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May 25, 2022

Best Friend’s Husband Creeps into Natasha Flade's Bedroom, Ties Her Up for Bondage Sex in Nightie! (18:30 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX FROM 2010 RE-EDITED! Natasha Flade is visiting her best friend who lives out of state. She's sleeping in the guest bedroom in her nightgown when her friend's husband, Isaac W., slips in wearing nothing but his robe. Isaac wakes Natasha and says he noticed she was flirting with him over dinner and he's here to fulfill her desires. "What nerve he has!" Natasha thinks to herself.  She tells him that is utter nonsense and to get out and leave her alone.

But Isaac persists in his advances. When it's clear that Natasha isn't going to put out and starts getting rather loud about it, Isaac jumps on top of her. He handgags Natasha while he threatens her. Natasha is scared now, especially when Isaac pulls out some rope. He didn't want to have to resort to this, but it's clear Natasha won't cooperative as he had hoped.  (And he rather likes fucking bound and gagged women, anyway...) So Isaac ties Natasha to the bed, Eiffel tower style. Then he takes off his robe sash and uses it to cleave gag her!

He reaches down and rips off Natasha's panties, then ties each of her legs wide apart to the footboard posts, her bare feet and lovely soles on display.  Now Isaac drops his robe and thrusts his hard dick inside Natasha. He pounds that pussy hard. He's so satisfied with himself. He's, fucking his wife's bestie -- something he has always dreamed about! The fact she's all tied up just makes it even more exciting. He can check two things off his to-do list for the night!

Includes some outtakes at the end!

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May 19, 2022

Wife Natasha Flade Hogtied Barefoot & Titty Fucked for Selling Husband’s Baseball Card Collection! (12 min)

Wife Natasha Flade is married to a loser without a job. She needed money to buy food, so she sold her husband’s baseball card collection on eBay! Her husband, Isaac W., confronts her in the bedroom, demanding to know where his collection is. Natasha says she had to sell it to buy steaks since he’s unemployed. Her husband gets really angry, claiming that baseball collection was worth thousands!

He decides to teach that wife of his a lesson! So he grabs Natasha and ties her hands behind her back. She’s cleave-gagged next (on-screen!) with a thick scarf so he doesn’t have to listen to her whining as she’s being all roped up. He pushes Natasha to the floor where more ropes are added until she’s barefoot hogtied in her jeans and t-shirt. Great shots here of her cute, wiggling bare feet and soles here!

Once Isaac’s finished the last knot on the hogtie, he strips Natasha. First he pulls her jeans and panties down, then her t-shirt is pulled up. He spanks and fondles her naked ass, plays with her tits, and sucks her nipples! Now for the grand finale in today’s bondage lesson! He whips his cock out and rubs it all over Natasha’s tits. Then he titty fucks her until until he shoots his load right on her boobs for a great cumshot scene! What satisfaction Isaac has now!

Sometimes you just have to tie your wife up to teach her anything.

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May 12, 2022

Loren Chance Revenge Fucked! Plowed with Strap-On for Getting Natasha’s Sister into Hardcore! (FULL HD - 16:30 min)

FULL HD! Loren Chance has totally pissed off Natasha Flade by getting her sister to do hardcore porn. Now Natasha’s sister needs therapy, so she rolls on over to Loren’s house with a gun! She handgags Loren and forces her to the floor at gunpoint. Natasha says she’s here to get revenge – any which way she can!

Natasha binds Loren’s hands spread apart to to the table legs, then she holds the gun to her head while ranting about how she’s getting payback for her sister. Loren tries to deny everything, so Natasha cleave-gags her with a scarf. Then she leaves her tied and cleave-gagged on the floor while she gathers her weapon of revenge.

