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November 22, 2022

Redhead Acidalia Sabine Tied & Tape Gagged by Robber Who Came for the Money, Took the Pussy Instead! (FULL HD – 12:45 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Redhead Acidalia Sabine was chillin' at home in her miniskirt and high heels when a masked man comes in with a gun! He orders this young thing to put her hands up, then demands to know where the money is. But this pretty damsel is coming up empty handed. The masked robber tells her, "Honey, you got something else I want. I bet your pussy is as pretty as your face!"

Now he's on a new mission! He forces  Acidalia to the floor and ropes her arms apart to the legs of the table. Tired of Acidalia’s complaining and pleading, the robber stuffs her mouth with cloth. But that packing gag won't keep her quiet he thinks, so she's tapegagged with layer after layer of duct tape on top. This cute redhead with an angel's face is now much more quiet! Next, he ties her ankles up high and spread to the top of the table legs, her high heels are on display as well as her beautiful holes.

The robber strips down and fills one of those holes with his finger, priming Acidalia with some finger fucking! Then he fills her pussy with his ready cock – and fucks her hard in this strict bondage sex position as only "Thundercock" can!  Poor Acidalia moans and struggles as she's pounded, plowed, groped and taunted!

Eventually, he chucks his love seed inside her, then says he's going to have a glass of wine and come back for more! Sweet redhead Acidalia is left crying on the floor as the robber strolls off to get a drink.
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November 16, 2022

Natasha Flade Suffers Strap-On Revenge Bondage Sex in Garters & Stockings for Fucking Chloe's Husband! (FULL HD – 14 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade is on the sofa, putting on makeup, wearing sexy thigh-high stockings and garters. She also dons a lacy bra and black panties. Obviously, Natasha is headed out to get some dick! Chloe Night comes storming down the hall and she’s got a gun! She orders Natasha to stand up and cross her hands behind her and ties them there. This is no robbery—Chloe says she knows that Natasha’s been fucking her husband and she bets Natasha's getting all dressed up to meet him right now!

Natasha calls Chloe delusional, which makes Chloe even more furious! She shuts her up with a cleave gag between her lips, pushes Natasha over the sofa and rips her panties right off! She ties one pantyhose-clad ankle to the sofa leg, the other leg is tied up on the coffee table -- for easier access for her vengeful plans! Chloe fondles and spanks Natasha's bare ass, then pulls her tits out from that sexy AF bra. Chloe gropes Natasha's tits as she lets her know what she's got in store!

Chloe returns with a huge rubber cock! She straps it on and waves it in Natasha's face! Natasha is begging her to stop, but Chloe is mean as fuck, and she's getting her revenge today if it's the last thing she ever does! She plunges that huge strap-on into Natasha’s pussy for some serious revenge bondage sex! Chloe wanted to see what her husband was into, and now’s she’s into Natasha herself!

This video is some of the finest girl-girl, strap-on bondage sex action you'll ever find! You don't want to miss out on this one!

Cute behind the scenes at the end!

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November 9, 2022

Chloe Night Held Up for Barefoot Doggystyle Fucking in Jeans with Cumshot! (FULL HD – 10:15 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Blonde Chloe Night was relaxing in her bedroom alone. She’s barefoot on the bed, wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt when a robber comes in with a stocking covering his head and a gun in his hand! He orders the frightened Chloe to put her hands up and announces she’s being robbed! The intruder Sergio takes a trinket off Chloe’s nightstand, then removes her necklace right off her neck.

But Chloe is making too much fuss, so he tells her, sorry, but you’re going to be tied and gagged! Chloe begs him to please just leave, but he’s not having any of that. Instead, the robber pulls some rope from his pockets. He forces Chloe to cross her hands behind her back to be tied together. With his captive a bit more manageable now, the home invader starts groping her tits, just to have some fun, all of which causes Chloe much distress. Then the helpless damsel in distress is forced to kneel on the bed so the robber can tie her bare feet together, too. Fabulous shots here of Chloe’s lovely barefoot soles! But now it’s time for the gagging! Chloe is cleave gagged with a thick, knotted scarf. Her captor unceremoniously bends her over and pulls down her jeans and panties. Now her bare ass is pointing the right way for easy access!

This is definitely way more than a robbery! And way more than just a LITTLE fun! Chloe’s ass gets some serious groping, then the robber licks his fingers before probing her pussy with his fingers. Now he’s ready to get down to business. He pulls his pants down and gets rock hard as he fondles Chloe’s perfect ass some more. Then in goes his big hard cock! Sergio the intruder seriously intrudes Chloe’s pussy for some classic, hard-bangin’, doggystyle bondage sex. Being tightly cleave gagged like she is, the whimpering Chloe can’t protest much.

