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December 28, 2021

Nude Natasha Flade Tied Spread on Bed for Bondage Sex & Cum All Over! (FULL HD - 9:40 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is kidnapped! She’s tied nude, spread eagle, in an “X” on the bed. She’s cleave-gagged, too, with a thick, black scarf. Natasha struggles frantically to escape, but she doesn’t get anywhere before her shirtless captor, Isaac W., returns! She tries screaming out from behind her gag when she sees him coming at her, but she’s handgagged and told to just accept the situation because she’s not going anywhere!

Natasha sobs as her captor fondles her naked, bound body. He gropes her tits, sucks her nipples, and strokes her private parts. He’s getting himself ready to fuck his helpless captive. Natasha’s damsel eyes grow wide with fear as Isaac tosses his pants to the floor and jumps onto the bed with her. Then he thrusts his rock hard cock inside her and plows that pussy with great gusto!

This dude is enjoying the bound and gagged Natasha to the max! There’s nothing quite like fucking a nude woman who’s helplessly tied up spread on the bed — and he intends to enjoy every minute! But this is too much bondage erotica for Isaac to hold out for long. Soon he reaches climax, shooting his load of cum all over Natasha’s belly! It’s a great cumshot finale to this naked bondage sex video!

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December 23, 2021

Wife Natasha Flade Fucked In Stockings for Blowing Money On Strippers! (FULL HD – 13:30 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! "You spent how much on WHAT?" Isaac W. yells at his spendy housewife, Natasha Flade. He can't believe it! She spent $500 on male strippers at a bachelorette party. And to make matters worse, she's about to head out to the club again, judging by how she's all dressed up in a sexy dress, thigh-high stockings and high heels. Furious, Isaac grabs her and binds her wrists. When Natasha screams, he handgags her, then shoves a scarf between her lips. He tells her that being bound and gagged should keep her at home like a good wife ought to be. Natasha doesn't seem to agree, but she's helpless to resist as her husband pulls her down to the bedroom floor.

Outraged at her behavior, and pissed off that she was even at a strip club in the first place, Isaac ties Natasha spread: arms bound above her head to the dresser and one pantyhose-clad ankle secured to the bedpost. He gropes her fine tits right through her top. He's got better plans for a night out than some strip club! If Natasha wants to have some fun, he'll give her a good time for sure! So he rips off her panties, grabs her naked ass and tits, then sucks her nipples before stripping down himself to give that wife of his a really good fucking as punishment!

He shoves that big, hard cock of his right in and fucks Natasha hard until he finally shoots his giz inside her pussy.  He sucks her tits some more, then gives some parting words of admonishment before he leaves his lovely (albeit irresponsible) wife still tied up and cleave-gagged on the floor, mostly naked except for her thigh-high stockings and heels. That'll teach her! Isaac thinks to himself. But will it? After all, that wife of his sure does have a mind of her own... Maybe he should leave her there just in case another lesson or two is in order.

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December 8, 2021

Lazy Tenant Natasha Flade Pays Rent with Kneeling Barefoot Blowjob in Booty Shorts!! (12:30 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO FROM 2010 RE-EDITED! Natasha Flade is sleeping on the chaise when her landlord, Isaac W., barges in. He's disgusted to find his lazy tenant asleep, barefoot in her denim booty shorts, when she owes him money! He shakes her awake and announces that she's late with the rent again!  She never paid last month's rent and now she's late with this month’s as well.

But Isaac has an idea to solve the problem. His solution? He'll cancel the two months of late rent if Natasha lets him tie her up and she has to suck him off, while she's on her knees. Or she can vacate the house. The choice is hers. Natasha is in a pickle here. She has no income presently because she's too busy laying around barefoot and sleeping . She has no way come up with rent money  income presently because she's too busy laying around barefoot and sleeping all day. Faced with eviction, she reluctantly accepts her landlord's deal.

So Isaac pulls out some rope and starts tying her up. Her hands are tied behind her back as Natasha rattles on about how unfair this is to make her give him a blowjob while tied up no less! Isaac ignores as he ropes her ankles together, then her knees. He starts to add chest ropes, but then decides he'd like to see those tits of hers! So he pulls up her t-shirt and starts to fondle and play with her tits. And those breasts are even better than he imagined!

Natasha is getting upset. This wasn't part of the deal, but Isaac says that her boobs are definitely part of the bargain. Besides, what’s she going to do about it? She’s all tied up now! He pulls her lazy butt off up of the chaise and makes her kneel before him while Isaac pulls his hard cock out for her to get to work on. Natasha sucks him off while tied kneeling -- barefoot in her booty short shorts -- until he finally cums in her mouth. Rent paid!

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December 2, 2021

Natasha Flade Carried In Bound Barefoot, Post-Tied Kneeling for Blowjob! (FULL HD – 10 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been abducted! She's barefoot and wearing nothing but a little camisole top and panties. Her kidnapper (Isaac W.) has her bound hand and foot and he's carrying her into the bedroom He plops her down on the floor, kneeling, in front of the bedpost. Natasha cries and pleads while she's quite thoroughly tied up to that post. Chest ropes are wrapped above her breasts to keep her secured.

