bondage sex.

She's bound spread eagle totally nude and stuffer-gagged, struggling alone in her naked bondage. Then Morgan comes in and fucks her!

Fifty high-resolution photos of Natasha Flade tied-up & FUCKED!  Then struggling alone in her naked bondage.

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24 August, 2023

Sexy Burglar in Boots Natasha Flade Blackmailed: Bondage Blowjob or Go to Jail! (14 min.)

Classic Bondage Blowjob Video from 2008 - Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Higher Quality, Color & Sound!  Sexy burglar Natasha Flade is in the middle of robbing Isaac W.’ house. Damn, she’s hot in that tight miniskirt, pantyhose and those spiked heel knee-high boots! She’s trying to be inconspicuous, but Isaac catches her! He comes up behind her and grabs this sexy burglar that he’s found tying to rob him blind. He forces her onto the couch, then lectures her about thievery while he sets to tying her up so he can call the cops.

Her hands are tied behind her back, then her thighs and boots are roped up next. Natasha begs Isaac to please not call the cops, explaining that she’s just really down on her luck. She says she’ll do anything if he just lets her go.  Anything? That’s just too good to pass up! So Isaac agrees to not call the police if Natasha gives him a blowjob. Natasha is annoyed and reluctant, but she doesn’t want to go to jail, so she acquiesces to this dude’s kinky demand.

Isaac pulls down her top and plays with her tits, then out comes the cock. And into Natasha’s mouth it goes. It’s bad enough having to suck cock to save yourself from incarceration, but she has to listen to Isaac lecturing her about how she needs to change her ways. Still, this blowjob business is much better than going to jail. So our sexy burglar polishes Isaac’s nob and then some! In fact, Natasha’s skills far exceed thievery. She’s damn good at giving head, too.

She blows that guy like nobody’s business, and we’re treated to all the angles while she’s at it. After Isaac cums, Natasha expects to be untied. But Isaac tells her he thinks he’ll keep her just she is and come back for another go or two. Natasha starts to struggle and protest. This isn’t what she agreed to!

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18 August, 2023

Natasha Flade Victim of Road Rage Bondage Blowjob at Gunpoint, Chairtied Topless in Heels! (14:30 min.)

Classic Bondage Blowjob Video from 2008 - Re-Edited From the Source Tape for Higher Quality, Color & Sound! Natasha Flade is in her house, wearing white slacks, a little pink top and white high heels. Hiding in the corner is a man with a gun, and boy is he seriously pissed! He grabs Natasha and tells her that she cut him off in traffic—he nearly got into a serious accident, and he’s not taking this crap from shitty women drivers ever again!

She’s forced to sit on a chair, then he pulls rope out from his pocket and starts tying her hands behind the chair back. Natasha had no idea about the traffic incident and tries to tell this guy that, but he’s having none of that. He continues with the rope job and our damsel is soon chairtied: bound at the ankles (great closeups of her pearly heels!) knees tied, and a lap rope for extra no-wriggle room.

Now for the price she has to pay for her reckless driving! He peels down her top and gropes and fondles her tits. He leaves her topless, then out comes his cock and he orders Natasha to suck it! He keeps the gun on her for added incentive, even though she’s already helpless and chairtied! Natasha has no other options, so she submits and reluctantly sucks that cock. She does her best to give this madman a decent bondage blowjob so he’ll let her loose and get the fuck out of her house! Her tits are groped some more as he enjoys Natasha’s excellent blowjob. And the viewer gets to enjoy all the angles and closeups of this excellent cock-sucking action.

Natasha gives amazing head and he shoots his man juice in her mouth. She’s still tied up, but now with a huge mouthful of cum as a gag! But that won’t last, so he uses a thick cloth to gag her with, and while she’s knotted cleave-gagged, she’s groped some more. He sure does love her tits!

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10 August, 2023

Dick Tease Natasha Flade Barefoot Hogtied & Forced to Suck Cock for Not Putting Out! (FULL HD - 10:45 min.)

FULL HD! Isaac W. has been dating Natasha Flade for a week now and she still hasn't put out! No hand jobs, no blowjobs, nothing at all! He comes over to discuss the situation. Natasha is barefoot on the chaise in a tank top and a pair of little shorts. Isaac sits down beside her and tries to delicately bring up his concerns. He asks if it's him, if he's doing anything wrong. Natasha explains that she's just old fashioned and thinks it's too early to be messing around yet.