Sergio pounds that pussy until he finally reaches climax and cums right on Chloe’s back and ass for a very cool cumshot! He menaces the helpless blonde some more before he adjusts his pants and goes about his business of robbing her place. Poor Chloe just lays there, bound and gagged on the bed, not knowing what to think about this horrible situation.

Includes some behind-the-scenes footage at the end!

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November 3, 2022

Spendy Wife Natasha Flade Bent Over & Fucked in Pantyhose for Buying a Fur Coat! (FULL HD – 13:45 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Wife Natasha Flade is showing off her expensive fur coat to her husband, Isaac W., who gets unhinged at her irresponsible spending! She said it was on sale for $900. But that only left their bank account with $100! Isaac is enraged and he's had enough of his wife’s frivolous spending. He strips that fur coat right off of her! She’s left in her sweater, skirt, pantyhose and high heels.

She’s spun around and pushed over onto the bed. Her hands are crossed and tied up as she resists and apologizes. Too late! This isn’t the first time, but he's making sure it's the last! He ties her wriggling high heels together, then grabs his wife, now bound hand and foot, and tosses her right onto the bed! Then he gags her with a knotted cleave. That knot is pretty big, and she looks stunning cleave gagged like that!

Isaac pulls her skirt up and rubs and spanks her pantyhose-covered ass. He strips her pantyhose down and kneads her fine ass, then rubs his hard cock on her naked thighs. Next he mercilessly thrusts that same cock inside his naughty wife while she's tied bent over and ass up, hands still bound behind her back, ankles roped together. She's fucked hard from behind like that, tied up hand and foot and kneeling, in doggystyle fashion.

This spendy wife must endure this bondage sex punishment that her husband is doling out. But does she really learn her lesson? Will she change her spending habits? Or will she be bad again one day to get this kind of bondage sex treatment?

Over two minutes of outtakes and bloopers at the end!

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October 26, 2022

Cheating Wife Natasha Flade Punished with Kneeling Bondage Blowjob in Miniskirt & Heels, Gagged to Keep His Cum In! (11 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE FROM 2007 RE-EDITED FROM THE SOURCE TAPES! Wife Natasha Flade is at home in her miniskirt, pantyhose and open toe heels. Her husband, Isaac W., is outraged because he just found out that his darling housewife gave his friend Paul a blowjob! He's especially enraged since he hasn't been getting anything at home. Isaac decides he's getting some action whether his wife likes it or not! His plan of action: a forced bondage blowjob!

He forces Natasha down onto her knees and ties her hands behind her back, then strictly binds her elbows. Next he ties her thighs and ankles together. But Natasha is still complaining, so Isaac handgags her while he fishes out his hard cock and crams that into her whiny mouth. That should shut her up! Then wifey Natasha is forced to suck him off while she's tied kneeling on the hard floor. At last he's getting some! He even snaps some phone photos to memorialize this blowjob! When Isaac cums in his wife's mouth, he makes sure she swallows his giz by handgagging her so she has no choice but to take it all in!

Then he gags Natasha with two wraps of a long scarf and tells her to keep her mouth shut unless his dick is headed towards it! Now that his darling housewife is both bound and cleave gagged, Isaac strips her top down and gropes her boobs just for the heck of it -- and to punish her more for cheating on him like that. How dare she! Isaac thinks about letting her go, but nah, she's better off tied up and gagged on the floor for a while. So he just leaves her there, smugly satisfied at the helpless situation he's placed her in. Maybe she'll think twice now before giving blowjobs to his friends!

Includes an outtake at the end!

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October 20, 2022

Natasha Flade Gets the Strapon for Wearing Fur! Forced to Strip & Fucked by Animal Activist, Chloe Night! (15:30 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE SOURCE TAPES! Natasha Flade comes strolling home in her fur coat, only to be met by PETA activist Chloe Night and her big gun! Natasha’s forced to strip at gunpoint down to just her pantyhose and heels. Natasha’s standing there, topless. She tries to cover her breasts with her hands, but Chloe lays her weapon down and forces Natasha to get up on the chaise.

She binds her hands up over her head and attaches them to the leg of the sofa. Once her wrists are bound, Chloe pulls Natasha’s heels and pantyhose off. Then our helpless damsel is gagged with a 2-piece number: a large, folded cloth held in place with her own pantyhose! She grabs her legs and ties them spread apart, so all her private parts are exposed. Now that Chloe has Natasha tied nude spread and pantyhose-gagged, she threatens Natasha with her huge gun, then strolls off to search for all of Natasha’s fur coats.