Her camisole top is pulled up and the captor gropes her tits and sucks on her nipples. Then he pulls Natasha's panties down and plays with her pussy, too. He's all horned up now, so he whips out his hard cock. "Please. Isn't there something else I could do?" Natasha begs one last time. "Nope! It's blowjob time!" Isaac announces. "Now get to it!" Natasha takes his throbbing member into her mouth and gets down to it as ordered. She's hoping if she gives this guy a good blowjob, he'll let her go unharmed.

So she sucks that cock with as much gusto as she can manage. We're treated to lots of great close-ups of the blowjob action, along with shots of Natasha's fine, naked ass and her lovely soles as she kneels before her captor, sucking off his huge nob. Isaac gropes her tits as he's getting blown. And Natasha manages to give him a fantastic blowjob, so eventually, he shoots his load and cums in her mouth.

Then he stands and pulls his jeans back up. Natasha, exhausted from her bondage blowjob ordeal, prays she'll be set free now. But the captor has other plans! He whispers some menacing words into the damsel's ears, gives her tits a few more feelies then he saunters off. Natasha is left all alone, tied-up kneeling (now mostly naked) to the bedpost on her bedroom floor. She lays there struggling and sobbing, wondering what will become of her now.

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November 26, 2021

Chloe Night’s Sundress and Pantyhose Cut Off & Stuffer Gagged for Bondage Sex by Gangster! (SD – 11 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2009 RE-EDITED! Chloe Night was just sashaying about the bedroom in her sundress, pantyhose and high heels when someone barges in looking for her husband! He's pissed, has Chloe at gunpoint, and wants her man for some gang-related business. He's not here, so he's gonna take it out on poor, hot Chloe. He ropes her to the bedposts, arms apart. Gets scissors and slices her dress right off of her! Next, her cuts a hole in her pantyhose right where her pussy is. He just might need that hole soon.

Chloe is verbally making a fuss, so her mouth is stuffed with a white cloth and then overlaid with a tight scarf, so she's OTM gagged and stuffer gagged. Her legs are pushed up so her can tie her ankles and one of her shoes falls off!

The scene cuts to Sergio the gangster ramming his cock through that aforementioned hole in the pantyhose and into her snatch. Chloe had nothing to do with this gang business and she's all tied up and getting plowed really hard in this bondage sex! After a lot of ramming, he cums on her pantyhose before leaving her as a tied up and gagged calling card for her husband.

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November 18, 2021

Natasha Flade Ball-Tied at Gunpoint, Plowed with Chloe’s Big Black Strap-On! (7:30 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2008 RE-EDITED! Chloe Night is pissed off that the little slut Natasha Flade has been putting out for everyone but her! Now she has Natasha at her mercy and she aims to get a piece of what the rest of the town has already tasted. She has Natasha balltied barefoot on the bed, bent over, her fine ass exposed! She’s been cleave-gagged, too.

Chloe is ready for action! She’s wearing high heels, a rubber dong and little else! She whips out a huge gun, plunges her big, black strap-on cock into Natasha and plows that pussy hard! When Natasha gets a little too noisy through her cleave gag, Chloe whips out her gun to remind her to keep the volume down. Chloe enjoys her kidnapped slave to the fullest, fucking her every which way!

She spanks Natasha’s bare ass, laughs in her face, then leaves her there, balltied topless on the bed in her pink bra and pajama shorts, to struggle and sob and wonder when Chloe’s coming back for another round or two!

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November 10, 2021

Natasha Flade Tricked by Loan Shark Into Barefoot Bondage Blowjob on Her Knees! (FULL HD – 6:45 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade needed some money to pay her bills. A friend told her about this loan shark that gives cash to girls that let him tie them up. So Natasha ends up all tied-up on his floor, barefoot and kneeling, in her t-shirt and jeans. She’s bound at the wrists, knees and ankles. She’s elbow-bound, too, for good measure.

The loan shark pulls her t-shirt up to get in some groping of her fine tits. Natasha resists; this isn’t what she agreed to at all! But then it gets even worse for our broke damsel. She gets the news that if she wants to ever get loose and get the money she needs, she has to suck his cock, too!

Natasha is horrified, but seeing as she’s tied-up barefoot on the dude’s floor, she really is left with no other choice. So she puts her lips to his dick and gets to work polishing that huge nob! There’s payday loans and then there’s tricky loan sharks who use their clout to get a barefoot bondage blowjob from broke chicks…Hey, who can blame them?!

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November 3, 2021

Natasha Flade Dumps Lover Chloe Night and Gets Tied Up for Strapon Bondage Sex! Pantyhose Cut Open! (19:45 min)


Natasha Flade has some bad news for her lover Chloe Night: It’s over. Chloe doesn’t take it very well and storms from the bedroom. Natasha sits thee in her sundress, white high heels and pantyhose, lamenting that she had to break it like that to poor Chloe.