When she returns, Natasha is wearing a humongous strap-on! She shoves that huge rubber dong in Loren’s face! Loren is horrified. What the hell is this crazy girl up to? Natasha pulls Loren’s dress up and rips her panties off. Then she climbs aboard, plunging that monster strap-on repeatedly into the gag-screaming Loren! She pulls Loren’s bra up and grabs her tits. Natasha plows Loren really hard, changing positions, grabbing her tits and face. Loren’s getting revenge fucked like no one has before! 

This video is simply revenge bondage fucking at its finest!

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May 5, 2022

Office Secretary Natasha Flade in Deep Trouble! Revenge Fucked for Stealing Clients! (12:30 min)

Natasha Flade is an office secretary in deep trouble! She’s sitting at her desk in her sexy dress and high heels and working on her computer. But there’s a man with a gun sneaking up behind! He grabs Natasha and handgags her, the gun right in her face. The office intruder (Isaac W.) forces her to stand up, then bends her over the desk. Her sweater dress hikes up and we see her sexy thigh-stockings and garters. As he ropes her hands behind her back, he accuses Natasha of ruining him by stealing his clients and plotting behind his back.

Natasha is adamant that she didn’t mean to ruin him, it was just part of business. But this is one angry dude and he insists she fucked him over on purpose. Natasha even offers him money if he’ll just let her go, but Isaac retorts, “Oh, you’re going to ruin me and then throw me a bone? You fucked me over, I know you did it on purpose. Now I’m going to fuck you over!”

Once her hands are bound, her lovely mouth is cleave-gagged with a bandanna. He forces her back down over the desk. Her dress is hiked up, her panties pulled down, her legs tied spread apart. Then he spanks and fondles her beautiful, bare ass (that he’s always wanted to see!). Now to move on to those titties! He pulls those boobies free from her bra for some groping action. He keeps Natasha handgagged over her cleave gag during the whole process!

Now he’s nice and horny! The captor pulls his own pants down and gets to his business of revenge fucking the helpless and beautiful secretary Natasha Flade! Once he cums, he leaves her there like that for the office staff and janitors to find! Sweet revenge for the man today!

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April 27, 2022

Natasha Flade Kidnapped for Ransom, Chairtied Barefoot for Blowjob! (FULL HD - 13:10 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped for ransom! She’s chair-tied in her sexy, pink nightie and cleave gagged. So here she is, alone in a room, roped to a chair, barefoot, struggling as best she can. She needs to escape before her captor returns. The ropes are tight and she’s not making any progress, but damn, she looks great trying.

Alas, her long-haired kidnapper comes back, and he’s pissed. He was out at the drop-off spot to collect the loot, but there was no loot to be collected. What’s to be done with this beautiful woman he has tied up and gagged? He had treated her with kindness up until this point, but no more. He wanted money, but now he’s going to take what her can get, and what he can get is her tits for starters.

He pulls down the top of her flimsy nightgown and pulls her tits out. Poor Natasha’s breasts are fondled and squeezed, then he kisses, licks and sucks on her nipples. This failed ransom gig isn’t so bad! And now he’s getting horny. So he whips out his cock and orders the chair-bound Natasha to take it all in. She can suck her way to freedom! And so Natasha sucks! She polishes that hard nob like her freedom depends on it. Which it does after all.

Her captor is having a grand ole time. This chick gives one helluva marvelous bondage blowjob! It’s so great that after he cums in her mouth, he gags her again! He plans on keeping her right there in that bedroom for future festivities. It was a lot of work planning and executing this kidnapping, and he never did get any ransom loot, so he’s going to keep his little bondage blowjob machine!

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April 20, 2022

Natasha Flade Tied Spread Eagle Naked in Just High-Heels for Bondage Sex (FULL HD – 6:30 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade have been taken captive by some dude (Isaac W.) who’s after a bondage sex play toy! He has her tied spread eagle naked on the bed – wearing nothing but her black, spiked high heels! She’s cleave gagged with a thin, black scarf. Natasha’s struggling hard, trying to get loose before her captor returns to take advantage of the situation and violate her lovely, nude body.  But she doesn’t loosen a single knot of that tight nude bondage she finds herself in! As she’s wiggling about, we’re treated to some great close ups of her sexy heels, her wide, distressed eyes, and that lovely gagged face.