Isaac doesn't exactly like her response. While she's going on with all her excuses, he slips back and grabs some rope from his pockets. Before she knows what's happening, he grabs her arms and pins them behind her, then ties her wrists together. Natasha is begging him to please stop, but Isaac has waited long enough and says he's getting something even if he has to tie her up first! Then he pulls up her tank top and starts feeling up her tits. Natasha tries to protest so Isaac handgags her and keeps on groping those fine titties.

Now he throws Natasha belly-down onto the chaise and ropes her up into a barefoot hogtie. He tells her she's going to suck his cock right now! Natasha nods her head in resigned agreement. She has no choice, so best get down to this bondage blowjob business! Isaac grabs her head and forces her to take his throbbing dick into her mouth! He makes her suck that cock really good, too! She sucks that dick until Isaac cums in her mouth. Finally satisfied, he handgags poor Natasha once more and makes her promise that she's not going to be dick teasing anyone anymore. Then he leaves her there to struggle in her bondage, hogtied barefoot (and topless!) on her own chaise. And with a lesson learned in dating etiquette!

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3 August, 2023

Natasha Flade Chloroformed by Blind Date for Bondage Blowjob in Dating Service Disaster! (13:11 min.)

Re-Edited from the 2008 Source Tape for Higher Quality, Color & Sound! Natasha Flade has been using a dating service to try to find a new man. Unfortunately, they aren’t very good at screening the applicants! Natasha has a date this afternoon with some guy named Isaac W. He told her to just come in when she got to his house, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing for a young lady to do.

She wanders into the living room, but her blind date is nowhere to be seen, so she takes a seat on the sofa and waits, oblivious to the man hiding behind her! As Natasha’s sitting there rather annoyed, Isaac jumps up and covers her mouth with a rag soaked in chloroform! She tries to fight him off in a really long chloroforming scene! But she doesn’t succeed and eventually her struggles end as she falls unconscious.

Now Isaac takes advantage and ties up poor Natasha while she’s knocked out cold! Her hands are tied behind her back, her ankles are roped to opposite ends of the sofa. With her legs spread wide apart, we see her panties poking out from that short miniskirt. He puts his hands down her little top, groping and fondling her tits!

Natasha slowly awakens to finds herself all tied up and being molested! She screams and gets handgagged, then Isaac informs her that she has to suck his cock if she ever wants to be let loose! Natasha is horrified, but Isaac is insistent. He’s really tired  of all these blind dates the agency sends over that never put out, ever! He unzips his pants, pulls that hard dick out, and tells Natasha to go to work. And it better be a good blowjob, too, if she has any hope of being untied.

Scared and helpless, Natasha does as ordered. And suck that hard cock really good she does! We’re treated to all the angles of this forced blowjob: wides, mediums, closeups and great overhead shots from Isaac’s point-of-view. HOT! Natasha gives the best damn bondage blowjob of her life! Eventually, Isaac cums in her mouth. And while his helpless captive is still chewing on his spunk, he sits back down next to his pretty damsel and gropes those titties some more! It seems he doesn’t intend to let this blind date leave…

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26 July, 2023

Erotic Bondage Play! Natasha Flade Bound Naked for Oral Pleasure & Hot Cowgirl Sex with Her Lover! (11 min.)

One of Natasha Flade's 1st Bondage Sex Videos Re-Edited From the Source Tape! Higher Quality, Color & Sound! A true classic, this consensual bondage play is 100% erotic oral sex and fucking action! Natasha Flade is on the bed for a planned night of bondage with her lover, Isaac W. She's totally naked except for a knotted cleave-gag. Isaac strokes her breasts lovingly and tells her how much he loves her bound and gagged, then he ties her hands behind her back.

He runs his hands along Natasha’s nude body, then fondles and bites her tits and nipples. He pulls her up against him, spreads her legs and plays with her pussy. Natasha moans in sheer pleasure, then she’s laid down on her back. Isaac’s tongue goes to work on her most private parts, giving Natasha so much oral pleasure that she can barely contain herself.

As Natasha rolls her head back in rapture, Isaac slides his cock inside, eliciting cries of ecstasy. He rides his lover both lovingly and with great fervor. Natasha's bare feet are lifted up as he so he can fuck her even deeper and harder. Natasha writhes beneath him and mews and moans, with great close-ups of her gagged face filled with desire.

