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May 24, 2023

Trust Fund Manager Gets Hot Blonde Client Acidalia Sabine Chairtied for Bondage Blowjob as Payment! (11:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Improved Quality, Color & Sound! Hot blonde Acidalia Sabine has her trust fund manager over for a meeting at her dining room table. She’s in her cute little sundress and barefoot. Sergio (aka “Thundercock”) is going over her inherited monies and mentions that in all these years he’s never taken a fee for managing any of it.  He tells her that instead of biting into her money, he would prefer a “personal arrangement.”

When Acidalia asks what he means exactly, he gets behind her and pulls her hands behind the chair back. Then she’s informed that he’s going to tie her up and she’s going to suck his cock! Understandably, she’s a little nervous and reluctant about this. But she doesn’t resist that much as she asks, “Why do I have to be tied-up?” Sergio replies that he likes his girls that way. Acidalia’s hands are soon tied crossed behind the chair back, then her ankles are bound.

Sergio unzips his pants and whips out his cock. Having really no choice at this point, the helpless Acidalia opens her mouth and accepts Sergio’s big member. Not just accepts it, she’s giving Sergio a really good bondage blowjob! Her dress is pulled down and Sergio plays with her tits while he’s getting blown. As Sergio enjoys this fantastic blowjob, we’re treated to lot of angles and close-ups of the cock sucking action and of Acidalia all roped up to that chair.

She sucks that rod until “Thundercock” explodes with a big load of cum in her mouth. What a nice way to get paid!

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May 18, 2023

Chloe Night Post-Tied Standing & Fucked in Nightie After Ditching Dinner Date! (9:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Chloe Night is in her bedroom, barefoot and wearing her slinky nightie. She’s getting ready to go to bed when Sergio comes barging in! Chloe ditched him earlier during their date by saying she was going to the restroom — but she never came back! Sergio is furious. He starts to argue with Chloe, then grabs her and starts tying her wrists together.

He exclaims that he showed Chloe a good time and now she’s going to show him a good time, too! He hoists her bound wrists up to the top of the bedpost. Chloe gets scared and starts to make a lot of noise, so Sergio cleave-gags her, then hikes her nightie up and starts to play with her tits and pussy!

His dick is getting pretty hard after all this, so he whips it out and starts rubbing it against Chloe’s hot ass. Then he slips his hard cock inside her and fucks poor Chloe from behind while she’s tied up to that bedpost. Chloe gets the rough bondage sex from Sergio until he cums — shooting his load all over Chloe’s naked ass! Satisfied at last, Sergio takes his clothes and leaves Chloe all alone, bound and gagged, helpless and struggling. Next time maybe she won’t ditch her dinner date!

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May 11, 2023

Natasha Flade Tries Party Pills, Gets Woozy, Gets Tied Naked & Fucked! (14:45 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade is having a party at her house. She’s in her bedroom with some dude, Isaac W., getting ready to party down. She’s looking really hot, barefoot in her miniskirt. Natasha has no clue who this guy is, and being really naive, she takes his offer to try some “party pills.” Unbeknownst to Natasha, what Isaac really gave her are some pills to make her weak and woozy. Soon, Natasha starts feeling all drugged up and falls over on her bed. She’s too weak to do anything, so the no-good Isaac does EVERYTHING!

He arranges Natasha Flade on the bed, then pulls her top up and fondles her tits. Her hands are tightly tied together in front of her. Natasha tries to stop him, but she can barely move, let alone talk. Her miniskirt and panties are shimmied down, and Isaac gropes and squeezes her naked ass. Next, she’s bound at the thighs and folded up into a half ball-tie. (Great shots here of the tying action from Isaac’s point-of-view!) Now he shucks his own clothes aside while poor Natasha lays there helplessly: drugged, naked and whimpering.

He props this drowsy damsel up on her back, legs up in the air, and plows that free pussy! She’s getting fucked hard and then some, her bare feet and soles dangling over Isaac’s shoulders. When she gets a little too noisy, Isaac handgags her. A lot. It’s not like she can really say anything after he drugged her up, but keeping her handgagged just gets him off.

After he shoots his load inside her cunny, Isaac forces more “party pills” into Natasha’s mouth to make sure she stays intoxicated! The party pills didn’t work out too well for poor Natasha, but Isaac’s having loads of fun!

