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June 22, 2021

Natasha Flade Handgagged & Gang Bound for Star Nine’s Strap-On Revenge Fuck! (FULL HD – 13:40 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is coming home from a dressy affair. She opens the door only to be jumped by two home intruders hiding behind the bedroom door – beautiful Star Nine and her partner-in-crime, Isaac W. She’s handgagged by Star, then Isaac grabs her legs. She’s carried, kicking and fighting, to the bed and thrown onto it. Star keeps Natasha handgagged while Isaac binds her wrists and cleave gags her. Then her hands are tethered to one of the bed posts. Star holds Natasha by the ankles while they’re tied together, then her heels are hauled up and secured to the top of the same bed post.

Isaac leaves to shake down the house. Alone with Natasha, Star informs her that she’s really here for revenge! Natasha is adamant that she never met Star in her life, but Star doesn’t believe her. She pulls down the top of her dress, then plays with her tits. Star leaves for a bit, but she returns in nothing but her bar and panties. And she’s got a strap-on with a huge cock attached to her! Natasha is growing frantic at the sigh of that dong!

Star just laughs as she climbs onto the bed. She pulls Natasha’s panties up and slams home that huge, rubber cock! She’s really getting into her revenge bondage, fucking Natasha hard. Star fucks her every which way, then takes an acrobatic approach by hanging from the bed canopy for some extra hard thrusting! Star certainly does revenge fuck in style!

Eventually, her partner returns. He’s stunned by what he sees. Now he wants a turn, too! Star is more than happy to oblige. She exits and Isaac strips off his shirt, then hops into the bed and starts to unzip his pants….Is poor Natasha doomed to be fucked not just once, but twice?! Some outtakes at the end!

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June 16, 2021

Waitress Natasha Flade Caught Stealing, Submits to Bondage Sex with Boss to Save Job! (FULL HD – 15:26 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade works as a waitress. She's dressed up on her sofa when suddenly, her boss, Isaac W., bursts in! He caught her stealing from the cash register till. He's got the security tapes to prove it and he intends to fire her. Natasha tries to plead her innocence, then takes another approach.  She runs her fingers up and down his chest and tells him she'd do ANYTHING to keep her job. Her boss is surprised, but thinks, "What the heck?!"

Now Isaac is really into bondage, so he tells Natasha she won't be fired if she agrees to let herself be tied up and fucked. She's rather shocked, but she wants to keep her job, so she goes along. He has her stand up, then ties her hands crossed behind her back. Next, she's gagged with a knotted scarf.

Then Isaac bends Natasha over the sofa and ties her heels apart to the sofa legs. He hikes her skirt up, then pulls down her pantyhose to expose that sweet, bare ass. He plays with her ass for a bit, but then gets down to business! Isaac strips down naked and crams his hard cock into Natasha. He's fucking her hard from behind, in doggy-style fashion. he’s really getting into it! He's enjoying fucking this hot waitress so much that now he’s glad he caught her stealing in the first place.

Finally he explodes with a nice cumshot right on Natasha’s back! But her boss is a jerk! After he's finished, he tells Natasha that she’s still fired after all. What's more, he's going to rob her place while he's got her all tied up and see how SHE likes being stolen from! Frantic, Natasha struggles, but she can't do anything as her ex-boss robs her blind!

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June 9, 2021

Dressed Up Natasha Flade Chloroformed for Strap-On Bondage Sex By Disgruntled Lesbian! (FULL HD – 13:12 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade and her hot, blonde girlfriend just got back from a night out on the town. Natasha is still is her sexy black cocktail dress, lacy thigh-high stockings and high heels. She’s talking with Chloe in her bedroom when it comes out that Chloe is a closet lesbian. Somehow, she got the wrong impression that Natasha was into women and tries kissing her. Natasha pushes Chloe away and she storms off, angry. But she doesn’t take no for an answer that easily! Chloe never left at all! She sneaks up behind Natasha and smothers her face with a rag full of chloroform until she falls unconscious to the floor.

Now the real fun can begin! Chloe expects a fight, so she brought some ropes with her. She ties her arms and legs spread wide apart, her heels high up in the air, attached to the top of the bedposts. As Chloe finishes the last of the knots, Natasha starts to waken and discovers that she’s tied up on the floor with her pussy on display! She starts screaming for help, but is quickly handgagged.

Chloe shuts her up with a ballgag in her mouth. Now she can get down to business! She strips Natasha naked except for her stockings and high heels. Then she grabs a huge strap-on, putting that dong right up to Natasha’s face and laughing. Then Chloe puts on the strap-on and starts fucking Natasha hard! She ignores her pleas to stop! Chloe rather enjoys all Natasha’s struggling. It makes everything way more exciting to be dominating her snooty friend!

And Chloe is getting into it, too. She whips out her OWN tits and plays with her boobs while she’s fucking Natasha with the strap-on! She’s moaning with pleasure, giving it to Natasha hard. When she’s satisfied, she tells Natasha off, then she leaves her there, bound half naked and ballgagged on the floor! Will Chloe just return for another go? And who would blame her?

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June 2, 2021

Blonde Chloe Night Forced to Make Bondage Sex Movies after Ruining Boyfriend’s Job!! (FULL HD – 8:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Blonde Chloe Night comes home in her jeans and high heels to her boyfriend who is looking all disappointed on the sofa. Turns out she had the car when he had to get to a job interview. She had totally forgot. Sergio is pissed, but he has a solution, since they are having trouble making rent and now that job opportunity has vanished. Chloe is all ears. Sergio says that she’s going to shoot a porn. She laughs – he’s obviously joking. Sergio pulls out rope and begins tying Chloe’s hands in front of her. Chloe tries to calm him down, there has got to be another way to get out of their financial situation. But Sergio is resolute in both ameliorating their accounting mess and serving up a little justice to his girlfriend who thoughtlessly ruins everything.

