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August 10, 2022

Unwilling Date Natasha Flade Tied Kneeling Strappado for Forced Blowjob! (12:40 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE 2009 SOURCE TAPE! Natasha Flade and her date have just gotten back to Natasha’s house. Natasha tells him she has to get up early for work and she’s going to bed — alone. Her date gets angry, grabs and handgags Natasha and tells her he’s tired of taking her out for all these weeks and not getting any sex at all! He demands a blowjob and he knows she’s not going to give him one willingly, so he has to tie her up! He ties her wrists together her back, then forces her to her knees on the floor. Natasha’s bound wrists are then hoisted up and tied strappado style to the railing above her. Next, her ankles are bound together, too.

Natasha begs him to promise that he’ll let her go if she gives him a blowjob. Reluctantly, she sucks his cock while he undoes her top and plays with her tits. He fucks her mouth with his hard cock until he finally explodes in her mouth. But will he let Natasha Flade go or make her give him another blowjob later on?

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August 3, 2022

The Wait Is Long & My Dick Is Hard! Fucking Natasha Flade While Waiting for the Ransom! (11:15 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE 2009 SOURCE TAPE! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped! She’s tied and tapegagged on the couch in her miniskirt, barefoot. Beside her sits the gangster, Isaac W., who was ordered to watch her until the ransom is retrieved. He lazily reads a magazine while Natasha sits by helplessly, making little moans and mews every now and then.

But her kidnapper is getting bored. It’s been three hours and there’s a bound and gagged woman right there next to him, so he decides to have a little fun with her! He strips her of her top and gropes her tits, then bends her over the sofa, kneeling. He pulls down her miniskirt and panties to get a gander at her nice, tight ass. He gropes and fondles those perfect buns before stripping off his own clothes and shoving his cock inside Natasha, bondage sex style.

Our kidnapped damsel is helpless as she’s taken from behind, doggystyle fashion, her captor’s cock thrusting hard inside her. Isaac thinks to himself that this is a far more productive use of his time as a kidnapper than reading some magazine! But there’s still no ransom money! So he hoists Natasha back up onto the sofa next to him, still tied up and tapegagged, but now nearly naked. After all, his dick will be ready again soon.

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July 28, 2022

Natasha Flade Ballgagged & Tied In Just Heels for Strap-On Bondage Sex by Lesbian Blind Date Daphne Paige! (10:12 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2010 TAPE! Natasha Flade shows up for her blind date with "Dan," whom she met on the internet. Natasha's all ready, looking hot in her miniskirt and high heels. She's all excited, but then Dan turns out to be a woman! It's Daphne Paige, a hot lesbian who lied and tricked Natasha into showing up.

Natasha is disgusted by the ruse and tries to leave, but Daphne grabs her! She's handgagged and wrestled down in quite a struggle! But Daphne is much stronger and poor Natasha winds up naked in just her high heels, tied bent over on the chaise, her ass up in the air.  Daphne leaves her like that for a bit, but she comes back with a big ball gag and wearing a huge strap-on!

She forces that rubber ball in Natasha's mouth and secures the leather straps. With Natasha now ballgagged and bound ass-up in just her heels, lesbian trickster Daphne gets down to business! She fucks Natasha from behind, ramming her pussy again and again with that huge strap-on! Natasha struggles, moans and cries, but eventually pleasure overtakes her and she succumbs to a forced orgasm. Not at all what she was expecting!

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July 20, 2022

Secretary Natasha Flade Tricked Into Strappado Blowjob When Insurance Scam Gone Wrong! (13:10 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2009 TAPE! She thought she had it all worked out. Secretary Natasha Flade was in need of some money, so she calls over Isaac W. to help her run an insurance scam. Now Isaac is an ex-convict, but a friend of a friend recommended him for this job. Natasha tells Isaac to tie her up and ransack the place, then she’ll claim she was robbed and file an insurance claim. Her valuables have already been placed in storage, so it’s an easy money grab. Or so she thinks.

Isaac gets to work, tying her hands behind her, then ropes her ankles together. He hauls her wrists up behind her in a standing strappado position. Natasha starts complaining that the ropes are too tight and uncomfortable. So Isaac handgags her, hen he ruthlessly pulls her blouse down and pulls her tits out!

Natasha is horrified. This was not part of the plan! What she doesn’t know is that Isaac doesn’t want some paltry cut from this job — what he really wants is a bondage blowjob from a tied up secretary who looks so damn hot! After all, he would have spent that money on hookers anyway, and here’s this beauty all tied up and ready to go, so why not?