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May 3, 2023

Natasha Flade Pays Lost Bet with Bondage Blowjob, Barefoot in Nightie! (6:40 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2007! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade lost a bet to Isaac W. and the deal was that the winner gets a bondage blowjob! She now here she is, barefoot in her silk nightie, all tied-up on the bed! Her wrists and ankles are attached to the bedpost, but her lovely bare feet swing in the air.

Reluctantly, Natasha takes Isaac’s cock into her mouth. She gives him a blowjob that a winner deserves and then some. And it’s a pretty damn blowjob that he gets! She polishes that nob until Isaac cums in her mouth. He grabs her head and forces her to swallow all that love juice. When Natasha complains that him cumming in her mouth wasn’t part of the deal, Isaac gags her with a thick, black scarf.

Then Isaac takes advantage of the situation. Instead of untying Natasha after she served him the blowjob he won, instead he fondles her tits and plays with her bare feet and soles! Incensed at this turn of events, Natasha yells through her cleave-gag to let her go, but he isn’t so inclined. This is turning out to be a pretty good deal for him! So he leaves Natasha to struggle, all trussed up barefoot on her own bed, telling her he’ll be back for another blowjob…or even two!

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April 27, 2023

Wife Natasha Flade Frogtied Nude & Strictly Wrap Gagged for Bondage Sex Ransom Video! (8:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2008! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Trophy wife Natasha Flade had been kidnapped! Now her captor has her back at his place and tied nude on the bed: one leg frogtied, the other bare foot in the air, elevated to the top of a high bedpost. She’s been drastically gagged with packing, an ace bandage and tape on top! Her husband hasn’t paid yet, so the kidnapper figures making a bondage sex ransom video of him fucking his hot trophy wife will make the money come a lot faster!

The kidnapper looks into the camera as he begins pounding the bound and gagged Natasha and tells her husband that it’s only going to get worse if he doesn’t pay up now! We get lots of great angles of this helpless damsel as she’s forced to endure being fucked for the ransom tape. There’s lots of great closeups of the captor’s cock ramming her hard, along with high and low shots  and angles as Natasha Flade struggles against her bonds and her kidnapper!

She’s an energetic victim. Hope the ransom money come soon — for her sake!

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April 19, 2023

Sexy Natasha Flade Owes Money, So Kneeling Bondage Blowjob In Dress & High Heels It Is! (FULL HD - 12:45min)

FULL HD! Natasha Flade bought a car from her friend, Isaac W., but now she’s two months behind! Desperate, she dresses up in a sexy dress and high heels and pays Isaac a visit. She thinks because she’s hot, he’ll let her late car payments slide. But he isn’t too impressed with her attempts to seduce him into forgiving her late installments. Finally, Isaac offers a proposal: he’ll forgive the last two payments on the condition she lets him tie her up. Natasha is hesitant, but since she’s broke, she decides to go along. She sits there while he grabs his ropes and binds her wrists behind her back, then her thighs are roped together followed by her ankles, just above her open-toe high heels.

But once Isaac has Natasha all tied up, he makes her kneel down on the floor, explaining it’s more submissive to him that way. At least he thoughtfully provides a pillow for her to kneel on. But it turns out that poor Natasha has been tricked! Isaac starts feeling her up! This wasn’t part of the deal! But Isaac just handgags her, pulls down the top of her dress and plays with her tits! Then he informs her that she has to suck his cock, too! Natasha is incensed. But since she allowed herself to be tightly tied up, she doesn’t really have any options here but to put this guy’s dick in her mouth and give him a blowjob! The only bright side is that he might just keep his word and forgive those car payments she’s late on.

So Natasha gets to work on Isaac’s cock and lets him fuck her mouth. This deal has certainly worked out great for Isaac! Not only did he get to tie up his hot AF friend, he’s getting a nice bondage blowjob out of the deal.  Natasha sucks him off  good, too. After he cums in her mouth, Natasha tells him she shouldn’t have to pay for the car at all now! But Isaac claims he never agree to that! Guess Natasha’s plans to cancel her debt didn’t work out too well for her. But they turned out splendidly for Isaac!

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April 11, 2023

Natasha Flade Frogtied in Stockings & Garters for Hot Cowgirl Bondage Sex with Her Lover! (8:15 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade is frogtied in her black thigh-high stockings and garters. Her bra cups are pulled down to expose her fine tits. She’s cleave-gagged with her hands bound tightly behind her. Natasha sits atop her lover’s cock for some really hot top-side cowgirl bondage sex!