He cleave-gags her as he goes on about the stupid shit she was doing when he was really needing to get to that interview – getting a pedicure and shopping for stuff they didn’t need. She’s double cleave gagged and then her legs are bound, her tied hands attached to a sofa leg. Sergio retrieves the tripod and camera, sets things up, strips down and then pulls her pants and panties down to get this hardcore bondage sex shoot going. There’s dollars in this! He fucks his girlfriend for the camera, and she is not getting into it at all! She doesn’t like being tied up, gagged and fucked in front of the camera. But, she ruined everything, so this is her lot. Sergio is enjoying himself, so much that he shoots his load, making sure to get those cumshots in so his video sells even better. Oh Sergio is having a great time – he’s getting a bit of revenge, pussy AND money!

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May 25, 2021

Chloe Night Owes Money, Gets Packing Gagged & Tricked Into Bondage Sex Instead! (FULL HD – 14 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Chloe Night sits on the sofa, despondent, but still looking hot in her short sweater dress and black stockings. In comes her friend and drug dealer, Sergio. They discuss that she owes him a lot of money, and she just can’t pay. She wishes they could work something out. Sergio agrees. She can settle her past two debts and he’ll spot her on this one, they can definitely work something out. He really wants to see her tied up. It’s a thing of his, and Chloe’s perfect. She goes along with his proposal, and stands to allow him to tie her up. He places her legs a little spread and even with the coffee table legs. He individually binds each ankle to the adjacent table leg. Next, he stuffs her mouth with a scarf, then ties another one atom that to hold it in. “This is what makes it hot,” he says. Now packing gagged, he gets her hands in front of her and he ties them together, pulling the loose ends to attach to the far side of the table, bending her over. With her bound and gagged ant totally at his mercy, he fondles her ass, hikes up the bottom of her dress. Chloe just now realizes that she’s been tricked into bondage! Sergio doesn’t just want to see her all tied up, he intends far more than looking at her. He pulls down her pantyhose to reveal her perfect ass, and more groping ensues, along with some fingering, accompanied by vigorous protests from the gagged Chloe. Of course, Sergio intended the whole time to get her into a position where he could get his dick inside of her. So, in his cock goes! He was really pissed that Chloe kept ripping him off, and now, he has everything back and more! Sergio loves riding her pussy!

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May 19, 2021

Redhead Natalie Minx Forced to Strip & Tape Gagged at Gunpoint for Ass-Up Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 15:20 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Buxom redhead Natalie Minx was chillin’ in bed, barefoot and wearing a cute little skirt. Suddenly, a masked intruder strolls in with a big gun and holds her up! First thing he does to poor Natalie is stuff a wadded cloth in her mouth. He seals the gagging in place with several strips of duct tape firmly over her lips. Now that he has his victim packing-gagged and tape gagged, he orders her to start stripping naked! While she's kept at gunpoint the entire time, poor gagged Natalie is forced to remove her clothes. She reluctantly obeys the home intruder's orders (she can’t even disagree or protest!), stripping off her top and hot red bra. First, she’s covering her breasts with her hands, embarrassed to be in this situation. But the gunman tells her to let him see those big tits of hers. And, indeed, Natalie has tremendous tits. The masked man tells her to start playing with her nipples. She groans behind her gag as she tweaks her nips for this guy’s entertainment. Then he makes her flip over onto her belly and spread out her arms and legs on the bed. We get a nice view of Natalie’s naked ass and barefoot soles here before the intruder begins tying Natalie’s wrists wide apart to separate posts of the bed.

When she’s tied up securely, bound spread eagle style, belly-down and ass-up, the intruder whips his pants off and mounts his captive from behind. He's loving every minute of it. He’s fucking the bound and gagged Natalie like crazy with his huge cock. Poor Natalie can just mmmph through her gagging as she’s fucked really hard ass-up. For the finale, the masked man shoots his huge load and cums all over Natalie's bare ass, for a really great cumshot to end this action-packed, bondage sex video!

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May 13, 2021

Isaac’s Mistress Natasha Flade Demands a Car, Gets to Serve Up a Hogtied Bondage Blowjob Instead! (FULL HD – 15:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is Isaac W.’s mistress, and not only is she extremely high maintenance, she’s also exceptionally demanding.  Here she is, barefoot and in shorts on the chaise, arguing with her lover, Isaac, about a new car that she insists he buy for her – which he has adamantly refused to do! He tries to explain that there’s no way he can get away with a big purchase like that, his wife would be sure to find out! Natasha threatens to tell his wife if he retorts.  Isaac is distraught by this situation. His mistress is blackmailing him into buying her a car or else she’ll go to his wife! This hoity toity mistress of his definitely needs a lesson in manners and submission to her man and Isaac intends to give her just that!