He forces a kiss upon Natasha’s pretty lips, then fondles her gorgeous tits. Natasha tries to fight him off, but it’s no use and Isaac’s cock finds its way inside Natasha’s mouth. He rams that hard rod back and forth between her lips, getting one helluva of blowjob! But will he be honorable and let Natasha go in the end?

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July 14, 2022

Wife Natasha Flade Won’t Put Out Until She’s Wrestled Down & Tied Up!
(14 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX FROM 2010 RE-EDITED FROM THE SOURCE TAPES! Wife Natasha Flade is in the bedroom, barefoot in her sexy little nightgown. She’s approached by her husband, Isaac W., who says she promised that tonight they would finally have some sex. Natasha of course has no recollection of this. She tells him that she’s tired and is getting ready to go to sleep. Isaac persists, saying that they have not had sex in a long time. Too long. But Natasha is adamant about going to bed sans any sex action.

Isaac loses his shit! He handgags Natasha, then forces her to the floor and starts tying her up. Her wrists are tied spread to legs of the dresser. He rips Natasha’s purple panties from her body as she struggles and tries to fight him off. And his wife’s noisy protests and screams are getting on his last nerve, so he grabs a scarf and stuffs it between Natasha’s lips for a tight cleave gag.

Then he gropes and fondles her beautiful naked body before climbing aboard. In goes his dick for some good loving. This husband is getting what he wants and deserves — some damn good fucking! Finally! Having to tie his wife up for bondage sex on the floor is really just an added bonus!

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July 6, 2022

Natasha Flade Tied in Heels for Bondage Sex on the Bed by Pissed-Off Contractor (13:17 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2010 TAPES! Natasha Flade hired a contractor to put her new bedroom furniture together. She’s in the bedroom in her cute yellow sundress and high heels when he arrives. But Natasha starts complaining, telling him that he’s just taking way too long. Finally, she threatens not to pay him.

The contractor gets really pissed off at her constant bitching, so he jumps Natasha and wrestles her down — right on the brand new bed! Natasha tries to struggle free, but the contractor grabs her wrists and ties them together, all the while taunting her about what he’s going to do to make her pay. He needs to get some silence from this women, so he stuffs Natasha’s mouth with a huge white cloth and keeps it tightly in her mouth by wrapping her head with an ace bandage. Now poor Natasha is quite seriously double gagged with both a stuffer and the ace bandage wrapped over it!

Natasha’s panties are stripped from her body. He ties her ankles together, then attaches them to the top of the new bed’s canopy. But now the contractor wants to see how well this new bed is for fucking! So he strips down and thrusts his throbbing cock inside helpless Natasha’s pussy! He may not be getting paid, but he made sure that he got laid! Includes outtakes at the end!

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June 30, 2022

Blonde Bank Teller Natasha Flade Barefoot Hogtied for Blowjob by Angry Client! (11:30 Min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO FROM 2007 RE-EDITED! Bank teller Natasha Flade, during a blonde phase back in 2007, was sitting on the chaise, barefoot in her tight, sexy dress. She was relaxing at home when an angry customer, Isaac W., barges in! Isaac has a serious beef about his banking business and he means to get some satisfaction! He tried to get a $10,000 withdrawal, but Natasha refused to give him any cash, claiming "bank policy" prevented her from doing so. Isaac isn't buying that explanation, though!

He grabs the lovely blonde teller and pins her arms behind her back, then her wrists are tied crossed. Natasha is flipped over onto her belly, and she's tied at the ankles, her beautiful soles on display! Natasha tries protesting as she's hogtied on the chaise right in her own home. But her big mouth lands her into trouble! When she won't stop complaining about how ridiculous she thinks this is, she gets handgagged and informed that she's only making matters worse.

Then Isaac whips out his cock. "I don't have any control over the money at the bank!" Natasha cries. "Let me go and I'll call the manager for you!" "Not good enough!" is Isaac's response. He's looked around her house, and not finding anything that can compensate him, he decides he'll get some satisfaction a different way - with a nice bondage blowjob from a hot blonde bank teller! Then he shoves his big dick right into that mouthy teller's yap.

Helplessly bound and gagged on the chaise, poor Natasha can do nothing to stop him. Her only choice is to give this weirdo a good blowjob and and hope for the best! So she sucks that cock off really good and it's getting the client all worked up. Now he wants to see even more! He pulls Natasha's dress down so he can grope and fondle her tits while he's getting himself one heck of a hogtied bondage blowjob! Such a great blowjob that he shoots his load of cum in her mouth.

Now he grabs a knotted scarf and shoves it between Natasha's lips for a nice, tight cleave gag. He sucks her boobs and gropes her fine ass for a bit before taking off, leaving our blonde damsel hogtied barefoot and topless on the chaise, struggling to get loose from her bonds before this crazy weirdo returns!