Then her captor comes strolling in, naked, his cock hard, and ready to claim his prize! He hops up onto the bed beside his tied up damsel, then slips his throbbing member inside her and fucks the naked Natasha silly! He rides her good and hard while she’s tied spread beneath him until he finally cums inside her. Once he’s finished, the captor wipes his brow. (This bondage sex business is good for working up a sweat..!)

He gives some parting words before making an exit. Poor Natasha looks horrified! Is he coming back for another round or two? It doesn’t look good at all…

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April 12, 2022

Natasha Flade Kidnapped to Settle Boyfriend’s Debt with Barefoot Bondage Sex in Nightie! (FULL HD – 9 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade’s boyfriend owes a serious debt, so he tells his loan shark (Isaac W.) that he can collect what’s owed at Natasha’s house — by collecting HER for an afternoon of fucking. But Natasha is not very cooperative, so the loan shark has to sneak in and tie her up before any fucking is to be done. He finds Natasha chillin’ on her bed, barefoot and all sexy in her scanty, pink nightie.

Unaware that she’s been traded to pay her deadbeat boyfriend’s debt, she’s got off guard when Isaac sneaks up from behind! Natasha’s handgagged and ordered to behave or serious shit will happen. She’s forced to put her hands in front to be tied. Once her wrists are bound, she’s cleave-gagged with a thick scarf. The abductor pulls the top of her nightgown down and fondles and gropes her titties. He explains that her boyfriend told him to take Natasha as partial payment of his debt—in pussy!

We cut to our pretty damsel bound and gagged on the floor. Her hands are attached to the bottom of a bedpost and the loan shark is finishing the knots that suspend her bare feet to the top of the post, soles wriggling in the air. Next, he pulls her pink panties off and her pussy is stroked and fingered. Now her goods are totally exposed for the taking!

Natasha looks horrified as he tells her that it’s time to collect her boyfriend’s debt. He stands up shucks his clothes. He’s standing naked next to helpless Natasha, ready to collect his pussy payment with his hard cock inside of it! Natasha struggles and moans as she’s taken for a hard bondage sex ride by the “debt collector.” And that debt that isn’t even hers is partially erased as he cums inside her!

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April 5, 2022

Boyfriend Finds Babysitter Natasha Flade Tied Up Barefoot, Gets a Topless Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD – 14:15 min)

RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Babysitter Natasha Flade is watching her new boyfriend’s son. She’s reading a magazine while relaxing in a recliner. She’s barefoot, beautiful soles on display, and wearing a camisole top and jean miniskirt. Her boyfriend’s son approaches with a toy gun. “Oh no! Are you going to tie me up and hold me hostage?” Natasha exclaims. Yes, that’s exactly right! You’re so amazed that your dad’s girlfriend is  willing to play your tie-up game. So you grab your ropes and get her completely tied up to that recliner with tons of rope all about her everywhere: her thighs, her calves, her chest, even her upper arms! You used all the rope your dad has in the house and then some! And you made sure to tie her bare feet so her soles are sticking right out at you.

Natasha is really great at playing up her damsel roles for you with wide, expressive eyes and playful struggling. Then you announce you want to gag her, too. “You don’t have to gag me,” she pleads. “I can’t go anywhere all tied up like this.” But you have every intention of gagging her! Now you have your dad’s pretty new girlfriend OTM gagged with a thick scarf. Natasha plays along, mewing and mmpphing from behind her detective-style gag.

Then it’s time for your dad to take you to your baseball game, so you take off, leaving Natasha chair-tied and OTM gagged. Only five minutes later, Natasha’s boyfriend (Isaac W.) returns! Turns out he likes seeing his son’s new babysitter bound and gagged even more than you do! He removes Natasha’s gag and teases her about giving him a blowjob. It would so hot to get sucked off while she’s tied-up barefoot to that chair, her jean miniskirt barely hiding her panties.