He grabs her and starts to tie her, explaining he’s making sure she doesn’t call his wife. But she won’t stop complaining and whining, which is getting on Isaac’s nerves, so he handgags her. But he needs to make sure she doesn’t manage to get to a phone and rat him out to his wife, so he throws Natasha belly-down onto the chaise and ropes her into nice, tight hogtie. Still she continues whining and complaining that he’d be better off if he’d just buy her that damn car already. Will this woman never shut up? Tired of her lip, he tells her he’s going to gag her with his cock! “You couldn’t gag anyone with that thing.” Natasha retorts. This comment has Isaac thoroughly incensed now! He grabs Natasha by the hair, shoves his cock up against her lips and orders her to get to work.  She starts to protest, but her words are soon silenced with a big, fat cock in her mouth. Ah, sweet revenge for the man today! As for this whiny mistress, she’s finally subdued and submissive, like a good woman should be.  She polishes Isaac’s nob with a good hogtied bondage blowjob. There won’t be any car for THIS woman today! Just a mouth full of cum.

After Isaac finishes off his blowjob, he orders the now-helpless and barefoot hogtied damsel to think a while on how to treat her man, as her conduct today was not acceptable at all! As he pulls his jeans back up, he informs Natasha that she will not be any telling to his wife about anything, nor any more talk of such thing, or she will find herself in the company of a lot more rope in the future – and gagged with his cock to boot!

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May 5, 2021

Natasha Flade Forced to Suck Cock Chair-Tied Topless In Sweater Dress & Heels! (FULL HD – 7 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! A home invader has Natasha Flade all tied up on a chair in the kitchen! She’s in a sexy red sweater dress, black high heels and nude pantyhose. Her hands are bound behind the chair back, her ankles are tied together and attached to a rung at the bottom of the chair. There’s lap ropes securing her to her seat and tight chest ropes above and below her breasts. The captor, Isaac W., tells her she’s going to suck his cock! Natasha starts to cry and struggle and making a fuss.  She doesn’t want to comply, but the invader is relentless. He pull her tits out from the top of her dress so he can stare at her tits while he’s getting head from his helpless captive.  He grabs Natasha by the head and forces her to give him a blowjob. Her lips encircle his swollen member as he thrusts it back and forth. It’s so huge she can barely breathe! But our damsel can really suck a mean dick even under pressure! And it’s getting her captor off! He grabs her tits and fondles and plays with them, clearly enjoying this superb blowjob! The camera pans up and down Natasha’s bound body, with some great closeups of her heels, pantyhose-clad legs and tits. And, of course, there’s great shots of the bondage blowjob action, too.

Natasha is a good girl; she keeps on giving this guy the bondage blowjob of his life, hoping that he’ll let her go once he’s finished. But she’s wrong! He cums right in her mouth, but he doesn’t untie her from that chair. “What are you doing?” Natasha calls out fretfully. Isaac has a big wad of cloth in his hands and she’s getting concerned. He takes that packing gag and shoves it in Natasha’s mouth, the wraps a thin, silk scarf over that and between her lips to hold it in place. The cleave gag is knotted at the nape of Natasha’s neck and then the home intruder hurriedly takes off, leaving the damsel Natasha all alone, chair-tied topless and gagged in her kitchen.  She struggles in her bondage, mewing and mmmphing. But she’s not going anywhere! Her captor tied the ropes much too tightly for that; he isn’t taking any chances that his victim might actually get loose and send someone after him…

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April 28, 2021

Wife Natasha Flade Fucked in Sweater Dress & Heels as Punishment for Smoking! (FULL HD – 9 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is trying to sneak her smoking habit by hiding in the bedroom. She’s looking hot in her red sweater dress, thigh-high stockings and black high heels. Suddenly, she hears her husband, Isaac W., coming! Natasha tries to wave away the airborne evidence, but Isaac smells it and accuses her of smoking in the house. She tries to deny it, but he's had enough of his wife’s unhealthy and air-polluting habit. Fed up, he grabs her and starts binding her wrists together. She won’t be able to smoke if she’s all tied up!

Once her hands are bound in front, Isaac takes a huge wad of cloth and stuffs it into her mouth, then keeps that firmly in place by wrapping an ace bandage on top of that. Once she’s wrap gagged, Isaac sneers, “See, I told you. How are you going to smoke NOW?” But he really doesn’t care that much about whether or not she smokes. He true motives readily become apparent. He pulls up Natasha’s sweater dress and begins fondling her breasts while she wriggles and struggles. Isaac holds on tightly, though, and keeps on with playing with those titties.

The video cuts to Natasha tied up on the floor, her wrists attached to a bed leg and one pantyhose clad leg hoisted up to a bed post, her heels dangling up in the air. Isaac is naked and ready to get down to some fucking business. Why not? Natasha keeps flagrantly disregarding all the house rules AND she’s been holding out with the pussy, too! But now he has his disobedient wife in a situation where she must obey his every whim.

He thrusts his hard cock inside that pussy she’s been holding out and fucks her with a vengeance, reveling in his control! She’s seriously muted by the two-layer gagging, but the mmpphing he can hear makes him even harder. Isaac fucks his wife silly until he finally shoots his load of cum.Then he leaves her all tied up on the floor. Natasha pleads for him to come back and let her go! How’s she going to smoke like this?! But wasn’t that the point of her husband’s little lesson? Brilliant!

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April 22, 2021

Secretary Natasha Flade Gets the Strap-On for Spreading Office Lies About Loren!! (FULL HD – 10:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Secretary Natasha Flade is seated at her desk when Loren Chance storms in, screaming at Natasha for the lies she told their bosses. Natasha stammers, but Loren is quick! She grabs her by the shoulders and stands her up, then ropes her hands behind her back. Loren takes a thick, black scarf and holds it out in front of Natasha’s face. “This is to shut you the fuck up!” she says as she wraps the scarf between her lips twice and knots it. Natasha tries crying out, but she’s much quieter now that Loren has her cleave gagged.