Now Chloe storms back in with rope and shoves Natasha on the bed and hops atop of her, tying her wrists together in front of her. She will NOT be dismissed like that, not after all the love and years she put in to her beautiful girlfriend Natasha. Chloe binds Natasha’s hands to the headboard and goes to work on tying an ankle to the footboard. When she finishes there, she notices Natasha loosening the wrist tether at the headboard, and she screams at her ex-lover and fixes it so that Natasha’s hands are very secure. Natasha’s other leg is hauled up high and uncomfortable, spreading her wide. “Now I want to have some fun with you,” says Chloe as she leaves the room.

She’s not gone long. Chloe returns with a strapon: a big black cock! Is this a revenge fuck or is Chloe seducing her lover back with kinky pleasures. The question is soon answered. Chloe makes Natasha suck it. She wants her humiliated just like she did to her, but with bondage and a rubber cock, of course! After a little of that forced oral action, Chloe gets scissors and cuts a hole in Natasha’s pantyhose right at her pussy! Now she can slip that cock inside her ex-lover!

Now Chloe fucks her victim and stuffs a huge wad in her mouth for a stuffer gag. Chloe hold it there, a stuffer plus handgag, as she fucks Natasha from a couple of different sideway-angles. Will she ever stop? Will she make Natasha her lover again, forever, BY FORCE??

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October 21, 2021

Natasha Flade Tied Up Kneeling, Bent Over Chair In Denim Shorts for Groping & Barefoot Blowjob! (FULL HD – 9:30 MINUTES)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been abducted in her bedroom! The intruder has her tied up barefoot and kneeling on the floor in denim shorts and a t-shirt. She’s been tightly bound at the ankles, knees and wrists. She’s been elbow bound to keep her secure. Our poor damsel is helpless AF, but this home invader, Isaac W., likes her this way!

He gropes her tits through her T-shirt while Natasha struggles and cries out, especially when he starts groping her ass, too. Then he gets to peeling that pesky clothing off of her! Her shorts and panties are stripped down, her t-shirt pulled up. He pushes her over a chair in the room. Now poor Natasha’s fine, naked ass is on display!

The intruder fondles her tits some more, even sucking on her nipples. Then he feels up that naked ass some more before he takes a seat and pulls his dick out. Natasha balks at the sight of that big, hard cock coming towards her mouth, but he grabs her head and pulls her close, ordering Natasha to polish his throbbing nob with a damn good blowjob!

Hoping she’ll be set free, Natasha gives the best blowjob she can manage. It’s not easy sucking cock while you’re tied up kneeling on the floor, but wow, it’s really worth it! It’s a glorious sight to behold, watching Natasha tied up barefoot, bent over a chair, her head bobbing up and down repeatedly on some dude’s cock!

When he finally cums, the abductor stands up, zips his pants, then gropes his tie up damsel some more, then he leaves her there, bound barefoot, curled up on the floor, sobbing.

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October 15, 2021

Lazy Barefoot Housewife Natasha Flade Punished with Kneeling Blowjob In Jeans & Sweater (FULL HD – 11:45 MINUTES)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Lazy, barefoot housewife Natasha Flade doesn’t clean the house and her husband, Isaac W., is really angry! As punishment, he has Natasha all tied up to a bedpost in her jeans and sweater. She’s kneeling and elbow ties keep her strictly bound. Since Isaac can’t have the peace of mind that comes from having a neat abode to come home to after a hard day’s work, he decides he’ll have some bondage fun with his lazy wife instead!

He lifts Natasha’s sweater so he can fondle and kiss her tits, then he sucks her nipples! Natasha starts complaining and gets handgagged so her husband can dally with her lovely breasts with some peace and quiet! Now his dick is hard and he’s ready for more stimulating activities. He pulls his jeans down and shoves his fat cock into Natasha’s mouth, then orders her to do some good work on this blowjob at least.

Knowing that her only hope of being set free is to give her husband some satisfaction, Natasha sucks his cock with great gusto. This ought to cool him down, she thinks to herself. And it’s working! It’s a real bondage sensory overload to get a blowjob from his wife while she’s tied up barefoot and kneeling at his feet! He relishes every minutes until he finally cums in Natasha’s mouth.

Does he let her go now? No! He thinks a bit more punishment is needed for such a lazy wife. He grabs a long scarf and cleave gags Natasha with it, which silences her for a bit. Now Isaac has a quiet and obedient housewife, just like every husband deserves! He leaves to enjoy some peace and quiet. All alone, Natasha tests her bonds, wondering how long he intends to leave her tied up and gagged like this? And is he coming back to demand another blowjob?!