Natasha loves pleasing the boys in her life and she’s totally game for it! She takes Isaac’s hard dick in her mouth and starts sucking him off. Isaac has always dreamed of getting a bondage blowjob, but he never had an opportunity this good! Now he’s got his cock right where he wants it – in tied up Natasha’s mouth! He pulls her little top down and fondles her tits while she’s blowing him. It’s very erotic looking down and seeing his girlfriend chair-tied topless, her mouth going back and forth on his rod! Natasha is even cool with him cumming right in her mouth!

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March 31, 2022

Sexy Office Babe Natasha Flade Tries Nailing Interview, Gets Nailed Herself Instead! (20:30 min)

Natasha Flade is wearing a sexy office outfit for a job interview — red silk blouse, miniskirt, Cuban stockings and high heels. She really wants this job, so she tells the boss (Isaac W.) that she’ll do anything, anything at all, to get the position. Natasha’s being very flirtatious with Isaac, so he decides to see if he can get her to agree to letting him tie her up. When he pulls out some rope and tells Natasha the job is hers if she agrees to some bondage play, she eagerly agrees.

Natasha soon has her hands tied in front and she doesn’t seem to mind when the boss starts to feel her tits through her blouse. Or when he kisses her neck. Or when he peels back her bra cups and plays with her breasts. Guess she really does want the job! Isaac ties Natasha’s ankles together (great shots of those sexy spiked heels here).

Isaac tells Natasha to stand up, then he hikes her skirt up, pulls her panties down and starts to play with her beautiful breasts. Natasha is a little hesitant when he presents a knotted scarf to gag her with, but he assures her it’s all part of his bondage kink, so Natasha submits to being cleave-gagged.  Now she’s standing there beside him, tied at the wrists, ankles and thighs in those sexy Cuban thigh-highs and her high heels. Isaac pulls her bra down and fondles her tits, then plays with her hot AF naked ass. Natasha is sure she’ll get the job now!

But Isaac says he wants to tie her up a little more on the floor first. He has her lay down and tethers her wrists above her head to one leg of the chaise. Natasha is getting worried now, and when Isaac strips off his own clothes and starts to pull out his cock, she gets really scared and tries to refuse. This isn’t what she agreed to! She tries to scream and gets handgagged. Isaac informs her she’s getting some deep dicking and she’s helpless to stop him since she let herself be all tied up and gagged.

Isaac takes Natasha by force on the floor, fucking her hard until he cums. It was a great interview for the man today. As for our sexy office babe, instead of nailing the job interview, she gets nailed herself!

Includes an outtake at the end!

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March 24, 2022

Naked Natasha Flade Bent Over Bed & Cleave-Gagged for Standing Doggy Style Bondage Sex! (FULL HD – 8:05 min)

RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is all tied-up naked and standing, bent over the bed. Her legs are tied spread to the bed posts, her hands are bound in front and tethered to the head board. Poor Natasha’s day is unlikely to improve from here! Her captor, Isaac W., is already down to his drawers. Natasha knows he has the big dick in store for her, and she looks pretty stressed about it! Isaac puts a big knot in the thick scarf he has in his hand and forces two wraps of it between her lips over that so her cleave gag is especially muffly.

Satisfied that his naked damsel is now quite effectively cleave-gagged, Isaac fondles her tits, then he fingers Natasha’s pussy and gropes her round bare ass. Soon, those drawers of his hit the floor. His rod is hard as iron and ready for some serious fucking action with his helplessly bound and gagged damsel! Isaac fulfills Natasha’s fears as he thrusts his cock inside of her. He plans to use her as his sexual plaything, tied-up, nude and bent over the bed in a standing doggy style fuck position.

There are lots of great angles of all the deep, including a shot from Isaac’s point of view, where he sees his dick entering in and out of Natasha’s pussy, hips smacking against her ass, and he looks up to see her pretty gagged face in profile as she struggles in fear, and her bound hands tethered to the bedpost. At last he cums inside of her. Does he untie his bondage playtoy?