This is pure bondage sex video! It’s 100% erotic fucking action as Natasha bounces up and down on that huge dick. Her lover (Isaac W.) spanks her ass and grabs her tits from behind. He hauls her up by her bound hands for leverage. He thrusts his cock repeatedly back inside her. Natasha tries to act like she doesn’t like being handled this way. But you know she does! It’s evident by the way she’s fucking him and mewing through her gag with desire.

And Isaac’s enjoying this rowdy cowgirl ride, vacillating between rough and ecstasy, until he finally cums and thanks the lovely Natasha by caressing and fondling her tits as she rolls her head back in sheer pleasure.

Behind the scenes are included of Natasha Flade finishing tying herself up and chats with Chloe Night, the camera operator du jour.

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April 6, 2023

Runaway Wife Natasha Flade Bent Over & Fucked Doggy Style for Ditching Her Husband! (FULL HD - 12:10 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Wife Natasha was relaxing on the sofa in her new place in her denim shorts and barefoot. She was enjoying the tranquil mood of her new home, far away from her ex-husband (Isaac W.), who was nothing but trouble. In comes her ex with a gun! He shouts that he finally found her. She can never get away from him! He says he’s taking her back home with him, but she’s not willing, which is why he has a gun – and a bunch of ropes.

He grabs Natasha and she’s ordered to stand up. With the gun at her head, her hands are tied behind her back and he gropes her tits. Then her mouth is packed with a bandanna and she's cleave gagged on top of that. Now this naughty wife is much quieter. She’s forced to kneel and Isaac bends her over and binds her bare feet together. Pulling down her shorts and panties in one swift motion, poor Natasha's ass and pussy are now nicely exposed.

He fondles that sweet ass, then drops his drawers for a go at his wife that had the nerve to leave him! After all, it’s been months since he’s gotten laid. He thrusts his big hard cock into Natasha and bangs that pussy hard from behind, doggystyle fashion. It’s some awesome bondage sex time! After he cums inside the bound and gagged (and very, very bad housewife), he says he'll wait around to recharge for another go. He's really missed fucking Natasha!
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March 28, 2023

Blonde Justine Adams Forced to Strip & Gag Herself at Gunpoint, then Fucked Ass-Up! (8:15 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO from 2010 RE-EDITED FROM THE SOURCE TAPE! This video starts out with blonde and beautiful Justine Adams in her bedroom, fluffing her pillows in her little see-through nightie ensemble. Justine is just doing her sexy girl things before going to sleep when suddenly a masked intruder with a gun barges in on her! The armed villain forces her to do his bidding. He likes his women submissive. Besides, why not let her do all his work for him?

He hands Justine a knotted bandanna and orders her to gag herself with it. Scared Justine has no choice with his gun aimed right at her! She places the knotted bandanna in her mouth and self gags herself. But the intruder isn’t finished! With the gun still pointed at her, Justine is forced into stripping naked! Reluctantly, she peels off her nightie, then strips off her panties. She stands before the intruder totally naked except for her gag. Humiliated, Justine tries to cover herself, but this armed invader isn’t having any of that. Her makes her get onto the bed where he proceeds to tie poor Justine up!

Tall, blonde Justine winds up bound and knotted cleave gagged in a face down spread eagle position on the bed. A pillow is stuffed beneath her to force her ass and pussy up nice and high so her captor has easy access to all her goods (and the viewer has access to lots of great shots of Justine’s bare ass, pussy and soles.) Justine struggles when the intruder leaves, but she can’t escape her bonds! 

Then the home intruder returns — now naked himself! He jumps on top and thrusts his cock inside of her and rides her nice and hard from behind — just as he always dreamed. Poor Justine is fucked ass up while tied spread eagle nude!

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March 23, 2023

Cheating Wife Natasha Flade Gets a Lesson in Obedience! Tied to Toilet for Bondage Blowjob in Nightie! (6:30 min)

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO from 2006 RE-EDITED FROM THE SOURCE TAPE! Isaac had caught his wife Natasha Flade giving another man a blowjob in a bar bathroom the night before. Now comes the perfect revenge! He has his cheating wife tied to the toilet, barefoot in her nightie. Natasha pleads to please stop, but Isaac forces her to open wide her lips and suck his cock. He tells her he deserves to get his dick licked and sucked, certainly more than that stranger who got his dick licked and sucked last night!