Loren bends Natasha over the desk, pulls up her skirt, and grabs her ass through her pantyhose. “I think some spanking is what you need.” She yanks down Natasha’s pantyhose and starts squeezing and spanking Natasha’s naked ass. But Loren’s far from finished! She comes back — with her dress hiked up and a big strap-on attached to her.  She plunges it into Natasha’s pussy! Loren’s revenge fuck is going perfectly!

Now Loren is all gung-ho about her revenge bondage business. She really lets Natasha have it, pounding that pussy hard while she laughs and goes on about how she’s making her pay. Then Loren strips off her own top and bra off, so now she’s fucking Natasha from behind in nothing but her heels and thigh-high stockings. Loren gets into it, too! She grabs her own tits and plays with them erotically while she keeps on a fucking Natasha with that huge rubber cock. She’s obviously taking real delight in making Natasha pay with her pussy!

Eventually, Loren decides Natasha’s had enough! She leans over and whispers into Natasha’s ear that her lie-spreading days are over. She lost a promotion because of it and she’s not about to take any more of Natasha’s pettiness! After Loren makes Natasha promise that she’ll keep her mouth shut from now on, she leaves her there, tied bent over her desk in her pantyhose and high heels, her naked ass on display. Outtakes at the end!

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April 14, 2021

Stalker Chloe Forces Natasha Flade to Strip at Gunpoint for Strap-On Sex From Behind! (FULL HD – 16:43 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is barefoot in bed, wearing a sexy nightgown. She’s reading when in bursts blonde nutjob Chloe Night with a gun! She’s been stalking Natasha for quite some time and today she’s finally broken into her house to get what she’s always wanted – Natasha’s naked body! She forces Natasha into stripping naked while she holds her gun aimed right at her, ready to fire. Now Natasha stands before Chloe in just her panties, scared and embarrassed. What’s going on here, anyway? What does this crazy woman want? She’s ordered to strip those panties off, too, and hand them over. Chloe goes on about how much she’s enjoying the show while she sniffs Natasha’s panties!

She forces Natasha to kneel and bend over on the bed and cross her hands behind her back. Chloe ties them together tightly. Next comes the gagging with TWO thick cleave gags between Natasha’s pretty lips. Chloe laughs as she finishes the knots, then she gropes Natasha’s tits from behind. Then she drags Natasha to the edge of the bed, where she’s forced to kneel and bend over, while Chloe binds her bare feet to separate posts at the foot of the bed. Natasha is now tied up completely naked, kneeling, her bare ass sticking up, her soles dangling over the end of the bed. She’s entirely at Chloe’s mercy now!

With a sinister laugh, Chloe gets out a strap-on with a huge, rubber cock attached. She puts it on, gets and thrusts that huge dong into Natasha’s pussy from behind and gets to fucking her captive. Chloe is really getting into it, too! She rips off her own top and fondles her own tits as she’s fucking Natasha relentlessly with that huge strap-on. Chloe’s tits are bouncing as she pounds her helpless captive. What a sight! Poor Natasha gets a really hard strap-on fucking from behind, doggystyle. And Chloe? She living out her dream of some amazing strap-on bondage sex with the hot babe she’s been stalking!

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April 7, 2021

Natasha Flade Tied Up Spread & Cleave Gagged On the Floor for Naked Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 6:43 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped! She’s tied up spread and naked on the floor! Her captor has her cleavegagged with a thick, green scarf. Her wrists are roped wide apart, stretched out to the legs of the sofa. One of her ankles is tethered to a leg of the chaise across the room.

Her abductor, Isaac W., is there, groping her tits and running his hands all over her beautiful and helpless naked body. He’s grinning like a kid at Christmas, clearly enjoying his bondage play toy! Natasha squirms and mmmphs through her gag while the captor licks and kisses her bare skin and nipples. He even goes down on her pussy for a bit, holding her legs down while his tongue goes to work on those very private parts!

Now his member is rock hard solid, so he climbs aboard.  He rides the bound and gagged Natasha hard, grabbing her free leg and hoisting it up on top of his shoulder.  His cock thrusts back and forth into the struggling damsel, who’s unable to prevent this violation of her body! The viewer is treated to varied camera angles of all the bondage sex action as Natasha’s pussy gets pounded! We also get lots of good shots of our damsel’s bare feet and soles.

Isaac gropes Natasha’s breasts whiles he keeps on thrusting, until he finally climaxes inside his captive. When he’s finished, he strokes her breasts and body some more, then kisses her distressed face before leaving poor Natasha all tied up to struggle in her naked bondage on the floor.

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March 31, 2021

Natasha Flade Forced Into Room Tied Up in Nightie, Bent Over Bed for Fucking from Behind! (FULL HD – 8:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been abducted in her skimpy nightie and thong panties! She’s forced into a bedroom with her hands already bound behind her.  She struggles hard to get away from her captor, but she’s overpowered and thrown harshly onto the bed, face down.  Since she’s screaming loudly for help, the assailant (Isaac W.) quickly handgags her and tells her she best be quiet or else! But Natasha is scared and has no intention of being quiet, so the abductor pulls a long, woolly scarf from his pocket and wraps it through her lips twice for a nice, thick gag. Now that Natasha’s tightly cleave gagged, the abductor can get to work roping up this unwilling damsel more securely for what he has in mind.