He hauls Natasha up. Now Natasha is on top, riding her lover’s cock in cowgirl style. Her hands are still bound behind, her beautiful face still gagged. The passion in this hot bondage sex play is clearly evident on her face and the way that she's fucking him. And Isaac’s enjoying this cowgirl ride, vacillating between rowdy and ecstasy. Natasha’s cries of pleasure grow stronger, as do Isaac’s, as both are coming to their climax. Faster, harder, more fervently, two naked bodies enmeshed in scintillating bondage and sex.

Includes some fun outtakes shot by Chloe Night, the camera operator du jour.

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19 July, 2023

POV Bondage Sex! Hogtying Natasha Flade in Boots for Titty Fuck & Rubbing Your Cock on Her Ass! (FULL HD - 15:30 min.)

FULL HD! YOU are the intruder in this POV-bondage sex video! Shot entirely with a hero-cam, everything is from your point-of-view!

There was a huge storm brewing outside one fine day. Perfect for you, a home intruder, to go about your business of invasion without being noticed! So you sneak in with ropes in hand and find Natasha Flade in the sunroom in her minidress and knee-high boots. You creep up behind her and handgag her, then drag her to the sofa. You sit her up and bind her wrists behind her. Now you rope her thighs and ankles, with great POV shots of all the on-screen tying!

You stuff a knotted cleave between her lips and tie it tightly. You pull down Natasha's purple panties, then pull her dress up to play with her tits. You run her hands along her beautiful, bound body while she squirms and writhes, trying to escape your touch. You pull Natasha onto the floor and grab more ropes for a strict hogtying!

Overcome with lust, your whip out your hard cock and rub it on her ass and make her play with your nob with her bound hands. Natasha is screaming, but you're having too much fun! So you rub your cock on her boobs for a good titty fuck. You stand back and admire your captive hogtied on the floor. Your grab her ass and squeeze it, you play with bound boots, then you handgag her again to silence her cries and grope her tits some more. You just can't keep your hands off her.

Natasha looks up at you with her pleading and beautiful damsel eyes. She's so damn tempting. After gazing at your neat little package all bound and gagged (now mostly naked), you leave her there while you go prepare the bedroom for even more fun with your helpless damsel...!

This uniquely shot POV-style video is a true immersive bondage experience that you'll enjoy repeatedly!

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13 July, 2023

Thievery After Divorce! Housewife Natasha Flade Hogtied for Blowjob in Pantyhose & Heels for Stealing! (13 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video From 2010 Re-Edited From the Source Tape! Highest Quality! Housewife Natasha Flade is wearing a sexy dress, pantyhose and high heels when she sneaks back into her old house to take back the stuff she claims is rightfully hers! As she’s stuffing her satchel full, her ex-husband, Isaac W., comes in and catches her! Isaac argues with her, then he grabs his ex-wife, pins her arms behind her, and bends her over the dining room table. He ties her wrists together behind her back, then grabs her ankles and swings her around on the table top. Next, he binds her ankles together, then ropes her into a tight hogtie with her elbows tied.

There’s no escape and Natasha is furious at this treatment. Then Isaac says he won’t call the cops and she can keep the stuff in the satchel — if she agrees to give him a blowjob! Natasha is furious, but what can she do? Isaac starts to unzip his pants! Now Natasha has a dilemma — give head and get her belongings or leave without them?

Reluctantly, she decides to go along with the hogtied blowjob. She takes that huge cock in her mouth and sucks her ex-husband off really good until he cums in her mouth. He handgags her so she’s forced to swallow his giz. Now that she gave him a hogtied bondage blowjob atop the table, will he let her go? Bet you wouldn’t if it were you!

Outtakes at the end!

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7 July, 2023

Tattletale Houswife Natasha Flade Silenced with Cheating Husband's Dick in Her Mouth! (13 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Vdeo From 2010 Re-Edited From the Source Tape! Highest Quality! Natasha Flade is at home, watching TV. She’s dressed up really sexy in her skirt and high heels. Suddenly, her friend's husband Isaac strolls and confronts Natasha about telling his wife that he’s cheating on her! Natasha says she has every right to know that Isaac's a cheating bastard and to get out. Outraged, he grabs Natasha. She should mind her own damn business!

He ties her hands behind her back. Her thighs and high heels are roped together next while Natasha complains and whines non-stop: this won’t solve anything, he’s plain nuts, his wife is better off without him. Isaac finally loses it and handgags Natasha hard. He's sick of her crap and knows just the thing to shut her up! His big, fat cock in her mouth! He unzips his fly and tells Natasha to get the cock in her mouth right now if she ever wants to be let go.