With her hands bound behind and her bare feet tied spread to the sides of that toilet, Natasha repentantly, yet very reluctantly, does her duty. She takes that cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it like a good wifey should. Isaac pulls her tits out from a little titty groping while he’s getting blown. She does a good job and he cums in her mouth. But Isaac continues to chide and chastise her even after he’s finished, groping her tits and handgagging her when she tries to argue. Hey, a little handgagging is great for keeping your mouthy wife silent.

In the end, Isaac gets his revenge and a damn good bondage blowjob to boot. As for Natasha, hopefully she’s learned her lesson on being a good and obedient wife! No ore bar bathroom blowjobs in the future — unless it’s her husband!

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March 16, 2023

Girls’ Bondage Play Time with Jam! Natasha Flade Totally Nude, Tied Spread Standing, for Delicious Licking by Foxy Chloe Night! (9:30 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2006 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade is totally nude and tied spread for the pleasure of her lover, foxy Chloe Night! She’s bound standing to a baker’s rack in the kitchen, naked and exposed. She’s been packing gagged with a thin scarf as a cleave gag on top.

Blonde Chloe has tons of delicious treats for her hot lover. She strokes Natasha’s beautiful bound body, caressing every contour and all her private parts. She fondles her breasts, licks and sucks her nipples. Chloe is clearly enjoying her bondage play time with her sexy lover. She kisses the bound and gagged babe Natasha and tells her that she’s got something sexilicious to sweeten things up even more.

So she gets out the strawberry jam and places big dollops of it on Natasha’s tits for some extra delicious licking action. She rubs it sensuously all around her nipples, smiling as Natasha squirms with delight when Chloe licks it all off. Then Chloe rubs some more on Natasha’s thighs close to her private parts. Just a little warm up here before she totally coats Natasha’s pussy with that jam and licks and sucks it off, giving Natasha the sweetest oral sex of her life. Foxy Chloe Night is having the time of her life! And the bound, gagged and naked Natasha is absolutely moaning with pleasure from it all!

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March 9, 2023

Natasha Flade Tied Up in Kneeling Strappado, Packing Gagged & Wrap Gagged for Bondage Sex from Behind! (13:50 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2009! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! An intruder with a gun sneaks up behind Natasha Flade as she reads in bed! She’d handgagged! Forced onto her belly for the tying of the hands behind her, her bare feet face the camera for a lovely soles shot! Once bound, a large wad of cloth is stuffed into her muffin hole, followed by lots of wraps with an ace bandage. Packing gagged! Wrap gagged! For Natasha, it’s all “mmmmms” from here on out!

Natasha’s sat up so she’s in a kneeling position and her arms are hoisted up behind to the canopy so she’s tied strappado on her knees. He grabs her tits through her bra, then each ankle is bound and tethered to opposite posts at the foot of the bed. (More sole gazing here.) She’s truly helpless, bound and gagged like this, barefoot on the bed.

Her shorts and panties are pulled down, her gorgeous ass gets a few spanks. And after the intruder strips down himself and has his throbbing, hungry cock out for her, he dives in for the bondage sex entree. Natasha is helpless as she’s being pounded from behind, ass-up in doggystyle fashion. We get all the angles, including closeups of her gagged face and lovely bare soles!

Outtake at the end!

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March 2, 2023

Wife Natalie Minx Tied Spread in Garters at Gunpoint & Panty Gagged Before the Rough Revenge Fuck! (FULL HD - 21:30 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Wife Natalie Minx was in the bedroom when she’s held up by a masked man! She’s looking fantastically sexy in her skirt, garters, thigh-high stockings and high heels! With a gun held to her head, she’s forced to lay down and spread her arms to the bedposts while he tells her that her husband (an arms dealer) screwed him over on a shipment and he’s here to take payment by fucking his wife silly.

He ties Natalie’s wrists apart to the posts, then pulls her panties off and stuffs them in her mouth! She’s told to keep them there as he fingers her pussy and fondles her tits through her top. He tells her to give her husband every single detail or he’ll be back to sell her on the black market! But Natalie’s being too noisy, so he layers strips of duct tape over her lips (and the panties.) Now poor Natalie is tapegagged and panty gagged! She isn’t as noisy now.