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October 6, 2021

Wife Natasha Flade Tied Strappado Topless In Heels By Robber, Groped While Handgagged Before the Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD – 8:30 MINUTES)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Wife Natasha Flade was in her bedroom in a white sundress and high heels when a masked robber came in! He has her tied up standing to a bedpost. She’s bound at the ankles and knees. Her wrists are tightly tied behind her back. Then the robber pulls her arms up behind her and attaches them to the top of the bedpost in strappado fashion. When Natasha squeals as she’s pulled into this demanding position, she gets a firm handgag. Then the masked thief pulls down the top of her sundress, exposing her lovely breasts. Natasha’s tits are fondled and groped while she’s handgagged.

But this dude wants much more! He didn’t get this lovely damsel all tied up just to rob the joint and cop a few feelies. Oh no. He wants her to suck him off, because a bondage blowjob would really make things swell. With no choice, and no wiggle room in these tight ropes, our tied-up wife accepts his hard cock past her lips. She gives the best blowjob that she can, and she manages to do it well enough to satisfy her captor.

Back and forth her lips and head go as he repeatedly thrusts his cock down her throat. She has hope of being set free if she can just get this guy off. She’s successful with her efforts and now she has a mouthful of tasty cum! Natasha prayed he’d let her go, but instead, she’s handgagged again for a few more feelies before she’s abandoned, left alone to struggle all tied up strappado and topless in her dress and high heels, and a mouth full of cum to top it all off! Some cool outtakes at the end!

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September 30, 2021

Chloe Night the Man-Thief Handgagged and Tied Spread By Natasha Flade for Strap-On Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 9:49 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade thinks Chloe Night has been fooling around with her man! She breaks into Chloe’s house, creeps up behind her and handgags her! Natasha forces her former friend to cooperate. She straddles her on the chaise, pulls some rope from her pockets and ties Chloe’s hands in front. Chloe adamantly denies everything, saying that Natasha’s man is just her friend, nothing more, and nothing has ever happened!

The action cuts to Chloe Night cleave-gagged and all tied up spread and barefoot on the chaise. Her wrists are attached up above her head, her bare feet tied apart to the opposite ends. Her shirt’s been pulled up, exposing her nice big boobs! Her miniskirt is hiked up and her pussy ready for the punishment Natasha’s about to meet out! Natasha stands there looking at helpless Chloe with a huge strap-on dong ready to go! Natasha says she’s gonna fuck the truth out of her!

Natasha hops astride her victim and slips that rubber dick inside Chloe. Chloe begs her to please not do this, but Natasha is ready to give Chloe the bondage sex treatment! The poor damsel Chloe isn’t having any fun, but Natasha sure is! She bangs that poor girl hard and long with that thick rubber dong! Then she slips her own top off and smothers Chloe’s face with it, laughing.

She keeps on with the fucking, her tits jiggling as she rides Chloe with great gusto. She grabs Chloe’s tits and pinches and pulls on her nipples! Chloe’s begging to please stop, but Natasha wants her revenge! When she’s finally finished with her revenge fuck, Natasha kisses Chloe on her gagged lips, then she just leaves Chloe all tied up naked, spread and spent. She threatens to come back for another round if Chloe ever dares to come near her man again! Outtakes and bloopers at the end!

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September 22, 2021

Babysitter Chloe Night OTM Gagged In Game, then Dad Returns for Bondage Sex (FULL HD – 12 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Chloe Night is about to go to sleep. She’s in bed, barefoot in a silk nightshirt and little else. But wait, she’s babysitting! The little dude comes in and wants to play a game. Chloe agrees to just one game before he has to turn in. Then she sees he wants to tie her up! She thinks that’s so adorable and holds her hands out to be tied. She’s rather impressed with his technique. Hmmm, where he'd learn to do that? But she thinks it's cute, so she goes along and plays her part up just like a real damsels would.

But now her charge makes another request: he wants her gagged, too! Chloe is a bit reluctant, but she relents and gets a bandanna detective gag. Now OTM gagged, Chloe mmphs for her little bandit because she knows that he likes it. But wait, this dude's not done! Now she has her ankles and thighs tied up, too! She struggles playfully on the bed, showing off her bare feet and soles.

The game's just about over when the kid's dad (Sergio) returns to pick his son up. Chloe is embarrassed for him to find her like this! But Sergio likes the work his kid has done. He decides to take full advantage of the tied up babysitter on the bed! He connects Chloe's hands to the headboard, then he adjusts her OTM gag, shoving it between her lips so now Chloe's cleave-gagged instead. Then he pulls her nightshirt up to get her tits out. Chloe is getting really upset now. This is not what she'd agreed to! She thought she was just playing an innocent game with the kid, and now she's being groped by his dad!

Then Sergio strips down naked and jumps into the bed. He fondles Chloe's tits, then fingers her pussy. All warmed up, his hard cock throbbing, he fucks that babysitter like she’s never been fucked! He has her bare feet slung over his shoulder as he plows Chloe as only "thundercock" can! Wow! All his fantasies came true! He's secretly always wanted to fuck the babysitter and now he is! He finishes up the evening with a great cumshot finale, shooting love juice all over Chloe's tits! A beautiful cum shot to end Sergio's beautiful day! Chloe probably would describe her day a little differently....but who knows? Maybe she liked it after all. If Dad ever lets her go, we'll see...