One outtake at the end!

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March 16, 2022

Natasha Flade Led In Bound & Gagged, Tied Up Spread In Nightie for Bondage Sex (FULL HD - 7:30 min)


RE-EDITED IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade has her hands tied in front of her and she’s cleave gagged! She’s wearing a sexy nightie and her captor is dragging her into the bedroom. He tosses Natasha onto the bed, then her hands are pulled up overhead and attached to the headboard. The top of her nightie is pulled up as her captor (Isaac W.) gropes her tits and sucks on her nipples.

Then he rips her thong panties off, Natasha’s bare feet kicking and struggling in an attempt to get loose. But he manages to get them off, then grabs hold of her ankles. He takes one bare foot and ties it to a post on the foot board. The other ankle is next. So now our poor damsel is tied up spread, Eiffel Tower style, arms above and legs tied wide apart. The viewer gets some glorious views of her bare feet and soles.

With Natasha now tied-up and totally helpless, the abductor drops his drawers and thrusts his hard cock into her pussy! He takes the helpless damsel for a bondage sex ride while she struggles and writhes beneath him. We get some great POV shots of her gagged face, filled with distress and fear, along with plenty of angles of all the fucking action. The abductor enjoys his captive to the max, then he shoots his load and cums inside her for the finale!

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March 9, 2022

Natasha Flade Kidnapped for Bachelor Party & Tied Up Naked Bent Over Chair for Bondage Sex! (SD - 10:30 min)

CLASSIC NATASHA FLADE IN BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007 RE-EDITED! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped by Nick Mandingo for his best friend Isaac’s bachelor party! He has her bound naked, bent over a chair, all four limbs tied securely to separate legs of the chair. Natasha is screaming to let her go, but Nick just stuffs her mouth full with cloth, then secures it in place for a nice, tight, packing gag.

His friend, Isaac W., enters the scene. Nick tells him that he couldn’t find a hooker for the bachelor party tonight, so he kidnapped Natasha instead. Isaac is both shocked and excited. He can’t believe his good luck to fuck this hot, tied-up babe when he sows his last wild oats. Nick leaves the two alone so Issac Can get in some serious bondage sex!  Isaac kneels down and plays with Natasha’s perfect, naked ass. He runs his hands along her bound body before disrobing and sticking it to Natasha from behind with his fat, hard cock. He plows her without mercy, going on about how she’s his last fling and maybe she could move around a bit. Oh, she’s moving quite a lot! Struggling and moaning in her futile efforts to get away.

Isaac feels up her tits and handgags her while he keeps on with his relentless fucking. Eventually, he shoots his love juice into her pussy. Then he breaks the news to Natasha that she isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Ten of his friends will be arriving for the bachelor party and they all get to have a go at her! But he’s first in line, of course. This is a day to end all days! What a good friend Nick Mandingo is to go out of his way like this for his best mate, Isaac!

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March 3, 2022

Housewife Natasha Flade Must Fuck Friend Since Husband Lost Her In Poker Game! She's Stripped, Packing-Gagged! (SD -14 min)


CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009 RE-EDITED! Housewife Natasha Flade’s husband Jeff went a little nuts in the last poker game. Out of cash, he placed a chip that represented a night of sex with his hot wife! He lost and Isaac W. collected that chip and now he’s at Natasha’s place ready to cash it in! She’s on the chaise in a cute sundress and wedge heels, not wanting to go along with her husband’s stupidity. She doesn’t want to fuck his friend Isaac, even though a deal is a deal! Hesitantly, she strips down naked in front of Isaac, who is very appreciative of her tight, hot body.

When Isaac grabs her tits, she firmly changes her mind, gathers her dress and is about to leave — but Isaac grabs her! He handgags her and orders her to cooperate. Then he stuffs her mouth with cloth and a long ace bandage is wrapped around and around her head to keep it there. She’s now effectively packing gagged and wrap gagged. And quiet!