Then the masked abductor grabs one stocking-clad leg and ties it down to the footboard, the other leg is tied up high to the top of a bedpost. He gets out more tape and slaps a few more strips over her panty gag, making sure she’s securely tape gagged so he can get down to business. Next out comes Natalie’s fantastically huge tits! He gropes and fondles her tits and fingers her pussy at the same time!  Then the intruder fishes out his huge cock and slaps her tits with it for a little titty fucking to warm him up. Now he’s ready to get down to the real deal – the bondage sex!

Our poor wife Natalie is forced to endure this masked intruder's huge cock as he gives her a good pussy pounding. But damn, she sure looks hot tied up topless in her thigh-high stockings and heels! You may as well look good when you’re in trouble this deep! Natalie is plowed like an ox in a medieval field. Hard. Really hard.

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February 22, 2023

Blonde Natalie Minx Nabbed In Shower & Double Gagged for Naked Doggy Style Bondage Sex! (FULL HD-11:40 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! Blonde Natalie Minx was just wearing a towel, about to step into a shower when a masked intruder grabs her—by the throat! He tells her to obey him and she won’t get hurt. Natalie drops her towel to the floor, as instructed, and we get the full view of her naked glory. Wow, she is glorious with those huge tits and perfect legs and ass! She places her hands behind her as ordered and her wrists are tied together.

Then the intruder pulls out two thick scarves. Natalie is cleave gagged not once, but twice; she’s double gagged to keep her extra quiet. He forces her to her knees. As her ankles are tied, we can see her beautiful bare feet and soles. Next, her thighs get some rope, too. Natalie was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but we all knew what was coming.

The masked man unleashes his cock and into Natalie’s undefended pussy it goes! The helpless girl is fucked hard doggy style, the intruder having the time of his life and he makes sure to remark on it as he’s pumping away! Natalie squirms and struggles in her bondage, and moans through her exceptionally thick gagging, as she’s forced to endure being bound and fucked on that hard bathroom tile floor. Her captor finally cums inside of her and then just leaves poor Natalie bound and gagged on the floor, after he’s used her for a fun bout of naked doggystyle bondage sex!

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February 17, 2023

Danielle Trixie Takes the Strap-On Hard From Behind! (FULL HD-10:50 min)

NOW IN FULL HD! This is Danielle Trixie’s first hardcore bondage sex video! Beautiful, blonde, Danielle Trixie is an old high school friend of Natasha Flade’s. When Danielle returns to town, the two hotties get together for drinks, all dolled up in their dresses and high heels. But once they get back to Natasha’s place, Natasha attacks poor Danielle! Danielle’s hands are tied behind her back while Natasha yells at her, claiming that Danielle stole the man she was supposed to marry many years ago and she’s never forgiven her! Natasha rants on about how Danielle ruined her whole life and now she’s out for revenge!

Natasha grabs a roll of silver duct tape and starts gagging Danielle with it, while the helpless blonde struggles and whines, horrified at this turn of events. Once Danielle is tapegagged, Natasha rips her skirt and panties off and ties her legs spread apart at the end of the sofa. She gropes her tits from behind while Danielle whimpers and moans. But the worst is still to come for poor Danielle!

Natasha leaves the room and returns wearing a huge strap-on! She puts that huge dong in Danielle’s face and threatens her. And these threats are not empty! Natasha starts fucking helpless Danielle from behind in just her top and heels as Danielle squirms, writhes and bucks to no consequence. Natasha laughs as she continues to fuck Danielle with the big strap-on. She has no plans to stop until she feels that long-ago debt has been paid! Tapegagged and tied bent over the sofa, poor Danielle must endure this terrible situation she now finds herself in!

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February 10, 2023

Natasha Flade Balltied Naked on Chair, Fucked from Behind to Pay the Cable Man (8:20 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2007! Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Natasha Flade needed her cable fixed, but she had no money to pay. Reluctantly, she agreed to let the repair main (Isaac W.) tie her up in exchange for his services. Now he has her in a ball/frog-tie on a chair, totally nude, her ass up in the air. He approaches with a scarf in hand. Natasha protests; what’s this for she wants to know. She doesn’t get a reply. Instead, she gets two wraps of a cleave gag from Isaac.

Then Isaac gets behind her, shucks his jeans and shoves his hard cock inside her. He tosses his shirt aside as he rides the bound babe, who squirms, struggles and sobs beneath him. We’re treated to lots of different angles of all this hardcore bondage sex action and pussy pounding as Isaacs fucks this helpless damsel with great gusto.