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September 15, 2021

Natasha Flade Kidnapped In Sexy Dress & High Heels for Strappado Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD – 6:54 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped in her sexy cocktail dress, pantyhose and open-toe high heels! She's forced into the house, already bound and gagged (cleave gagged with her hands tied behind her back). Her captor (Isaac W.) pushes her over to the stairs. He grabs her by the chin and orders her to do as she's told. Then he takes a long rope, attaches it to Natasha's bound wrists, and pulls her then up high where they're attached to the stair railing. Poor Natasha is now tied standing in the demanding strappado style position!

The kidnapper then ropes her ankles together next, with closeups of her pink high heels. He then informs his damsel that she has to give him a blowjob if she has any hope of ever being set free! Natasha panics as he undoes his belt and unzips his jeans. He removes her cleave gag and grabs her head, telling Natasha to "get to it!" There really isn't any choice, so Natasha reluctantly obeys, taking that dick into her mouth and sucking her captor's hard cock while tied up strictly in that strappado position.

Natasha's head is bobbing up and down on Isaac's nob as she sucks him off the best she can. The viewer is treated to lots of varied angles and close-ups of all the great bondage blowjob action. She manages to do a pretty good job, considering the circumstances. She brings Isaac to orgasm and he cums right in her mouth!

But he can’t just leave her there like that, able to run her mouth. So he grabs a scarf and Natasha is cleave-gagged once again. Turns out she's not getting set free after all! Instead, she's left alone, struggling in her bondage and wondering what will happen to her now.

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September 8, 2021

Chloe Night Submits to Being Tied Up to Pay Loan, Gets Bondage Sex Instead! (FULL HD – 13:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Chloe Night is in a bit of a pickle. Her car broke down for good, and she needs a reliable way to get back and forth to work or she’ll lose her job. She approaches her friend Isaac for a car loan. She comes in looking pretty hot in her sweater, dark pantyhose and boots. This girl knows how to ask for a loan. Isaac proposes a little exchange to get this loan rolling. He’s a bondage enthusiast, and would love to get her tied up. Chloe is all about it. Being a little tied up is no big deal, right? She sits on the chair and as requested, she crosses her hands behind the chair back. They chat as Isaac binds her wrists, her thighs above her knees and those hot boots of hers. He puts a big knot in a scarf and asks her to open up. She’s a little reluctant about being gagged, she didn’t expect this.

Chloe is a little naïve about this bondage thing. She accepts the gag, knowing she’s getting that car loan for doing this sexy thing for Isaac. So now she’s gagged, and Isaac send a text, the pulls up Chloe’s sweater. She’s really uncomfortable with Isaac having her tits out and fondling them, but, you know, she really wants that car loan.

Soon in strolls Sergio. When Isaac tells Chloe that she’s now the playtoy of this dude, the line was crossed! No Way! But what can poor tied up and gagged Chloe do? Sergio sets the girl on the floor, pulls her pantyhose and panties down and unzips! Isaac’s there to keep her from being too wriggly, at first, but them Sergio wants to get really comfy and strips down to give her the total bondage sex treatment with his thundercock. He bangs her silly in a bent-over, doggy-style position, gripping her by the arms. He cums inside of her, making her scream as grunts to his total satisfaction. Does Chloe still get that loan?

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September 1, 2021

Enemy Takes Revenge on Wife Natasha Flade with Standing Strappado Blowjob in Heels! (FULL HD – 11:07 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade’s husband has gotten into trouble big time and his enemy has decided to take out his revenge by abducting his wife, Natasha Flade, and forcing her to give him a bondage blowjob. What’s more, he’s going to make a tape of of the whole thing and send if off to her husband! Sweet revenge indeed for her husband to see his pretty wife suffering at his hands!

Her husband’s enemy, abducts Natasha on her way home from her secretary job. She’s wearing a long skirt, skimpy blouse, pantyhose and red spiked high heels. The abductor forces Natasha inside the house, her hands already tied behind her back. He hoists her bound wrists up high behind her back and attaches them to the railing, strappado style. When Natasha tries crying out for help, she’s quickly handgagged while her captor gropes her tits. He informs her of the deal: she’s going to give him a really good blowjob. And it best be so good that he cums in her mouth!

Natasha has no choice but to obey. That big, hard cock is shoved into her mouth and she sucks that dick as good as she possibly can, hoping she’ll be let loose afterwards. But then her captor points out the camera he’s positioned upstairs to make an aerial video of the whole thing. He tells her he’s giving a copy of the tape to her husband so he knows exactly how his wife has been forced to pay for his deeds – by sucking his cock while tied standing and strappado in her office attire! He hopes he gets the message or else he’ll be back for more revenge on wifey-poo!