Natasha has no choice but to give Isaac a blowjob and hope for the best. And boy, does Isaac get one helluva of blowjob! Seems Natasha’s mouth is good for more than ratting out cheats! While he’s getting all this hot, dick-sucking action, Isaac pulls Natasha’s tits from her bra and fondles her boobs while she’s blowing him. He fucks her mouth until he cums. Just to be an ass, he handgags Natasha to make sure she swallows his man juice!

He leaves Natasha to struggle in her bondage while he gets something to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. When he returns, he stuffs her mouth with a big wad of cloth, then wraps a long scarf on top to hold the packing in. He gets some more titty groping and nipple sucking in, then informs Natasha that she’s going to have a talk with his wife and straighten this mess out — or he’ll be back to fuck her up the ass next time! Natasha is left abandoned and alone to struggle some more, tied-up in heels, her tits hanging out and wondering if that nutjob is coming back…

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29 June, 2023

Blonde Chloe Night Gets Too Drunk, Gets Taped Up, Gets Bondage Sex!
(14:15 min)

From 2008 Re-Edited From the Source Tape! Highest Quality! Beautiful blonde Chloe Night went home from the bar with her date, Sergio, a man she barely knew. Being naive, she does way too many shots with him — in the bedroom! Obviously, Sergio thought he was going to get laid. But after all those shots, Chloe passes out right on the bed. She was already in her nightgown and barefoot. (What on Earth was she thinking, right?!)

Sergio is infuriated about this turn of events. He tries to strip her naked and have his way with her, but Chloe manages to resist through her foggy stupor. But Sergio isn’t leaving without getting any! He decides to immobilize Chloe so she can’t get away and he can just go ahead and fuck the sleeping hottie. So Chloe winds up sealed with loads of duct tape. First, Sergio tapes her ankles to her wrists. Chloe makes some groggy protests and ends up cleave-gagged, too!

Then Sergio strips the helpless Chloe naked and shoves his cock inside her pussy. He fucks her HARD, pounding that pussy relentlessly and then some. After he cums, Sergio has another shot for the road and leaves the drunken damsel in distress Chloe naked in tape bondage on the bed. Chloe is helpless to do anything except lay there humiliated, frightened and making little moaning sounds.

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21 June, 2023

POV Bondage Sex! Natasha Flade Nabbed by YOU! Gagged, Tied Up & Groped Before the Doggy Style Fucking! (9:15 min)

FULL HD! YOU are the intruder in this POV bondage sex video! You peek around the corner as foxy Natasha Flade comes home in her cute sundress. She takes off her heels as you sneak up behind her and handgag her! She promises to cooperate as you tie her hands tied crossed behind. You spin her around and cleave gag her with two wraps of a thick black scarf.

You march her upstairs while her hands are bound behind her back. You grab and stop her at the sofa. You feel her tits through her dress, then whip her around to unzip the back of it. You force her to face you as you pull her sundress up above her tits so you can grope and fondle them. This is getting to be fun! After playing with Natasha’s perfect breasts and nipples, you bend her over the arm of the couch and pull her panties down!

At this point, the video switches from POV to a wide angle as the home intruder whips out his huge cock and plunges it into Natasha’s pussy. The rest of this video is all great bondage sex action, with Natasha tied bent over, her abductor fucking her her hard from behind, doggy style!

This uniquely shot POV-style video is a true immersive bondage sex experience that you don't want to miss!

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15 June, 2023

Natasha Flade Chloroformed In Sundress & Pantyhose for Ass-Up Bondage Sex! (11:15 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade is turning down the bed in her sundress and pantyhose. Coming in through the door behind her is some dude with a rag full of chloroform in his hand. He nabs Natasha and holds that cloth to her face! She fights, but not for long. The fumes overcome her and soon she falls unconscious in his arms.

The intruder lays Natasha down on the bed and ties her hands together in front of her while she's out cold. We cut to Natasha all tied up spread on the bed, ass-up. She’s been cleave gagged and she's still asleep. Slowly, Natasha awakens and takes stock of the situation. Seeing someone tied and gagged her while she was unconscious, she starts struggling like mad and mmphing through that gag!