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June 23, 2022

Chloe Bent Over in Heels, Gets the Strap-On for Natasha’s Stolen Buddha! (FULL HD - 9:30 MIN)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade had her antique bronze Buddha stolen at her last party, and she’s convinced that Chloe Night is the culprit. She enters Chloe’s home with a gun in one hand and a pile of ropes in the other! She finds Chloe sitting on the couch in a sexy minidress and high heels. She holds Chloe up and demands to know where her stolen Buddha is. Chloe denies everything, so Natasha grabs her and pulls her to her feet.

With the gun in her face, Chloe does as she’s told. Her hands are tied behind her back, then she’s cleave-gagged with a long scarf. Natasha pushes Chloe over to the couch where she winds up bent over the sofa arm, her legs tied apart, her naked ass exposed and vulnerable. Natasha holds the gun to Chloe’s head and interrogates her as to the whereabouts of her precious Buddha. But Chloe refuses to admit that she’s the thief, so Natasha resolves to fuck the truth from her!

Natasha leaves for a bit, then returns — wearing a huge strap-on! She teases Chloe with that rubber cock in her face, giving her one last chance to confess. But Chloe still refuses to admit she stole anything, so Natasha gets behind Chloe and plunges that strap-on into her pussy. Poor Chloe is ridiculed as she’s ridden hard, bondage sex style. Natasha really gives it to her, slamming that pussy with all she’s got! She removes her own top, so now her tits are jiggling as she fucks Chloe with the strap-on from behind. But Chloe refuses to relent, so more drastic measures are needed. Natasha threatens to fuck Chloe up the ass if she doesn’t spill the beans!

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June 15, 2022

Secretary Chloe Night Skipped Work, Has to Fuck the Boss Bondage Sex Style Keep Her Job! (FULL HD – 14:50 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Secretary Chloe Night skipped out on her office job. She’s sitting on the sofa in her dress, black pantyhose and high heels. She's chatting with her girlfriend about heading out to a festival while she plays hooky when her boss, Sergio, strolls in! He was worried when Chloe didn’t show up for work, but he overheard that she was skipping work to have some fun instead, so he fires his secretary right on the spot! Chloe begs Sergio to please give back her job. “Isn’t there anything at all I can do?” she pleads. Yes there is! Her boss tells her that a little bit of bondage (and more!) may hasten her rehire.

She’s being blackmailed into fucking her boss to keep her job! But she doesn't feel she has any choice, so Chloe reluctantly submits to letting herself be tied up pretty damn well. Then Sergio pulls up her dress, peels back her bra cups and starts groping her tits. Now Chloe decides she’s had enough and demands that Sergio stop!

That means it’s gagging time! Sergio plugs her mouth hole with a knotted cleave gag fashioned from a scarf. He stands her up, then fondles her breasts and strokes her ass and pussy. Now Sergio is all horned up! He bends Chloe over on the sofa, kneeling, her bare ass pointing straight at his hard cock.

Sergio thrusts his cock inside Chloe’s pussy and starts fucking her doggystyle! This wayward and rebellious secretary is getting some serious pounding! He finally shoots his load and cums on Chloe's back and ass for a great cumshot scene! Chloe’s pretty upset and sobbing, but hey, she is getting her job back after all, so she really should be happy and thankful!

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June 9, 2022

Secretary Natalie Minx Tied at Gunpoint & Forced to Suck Stalker Fan's Cock (FULL HD - 13:50 min.)

NOW IN FULL HD! Tall and buxom redhead, Natalie Minx, had just gotten home from the bar. She fell asleep on the sofa still in her sexy pantyhose, dress and high heels. Little does she know, but a fan has been stalking her! Natalie awakens to a masked man aiming at gun right at her! He orders her to put her hands behind her back then he ties them there.

When Natalie makes a fuss, he uses her gun to get her back under control, then finishes the business of getting her all tied up: ankles, knees and elbows. He isn't taking any chances that she'll get away. Oh no, he's waited too long for this moment to have his way with hot Natalie. Once she's thoroughly roped up, the stalker rips her top and lacy black bra down and starts groping Natalie's amazing and really huge tits.

Now he's ready for a blowjob! Natalie tries to fight him off, so he grabs her by the hair and pulls her unwilling mouth to his hard cock. Helpless, Natalie has no choice but to suck that big, hard cock and for as he long as he tells her to. And he wants this blowjob to last a very long time, indeed. He can see Natalie's big tits, pantyhose-clad legs and high heels as he looks down and watches his throbbing dick being sucked off.

Will Natalie be untied after she gives this dude the blowjob of his life or will he just keep her as his bondage play toy?

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