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August 25, 2021

Stalker from Party Abducts Flirt Natasha Flade for Barefoot Bondage Sex in Nightie! (FULL HD – 12:20 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Isaac met this hot girl (Natasha Flade) at a party. He got the impression that Natasha was hitting on him, but then she up and disappeared. After searching the house, he came to the conclusion that she must have fled the party altogether. So he calls up a friend of hers and finds out where she lives, then he just shows up in her bedroom! Natasha is in her silk nightie, getting ready to call it a night, when this dude just strolls into her bedroom like he owns the joint.

Natasha tells him that she most definitely was not hitting on him and that he needs to leave. But he refuses. Instead, Isaac grabs Natasha and handgags her. Then he whips out some rope and ties her hands in front.  When Natasha resists, she gets handgagged again, then she’s cleave-gagged with a thick scarf. He forces her down to the floor, where her bound wrists are attached to a bed post. Her bare feet are tied together and tethered up high to the top of the bed post.

Now Isaac is ready to get down to business! He pulls her nighgown up, slips her panties down. Her fine titties are licked and her nipples sucked. Now to teach this flirty dick tease a lesson with some serious bondage sex action! Isaac strips down and jams his cock into the tied-up Natasha. He rides this girl hard, fucking her silly! After giving her the ride of his life, Isaac explodes with a cumshot. That’s what she gets for being a dick tease! Lesson learned! And Isaac got what he wanted, it just took a little more work.

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August 18, 2021

Natasha Flade Bent Over Table in Office Attire & Revenge Fucked for Bad Business Deal! (FULL HD – 9:35 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade fucked over Isaac W. in an important business transaction and now he’s going to fuck her over—literally! He has her tied standing to the dining room table in her office attire (silk blouse, miniskirt, pantyhose and black high heels). Her hands are bound behind her back, her ankles tied spread apart to the legs of the table. Natasha is bent over the table top, crying for him to stop. He’s tired of all that whining, so he decides to put an end to that right now by gagging her.

He wraps a thick scarf twice between Natasha’s lips so the cleave gag is extra-muffling. Isaac pulls Natasha up, opens her blouse then pulls her bra down. He plays with her fine tits and fingers her pussy through her stockings.  Natasha is still sobbing, but at least now it’s muffled by being cleave gagged. Then Isaac pushes his damsel back down over table. Her skirt is hiked up, her pantyhose pulled down, her panties ripped down. Natasha is now mostly nude and ripe for ravishing!

Isaac can get on with his plans for payback with a good revenge fuck! He drops his pants and slides his hard cock into Natasha, thrusting and pumping while he holds onto her shoulders for leverage. He’s giving the hard revenge fuck he thinks she deserves. Her tits are groped while she’s getting slammed from behind, making her tits jiggle against the table top! He’s fucking her silly for fucking him over! Finally, he cums inside her. The transaction ledger has been balanced at last!

Lots of Outtakes and bloopers included at the end!

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August 12, 2021

Natasha Flade Tied On Tabletop for Barefoot Blowjob In Denim Miniskirt
(FULL HD – 7:45 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped! Her captor (Isaac W.) has her tied face down atop the dining room table. She’s barefoot and wearing a denim minishirt and tank top. Her hands are tied apart to legs of the table, her bare feet bound together and attached to the opposite end of the table. The abductor has his cock out and tells Natasha she better open wide if she wants to ever be let go!

So into her mouth his dick goes! Natasha gets to work with pleasuring her captor by giving him the most awesome bondage blowjob she can manage. But Isaac wants a little more, so he pulls her tank top up and gropes her tits while she’s sucking him off. Still, this blowjob isn’t getting him off as fast as he would like, so he shimmies down Natasha’s miniskirt and panties, so now her perfect round ass is exposed. He grabs her buns while Natasha’s head bobs up and down on his cock. Now everything is perfect! Finally!

Natasha keeps working that dick, hoping to be released as soon as Isaac releases his load. And soon he does! He cums right in her mouth – and with power! Satisfied with this tremendous orgasm, he starts putting his pants back on while Natasha just lays there, quietly sobbing. Then he leaves her there like that, to struggle in her barefoot bondage, wondering if he’ll return for more… Lots of Outtakes and bloopers included at the end!

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August 5, 2021

Hostage Natasha Flade Tied Spread Eagle Nude & Wrap Gagged for Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 10:30 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Poor Natasha Flade has been abducted! Her captor has her tied up totally naked and spread eagle on the bed! Her lovely bare feet and soles are on clear display as she's struggling in vain and with quite distress. But she's not going anywhere. The abductor has seen to that! Not only does he have her tied nice and tight, he made sure that his little captive won't make too much noise; Natasha has been quite thoroughly packing gagged and wrap gagged on top of that with an ace bandage. Natasha is quite distressed, of course, and she's struggling hard, uncertain of her fate. As she tries to free herself from her bonds, we're treated to great closeups of all her parts, the camera panning up from her barefoot soles to her nicely shorn pussy, then even higher up to her gagged face and her wrists that have been bound above her head. Her captor, Isaac W., does return -- nude himself and ready to go.