Isaac whips out some rope and binds her hands in front of her, leans her back on the chaise and fastens her hands there. Her ankles are next. One heeled foot is tied atop the chaise back, the other tethered below down to a chaise leg. She’s tied spread out, nude and strictly wrap gagged, helpless and ready to pay the bet with bondage sex!

Isaac thought he was just having regular vanilla sex with his friend’s hot wife, but this turned out to be so much hotter—bondage sex! He strips down and climbs aboard and fucks Natasha silly. Hat was the best poker game ever! He has to ALWAYS play and hope his friend loses his wife at the table!

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February 24, 2022

Wife Natasha Flade Tied In Stockings by Robber, but Husband Thinks It’s a Bondage Sex Game (FULL HD – 12 min)

RE-EDITED IN FULL HD!! Wife Natasha Flade was home alone when a robber nabbed her! Now she’s all tied up and gagged on her bedroom floor in her stockings and garters. Her hands are tied above and tethered to the dresser leg. She’s packing gagged, too. When she sees her husband, Isaac W., come through the door, she grows hopeful she’ll be let loose.

But her husband thinks this is some sort of bondage sex game that she’s planned out for his enjoyment! “Wow! You actually had someone tie you up for me!” he says. Natasha tries to tell him this isn’t to surprise him, but that some robber broke in and tied her up. But that gag is just too good and Isaac thinks his wife’s incoherent muttering from behind her gag is all part of the act. He’s loving every minute of it. What a wonderful wife to go to such lengths for him!

Thinking this is a wonderful bondage gift for him, Isaac takes full advantage of the situation. Her pulls her panties down, pulls up that sexy, red sweater dress. He rubs his hands along her bound body, sucking her nipples while she’s handgagged. He strokes her beautiful, bare ass, so damn sexy with those garters still in place!

Then he strips down naked himself, slings her high heels over his shoulders and slips his cock inside for some loving. He’s having a great time here, fucking his wife while she’s playing his favorite game. He can’t believe how cool Natasha is for setting up this whole bondage sex escapade just for him! He’s fucking her hard, grabbing her tits while he’s at it, until he finally cums and shoots his load inside of her.

Okay, he’ll remove her gag now. But when he does, poor Natasha is able to tell him what really happened! And she’s really pissed off that he thought it was all some game when the whole time she’d been grabbed by some burglar! “You jerk!” Natasha yells. “Untie me right now!” But Isaac doesn’t let her go. He’s rather enjoying the whole situation. And who knows? Maybe he hired the “robber” to tie up his wife?!

Includes a great outtake at the end, too!

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February 17, 2022

Housewife Natasha Flade Tied Up to Ladder, Tape-Gagged, Fucked with Contractor’s Paintbrush & Cock! (SD – 12 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2005 RE-EDITED! Housewife Natasha Flade has contractor Isaac W. over for some painting. He’s finishing up and she is not satisfied! She starts bitching about how he’s going to have to do it all over again! Isaac has had enough of her shit and handgags her mid-complaint and tells her to shut up. We cut to Natasha tied up to the small step ladder. He stuffs her mouth with cloth and tapes in in there really well—she’s been packing-gagged and tape-gagged!

Isaac pulls off her pants, and the tied up and gagged housewife can’t do a thing about it. He fetches scissors and cute her panties off! He squeezes her perfect rich-housewife buns. He pulls out a paintbrush and starts fucking her with it! “How do you like this paintjob!”

When done amusing himself that way, it’s time to give this bitchy bitch the real deal: contractor cock. Natasha has regrets! She’s well bound to that step ladder for this bondage sex. Being fucked from behind has that thing clanking on the floor and Natasha mmphing like she’s got unwanted cock in her! Never, ever, belittle someone doing work for you! Got, that, Natasha?