Then the intruder comes back into the room. He pulls up her dress and we see that pantyhose-covered ass—nice! He grips her buns, then handgags her and tells her to turn it down. She’s his for the evening! He pulls her pantyhose down and Natasha’s amazing bare ass is on display for us to marvel at.

Then this home intruder strips down, jumps onto the bed and force fucks Natasha from behind! She squirms, fights her bonds and squeals through her gag as he thrusts his huge cock inside her! He rides her hard, plays with her tits while he's fucking her! It's the best bondage sex of his life! Eventually he he cums inside her, then grabs his clothes and leaves helpless Natasha sobbing, tied up face down on the bed. All alone, she struggles, but no one is coming...

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8 June, 2023

Robber Came for Money, Took the Pussy Instead! Natasha Flade Handgagged, Tied Spread in Robe & Fucked! (13:50 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2010 Re-Edited From the Source Tape! Higher Quality, Improved Color! Natasha Flade was in the bedroom, barefoot in her pink robe, getting ready to go to bed, when suddenly a robber is behind her! Natasha is grabbed and handgagged, then the home intruder forces her to put her hands out in front to be tied up, then a bandanna is forced between her lips for a tight cleave-gag. Poor Natasha is forced down onto the floor and her bound wrists are attached to one leg of the bedroom nightstand. The robber pulls her robe open, then her panties are ripped off and thrown aside. He pulls her bra up, so now poor Natasha is exposed and vulnerable.

Next, her legs are spread and tied: one bare foot is tethered to a dresser leg and the other to a bed post so her private parts are on display. Now that Natasha is bound, gagged and very much helpless, the robber jumps on top for some forced fucking. As he strips his clothes aside, he confesses that he didn’t come to steal her jewelry, he really came just so he could tie her up and fuck her!

He thrusts his hard cock inside Natasha and fucks that pussy nice and hard, groping and fondling her tits and naked body as he’s fucking her. This robber is really enjoying his job today! He rides Natasha until he finally explodes inside her. Satisfied, he takes off, leaving Natasha struggling bound and gagged Eiffel Tower style, her robe stripped wide open, her soles, her bare feet and everything else on plain display! Alone and abandoned, our pretty damsel struggles in her bondage and cries from behind her gag. Will this dude come back for more forced fucking?

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2 June, 2023

Natasha Flade Dragged Off and Raped In the Woods From Behind!
(11:40 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited From the Source Tape! Higher Quality, Color & Sound! Natasha Flade has been abducted! She’s being dragged into the woods already tied hand and foot and severely wrap gagged with several layers. Natasha tries to struggle and cry for help, but her attempts are useless and her captor pulls her along, her sneakers scraping in the dirt, until they reach a spot he thinks will be suitable for his designs.

The captor drags Natasha up against a tree and forces her to kneel while he reties her hands in front, then attaches them to some tree branches overhead. Natasha mews and sobs, but it’s barely audible behind the thick gagging. Once her hands are bound, the abductor gets down next to Natasha, who’s now bent over on her knees in the dirt. Her t-shirt is pulled up, her jeans and panties pulled down. He fondles her naked ass and tits a bit, then gets behind her and slips his cock inside.

Now poor Natasha is raped from behind! He slams that pussy hard, and gropes and fondles her breasts while he's having his way with her. There’s lots of different angles of all the fucking action: wide, medium, closeups and overhead shots. A point-of-view from in front shows Natasha’s strictly gagged face with her captor hovering over her as he’s pounding that pussy! Eventually, he cums and takes off, leaving our damsel alone to struggle helplessly in her outdoor bondage, panties dangling round her knees, that fine ass of hers exposed. Alone in the middle of nowhere, Natasha sobs as the sun starts to set...

This is a great outdoor bondage video clip in addition to all the hardcore action. Plus some outtakes at the end!

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May 24, 2023

Trust Fund Manager Gets Hot Blonde Client Acidalia Sabine Chairtied for Bondage Blowjob as Payment! (11:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Improved Quality, Color & Sound! Hot blonde Acidalia Sabine has her trust fund manager over for a meeting at her dining room table. She’s in her cute little sundress and barefoot. Sergio (aka “Thundercock”) is going over her inherited monies and mentions that in all these years he’s never taken a fee for managing any of it.  He tells her that instead of biting into her money, he would prefer a “personal arrangement.”