He gets behind Natasha and rips her thong panties down, exposing that fabulous naked ass! He grabs her ankles and ties her bare feet spread wide apart to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. With his captive damsel now tied bent over and cleave gagged, it’s time to get what he came for! He slips his hard cock inside Natasha and fucks her hard from behind! Natasha mmmphs through her gag as her pussy’s pounded repeatedly. She struggles, moans and cries, but she’s along for the ride! Isaac stops to pull her tits out and gets a few feelies in while he’s giving her the big ole cock. Then he grabs her bound wrists and hangs on for better leverage as he gets ready to climax.

Bound and gagged as she is, there’s nothing poor Natasha can do about the situation! She endures it until Isaac finally shoots his love juice inside her, the culmination of an afternoon well spent! Includes a couple of outtakes at the end!

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March 25, 2021

Model Natasha Flade Tricked! After Ace Bandage Wrap Gagged & Tied Spread Nude Gets Bondage Sex Instead! (FULL HD – 13:24 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Model Natasha Flade is at her very first bondage shoot. The first scene was okay, just a simple all clothes-on. Now she’s sitting on the bed, barefoot in her t-shirt and sleep shorts, while the producer (Isaac W.) briefs her about what this second scene will be like. Isaac tells Natasha that in this next scene she’ll be naked and tied spread eagle on the bed. For the gagging part, he explains it’s a bit more severe. Her mouth will be stuffed with a cloth with an ace bandage wrapped on top to hold it in place.

Natasha says she’s cool with all of this, so she starts stripping off her clothes while still seated on the bed. First, she pulls her t-shirt off and hold her hands out in front to be tied. After her wrists are bound, Isaac takes a large, white cloth and stuffs it into her mouth, then a long, ace bandage is wrapped over that. Now she’s quite both packing gagged AND ace bandage wrap gagged. She’s laid back on the bed, her bound wrists tethered to the headboard. Her legs are spread, each ankle tied to separate posts on the footboard, with the camera catching her beautiful soles with some great on-screen tying closeups.

Now Natasha bound and gagged on the bed, ready to be photographed. Instead, the photographer climbs on top of her! He fondles her tits, sucks on her nipples and licks her pussy! Natasha did NOT sign up for this! She starts writhing in her bondage, mmphing feebly through that thick, tight gag! There’s naught she can do, being so very tightly tied spread eagle naked and strictly gagged the way she is!

But this producer is far from through! Isaac strips down and climbs aboard to fuck his model! He pounds her pussy like he’s shooting a bondage sex scene. But what can she expect? After all, he wasn’t a real photographer, anyway…

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March 17, 2021

Chloe Night Kidnapped In Car Backseat! Carried In Tied & Tape Gagged For Bondage Sex In Stockings! (FULL HD – 14:33 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Chloe Night has been kidnapped for bondage sex! Her abductor, Sergio, has Chloe captive in the back of a car, tied up and tape gagged in her black dress and black thigh-high stockings! She’s kicking around in the backseat, helpless but to do anything as this stranger taunts and teases her as he’s driving down the road. When they finally pull up to a house, Sergio extracts his helpless victim and carries her, bound and gagged, up the driveway and through the front door, then dumps Chloe onto a bed in one of the bedrooms.

He unties Chloe’s hands from behind her back, and then they’re retied in front of her and attached up above her head to the headboard. Sergio unties her legs next, pulling one stocking-clad foot out to be tethered to the bedpost.  He shimmies Chloe’s panties right off of her while’s she mewing and wiggling about, making vain attempts to protest. But they’re futile!

She’s helpless as her kidnapper fingers her pussy before stripping down himself to do what he’s been dreaming of doing to Chloe ever since he first started stalking her. He climbs aboard and starts riding poor Chloe, grabbing and holding one of her legs up in the air for better access. Sergio is really fucking this poor captive hard (which is why he’s infamously known as “thundercock!”). Chloe’s cries of resistance are muted by her being securely tapegagged! After pounding that pussy to his satisfaction, Sergio finally cums, shooting his load all over Chloe’s stockings and thighs. It’s a fab bondage sex cumshot!

Poor Chloe is left tied up spread on the bed as Sergio collects his things and takes off, just leaving the poor damsel all alone in her terrible situation. What will happen to Chloe now? Will anyone find her, and worse, is Sergio coming back for even more of the same?!

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March 10, 2021

Chloe Night Finds Secretary Natasha Flade Tied Up to Bed Post, Fucks Her with Strap-On for Not Paying Rent (FULL HD – 16:14 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Secretary Natasha Flade was coming home from the office when she was robbed and left tied to the bed post and cleave-gagged. Her roommate, Chloe Night, comes home and finds Natasha all tied up on the bedroom floor. She’s not surprised. Natasha has a bad habit of never paying back the money she owes. Natasha frantically explains that she was robbed and begs to be untied. But Chloe has other plans! Natasha hasn’t any rent for months. This is just too good of an opportunity to pass up!

Chloe pretends she’ll let her go, but instead, she re-ties Natasha’s to the bottom of the bedpost. She pulls her panties down and plays with her fine ass, then pulls Natasha’s sweater up and feels her titties up. She hoists her bound heels up to the top of the bed post and attaches them there. Now Chloe springs her big surprise – a huge, red dong! She shoves it up against Natasha’s face and says she’s tired of Natasha being a freeloading leach. Maybe getting fucked with this huge strap-on might just be the convincing that she needs to start paying the rent for once! Even better, Chloe is going to let all of her friends (a gang of SIX guys!) come over and fuck her, too!