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February 10, 2022

Cheating Wife Natasha Flade Punished with Hogtied Blowjob In Thigh-Highs & Heels (FULL HD – 9:33 min)

FULL HD!! Natasha Flade has just come home from a party. Her husband, Isaac W., is pissed off at her as he heard she was hitting on other men at the party. Natasha denies everything, pleading to tell her husband that it’s just not true, but he doesn’t listen. Instead, she ends up hogtied on the dining room table in her sexy cocktail dress, fancy thigh-high stockings and high heels. Isaac then begins removing her dress and Natasha, now topless, is forced to endure her husband’s groping hands on her tits and ass while she’s handgagged.

Now Isaac’s cock is nice and hard, so he unzips his pants and forces it into his wife’s mouth. “Suck this!” he yells. Poor Natasha has no choice but to give Isaac’s nob a thorough blowjob. She sucks him off pretty good, too, and he shoots his load of cum right into her mouth! Then he handgags her again so Natasha has no choice but to swallow his love juice! To teach his wife a thing or two, he decides to just leave her there — hogtied topless atop the table in her fancy stockings and heels. It’s not a good night for wife Natasha Flade, but it’s a great day for her husband, who finally got some revenge for his wife’s cheating ways (and a bondage blowjob to boot!)

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February 2, 2022

Secretary in High Heels & Stockings, Natasha Flade, Kidnapped, Carried in for Bondage Sex in Garage! (11:20 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX FROM 2010 NOW RE-EDITED! Secretary Natasha Flade, all dressed in office attire (stockings, skirt, high heels) has been kidnapped! She's carried into a garage by kidnapped Isaac W., already bound and cleave-gagged. She's sat on a blanket on the floor. Her hands are attached to a shelving unit behind her, her ankles are raised high and also tethered back there. Her captor gets her pesky panties out of the way and gropes that naked, tight ass. He begins to disrobe, obviously about to do to her what he planned back when her tied her up and stuffed her into the trunk of his car.

Naked and ready to go with his throbbing bone, Isaac fucks sexy secretary Natasha Flade. Her high heels are helpless in the air, tethered tightly to the shelves against the wall. Her hands feel about for a knot to loosen, but this secretary is stuck and fucked. She mmphs through her cleave gag, bus Isaac keeps plowing her, having the time of his life with this gorgeous captive. He climaxes, chucking his spunk inside Natasha. That was a good day.

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January 27, 2022

Mover Demands Chairtied Blowjob as Payment from Fussy Natasha Flade (10:23 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO FROM 2008 RE-EDITED! Natasha Flade has hired a moving guy to help her get her things to a new apartment. When the man asks to be paid, Natasha rudely tells him he hasn’t put the furniture into the right places or the boxes into the correct rooms! The mover says that wasn’t part of the deal and demands his money. Natasha refuses to pay the man, so he grabs and handgags her, pinning her arms behind her back. He grabs some ropes from the moving boxes, forces Natasha to sit down on a chair and ties her to it in her miniskirt and open-toe heels.

He now informs her that he’s decided he wants a blowjob as payment instead. Natasha has no choice in the matter unless she wants to stay chair-tied in her empty house and all alone. So she gets to work at sucking off this dude’s huge cock. And a good job she does, too! So much so that he cums in her mouth. Great! She’ll be let loose now, right? Wrong.

Natasha starts screaming for help, so she’s quickly cleave-gagged with a long scarf. Satisfied that she isn’t going anywhere, the mover leaves his demanding customer alone to struggle in her bondage, chairtied, topless and hopefully a bit more polite!

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January 19, 2022

Secretary Natasha Flade Chloroformed & Dragged to Bed for Dildo Fucking! (16:19 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2010 RE-EDITED! Secretary Natasha Flade is returning home from her office job when she’s handgagged and chloroformed by an intruder hiding behind the door! This is no ordinary handgagging scene! The intruder (Isaac W.) pinches her nose until she falls unconscious, then she’s dragged by her hands down the hall, still knocked out cold. The intruder picks the sleeping Natasha up, then tosses her onto a bed and starts tying her up.