Poor Natasha is left to struggle on the chaise, her bare feet wiggling all about as she tries to free herself from her bonds before Chloe returns to exact revenge on her for wearing fur! But Chloe does return — wearing a huge rubber cock! She decides to let Natasha know how it feels to be treated in such a horrible manner — by fucking her with a huge strap-on! Natasha endures this violation while Chloe taunts her and pounds that pussy hard. She really lets Natasha have it with some serious strap-on bondage punishment. Poor Natasha mews and moans, helpless to stop Chloe’s relentless fucking.

But for the chilling climax! Once Chloe has her way with the helplessly bound and gagged damsel, she tries on the fur cost herself and decides it feels pretty good after all…so she steals it!

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October 11, 2022

Natalie Minx Forced to Strip Naked at Gunpoint for Chairtied Blowjob with HUGE Cumshot! (17:30 min)

RE-EDITED FROM THE 2010 ORIGINAL SOURCE TAPE! Brunette, buxom Natalie Minx was home alone when a masked intruder with a gun holds her up in the bedroom! He forces her to strip! Natalie obeys. First, she removes her top and we begin to see just how huge her tits are. Next goes the jeans, so now she's just in her bra and panties. Off comes the bra and BAM! We're hit with the enormity and beauty of those fantastic boobs. Once those panties hit the floor, she's guided to a chair and then roped to it -- totally nude.

Once chairtied and naked, the intruder takes a necklace and tells her that's all that he will remove of hers -- as long as he gets a great blowjob from her. Natalie is in shock, protesting this madness, but he unzips his pants and in her mouth goes his huge cock! Now she gets it! She sucks him off (and we get all angles of this nude forced-blowjob) and when he cums, he throws his massive spunk-load all over those legendary tits!

Just when Natalie thought her day couldn't get any worse, he cleave-gags her with a knotted scarf and leaves her there with his enormous load cum all over her huge tits!

One cute outtake at the end!

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October 5, 2022

Contractor Finds Natasha Flade Chairtied in Heels in Home Invasion & Takes a Bondage Blowjob! (FULL HD – 8:15 min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade has been held up and robbed. She’s chairtied in her yellow sundress and white high heels, bound but not gagged, and struggling to get loose. She’s not making any progress when she hears someone at the door downstairs and calls out for help. It’s the contractor she hired to fix up her kitchen. The contractor (Isaac W.) hears her screams and comes rushing in. To his amusement, he finds the poor damsel chair bound. Natasha explains the situation and tells him how glad she is that he’s here right now to fix the oven.

But to her surprise, Isaac doesn’t make any moves at all to untie her! Instead, he starts to unzip his pants, which sends Natasha into a panic. She starts screaming, which only gets her handgagged. Isaac explains that she’s just a bitch who treats him like dirt every time he comes over to fix something, and now is his chance to get a little something back. He promises to untie her and call it even – if she sucks his cock and makes him cum!

Natasha has little wriggle room to argue, given the situation, so she reluctantly accepts his hard, throbbing member into her mouth and gives him the  bondage blowjob he’s forcing upon her. As she does the business of sucking his cock, Isaac slips down the top of her sundress. He’s always wanted to see her gorgeous tits, and now he has the pleasure of playing with and fondling them as she’s sucking him off. This is a really unexpected (but welcome) turn of events for his day! He cums in this rich bitch’s mouth! So will he untie her after all?

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September 28, 2022

Natasha Flade Abducted While Sleeping! Panty Gagged in Her Robe & Fucked by Masked Intruder! (12:30 min)

RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2009 SOURCE TAPE! Natasha Flade is abducted while sleeping! A masked intruder creeps up on the sleeping Natasha Flade, barefoot in her silk robe, and handgags her! Natasha awakens and the intruder orders her to be quiet while he ties her wrists together in front. She's sat upright, then he pulls her robe open and plays with her tits. Natasha struggles and tries to fight him off as he forces her legs apart and rips her panties off! Then he shoves her wadded-up panties in her mouth, then he uses her robe sash as a cleave gag over that. Poor Natasha is panty gagged with her own undies!

Natasha's wrists are pulled up and tethered down to a leg of the chaise. The intruder sits down next to his helpless damsel and gropes her tits, then he pulls out more ropes to finish tying her up. Now Natasha is tied spread and naked on the sofa, Eiffel Tower style. One bare foot dangles over the sofa back, the other is tied below to the chaise leg. The masked intruder grabs those titties once again, but now he's ready for some bondage sex action!

His clothes are shucked off, so he's wearing a mask and nothing else! Natasha squirms and squeals as he plunges his cock inside! She's getting fucked nice and hard today, helpless to stop this violation of her beautiful, bound body. This is not the nap she planned to take...!