This was a deal of their, so Natasha endures, but not happily. Happy, though, is Isaac as he gets to cum inside a bound and gagged and naked Natasha!

Now Natasha has more than paid her cable bill!

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February 2, 2022

Natasha Flade Stalked From Bar, Ball-Tied in Bed, Molested & Strap-On Fucked by Lesbian Loren Chance! (16 min)

Classic Bondage Sex Video from 2007 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Hottie Loren Chance was checking out Natasha Flade at the bar, but she got nowhere, so she followed her home. Now this lesbian stalker has broken into Natasha’s house with ropes in hand! She creeps up on the babe, who’s fast asleep in bed, and pounces! Natasha wakens and screams, so she’s handgagged and threatened. Natasha tries to fight her off, but Loren is tough and she means business!

Loren binds Natasha wrists behind her back and spanks her ass, then strips her shorts off and pulls her tank top up. She straddles Natasha, then gropes and molests her lovely tits. Natasha is yelling and shouting, so Loren stuffs her mouth full with a knotted scarf. (All this action is shot from a fabulous overhead POV-angle.) Natasha pleads for Loren to stop, but that thick gag muffles her cries.

Loren flips Natasha over and ropes her into a tight ball-tie. Her ankles are bound, with great closeups of Natasha’s bare feet and soles wiggling next to her exposed snatch. (All the tying is on-screen, of course!) Loren spanks her ass and tells her all the things she plans to do to her, which involve violating her body with a huge rubber cock! She leaves our helpless damsel ball-tied naked on the bed  while she runs off to fetch it!

Loren returns wearing a ginormous strap-on! She’s getting a piece of that fine ass one way or another! She plunges her dick into Natasha and fucks her silly, grabbing her titties and spanking her ass while she’s going at it. It could have been easier if she’d just willingly gone along. But since she had to resort to forced bondage sex just to get some pussy, she tells Natasha that once she cums, she’s going to tie her up in a whole bunch of different positions so she can fuck her all night long! Then she dangles that huge strap-on in Natasha’s face and tells her she has to lick it clean first!

Outtakes included at the end!

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January 25, 2023

Secretary Natasha Flade Makes Trade with Robber: Bondage Blowjob So He Won’t Steal Her Jewelry! (8:20 min)

Classic Bondage Blowjob Video from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tapes! Secretary Natasha had just gotten home from the office when a robber got her! Now she’s tied up seated on a bench in the hallway, hands bound behind her, ankles tied above her high heels. The thief (Isaac W.) is finishing up the knots on the ropes about her skirt and thighs. Natasha begs him to please not steal her jewelry. Isn’t there anything else he could take instead?

This robber is intrigued! What exactly is this hot secretary offering here? Reluctantly, Natasha offers up a bondage blowjob if he promises to not rob her blind and get out of her house. Now this thief likes what he sees, and he hasn’t had any sex for a while, so he decides to take Natasha up on her offer. But she has to let him cum in her mouth, too!

He whips his cock out and our poor tied-up secretary is forced to keep her promise. He shoves his hard member into her mouth and Natasha goes to it. But he wants some tittyies while he’s getting his blowjob. He undoes Natasha’s blouse, pulls her bra down, then gropes, fondles and sucks her boobies. This wasn’t part of the deal, Natasha protests! Fair enough. So Natasha gets back to the business of the blowjob and Isaac gets back to the business of getting his rocks off.

Natasha licks and sucks that dick really well just as she promised. And Isaac comes in her mouth just as he promised. And he doesn’t take her jewelry after all. But he doesn’t untie her, either! (Hey, he never promised that, now did he?) He saunters off, satisfied with the day’s work, and leaves secretary Natasha tied up topless on the church bench, alone and helpless in her bondage. But at least not broke.

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January 19, 2023

POV Bondage Blowjob! Sit There With My Giz On Your Chin! Teacher Natasha Flade Chairtied for Blowjob by Angry Dad! (HD – 9:40 min)

POV Bondage Blowjob Video! Your son’s teacher, Ms. Natasha Flade, spanked your son last week and you're really angry! You creep into Natasha’s house. You peek into her bedroom door and see that she’s reading a book with her back to you. Perfect opportunity! You sneak in and handgag her! You inform her that you’re incensed that she would spank your son and you’re here to take revenge!