When Acidalia asks what he means exactly, he gets behind her and pulls her hands behind the chair back. Then she’s informed that he’s going to tie her up and she’s going to suck his cock! Understandably, she’s a little nervous and reluctant about this. But she doesn’t resist that much as she asks, “Why do I have to be tied-up?” Sergio replies that he likes his girls that way. Acidalia’s hands are soon tied crossed behind the chair back, then her ankles are bound.

Sergio unzips his pants and whips out his cock. Having really no choice at this point, the helpless Acidalia opens her mouth and accepts Sergio’s big member. Not just accepts it, she’s giving Sergio a really good bondage blowjob! Her dress is pulled down and Sergio plays with her tits while he’s getting blown. As Sergio enjoys this fantastic blowjob, we’re treated to lot of angles and close-ups of the cock sucking action and of Acidalia all roped up to that chair.

She sucks that rod until “Thundercock” explodes with a big load of cum in her mouth. What a nice way to get paid!

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May 18, 2023

Chloe Night Post-Tied Standing & Fucked in Nightie After Ditching Dinner Date! (9:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Chloe Night is in her bedroom, barefoot and wearing her slinky nightie. She’s getting ready to go to bed when Sergio comes barging in! Chloe ditched him earlier during their date by saying she was going to the restroom — but she never came back! Sergio is furious. He starts to argue with Chloe, then grabs her and starts tying her wrists together.

He exclaims that he showed Chloe a good time and now she’s going to show him a good time, too! He hoists her bound wrists up to the top of the bedpost. Chloe gets scared and starts to make a lot of noise, so Sergio cleave-gags her, then hikes her nightie up and starts to play with her tits and pussy!

His dick is getting pretty hard after all this, so he whips it out and starts rubbing it against Chloe’s hot ass. Then he slips his hard cock inside her and fucks poor Chloe from behind while she’s tied up to that bedpost. Chloe gets the rough bondage sex from Sergio until he cums — shooting his load all over Chloe’s naked ass! Satisfied at last, Sergio takes his clothes and leaves Chloe all alone, bound and gagged, helpless and struggling. Next time maybe she won’t ditch her dinner date!

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May 11, 2023

Natasha Flade Tries Party Pills, Gets Woozy, Gets Tied Naked & Fucked! (14:45 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade is having a party at her house. She’s in her bedroom with some dude, Isaac W., getting ready to party down. She’s looking really hot, barefoot in her miniskirt. Natasha has no clue who this guy is, and being really naive, she takes his offer to try some “party pills.” Unbeknownst to Natasha, what Isaac really gave her are some pills to make her weak and woozy. Soon, Natasha starts feeling all drugged up and falls over on her bed. She’s too weak to do anything, so the no-good Isaac does EVERYTHING!

He arranges Natasha Flade on the bed, then pulls her top up and fondles her tits. Her hands are tightly tied together in front of her. Natasha tries to stop him, but she can barely move, let alone talk. Her miniskirt and panties are shimmied down, and Isaac gropes and squeezes her naked ass. Next, she’s bound at the thighs and folded up into a half ball-tie. (Great shots here of the tying action from Isaac’s point-of-view!) Now he shucks his own clothes aside while poor Natasha lays there helplessly: drugged, naked and whimpering.

He props this drowsy damsel up on her back, legs up in the air, and plows that free pussy! She’s getting fucked hard and then some, her bare feet and soles dangling over Isaac’s shoulders. When she gets a little too noisy, Isaac handgags her. A lot. It’s not like she can really say anything after he drugged her up, but keeping her handgagged just gets him off.

After he shoots his load inside her cunny, Isaac forces more “party pills” into Natasha’s mouth to make sure she stays intoxicated! The party pills didn’t work out too well for poor Natasha, but Isaac’s having loads of fun!

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May 3, 2023

Natasha Flade Pays Lost Bet with Bondage Blowjob, Barefoot in Nightie! (6:40 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2007! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade lost a bet to Isaac W. and the deal was that the winner gets a bondage blowjob! She now here she is, barefoot in her silk nightie, all tied-up on the bed! Her wrists and ankles are attached to the bedpost, but her lovely bare feet swing in the air.

Reluctantly, Natasha takes Isaac’s cock into her mouth. She gives him a blowjob that a winner deserves and then some. And it’s a pretty damn blowjob that he gets! She polishes that nob until Isaac cums in her mouth. He grabs her head and forces her to swallow all that love juice. When Natasha complains that him cumming in her mouth wasn’t part of the deal, Isaac gags her with a thick, black scarf.