Then Chloe plunges that strap-on into Natasha and takes one heck of a ride. She’s really getting into it, too! Then she just strolls off, leaving our poor secretary bound and gagged on the floor, wondering if those six guys are on their way! An outtake is included at the end! Natasha is wearing a skirt, sweater, thigh-high stockings and high heels in this video.

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March 3, 2021

Chloe Night Abducted by Masked Stalker, Tied Spread In Miniskirt & Boots, Pantyhose Cut Off for Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 15:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Chloe Night is looking hot in her jean miniskirt, black pantyhose and leather boots as she’s folding laundry in the bedroom! Sneaking up behind her is a secret stalker, Sergio, wearing some weird mesh mask. He’s got a gun and holds poor Chloe up. He pins her arms behind her, then he keeps her handgagged while he pulls her top up and cleave gags her with two wraps of a scarf. Chloe is really putting up a fight, which makes it even more exciting for the abductor! He gropes her tits and body, then forces Chloe to kneel down onto the floor at gunpoint.

He grabs her hands and ties them spread and wide to the bedposts. Next, her boots are roped up high to opposite bed posts. With his captive now tied up and gagged on the floor, the intruder starts fingering her pussy through her pantyhose. But he wants more access, so he takes some scissors and cuts a hole through her stockings and thong panties. Now he fingers her pussy, grabs her tits, then strips down naked for his mission of fucking this babe he’s been dreaming of forever!

Our helpless damsel is going to get some unsolicited dick! Sergio grabs Chloe by her boots and plunges his hard, throbbing member into her pussy. He’s out for some hard fucking and really rowdy bondage sex! This stalker has been fantasizing this moment, and here he is, finally living out his dream with his cock inside Chloe! She squirms, screams, and struggles as best she’s can, but she’s caught in a web of bondage, and whether she likes it or not, she’s along for the ride.

And what a ride it is! He fucks her hard as only “thunder cock” can, groping and fondling her tits while he’s thrusting inside her. Chloe struggles and tries to resist, and it’s turning him on even more! When the stalker finally has his fill, he gives Chloe’s bare breasts some final gropes before strolling out, leaving our damsel all alone, tied up and gagged on the floor, her boots roped high up in the air. She lays there, sobbing through her gag at this terrible ordeal. Will anyone come to rescue Chloe? What if this crazy, masked stalker returns?

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February 24, 2021

Masked Invader Forces Busty Natalie Minx to Strip for Doggy Style Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 13:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Busty, brunette Natalie Minx was sitting on her sofa all comfy reading a book when a masked intruder with a gun and a backpack full of rope rolls on in! He orders her to stand up and admires her buxom figure why she begs him to please not hurt her. She’s then ordered to drop the dress. Not having any choice, poor Natalie submits to this forced stripping, now standing before this stranger in only her panties, her huge tits swinging free and beautiful.

He stands behind her and tells her to open her mouth as he stuffs a knotted scarf in there, ensuring that his captive is tightly cleave gagged. He forces the topless and gagged Natalie to sit back down on the sofa as he binds her wrists and elbows. She’s then bent over on the couch, kneeling on the floor, her ass sticking out on nice display. The masked intruder takes more rope and her bare feet. Nice closeups of her bare soles here! After she’s all tied up, the invader pulls down those panties and fingers her pussy! Now, out comes the intruder’s huge, hard cock! Helpless Natalie is plowed from behind, doggystyle! He’s holding to her naked ass cheeks and fucking the poor bound and gagged damsel nice and hard. For the finale, he cums on her ass! Great cumshot before he takes off, leaving the helpless damsel tied up naked on the sofa. Will he return for more bondage sex? Buy the video and find out!

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February 17, 2021

Natasha Flade Tied Up Naked & Barefoot for Tag Team Revenge Bondage Sex Fuck! (FULL HD – 11:40 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! In part one, Loren crossed a guy named “Motherfucker Larry,” and he sent Natasha to make a video of her fucking Loren with a strap-on! The tables turned, and Loren took her own strap-on revenge bondage on Natasha in part two. But it’s far from over! Before she leaves, Loren tells Natasha that she won’t be untying her because “Motherfucker Larry” is right behind her and he’s next in line!

Now Natasha is really in a pickle! Larry has her tied up naked on the floor, hands bound together and attached to a leg of the dining room table, her ankles tied and attached to the top of the table, so her bare feet are hoisted up high, soles on display. More ropes bind her thighs, exposing her sweet, naked ass and pussy. She’s been cleave gagged with a green scarf, making her complaints and pleadings unintelligible.

Motherfucker Larry takes full advantage of the situation! He gropes and fondles Natasha’s tits, then feels up her ass, runs his hands up and down her naked, bound body. When she gets too loud, he handgags her while he fondles her some more and even licks her pussy as she squirms and struggles. Then Larry strips off his shirt, next off go his pants as he readies for his revenge fuck!

He thrusts his hard cock into Natasha and starts fucking hard. Natasha pleads beneath him, but it’s no use. He’s been waiting for this moment for too long. And so poor Natasha is forced to endure this never-ending saga of revenge bondage sex. The viewer is treated to closeups of Natasha’s beautiful, cleavegagged, her bare feet and soles wiggling atop Larry’s shoulders as he’s plowing her hard. Eventually, he cums but doesn’t bother to untie her. Why bother? He just might have another go at her later! He whispers his plans to return for more as he kisses her cheek. He’s happy and laughing, but our poor damsel is only wishing that she’d never gotten into this mess in the first place!