Now your son’s teacher is a real hottie, and today she’s barefoot in shorts and a little tank top. You grab your bag of ropes and tie her to that chair. You tie her wrists behind the chair back. You tie her ankles and attach them to the chair legs. You rope her lap to the chair seat. Then you pull up her tank top to expose her lovely tits. While you’re at, how about some titty groping and fondling while she’s handgagged? Hey, why not? Not like she can do anything to stop you.

Now for the real revenge! You whip out your cock and demand a blowjob! Teacher Natasha Flade is obviously in no position to argue as you shove your throbbing nob into her mouth. And teacher Flade actually gives decent head considering the situation. She gets you off and you shoot your load of giz all over her chin. Damn, that sure looks good on her!

You don’t want her screaming for help until you’re long long. So you take a scarf and shove it past her lips for a nice, tight cleave gag. You stay just a couple more minutes and watch her squirm in her bondage, and to get a few more feelies in. “Sit here with my giz on your chin!” you tell the pretty teacher, then you leave her just like that: chair-tied barefoot and topless, her face cleave-gagged with cum dripping off.

Creatively shot from your point-of-view with picture-in-picture action! Plus outtakes at the end!

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January 12, 2023

Classic Bondage Sex from 2008 Re-Edited! Reporter Natasha Flade, In Boots & Blindfolded, Bent over for Doggy-style Bondage Sex! (9 min)

Classic Bondage Sex from 2008 Re-Edited from the Source Tapes! Sexy Natasha Flade is a kidnapped reporter! In Part 1, she interviewed businessman (Isaac W.), but he thought she was a mole, so he tied her upand carried her off to his bedroom to find out what she’s really after. Now in part 2, he has the hot journalist all tied up on the bed, bent over on her elbows and knees, wearing nothing but her bra and knee-high boots. She’s still blindfolded and cleave-gagged with a seriously thick scarf.

Isaac leisurely takes off his shirt and pants as he taunts his pretty reporter in bondage. He feels her up, spanks her naked ass a few times, runs his hands along her cunny, then he he climbs aboard and plunges his hard cock into her! He’s giving her the fucking of her career! Natasha moans as she’s throttled with Isaac’s cock from behind, doggy-style fashion!

He’s having a marvelous time with this reporter who did him wrong! She’ll spill the beans when he’s done! He keeps at it until he finally cums, then he fondles Natasha’s bound body some more and repeats his demands to tell him who sent her. But still Natasha refuses to relent. Next phase: he’s going to fuck her up the ass!

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January 5, 2023

Classic Bondage Sex from 2010 Re-Edited! Blonde Justine Adams Abducted in Heels by Two Men for Revenge Fuck! (17:52 min)

Classic Bondage Sex from 2010 Re-Edited from the Source Tape! Blonde Justine Adams crossed the wrong dudes and now she has to pay! She’s sitting in her bed, wearing a miniskirt and high heels when Darren and Isaac W. barge in! They demand that  beautiful Justine cough up the money they owe her or else! Justine emphatically denies that she double crossed them, but the two men are not leaving until they get the cash. When Justine continues to insist she doesn’t have it and hasn’t done anything wrong, they both jump the beautiful blonde and pin her down on the bed!

Darren straddles the struggling Justine while Isaac ties her wrists wide apart to the top of the bedposts. Then they both strip her panties off and Justine’s heels are tied up to the same bedposts. She’s now in a very vulnerable position with her legs tied spread wide apart, her pussy just where they want it for easy access. Isaac dangles her undies in front of Justine, then stuffs them into her mouth for a nice wadded-up panty gag. Darren holds her still while Isaac adds a cleave-gags to hold the stuffer in. Now poor Justine’s cries are muffled.

Now that the beautiful blonde is quite helplessly bound and gagged in naught but her top and heels, the two men debate who is going to fuck her fist! They settle the issue with a single round of  the “rock-paper-scissors” game while the horrified Justine looks on. Darren wins! Excited, he strips down naked and climbs aboard Justine. He fucks her hard as Isaac searches the house for anything of value worth taking to compensate them for the money owed. Darren pulls Justine’s top and bra up, then fondles her pert titties while he’s getting the best damn revenge fuck of all time!

Then Isaac returns for his turn at sloppy seconds with the bound and gagged Justine! He strips off his shirt and starts unzipping his pants as our helpless damsel struggles and cries. But it’s not any use. These two men have their pretty captive at their disposal for as much revenge bondage sex as they wish…!

Some great outtakes included!

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