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September 22, 2022

Natasha Flade Abducted in Bed by Stocking-Masked Intruder for Bondage Sex in Nightie with Cumshot! (FULL HD – 14:30 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade was gently slumbering in the boudoir when an intruder slips in quietly, masked by a stocking over his head. He creeps up on Natasha, places a hand hard over her mouth in a tight handgag. Her eyes widen with shock and fear. The intruder shushes her, makes her promise that she won’t scream. She nods her head, and he removes his hand from her lips.

She is sat upright in the bed and her hands are brought together in front of her. Rope encircles her wrists as he ties them tightly together. He tells Natasha that he’s only here to rob her house, but he must tie her up and gag her to make sure she doesn’t interfere.  Once her wrists are securely bound, he removes a knotted bandanna from his pocket and forces it between Natasha’s lips for a thick knotted cleave gag.

Now she’s laid down on her back, and her bound wrists are pulled up and tied to the headboard. He rips off her panties and strokes her belly and pussy. He pulls up  her skimpy, pink nightie and plays with her tits. Then her left leg is stretched out and her bare foot tied down to the post at the foot of the bed.

Now the intruder is unzipping his pants, and Natasha’s wort fears are realized. He didn’t tie her up to steal her stuff, but to fuck her! After the last of his clothes are shucked, he props her leg in the air over his shoulder and thrusts his cock into the bound and gagged Natasha. Wearing nothing but his stocking mask, he fucks Natasha, who’s helpless in her bondage. When it’s time, he cums all over her naked belly – a beautiful cumshot for the finale!

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September 13, 2022

Secretary Natasha Flade Bent Over Table in Heels for Bondage Sex Birthday Gift! (FULL HD - 9:17)

NOW IN FULL HD! Secretary Natasha Flade has been kidnapped after coming home from the office! She's tied bent over the dining room table in her red dress and black high heels. Her legs are bound wide apart to the table legs and her hands tied crossed behind her back. She's been cleave gagged with a thick scarf and the cloth is stifling her cries. As she squirms and struggles in her bondage, we're treated to great shots of every angle - her gagged face, her high heels, and that fine ass wiggling beneath her slinky office dress.

But our secretary doesn’t get close to loosening a single knot before her shirtless captor returns. He tells her that his friends tied her up like this as a birthday present for him! Excited to enjoy his "gift," he pulls down the top of her dress and fondles her tits. Her dress is pulled up and to his surprise, her ass is bare! No panties to bother with! The captor plays with Natasha's fine, naked ass.  Then he drops his pants around his knees, whips out his throbbing cock and plunges it into Natasha's pussy. Poor Natasha gets fucked from behind, in doggystyle fashion, for the remainder of the video until her captor shoots his load inside her! What a great birthday gift for the man today!

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September 8, 2022

Natasha Flade Plugged with Strap-On for Star Nine’s Revenge Fuck!
(FULL HD – 10:15 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha was watching some late TV after a night at the club. She's on the sofa in her hot red dress, pantyhose and high heels. Suddenly, in barges Star Nine! She accuses Natasha of being a skank and trying to steal her man. Natasha denies everything, but things escalate quickly! Star grabs Natasha and drags her to the end of the sofa, then pins her wrists behind her and ties them together.

Natasha is still being mouthy, so Star produces a thick scarf and gags her with it, getting two wraps of that cloth in her mouth before tying it off. Natasha’s cleave-gagged, but she’s still protesting! Next, Star kneels down and binds Natasha’s ankles wide apart to opposite legs of the couch. She leaves the helplessly bound and gagged Natasha to struggle for a bit.

But when Star returns, she's wearing a huge strap-on, all ready to go! Star intends to teach Natasha one very hard lesson! Natasha is aghast when she sees Star approaching, but she can't get away. Star pushes Natasha over the arm of the sofa, peels her pantyhose from her ass, and plunges that colossal rubber cock inside her, making Natasha squeal through her thick cleave gag.

Star really gets into it, too! She whips her own skirt and blouse off, so now Star's fucking Natasha in just her bra, panties and high heels. Star's tits are bouncing as she plugs Natasha hard from behind, her hips thrusting, her blonde hair flying, laughing and taunting our distraught damsel while she plunges that huge dildo inside her pussy. Star gets her revenge fuck all right!

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September 1, 2022

Housewife Natasha Flade Forced to Make Blowjob Videos to Pay Her Credit Card Bills! (FULL HD – 9 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Housewife Natasha Flade is really racking up the bills! Her husband, Isaac W., has her all tied up barefoot on the bed in her sweater, panties and nothing else! Her legs and ankles are bound and connected to the headboard. Her hands are tied in front and connected to the post at the footboard. She’s on her belly, stretched out, her soles pointing up.