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February 11, 2021

Natasha Flade Carried In Tied Up Barefoot, Tossed on Bed for Hogtied Blowjob & Handgagged Groping! (FULL HD – 9 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Some days, you just really need a good blowjob – anyway you can get one! A home intruder (Isaac W.) knew that Natasha Flade was all alone in her house and now he has her kidnapped! She’s carried into the bedroom, barefoot and already bound hand and foot in her little sleep t-shirt and shorts. That’s where she was headed, anyway, right? Might as well make it a bit more interesting for this damsel!

He tosses Natasha onto the bed, then she’s tightly hogtied. He puts his hands up her shirt and starts to fondle and grope her tits. Natasha tries crying out so she’s handgagged while he pulls up her shirt to get a look at those lovely breasts he’s been fondling. He even sucks on her nipples! Wanting more, he pulls Natasha’s sleep shorts and panties down for some feelies of her perfect, naked ass and pussy.

By now the intruder’s cock is really hard, so he rolls the hogtied Natasha back onto her belly while he pulls his cock out. He’s ready to get down to business, but Natasha doesn’t want to go along with this dude’s plans for a bondage blowjob! So he grabs her head and forces her lips to his throbbing member, then makes her suck him off! Our damsel isn’t in any position to refuse, so she does her thing on his cock, polishing off his nob with all she can manage. After all, it’s hard to get some strange dude off when you’re all hogtied barefoot on the bed!

But she pulls it off and eventually the intruder cums, shooting his love juice into Natasha’s mouth. Natasha thinks he’ll untie her now, but she’s wrong! He’s bent on getting back to work on those fine tits of hers! So he handgags her once again while he fondles and sucks her breasts. Poor Natasha can’t believe she’s being used like this — right in her own bedroom! But what she doesn’t know is that her kidnapper is really just biding his time until he can get it up again for another blowjob while his captive is still tied up and can’t refuse to pleasure him!

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February 3, 2021

Natasha Flade Revenge Fucked with Strap-On by Jewelry Thief Chloe Night, then Isaac W. Joins In! (FULL HD – 10:45 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is on her phone, bragging about how last week she got back at Chloe Night last week for stealing her jewelry — by tying her up and fucking her with a strap-on! Her phone call is interrupted when Chloe shows up, rope in hand and bent on vengeance for being violated! Natasha tells her she deserves everything she got, but Chloe says she’s a crazy bitch and she never stole her stupid jewelry. Natasha tries to fight her off, but she loses and Chloe binds her hands in front, then pushes her onto her back and secures her bound wrists above her head, attaching them to a leg of the chaise.

Chloe grabs Natasha’s kicking bare feet. Her jean miniskirt has ridden up in the struggle and Chloe notices she isn’t wearing any panties! She grabs Natasha by the ankles and ropes them wide apart. We cut to Natasha tied spread on the chaise, barefoot and in a tank top and denim skirt. She’s cleave-gagged with a thick, woolly scarf.

Chloe reappears — wearing a huge dong strap-on! She waves it in Natasha’s face, then hops on top. In goes that rubber cock! She’s fucking Natasha silly! And boy, does Chloe have a lot of fun thrusting that huge rubber dildo in and out of her lying friend’s pussy. She strips topless herself as she keeps on pounding that pussy, her tits jiggling! Chloe pulls Natasha’s tank top up and squeezes her lovely boobs to humiliate her even more while she keeps on a fucking her hard.

After a while, Chloe calls up her friend, Isaac W., to invite him over for a bondage sex gang bang! Now Isaac comes strolling on in! He strips naked and rubs his balls all over her face! Chloe watches with delight as Natasha gets teabagged, reveling in how well she’s pulled off her revenge bondage fuck — times two! Isaac and Chloe high-five, satisfied with their brilliant plan, as poor Natasha lays sobbing beneath them, still tied up on the chaise. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Chloe Night or you’ll regret it for sure! But great for our viewing pleasure...!

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January 27, 2021

Jewelry Thief Chloe Night Tied Bent Over in Boots for Natasha's Strap-On Revenge Fuck!! (FULL HD – 14 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Chloe Night was reading at the dining room table when her nutcase roommate, Natasha Flade, comes in and accuses her of stealing the expensive jewelry she loaned her. Chloe’s adamant that she gave it back, but Natasha’s isn’t convinced. She plans to get her expensive jewelry back – one way or the other! She grabs Chloe and a cat fight breaks out, but Natasha gets the advantage and pins Chloe’s wrists. She ties her hands in front, bends Chloe over the dining room table and attaches her bound hands to the far-side table legs.

Chloe is really getting upset. She’s going to please stop right now, but Natasha keeps tying her up. She spreads Chloe’s legs and ties them to the table legs. Then she shuts Chloe up by gagging her with thick bandanna cleave gag. She grabs Chloe by the jaw and demands to know where her jewelry is! It better not be at some pawn shop! Chloe keeps insisting that she gave it back. Fed up, Natasha decides to torment her thieving roommate by pulling down her pantyhose and feeling up her bare ass!

Nothing about the jewelry is forthcoming, so Natasha leaves to get something a bit more likely to bring out the truth. Natasha returns  — wearing a really huge strap-on! She gets up on the table and laughs while she shows Chloe that big dong. Chloe is really scared now. This crazy bitch is taking things way too far! Natasha gives Chloe one last chance to fess up as to the whereabouts of the jewelry, but Chloe refuses. Now there’s no mercy!