First, her wrists are tied together behind her back. But then Natasha starts to awaken and scream, so she’s handgagged again and ordered to be quiet. The intruder sits her upright and forces a balled-up bandanna into her mouth for a nice, secure packing gag with a cleave gag to hold it in. He grabs her heels and ties her legs (no pantyhose) apart in spread eagle fashion. (Lots of great upskirt shots here!)

Now the home intruder pulls Natasha’s skirt up, cuts her panties off and tosses them aside. Then he finds a huge, red rubber dong in Natasha’s nightstand. Natasha’s eyes grow damsel wide as he holds it up in front of her. Then he climbs onto the bed and starts dildo fucking her hard! Poor Natasha is forced to endure this most egregious violation of her body. She pulls at her bonds and moans from behind her gag as she’s relentlessly dildo fucked while bound and gagged on the bed in her heels and (pulled-up) skirt!

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January 12, 2022

Secretary Natasha Flade Forced Upstairs, Bent Over for Bondage Sex Ransom Tape When Husband Won’t Pay (17:00 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2010 RE-EDITED! Secretary Natasha Flade has been kidnapped from the office! Her captor leads her, hands tied in front and cleave-gagged, into the hideout house. He forces her to walk upstairs, then he makes her sit atop a coffee table while he makes a phone call to her husband, demanding ransom money for her safe return. He makes Natasha talk into the phone herself, pleading through her gag to her husband, begging him to please pay up the money now!

But Natasha's husband claims he doesn't have the funds. Upon discovering that the ransom might not be paid, the captor decides more incentive is in order. He unbuttons Natasha's blouse, peels back her bra cups and plays with her boobs. Then she helplessly watches as her kidnapper sets up a camera on a tripod so he can make a ransom tape. He's going to get that money one way or the other!

Once the camera is ready to go, he ties Natasha bent over the coffee table, her hands pulled taut in front, her heels spread and each ankle tied to a table leg. Natasha's miniskirt is pulled up, her panties stripped from her body. The kidnapper removes his clothes and laughs into the camera as he thrusts his hard cock inside Natasha and fucks her from behind.

Now he's fucking Natasha on video to show her husband that if he doesn't pay up, his lovely wife will remain the victim of this relentless tied up fucking! He makes sure to get plenty of angles of Natasha being used this way for forced bondage sex. Betcha Natasha's husband pays the ransom pretty quickly now. Or does he?

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January 5, 2022

Dick Tease Natasha Flade Tricked Into Bondage! She’s Tied Up Spread, Stuffer-Gagged & Boned! (16:20 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO FROM 2006 RE-EDITED! Housewife Natasha Flade awaits friend Isaac to return a video she had loaned him. She’s on the bed in a sexy camisole and pink panties, barefoot. He gives her back the video and she flirts with him, touching his leg, his hair, the side of his face. She even says her husband won’t be home for two hours. Isaac gets a bit flustered. This has happened before but nothing progressed beyond the flirting. This time he says she’d better stop of he’ll have to tie her up! She smiles and says, “Right! I dare you!”

Isaac pulls a length of rope from his pocket and ties her wrists in front of her. Natasha thinks it’s all a joke. Ha. Ha. But once her wrists are bound, she thinks that’s it and she’ll be untied, but Isaac tethers her to the headboard. It’s not as funny or cute as she envisioned. She’s been tricked into bondage, and now she’s stuck as he ropes her right ankle to the footboard. She demands to be released, and Isaac gets her stuffer-gagged so he can go about his business.

He strips those pink panties off, ties her other leg down, and lifts her top to play with her titties as she grunts in protest behind that stuffer-gag. Isaac is finally going to get some pussy from this dick-teasing married hottie! He strips down and hiops on to fuck this dick tease, this horny housewife that never let him near her goods! She’s fucked like she secretly wanted!

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