Natasha complains, not knowing why her husband has her all tied up like this. Finally, he explains and points to the camera he has set up on a tripod in the room. He tells her they have to do something about all the credit card debt she’s been racking up, so he's decided he's going to sell bondage blowjob videos on the internet to pay off her debts!

She doesn’t like the idea, but now here’s his cock headed toward her mouth, and it’s not like she can escape this situation. So in goes the dick, and Natasha does as she's told and sucks her husband's cock. Isaac doesn’t mind this method of generating a little cash since he’s having fun with his rod getting sucked off.

But after he cums in her mouth, he doesn’t let his wife go. Instead, he takes a long scarf and gags her with two wraps through her lips. Then he puts on his pants while poor, helpless Natasha is struggling all tied up and knotted cleave gagged on the bed. As he leaves, Isaac informs her to keep on struggling because bondage dudes love this shit!

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August 23, 2022

Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Strips Natasha Flade for Doggystyle Bondage Sex in Heels! (13 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE 2009 SOURCE TAPE! Natasha Flade and Isaac W. were dating for a little bit, then she decided to friend-zone him. Now, two weeks later, this jealous ex-boyfriend storms in, unannounced, because he heard that Natasha's already dating some other guy! Isaac finds her reading in the bedroom in her tight blue dress and high heels. He's really angry and starts going off about how this is total bullshit! "You didn't even fuck me, and now you're already fucking some new guy?!" Natasha tries to explain that there just wasn't any chemistry between them and to please just leave, but this just sends Isaac into a rage. He grabs Natasha and forces her down onto the bed, then pulls her hands behind her back and ties them crossed.

Then Isaac grabs a thick, woolly scarf to gag her with. He isn't letting her get away with this! She'll fuck him one way or another! With his captive cleave gagged and bound at the wrists, this jealous ex drags Natasha to the foot of the bed and bends her over the edge. He hikes her dress up and rips her panties off. He grabs each ankle and ties them to opposite posts at the foot of the bed. Her heels dangle and wiggle about as Natasha tries to struggle from his grasp.

Now that Isaac has Natasha tied bent over with her legs spread wide and her beautiful body nude from the waist down, he's finally going to get what he's always wanted! Sex! He pounds that pussy hard from behind, doggystyle, grabbing onto Natasha's bound wrists for better leverage. Natasha cries out from behind her thick cleave gag, but she's helpless to stop him from fucking her and eventually Isaac cums all over that perfect, naked ass for a great cumshot finale!

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August 17, 2022

Secretary Natasha Flade Forced to Take Cock & Strap-On at the Same Time! (16:45 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE 2009 SOURCE TAPE! Secretary Natasha was relaxing at home in bed (high heels, slacks and office blouse) when co-worker Chloe Night barges in with a gun! She accuses Natasha of getting her fired and fucking the boss. Natasha denies everything, but Chloe isn't buying it! She forces Natasha to start stripping at gunpoint, then ties her hands in front before grabbing those perfect tits.

Next, Chloe takes a knotted scarf and shoves it between Natasha's lips so she's gagged nice and tight! She pulls Natasha over and ties her with her ass up in the air, hands attached in front to the footboard of the bed. Then she ropes her ankles together (good high heel shots here!) and tethers her thigh to a bed post. With Natasha securely bound, Chloe jumps into the bed with her and pulls down her slacks and panties. She slaps that perfect ass, then leaves Natasha to struggle for a bit.

When Chloe returns, she's wearing a huge strap-on! Natasha is frantic as Chloe climbs aboard and rams that huge rubber cock inside her. Chloe is busy fucking her frustrations out on poor tied-up secretary Natasha when the boss (Isaac W.) comes strolling in! He demands to know what is going on! He grabs Chloe's gun and holds her up!  But he changes his tune and decides he wants a piece of the action, too! He orders Chloe to get back to fucking Natasha, then he removes the gag from Natasha's mouth - and replaces it with his cock!

Natasha is forced to give her boss a bondage blowjob while she's getting strap-on fucked by Chloe. It's double penetration time! Poor secretary Natasha Flade is forced to take it from both ends: strap-on fucked by Chloe while sucking Isaac's cock at the same time! This is a strap-on bondage sex and bondage blowjobs video for the ages! You don't want to miss out on this video!

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August 10, 2022

Unwilling Date Natasha Flade Tied Kneeling Strappado for Forced Blowjob! (12:40 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE 2009 SOURCE TAPE!Natasha Flade and her date (Isaac W.) have just gotten back to Natasha’s house. Natasha tells him she has to get up early for work and she’s going to bed — alone. Her date gets angry, so he grabs Natasha and handgags her. He tells her he’s tired of taking her out for all these weeks and not getting any sex at all!