Natasha startles and tries even more furiously to escape when she sees him approaching her. Now she knows the worst is at hand! Of course, one does wonder what did Natasha think was going to happen to her—she’s bound and gagged naked on a bed after all! Her kidnapper obviously has some rather devious ideas in mind, some molesting or even fucking. But first, he’s all over Natasha’s tits. Groping, squeezing, licking, and sucking. When he’s had his fill of her gorgeous boobs and running his hands up and down her body, the abductor takes his cock and thrusts that big, hard dick inside Natasha's pussy and gets down to business. He pumps Natasha hard, thrusting back and forth, enjoying this bondage sex; it's a real turn on to fuck this damsel while she's bound to that bad, her mmpph and moans barely audible through all the gagging. Her resisting turns him on even more, especially as she mmphs through that huge ace bandage gag, but it's no use; our helpless babe is truly along for this ride. And what a fine ride is it! Isaac grunts when he finally cums inside of her. But he's not through with her yet. No, he sticks around to play with her beautiful, naked body some more. He gropes her tits some more, then strokes her perfect skin. It makes for a really nice afterglow! After all, doesn’t everyone want to have bondage sex fun with Natasha Flade while she's bound and gagged all naked on their bed? Of course they do! Now's your chance!

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July 28, 2021

Noisy Neighbor Natasha Flade Silenced with Chair-Tied Blowjob In Party Dress & Heels! (FULL HD – 13 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is one noisy neighbor! She parties all the time, making it impossible for her neighbor to get any sleep! As she's getting ready to have yet another party, she hears a knock at her door.  The door opens wide unexpectedly and there's her angry neighbor aiming at gun right at her! He's really pissed off this time! He grabs Natasha and demands that she stop her noisy ways. But Natasha just blows him off and turns around. Her neighbor is sick and tired of this attitude! Blow him off? He'll make her blow him off - for real this time!

He grabs some rope and forces Natasha down onto a chair. He ties her hands together behind the chair back, then her heels are bound spread to each chair leg, giving us some nice upskirt shots of Natasha's panties. Now that he's got her chair-tied tightly in her sexy, pink cocktail dress and high heels, the angry neighbor keeps her handgagged as he explains that she has to stop making so much damn noise at night and she has to suck him off to boot.

Out comes his cock and into Natasha’s whiney mouth it goes! He pulls her dress down so he can enjoy her tits while she's giving that nice, hard cock a really good blowjob! Natasha tries crying out, but that big, fat dick keeps her from saying much of anything. She sucks him off good, hoping he'll leave her alone when he's done.

But he cums in her mouth and, no, he doesn't let her go. He just leaves her there as extra precaution that he can finally get a good night's sleep! Our poor damsel is left chairtied topless in her party dress and high heels to struggle for the night and conetemplate her disrespectful actions.

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July 21, 2021

Natalie Minx Held Up in Red Party Dress, Stockings & Heels for Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 11:15 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Blonde Natalie Minx is abducted at gunpoint by a masked home invader in this 11 minute bondage sex video clip. Natalie just came home from an upscale party. She's still in her hot red dress, stockings and high heels. She's about to take off her earrings when a masked guy with a gun sneaks up behind her! He forces poor Natalie to the bed, makes her get onto in and begins to tie her hands in front with rope. Natalie is terrified and can't help but complaining and whimpering. The invader is sick of listening to it, so he stuffs Natalie's mouth with a wad of cloth and ties it into place for a colorful packing gag. Then he hauls Natalie down to the floor, ropes her pantyhose clad leg to a bedpost and ties her hands to a leg of the dresser. Now he has his helpless captive all ready for his evil intentions fucking her while she's bound and gagged on the floor. The masked dude pulls up Natalie's red dress and discovers that she's not even wearing any panties! That makes things a little easier for him! He strips down, pulls out his huge cock and shoves it inside the helpless Natalie's unwilling pussy. He bends his hot blonde victim into a couple of different positions and angles, plowing her while she's at his total mercy. When he's finally had enough bondage sex to satisfy him for the evening, the armed home invader takes off, leaving poor Natalie Minx struggling on the floor, still packing gagged and tied in her red dress and high heels! But does he really have his fill or does he come back for some more forced fucking?

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July 14, 2021

Blonde Natalie Minx Frogtied at Gunpoint for Bondage Sex in Nightie!
(FULL HD – 15:50 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Blonde Natalie Minx is in the bedroom in her sexy purple nightie. She’s getting ready to retire when a masked intruder with a gun holds her up! Natalie begs him to please just leave; he can have whatever he wants. But this dude’s got other plans in mind! He forces Natalie to lay down on the floor and ties her wrists spread apart to opposite bedposts. Natalie’s pleading the entire time for him to please stop, so he puts an end to the constant  chatter by packing her mouth full with a large cloth, then she’s tapegagged over that.