Chloe starts struggling and fighting the tight ropes,  but Natasha tells her that since she screwed her, now she’s getting screwed. Literally! Chloe screams as Natasha plunges that huge rubber cock into her pussy. Natasha’s having a great time getting revenge on poor Chloe. She feels her tits while she’s fucking her, then strips her own top off while she keeps on pounding that pussy. When she’s finished giving it to Chloe from behind, Natasha announces that she’s going to the pawn shop and if the jewelry isn’t there, she’ll be returning — to fuck her up the ass! Chloe screams as Natasha strolls off. The now nearly naked Chloe is left to struggle, tied bent over the table in her skirt, pantyhose and boots. This girl-girl strap-on bondage sex video is some fine-ass revenge bondage! You don’t want to miss this one!

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January 20, 2021

Wife Natasha Flade Chairtied in Sweater & Boots for Blowjob After Wrecking the Car! (FULL HD – 7:40 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Wife Natasha Flade wrecked her husband’s car and he’s really angry! Her husband, Isaac W., decides to punish her by forcing her to give him a blowjob -- while chairtied! He’s finishing the knots while wife Natasha is complaining about being tied up to a chair. She’s wearing a sexy black sweater, khacki pants and black heeledl boots. Isaac stands up and, glowering over Natasha, demands a blowjob as his punishment for her wrecking the car…AGAIN! “Are you going to let me go after?” Natasha asks worriedly. “Yes, after I cum,” Isaac replies rather sarcastically. “What? You’re going to cum in my mouth?” Natasha lprotests. Isaac retorts that it’s only fair. He grabs her by the back of her head and pushes her face and pretty, pouty lips to his already hard, throbbing cock.

Natasha is thoroughly chairtied, so what can she do? Nothing except take that dick into her mouth and get to work, hoping her blowjob is good enough that he’ll cum soon and let her loose. As she’s sucking off her husbands huge dick, he decides to get some tit groping in, too! So he pulls up his wife’s sweater and bra and starts groping and fondling her tits as the bondage blowjob continues uninterrupted. This video has lots of close-ups of Natasha’s face sucking cock, along with nice shots of her bound leather, heeled black boots. This video keeps you riveted until Isaac indeed does cum right in Natasha’s mouth! Will he keep his promise and untie her?

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January 13, 2021

Wife Natasha Flade Gets Housecleaning Lesson with Strappado Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD – 11:00 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Lazy housewife Natasha Flade gets a lesson in housecleaning — with a strappado bondage blowjob from her husband! Isaac W. discovers that his wife, Natasha Flade, isn’t doing any of her wifely chores (again)! In fact, Natasha is not doing anything except admiring her fingernails! When Isaac chastises her about this, Natasha just rolls her eyes. Now Isaac has really had it! He yells out, “Fine! You wanna do nothing all day; I’ll help you!” The video cuts to poor Natasha Flade now tied up to the bedpost in her sweater, slacks and high heels. She’s been cleave-gagged, too, with a really thick scarf shoved between her pretty, pouty lips! But Isaac isn’t finished with his lazy wife just yet. He hikes her bound wrists up high behind her back and attaches them to the top of the bedpost in perfect strappado style. Then Isaac leaves his wife there, post-tied in the bedroom and complaining (as best she can, anyway) through her thick cleave gag.

Natasha may think this is the punishment for not doing her wifely chores, but Isaac’s not done yet with his lazy, lippy wife. He comes back into the bedroom and informs Natasha he wants a blowjob! This doesn’t go over too well, obviously, but Isaac pays his wife no mind as he starts to remove her gag. Immediately, Natasha starts lipping off again! “I thought you wanted me to clean the house not suck your dick!” she says. To which her husband replies, “I SAID I wanted you do some work around here!” He shoves his hard cock into her mouth and makes her give him a blowjob.  Reluctantly, Natasha sucks off that dick, thrusting back and forth repeatedly until he shoots his load of cum juice right into her mouth!

Lesson learned for lazy housewife Natasha? God, we hope not…it’s just too much fun tying up your wife strappado style for bondage blowjobs!

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January 6, 2021

Natasha Flade Tied Sitting on Bed In Tank Top & Panties, Fondled & Forced into Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD – 7:15 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been abducted! The intruder has her bound hand and foot on the bed, wrists tied down to her thighs. She's barefoot and wearing a pink tank top and panties. Her captor is looking wolfishly at his pretty captive. But looking isn’t sufficient! He sits down next to the tied-up damsel and begins to grope and fondle her breasts through her thin top. Natasha tries evading her captor, but doesn't succeed. He pulls up her top then fondles her tits some more while he keeps her tightly handgagged. The home intruder sucks her nipples, then rubs his hard cock on her bare breasts for a little titty-fucking foreplay.

Now the abductor stands up, produces his solid, throbbing cock and orders Natasha to "get on with it" and suck his dick! He forces his pretty captive to take his member into her mouth. She tries to pull away, but the intruder isn't having any of that! At any rate, her situation won't improve one bit by refusing. Natasha just prays he'll just let her go if she does his bidding. Her lips envelope his member as he sighs with pleasure with the good number she's doing on his rock-hard cock. Obediently, her head bobs up and down on that dick. There's great closeups of Natasha's face - full of dick AND fear, her tits swaying and jiggling as she goes about this bondage blowjob business. The POV angles from the abductor's overhead view give us nice shots of her cute bare feet, nice entertainment while you've being blown!

Natasha sucks the captor off until he finally explodes his load of cum right in her mouth. Now Natasha is expecting to be set free. But instead, the intruder fondles her tits some more. May as well take a few handfuls for the road.  Then he saunters off, leaving Natasha tied up barefoot and topless on the bed -- and wondering will he come back and let her go?

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