He demands a blowjob, but she refuses. Since she’s not going to give him one willingly, he has to tie her up for a forced blowjob! He ties her wrists together her back, then forces her to her knees on the floor. Natasha’s bound wrists are then hoisted up and she’s tied kneeling, strappado style, to the railing above her. Her ankles are bound together next.

Natasha begs him to promise that he’ll let her go afterwards. Reluctantly, she sucks his cock while she’s tied strappado on her knees. Then Isaac undoes her sweater, pulls her bra down, and play with her tits while she’s blowing him. He fucks Natasha’s mouth with his hard cock until he finally explodes in her mouth. But will he let Natasha Flade go afterwards?

Natasha Flade is wearing a sweater, miniskirt, black tights and Mary Jane heels for this bondage blowjobs video!

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August 3, 2022

The Wait Is Long & My Dick Is Hard! Fucking Natasha Flade While Waiting for the Ransom! (11:15 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE 2009 SOURCE TAPE! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped! She’s tied and tapegagged on the couch in her miniskirt, barefoot. Beside her sits the gangster, Isaac W., who was ordered to watch her until the ransom is retrieved. He lazily reads a magazine while Natasha sits by helplessly, making little moans and mews every now and then.

But her kidnapper is getting bored. It’s been three hours and there’s a bound and gagged woman right there next to him, so he decides to have a little fun with her! He strips her of her top and gropes her tits, then bends her over the sofa, kneeling. He pulls down her miniskirt and panties to get a gander at her nice, tight ass. He gropes and fondles those perfect buns before stripping off his own clothes and shoving his cock inside Natasha, bondage sex style.

Our kidnapped damsel is helpless as she’s taken from behind, doggystyle fashion, her captor’s cock thrusting hard inside her. Isaac thinks to himself that this is a far more productive use of his time as a kidnapper than reading some magazine! But there’s still no ransom money! So he hoists Natasha back up onto the sofa next to him, still tied up and tapegagged, but now nearly naked. After all, his dick will be ready again soon.

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July 28, 2022

Natasha Flade Ballgagged & Tied In Just Heels for Strap-On Bondage Sex by Lesbian Blind Date Daphne Paige! (10:12 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2010 TAPE! Natasha Flade shows up for her blind date with "Dan," whom she met on the internet. Natasha's all ready, looking hot in her miniskirt and high heels. She's all excited, but then Dan turns out to be a woman! It's Daphne Paige, a hot lesbian who lied and tricked Natasha into showing up.

Natasha is disgusted by the ruse and tries to leave, but Daphne grabs her! She's handgagged and wrestled down in quite a struggle! But Daphne is much stronger and poor Natasha winds up naked in just her high heels, tied bent over on the chaise, her ass up in the air.  Daphne leaves her like that for a bit, but she comes back with a big ball gag and wearing a huge strap-on!

She forces that rubber ball in Natasha's mouth and secures the leather straps. With Natasha now ballgagged and bound ass-up in just her heels, lesbian trickster Daphne gets down to business! She fucks Natasha from behind, ramming her pussy again and again with that huge strap-on! Natasha struggles, moans and cries, but eventually pleasure overtakes her and she succumbs to a forced orgasm. Not at all what she was expecting!

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July 20, 2022

Secretary Natasha Flade Tricked Into Strappado Blowjob When Insurance Scam Gone Wrong! (13:10 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2009 TAPE! She thought she had it all worked out. Secretary Natasha Flade was in need of some money, so she calls over Isaac W. to help her run an insurance scam. Now Isaac is an ex-convict, but a friend of a friend recommended him for this job. Natasha tells Isaac to tie her up and ransack the place, then she’ll claim she was robbed and file an insurance claim. Her valuables have already been placed in storage, so it’s an easy money grab. Or so she thinks.

Isaac gets to work, tying her hands behind her, then ropes her ankles together. He hauls her wrists up behind her in a standing strappado position. Natasha starts complaining that the ropes are too tight and uncomfortable. So Isaac handgags her, hen he ruthlessly pulls her blouse down and pulls her tits out!

Natasha is horrified. This was not part of the plan! What she doesn’t know is that Isaac doesn’t want some paltry cut from this job — what he really wants is a bondage blowjob from a tied up secretary who looks so damn hot! After all, he would have spent that money on hookers anyway, and here’s this beauty all tied up and ready to go, so why not?

He forces a kiss upon Natasha’s pretty lips, then fondles her gorgeous tits. Natasha tries to fight him off, but it’s no use and Isaac’s cock finds its way inside Natasha’s mouth. He rams that hard rod back and forth between her lips, getting one helluva of blowjob! But will he be honorable and let Natasha go in the end?