With his damsel silenced to mere muffled moans, the masked intruder goes about his business in relative peace. He grabs her panties and makes them disappear, then he binds her legs, folding them up in the frogtied fashion. He pulls down the top of her nightgown to get a gander at those huge tits of hers. And he’s not let down!Natalie’s breasts are simply amazing! Even better for fondling, which he does aplenty before moving on to that pussy. He fingers her snatch for a few minutes, warming up.

Natalie tries to struggle free, but she’s doomed to lay there helplessly as her captor drops his drawers for his real mission: to fuck this hot blonde damsel silly. It’s an arousing position he has Natalie in, and he makes great use of it! His huge cock slams the poor girl repeatedly. Poor Natalie can only manage a few mews and mmphs from behind her thick gagging.

There’s lots of great angles of all of the hot, bondage sex action, along with POV shots of Natalie’s tapegagged face, all distress as she’s being ravaged. For the finale, we have a really great cumshot as her assailant spews a gallon of his love-goo all over poor Natalie’s belly! Then he leaves her like that while he robs the place. Hey, may as well steal something while he’s there!

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July 7, 2021

Housewife Natasha Flade Tied Barefoot In Bathrobe & Taken Hard On the Floor! (FULL HD – 11:40 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Housewife Natasha Flade is all tied up in her bathroom on the bedroom floor! Her captor (Isaac W.) has her arms tied wide apart to the bedposts and he's finishing up the knots. Natasha's been packing gagged with a large wad of cloth held in place with a thin scarf! Now her abductor grabs wraps a length of rope about one of Natasha's ankles and attaches it to the top of the bedpost. Our pretty wife isn't wearing anything beneath that red robe, which is pretty damn evident now!

The captor kneels down before her, then rips open her robe, leaving her naked and exposed! He runs his hands over her bound body, then fingers her pussy, gropes her tits and sucks on her nipples! Natasha's ripe for the taking now! She can't offer much resistance given the situation and just hopes to escape this incident unharmed by cooperating as best she can. Her damsel eyes grow wide when Isaac starts unbuckling his belt and stripping down for the reason he broke in - a good bondage sex ride!

Now our tied up housewife is taken hard on that floor! He fucks her without mercy, thrusting his big cock repeatedly, and taking a few more nips at her tits while he's at it. Natasha tries to struggle, but the ropes are too tight and her cries muffled by her gag. The captor rides her good and hard until he finally cums. His plan went off flawlessly!

He tells his little bondage housewife that he's coming back for more as soon as he recharges, then he leaves. All alone, Natasha grows frantic to escape her bonds! Can she manage to free herself or is she doomed to stay this guy's unwilling bondage sex wife?

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July 1, 2021

Crazy Neighbor Crawls In Chloe Night’s Window! Handgagged, Tied Up, Stockings Cut Off for Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 15:45 Minutes)

NOW RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Blonde Chloe Night was in her bedroom in her dress, thigh-high stockings and high heels. She’d left the window unlocked, which turned out to be a huge mistake because a crazy neighbor, Sergio, crawls right in through it! He starts going on about how beautiful he thinks she is. At first it’s cute, but then it starts  getting creepy. When Sergio grabs and pins her arms, Chloe knows she’s in real trouble! He fondles her tits through her dress, then forces her onto the bed. When Chloe resists, he pulls a gun on her! Scared, Chloe submits to Sergio as he ties her hands in front. He pulls her up again and fondles her tits through her dress.

Chloe’s getting scared now and asking what the hell he’s doing?! To shut her up, Sergio handgags her and tells her to keep quiet. But Chloe doesn’t listen, so he grabs a soft scarf and wraps it twice over her lips so she’s OTM gagged. He bends Chloe over the bed and fondles her ass through her pantyhose. Then he forces Chloe down onto the floor at the foot of the bed and attaches her bound hands to one of the bedposts. He tethers one stocking-clad ankle to the opposite bedpost, leaving the other one in heels loose. He sees his OTM gag isn’t very effective, so he shoves it between her lips. She’s quieter now after being cleave-gagged.

But Chloe’s pesky thigh-highs are in his way, so he takes a pair of scissors and cuts a hole through the crotch for easy access to her goods. With her pussy accessible, Sergio strips down naked, finger fucks that snatch to warm it up, then climbs aboard and starts fucking Chloe on her bedroom floor! He really gives it to her! He’s plowing that pussy hard, flinging poor Chloe around as he maneuvers her into all sorts of positions. He hangs onto one high heel for better leverage, then grabs Chloe by her ass and hoists her up for a better dicking angle! Eventually, he shoots his load and cums inside the poor Chloe!

Then Sergio just leaves Chloe there tied up on the floor, topless in just her cut-up stockings and one high heel. Poor Chloe just lays there, trying to recover  from her horrible bondage sex experience, and wishing she hadn’t left that window open! But hindsight is 20/20. Right now, she best come up with a plan on getting loose in case her crazy neighbor decides to return for another round or two!

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