Then Isaac takes advantage of the situation. Instead of untying Natasha after she served him the blowjob he won, instead he fondles her tits and plays with her bare feet and soles! Incensed at this turn of events, Natasha yells through her cleave-gag to let her go, but he isn’t so inclined. This is turning out to be a pretty good deal for him! So he leaves Natasha to struggle, all trussed up barefoot on her own bed, telling her he’ll be back for another blowjob…or even two!

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April 27, 2023

Wife Natasha Flade Frogtied Nude & Strictly Wrap Gagged for Bondage Sex Ransom Video! (8:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2008! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Trophy wife Natasha Flade had been kidnapped! Now her captor has her back at his place and tied nude on the bed: one leg frogtied, the other bare foot in the air, elevated to the top of a high bedpost. She’s been drastically gagged with packing, an ace bandage and tape on top! Her husband hasn’t paid yet, so the kidnapper figures making a bondage sex ransom video of him fucking his hot trophy wife will make the money come a lot faster!

The kidnapper looks into the camera as he begins pounding the bound and gagged Natasha and tells her husband that it’s only going to get worse if he doesn’t pay up now! We get lots of great angles of this helpless damsel as she’s forced to endure being fucked for the ransom tape. There’s lots of great closeups of the captor’s cock ramming her hard, along with high and low shots  and angles as Natasha Flade struggles against her bonds and her kidnapper!

She’s an energetic victim. Hope the ransom money come soon — for her sake!

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April 19, 2023

Sexy Natasha Flade Owes Money, So Kneeling Bondage Blowjob In Dress & High Heels It Is! (FULL HD - 12:45min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade bought a car from her friend, Isaac W., but now she’s two months behind! Desperate, she dresses up in a sexy dress and high heels and pays Isaac a visit. She thinks because she’s hot, he’ll let her late car payments slide. But he isn’t too impressed with her attempts to seduce him into forgiving her late installments. Finally, Isaac offers a proposal: he’ll forgive the last two payments on the condition she lets him tie her up. Natasha is hesitant, but since she’s broke, she decides to go along. She sits there while he grabs his ropes and binds her wrists behind her back, then her thighs are roped together followed by her ankles, just above her open-toe high heels.

But once Isaac has Natasha all tied up, he makes her kneel down on the floor, explaining it’s more submissive to him that way. At least he thoughtfully provides a pillow for her to kneel on. But it turns out that poor Natasha has been tricked! Isaac starts feeling her up! This wasn’t part of the deal! But Isaac just handgags her, pulls down the top of her dress and plays with her tits! Then he informs her that she has to suck his cock, too! Natasha is incensed. But since she allowed herself to be tightly tied up, she doesn’t really have any options here but to put this guy’s dick in her mouth and give him a blowjob! The only bright side is that he might just keep his word and forgive those car payments she’s late on.

So Natasha gets to work on Isaac’s cock and lets him fuck her mouth. This deal has certainly worked out great for Isaac! Not only did he get to tie up his hot AF friend, he’s getting a nice bondage blowjob out of the deal.  Natasha sucks him off  good, too. After he cums in her mouth, Natasha tells him she shouldn’t have to pay for the car at all now! But Isaac claims he never agree to that! Guess Natasha’s plans to cancel her debt didn’t work out too well for her. But they turned out splendidly for Isaac!

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April 11, 2023

Natasha Flade Frogtied in Stockings & Garters for Hot Cowgirl Bondage Sex with Her Lover! (8:15 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade is frogtied in her black thigh-high stockings and garters. Her bra cups are pulled down to expose her fine tits. She’s cleave-gagged with her hands bound tightly behind her. Natasha sits atop her lover’s cock for some really hot top-side cowgirl bondage sex!

This is pure bondage sex video! It’s 100% erotic fucking action as Natasha bounces up and down on that huge dick. Her lover (Isaac W.) spanks her ass and grabs her tits from behind. He hauls her up by her bound hands for leverage. He thrusts his cock repeatedly back inside her. Natasha tries to act like she doesn’t like being handled this way. But you know she does! It’s evident by the way she’s fucking him and mewing through her gag with desire.

And Isaac’s enjoying this rowdy cowgirl ride, vacillating between rough and ecstasy, until he finally cums and thanks the lovely Natasha by caressing and fondling her tits as she rolls her head back in sheer pleasure.

Behind the scenes are included of Natasha Flade finishing tying herself up and chats with Chloe Night, the camera operator du jour.

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