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July 14, 2022

Wife Natasha Flade Won’t Put Out Until She’s Wrestled Down & Tied Up!
(14 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX FROM 2010 RE-EDITED FROM THE SOURCE TAPES! Wife Natasha Flade is in the bedroom, barefoot in her sexy little nightgown. She’s approached by her husband, Isaac W., who says she promised that tonight they would finally have some sex. Natasha of course has no recollection of this. She tells him that she’s tired and is getting ready to go to sleep. Isaac persists, saying that they have not had sex in a long time. Too long. But Natasha is adamant about going to bed sans any sex action.

Isaac loses his shit! He handgags Natasha, then forces her to the floor and starts tying her up. Her wrists are tied spread to legs of the dresser. He rips Natasha’s purple panties from her body as she struggles and tries to fight him off. And his wife’s noisy protests and screams are getting on his last nerve, so he grabs a scarf and stuffs it between Natasha’s lips for a tight cleave gag.

Then he gropes and fondles her beautiful naked body before climbing aboard. In goes his dick for some good loving. This husband is getting what he wants and deserves — some damn good fucking! Finally! Having to tie his wife up for bondage sex on the floor is really just an added bonus!

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July 6, 2022

Natasha Flade Tied in Heels for Bondage Sex on the Bed by Pissed-Off Contractor (13:17 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX RE-EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL 2010 TAPES! Natasha Flade hired a contractor to put her new bedroom furniture together. She’s in the bedroom in her cute yellow sundress and high heels when he arrives. But Natasha starts complaining, telling him that he’s just taking way too long. Finally, she threatens not to pay him.

The contractor gets really pissed off at her constant bitching, so he jumps Natasha and wrestles her down — right on the brand new bed! Natasha tries to struggle free, but the contractor grabs her wrists and ties them together, all the while taunting her about what he’s going to do to make her pay. He needs to get some silence from this women, so he stuffs Natasha’s mouth with a huge white cloth and keeps it tightly in her mouth by wrapping her head with an ace bandage. Now poor Natasha is quite seriously double gagged with both a stuffer and the ace bandage wrapped over it!

Natasha’s panties are stripped from her body. He ties her ankles together, then attaches them to the top of the new bed’s canopy. But now the contractor wants to see how well this new bed is for fucking! So he strips down and thrusts his throbbing cock inside helpless Natasha’s pussy! He may not be getting paid, but he made sure that he got laid! Includes outtakes at the end!

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June 30, 2022

Blonde Bank Teller Natasha Flade Barefoot Hogtied for Blowjob by Angry Client! (11:30 Min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO FROM 2007 RE-EDITED! Bank teller Natasha Flade, during a blonde phase back in 2007, was sitting on the chaise, barefoot in her tight, sexy dress. She was relaxing at home when an angry customer, Isaac W., barges in! Isaac has a serious beef about his banking business and he means to get some satisfaction! He tried to get a $10,000 withdrawal, but Natasha refused to give him any cash, claiming "bank policy" prevented her from doing so. Isaac isn't buying that explanation, though!

He grabs the lovely blonde teller and pins her arms behind her back, then her wrists are tied crossed. Natasha is flipped over onto her belly, and she's tied at the ankles, her beautiful soles on display! Natasha tries protesting as she's hogtied on the chaise right in her own home. But her big mouth lands her into trouble! When she won't stop complaining about how ridiculous she thinks this is, she gets handgagged and informed that she's only making matters worse.

Then Isaac whips out his cock. "I don't have any control over the money at the bank!" Natasha cries. "Let me go and I'll call the manager for you!" "Not good enough!" is Isaac's response. He's looked around her house, and not finding anything that can compensate him, he decides he'll get some satisfaction a different way - with a nice bondage blowjob from a hot blonde bank teller! Then he shoves his big dick right into that mouthy teller's yap.

Helplessly bound and gagged on the chaise, poor Natasha can do nothing to stop him. Her only choice is to give this weirdo a good blowjob and and hope for the best! So she sucks that cock off really good and it's getting the client all worked up. Now he wants to see even more! He pulls Natasha's dress down so he can grope and fondle her tits while he's getting himself one heck of a hogtied bondage blowjob! Such a great blowjob that he shoots his load of cum in her mouth.

Now he grabs a knotted scarf and shoves it between Natasha's lips for a nice, tight cleave gag. He sucks her boobs and gropes her fine ass for a bit before taking off, leaving our blonde damsel hogtied barefoot and topless on the chaise, struggling to get loose from her bonds before this crazy weirdo returns!

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June 23, 2022

Chloe Bent Over in Heels, Gets the Strap-On for Natasha’s Stolen Buddha! (FULL HD - 9:30 MIN)

NOW IN FULL HD! Natasha Flade had her antique bronze Buddha stolen at her last party, and she’s convinced that Chloe Night is the culprit. She enters Chloe’s home with a gun in one hand and a pile of ropes in the other! She finds Chloe sitting on the couch in a sexy minidress and high heels. She holds Chloe up and demands to know where her stolen Buddha is. Chloe denies everything, so Natasha grabs her and pulls her to her feet.

With the gun in her face, Chloe does as she’s told. Her hands are tied behind her back, then she’s cleave-gagged with a long scarf. Natasha pushes Chloe over to the couch where she winds up bent over the sofa arm, her legs tied apart, her naked ass exposed and vulnerable. Natasha holds the gun to Chloe’s head and interrogates her as to the whereabouts of her precious Buddha. But Chloe refuses to admit that she’s the thief, so Natasha resolves to fuck the truth from her!

Natasha leaves for a bit, then returns — wearing a huge strap-on! She teases Chloe with that rubber cock in her face, giving her one last chance to confess. But Chloe still refuses to admit she stole anything, so Natasha gets behind Chloe and plunges that strap-on into her pussy. Poor Chloe is ridiculed as she’s ridden hard, bondage sex style. Natasha really gives it to her, slamming that pussy with all she’s got! She removes her own top, so now her tits are jiggling as she fucks Chloe with the strap-on from behind. But Chloe refuses to relent, so more drastic measures are needed. Natasha threatens to fuck Chloe up the ass if she doesn’t spill the beans!

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June 15, 2022

Secretary Chloe Night Skipped Work, Has to Fuck the Boss Bondage Sex Style Keep Her Job! (FULL HD – 14:50 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Secretary Chloe Night skipped out on her office job. She’s sitting on the sofa in her dress, black pantyhose and high heels. She's chatting with her girlfriend about heading out to a festival while she plays hooky when her boss, Sergio, strolls in! He was worried when Chloe didn’t show up for work, but he overheard that she was skipping work to have some fun instead, so he fires his secretary right on the spot! Chloe begs Sergio to please give back her job. “Isn’t there anything at all I can do?” she pleads. Yes there is! Her boss tells her that a little bit of bondage (and more!) may hasten her rehire.

She’s being blackmailed into fucking her boss to keep her job! But she doesn't feel she has any choice, so Chloe reluctantly submits to letting herself be tied up pretty damn well. Then Sergio pulls up her dress, peels back her bra cups and starts groping her tits. Now Chloe decides she’s had enough and demands that Sergio stop!

That means it’s gagging time! Sergio plugs her mouth hole with a knotted cleave gag fashioned from a scarf. He stands her up, then fondles her breasts and strokes her ass and pussy. Now Sergio is all horned up! He bends Chloe over on the sofa, kneeling, her bare ass pointing straight at his hard cock.

Sergio thrusts his cock inside Chloe’s pussy and starts fucking her doggystyle! This wayward and rebellious secretary is getting some serious pounding! He finally shoots his load and cums on Chloe's back and ass for a great cumshot scene! Chloe’s pretty upset and sobbing, but hey, she is getting her job back after all, so she really should be happy and thankful!

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June 9, 2022

Secretary Natalie Minx Tied at Gunpoint & Forced to Suck Stalker Fan's Cock (FULL HD - 13:50 min.)

NOW IN FULL HD! Tall and buxom redhead, Natalie Minx, had just gotten home from the bar. She fell asleep on the sofa still in her sexy pantyhose, dress and high heels. Little does she know, but a fan has been stalking her! Natalie awakens to a masked man aiming at gun right at her! He orders her to put her hands behind her back then he ties them there.

When Natalie makes a fuss, he uses her gun to get her back under control, then finishes the business of getting her all tied up: ankles, knees and elbows. He isn't taking any chances that she'll get away. Oh no, he's waited too long for this moment to have his way with hot Natalie. Once she's thoroughly roped up, the stalker rips her top and lacy black bra down and starts groping Natalie's amazing and really huge tits.

Now he's ready for a blowjob! Natalie tries to fight him off, so he grabs her by the hair and pulls her unwilling mouth to his hard cock. Helpless, Natalie has no choice but to suck that big, hard cock and for as he long as he tells her to. And he wants this blowjob to last a very long time, indeed. He can see Natalie's big tits, pantyhose-clad legs and high heels as he looks down and watches his throbbing dick being sucked off.

Will Natalie be untied after she gives this dude the blowjob of his life or will he just keep her as his bondage play toy?

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